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Ethiopia: National Reconciliation and Mutual Understanding

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Zelalem Eshete, Ph.D.
Please participate in the 5-points concise and to the point survey on National Reconciliation and Mutual Understanding by going to, a website exclusively set aside for this purpose. Let the silent majority be heard loud and clear
We toiled in politics for the last 40 years without fruition in the areas of harmony and mutual understanding. Our generation is passing by, while waiting for something that appears to never come in our lifetime. Who really hates reconciliation and mutual understanding in his right mind? No one, only we have no clue as to how to attain it. But again, that is not truly the case either – for Ethiopia has given birth to children capable of coming up with solutions. The sad story is the present reality of Ethiopia’s suffering as if she is not blessed with capable children of her own. Let’s hear the people of Ethiopia and appreciate that they are patient, wise and well mannered.
On one hand the government flex its power with pride and gives no thought to the opposition; on the other hand, the opposition hates the government no matter what. In this toxic political environment, Ethiopia is suffocating – trapped with no way out. In the mean time, one generation is passing by without being effective in living out its call for Ethiopia. The new generation is poised to inherit this tragedy as well.
Pride eventually leads to destruction. Hate in due time comes to power, only to add pride and the cycle repeats. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel with such setup unless we wake up from this nightmare by embracing which appears to be our only hope: national reconciliation and mutual understanding.
We all need to wake up from our sleep. We need to be fed up with our past experience of the last four decades. Both the government and opposition need to come to the realization that without each other, each is nothing for Ethiopia. Oh it is crises and we don’t even know it: let’s pray for God is calling us: “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3 KJV
Please take five minutes to fill out the survey and tell others to do the same. We can do this together. We don’t rest until Ethiopia is known as she truly is: a people that deserve love and harmony.