Ethiopia: History in the making: Ethiopians rise to new height achieving self-financed GERD first filling

• A rare confluence of fast-paced Dam construction, unprecedented rainfall

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed congratulated Ethiopians yesterday on the completion of first phase water impoundment at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) describing the achievement as the embalm of present generation in accomplishing grand projects.

Ethiopia has demonstrated the soundness of its argument that the GERD does not pose harm to downstream countries as the impoundment goes without reducing the water flowing to Sudan and Egypt, said the premier.

In this regard, he expressed hope that the people of the world would understand Ethiopian’s resolve to climb to the next height.

“We have no intention of harming both Sudan and Egypt in the process of the construction and operation.”

The Ethiopian Herald July 23, 2020


  1. I second the Prime Minister in congratulating the glorious people of Ethiopia. It is long time coming. For too long you have been denied to reap the benefits of your own river. No human being gave you the river but Allah!!! There were Almighty reasons why The Good Lord let the river originate just outside your front door: So you can harness it to fit your needs for survival. It is about time you finally found your mojo and there it is right on your dinner table like your legendary bread ready to slice!!!! In doing so make sure to give all those who played valuable roles in paving the way leading to this great day including the late Emperor Haile who did the first doable and extensive survey and those patriotic engineers who pestered and egged the late Prime Minister to start the construction. What can I say about those two fire spitting patriots? Obbo Seleshi and Obbo Gedu. All these countrymen once again make me feel proud to call myself an unrepentant Ethiopian-American!!! Savor the moment my dear countrymen/women.

  2. Subject: Ethiopia – History in the making: Ethiopians rise tones height achieving self-financed GERD first filling, July 23 2020

    Commentary, 23 July 2020
    First and foremost, congratulation is in order to the entire PEOPLE of ETHIOPIA for “achieving self-financed GERD first filling”. Congratulation is also in order to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for taking the baton and to its final line with pride to all Ethiopians — and, no doubt, to Africans too. It is admirable achievement for the CRUCIAL economic benefit for the PEOPLE of ETHIOPIA. — in particular, at this crucial point of Time where –let History record it — that one of the beneficiaries of the NILE (I.e. EGYPT ) has been, and still is, a strong OPPONENT to the urgent and crucial need of the Ethiopian people. In heart felt expression , and I admit with anger, EGYPT DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE CRUCIAL NEEDS OF THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE. IT IS WORTH REPEATING: EGYPT DOES NOT CONSIDER THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE AS HUAMN BEINGS, in CRUCIAL NEEDS for SURVIVAL AND PROGRESS. FINALLY, THE UNBELIEVABLE of UNBELIEVABLE, EGYPT DOES NOT WISH TO REALIZE – CONCEDE – and ACCEPT THAT THE BLUE NILE IS PHYSICALLY IN THE TERRITORY OF ETHIOPIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Putting it in a polite form, ‘blind arrogance ’ seems to be Egypt’s gramophone broken record of yesteryears.. THE END

  3. This is great to all Ethiopians as renaissance of Ethiopia starts. Ethiopian negotiators shall work hard on keeping the advantage to Ethiopia on remaining three parties negotiation. Completing the dam & filling of all the water have to be done on short time, 2 -3 years whether Egypt accept or not.

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