Ethiopia launches new initiative to boost women participation in science, technology

ADDIS ABABA, June 4 (Xinhua) — The Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology on Tuesday launched a new initiative that aimed to boost women’s participation in technology-related entrepreneurship.

The newly launched initiative mainly aimed to promote women entrepreneurs in technology and software science through trainings for women drawn from different parts of the East African country, the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

The newly launched initiative, which is said to be an outcome of a joint partnership among the Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the Entoto Fellowship, an Ethiopian-based think-tank, will offer trainings for a first batch of 25 women who have gathered in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, it was noted.

Women and Youth Division Director at the ministry, Elisabeth Gebreselassie, said during the launching event that the Ethiopian government is committed to boost women’s participation in line with the ever-transforming technological advancement around the world.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, had recently stressed his government’s ambition to make the information, communication and technology sector as a “key anchor” of the East African country’s economic development endeavors.


  1. TPLF told Wolqait people that TPLF wants the Wolqait fertile land along with the Wolqait’s female future Arab’s maids or future TPLF’s maids of Wolqaits .

  2. This is excellent news and music to my ears. Our women do not need to come up with anything new to prove their capabilities to excel any new technology. Just look around. They have excelled as engineers, financial and political experts. Their potential has not even been utilized yet. Industry 4.0? They are in it!!! AI? They can tell all about it until you faint. As I have said it umpteen times before. I want our women to get their turn in running the old country from top down for at least a century. We men, after monopolizing political power for millennia have been spoiled in it, with it. We have grown so arrogant that we have lost our reasons and stopped listening. We make wars with each other for nothing or just nonsensical reason. We have transformed ourselves into the most lethal bigots having nothing but hate toward others leaving us men permanently sick neck up!!!

    Again this is good news for me!!!

  3. According to the Quatero website METEC’s public properties are being sold by the late PM Meles Zenawi’s widow mother of Corruption, Azeb Mesfin herself right now.

    It should be noted that the habit of Infrastructure development is the most important habit that need to be developed for Oromia and Ethiopia .OLF could play big role in this since OLF got many skilled manpower that could contribute a lot with unlimited knowleges and experience in building Infrastructures. It was noted that derg’s Defense Construction Organization manager named General Tadesse once told METEC to bring back OLF fighters from Eritrea before even thinking of starting the Abay GERD dam construction project since General Tadesse The ex manager of Derg’s Defense Construction Organization knew OLF were the most skilled manpower.

    DERG’s Defense Construction Organization General manager always told METEC that OLF was the brain for Ethiopias engineering but METEC failed to listen to General Tadesse.

    Unlike the Sudanese government where the city of Khartoum is expected to reach growth of being the 6th largest city in the world by the year 2100 with Khartoum’s population growth reaching up to 56 millions residents, the government of Ethiopia is aware Addis Ababa will be the 20th largest city in the world with a population of 35 millions residents by the year 2100. That’s why the Ethiopian government is currently working to build infrastructures in Addis Ababa. Even South Africa is developing Addis Ababa’s infrastructures so people don’t migrate to South Africa from Addis Ababa in search of infrastructures . Currently the foundation is being laid to build infrastructures that sustain the 242 millions of Ethiopians that call Ethiopia their home by the year 2100, within eighty years and a half years from now.

  4. It is time overdue. Can you imagine how fast Ethiopia can advance, resolve chronic and current issues with addition of it’s women resources? It is light speed.
    THANK YOU ABIY.✌️😍😎🇪🇹🇪🇷🇺🇸☮️

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