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IMG 5282Ethiopia Free Press Journalists Associations said is not Participating  Any Free Press Journalists the 26th Celebration World Press freedom day  Conference

former Private Journalist  Wosenseged Mersha Demissie IFJ & CPJ Corespondent from Ethiopia

Across The World three days Conference and celebrating the world Press Freedom  meeting is finished in Ethiopia Friday .

This the 26th Celebration World Press freedom day   Jointly Organized UNESCO , The Africa Union  Commission & The Government of Ethiopia .

IMG 5276  By this Conference there is  no any Private Jourenalist  is not participate in This Meeting even though the Free Press Jourenalist President from Ethiopia Wondwosen Mekonnen  he Said that  ” i am President of free press Jourenalist from Ethiopia  But any body is not call me  (invent me) not only me most of them a free press Journalists  is not invited this Conference  ” i ask Wondwosen Mekonnen  for me “for example ” he said   ”  Wosenseged can you participate This  Conference ? ”  my Answer was “No! ”   Wondwosen Mekonnen Continue the Conversions ” Imagine not only you it also many  free press jourenalist to Live Ethiopia the last 25 or 26 years many Obstacles passes  by Press  but any Jourenalist is not Participate this international   Conference ”

IMG 5213“From This Conference any  free press jourenalist  i didn’t see him  i am so sorry” he said  Wondwosen Mekonnen

I ask him another Question to  Wondwosen Mekonnen  may be the Ethiopia Free press  Association  very week because in this time you are not challenging like before  . that is the big  problem is that write or no  Wondwosen Mekonnen ” No i am Challenging  my self not Supported Other person because  many Free Press Jourenalist in this time to Live Out side Ethiopia for Example Like  you that is the big Problem .. for me i am happy my Association again reforms  by New Candidness or  Repersantative Free Press Journalists   ”

how to watch or what you thinking The Ethiopia Free Press in this time   ” The Ethiopia Free Press   not like before “he said Wondwosen Mekonnen

The Ethiopia Government jammed broadcast signals Voice Of America’s (VOA ) , Ethiopia Satellite Television  (ESAT) & Oromiya  Media Network (OMN) it also blocked web based media  & Social Media Sites. 2018 was generally a good year for Journalists   In  July 2018 Network Interference Confirmed 264 Previously blocked website Accessible including diaspore media( VOA), (ESAT),(OMN) in Africa Second .after Eritrea buggiest Jailer of Journalists in up to 2015 , In 2019   Ethiopia has no Jourenalist in its Prisons .They Were Released .before it is prisons they were all released.

By this things Reporters without  Borders in their World Press Freedom  Index 2019 Say Ethiopia ranked 110 out of 180 countries  Surveyed  in 2018 , has Climbed 40  Places .

World Press freedom day was Proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993 ,following the recommendation of UNESCO’s General  Conference Since then every May 3 has been dedicated globally as the  World Press freedom day .