Ethiopia: Emeye Menelik Statue is a pride of Black People! (Tedla Asfaw)

By Tedla Asfaw

I followed a video clip posted on pro government website of Aiga.

MinilikTesfaye Newaye so called lawyer was ranting about Emperor Menelik Statue. Oromo extremists with the help of TPLF and Shabia covered the statue with dark Cloth 23 years ago when Tesfaye was in elementary or high school to destroy it.

The news of the statue being covered brought thousands from Addis and its surroundings. Many Oromos in horseback came to defend it. The people won and the Menelik Statue has remained stand tall for more than seven decades now after briefly was absent during Italian five year of occupation.\

Tesfaye Newaye/Gebrab is telling us why the Menelik Statue is irrelevant for him and his likes whether it stands or not. If Tesfaye has a fascist blood it might cause him heart attack. Better stay away from the statue.

The other young fellow from Harar on the video clip even went far and compared Menelik with Graziani. He rants, we should not have Menelik Statue in Addis since we do not have Graziani statue in Addis Ababa. Both are criminals for this uninformed young man.

He kept on ranting that since we have Graziani’s victims memorial in Addis Ababa he suggested to have Menelik’s Oromo victims memorial. The young man need to be educated about Ethiopian history. There is no record of Emperor Menelik atrocities the young man alleged. How could “foreign” Historians failed to record it? It was not there to record it!

Menelik’s statue will stand in Addis Ababa forever and all attempts to remove it failed in the past and it will fail again. The MEDREK led protest last Saturday in Addis Ababa was a great success. It is a great victory for all Ethiopians over the divide and rule cadres of Tesfaye Newaye/Gebrab types who are more Oromos than Oromos.

Scratch deep Tesfaye Newaye hate Ethiopia and all who fought for her, a symbol of Black Pride all over the world. Menelik is the first Black Man who led a Black Army and defeat a White Army of Europe in Adwa, Ethiopia! Long Live the Spirit of Emeye Menelik!


  1. True Mr Tedla
    SHABIA and Woyane thought stupid OLFites it is Menilik only created a Nation by force kkkkk all nations in the world created by force involved death and mass destruction and the countries of the west OLFitez reside and spread their poison also created by force,
    Yet Woyane and Tesfaye even told them Menilik cut the breast of their women and this fool fanatic and blood thirsty OLFites now cutting the breast of AMHARA speakers in this DNA age
    It is in the best interest of Tigres and Eritreans to make both AMHARA and Oromo people to be in eternal conflict and Some Oromos bought this fabricated and fictious history invented by the mercenary regime
    Oromo elites and OLFites will be responsible for the coming civil war between Amharas and Oromos which will claim more Oromo lives than the fictious Menilik massacre and what is funny is that the OLF criminals of Arba Gogu wants to judge Menilik by the moral standards of 21 century and even Dr Negaso the opportunist historian wants Oromos to believe the oral history and judge Menilik by the today’s standard while he supervise the death of thousands of Oromos and the imprisonment of ten thousands of Oromos in this DNA age

  2. I wish this article was factual truth, the problem is King Menilike had oppressed and mass genocided Oromos during his time, he even banned Oromos language from being spoken and practiced in Oromos local government offices and courts, instead of he forced Oromos to speak Amharas minority language.This is why the demonstarators in Ambo demanded the removal of Menilik’s statue from their region of Addis Abebe (Finfine).

  3. Menelik’s victory over colonialist european power at the time of the scramble for Africa was a game changer for black people all over the world. Menelik’s victory gave confidence to blacks and started the birth of the anti colonial black liberation struggles in Africa and the carribean. The Ethiopian tri colour was adopted to be the flag of liberation, hope and freedom.
    It is not surprising that when tigre people liberation front first marched to Addis abeba they attacked the Ethiopian flag and labelled it as a piece of rag. The flag of unity and freedom that is adored by black people all over the world.
    Menelik’s victory has done a lot to change how black people were viewed. He showed the way, many of the anti colonial liberation struggles would not have started , blacks would have remained slaves to white supermacists, shackled in chains for centuries.
    The New York Times HAS recorded the victory of Adwa, a copy of which can be seen on the archives, and pasted here.
    While Menelik’s army was engaged in battle with fascist italy in the battle field, there were LOCAL MILITIA WHO WERE SERVING UNDER the command of Italians and fighting against Ethiopia. These LOCAL MILITIA ARE NO DOUBT the fathers of The current day LEADERS OF TIGRE PEOPLE LIBERATION FRONT.
    Three thousand Men Killed, Sixty Guns and All Provisions Lost.
    Baratieri’s Strategy Condemned.
    All Available Steamers for Transport of Reinforcements to Abyssinia are Ordered.
    Persistent Rumor of Ministry’s Fall
    Rome, March 3 – The present campaign against the Abyssinians threatens to become one of the most disastrous in which the Italians arms have ever taken part, and what the final outcome will be it would be hard to predict. It was rumored today that the latest defeat of the Italians by King Menelik had compelled Ministry to resign, owing to the popular disapproval of the Government’s policy, but tonight this report is denied.
    Details received here today of the defeat on Sunday of the Italian Army show that the Italian losses were very heavy, they being placed by some at 3,000 killed. It is still impossible to ascertain the precise losses, but popular opinion credits the report that the number of killed is not overstated. Thus far the reports make no mention of the number of wounded. Among the dead are Gen. Albertone, Commander of the Left Brigade, and Gen. Dabormida, Commander of the Right Brigade.
    The news of this latest disaster has caused the greatest excitement throughout Italy, and the Opposition party is taking advantage of it to make violent attacks upon the Government’s policy in attempting to extend the sphere of Italian influence in Abyssinia.
    The Pope is greatly disturbed by the news.
    Among the many reports current today was one to the effect that Gen. Baratieri had committed suicide, being unable to endure the humuliation of his defeat.
    Published on March 4, 1896 in the New York Times.
    Read original story from NYT
    On March 2, 1896, the New York Times wrote the following article.
    ABYSSINIANS DEFEAT ITALIANS.; Both Wings of Baratieri’s Army Enveloped in an Energetic Attack
    Massaowa, March 2, 1896 – Gen. Baratieri attacked the Abyssinians yesterday. Gens. Albertone, Arimondi, and Dabormida commanded the left, centre, and right brigades, respectively. Gen. Ellina commanded the reserve.
    The Italians captured the passes leading to Adowa without opposition. Gen. Albertone, with four native battalions and four mountain batteries , engaged the enemy, but where soon overcome by overwhelming odds.
    Gen. Arimondi was ordered to cover the retreat, but his position prevented him from complying with the order. The Abyssinians in the meantime made an energetic attack, which soon extended to the whole Italian front and enveloped both wings.
    A desperate struggle ensued. and finally the Italians were compelled to abandon their positions. The nature of the ground prevented the batteries from moving. The Italians are retiring behind Belesa. The losses sustained are unknown.
    The New York Times
    Published March 3, 1896

  4. Ato Tedla;
    “Wuha qida….wuha meles”. You cannot fool any Oromo or other Souhern nations by a fake history. Menelik is indeed a Genocider. You can preach about him forever but no one is going to buy it except the Neftegnas. Keep writing your anecdote. We the Southerners HATE Menelik fungawu.
    The war between Oromo & Amhara started 127 years ago. Currently it is in the form of a “cold war”. Let the war starts we will see who the looser is going to be. Either way Oromos are dieing day and night.

  5. Dear Tedla,
    The wisely and brilliantly chosen title: “Emeye Menelik Statute is a pride for Black People” tells it all for it is true.. Thank you profoundly

  6. Dear Abadi
    I feel you are more a threat to Ethiopia than any other people and organizations. You are a real poison to the co-existence of Ethiopians. You must substantiate your views with tangiable evidence rather than just making a bloody noise filled with hatred and negativity. Dull you are dull you die with your thoughts. It is simple to prove that you are racist and narrow and shortsighted person to predict the fight between Oromo and Amhara. It will never ever happen. I think you must be sale out for Egyptians or any other enemies of Ethiopians. You are not true Ethiopian. It must be your divisive strategy to Ca-0.37%, Mg-0.12%, K-0.72%, P-0.12%, Fe-711 ppm, Cu-2.4%, Zn-24 ppm, Mn-116 ppm set a fire to allow this ethnic clashes to get burning. But never ever think this will hapen. All Oromos and Amharas are wiser. Your suggestion is fighting and proedicting Oromo to be a loser. What a shame and a foolish to incite conflict between the two heroic people. What do you benefit by doing so and having resulted in conflict? No Ethiopia wish this to happen. This is the reason why I am 100% sure you must be a true enemy of Ethiopian people. You are very clever to organised your message in a such a way that it attracts the attentions of Amharas and Oromos.
    Your are the worst enemy of our people. But rest assured that Ethiopia will prosper and people of different backgrounds will come closer and love each other, honor and respect one another; and develop our country.
    Dear All ethiopia people
    Please do not be carried away by such devilish messages

  7. zeHabasha guys, why is this so important for posting in this page at this time in particular? Do you want us to move forward are stand where we are today and yell at each other over such less relevant issues to our current issues as our country is being prepared for genocide? You guys need to think better.

  8. There are so many books written by foriegn historians about the bloody and barbaric campaign and the creation of a dependent Ethiopian state in Finfinne. The bloody and barbaric campain of Menelik was written even by habesha historians themselves like Aleqa Aseme. But all the past Ethiopian govemnts deliberately hide the history from the people because they thought it was dangerious for their power and the unity of the country. But they cannot hide the reality for ever.

  9. Hey there, I am completely lost when i hear people like you trying to eulogize and give all credit to emama Menelik for the victory of Adwa. In the first place Menelik was not around when the battle in adwa was going on, he left his wife behind and had to hide in the nearby church under the pretext of asking his “gods” to help the ethiopians defeat the fascist enemy. But the bare fact is quite the contrary, although Menelik had to galvanize the ethiopian people to go to the battle front, he just did it only to protect his throne and not for the sake of defending mother ethipoia. He neither lead the battle nor supervise it , he had to just flee battle area altogether so as not to suffer any possibilities…he very well knew what happened to the gallant ethiopian king Yohannes the IV in the battle of metema against the mahdists. He also knew how and by who king yohannes was murdered, he had his hand in that plot.
    Moreover he was also very well cognizant of what the Italians would eventually do once they took control of the Tigrean region. While Menelik blissfully handed over the land Eritrea to the fascist italians in a silver platter in exchange for little money and weapons, he had also a completely different ulterior motives for doing so. On the one hand he did it to appease the Italians who were always playing hide and seek with ethiopians to take control of Eritrea by intermittently waging wars with the previous kings and rulers but to no avail. Menelik decided to hand eritrea over to them so that they wouldn’t cause him any trouble anymore. The second obvious objective was to put a wedge b/n the two tigrigna speaking people and separate them so that they would not be a great challenge to his throne if they stay together and united. These were the main reason why the so called “brave” and the “darling” king of the pseudo amhara intellectuals had to force all ethiopians to march to the war front to save his own arse. Nothing more and nothing less. Menelik had no interest in defending ethiopia but his own throne. He can’t claim any credit for the victory of adwa for the obvious reason that he wasn’t even around in the battle field. Any credit has to go to the brave ethiopians mostly the oromo heroes.

  10. Dear Tadla,
    The closure of the History Department of Addis Ababa University is a precursor to what TPLF endeavor to bring about:
    – To falsify historical facts
    – Rewriting of history
    – Muzzled University professors(intellectuals) – TPLF’s short-term goal
    – Historians are systematically purged from Universities and forced to leave Ethiopia in search of employment – TPLF’s long-term goal
    – Inculcating wrong and divisive history in the minds of the new generation
    – Drumming up incorrect historical events for short-term political gain
    – To destroy the existing fraternal and mutually symbiotic relationship of Ethiopian people in spite of their linguistic differences
    – To erode the sense of oneness and belonging
    – Many more to list.
    Dear Tedla the so called lawyer and the so called University student you have cited in your article are the product of the TPLF’s education system, which churn out ill-informed and ill-educated citizens. As they lack the intellectual rigor to investigate, analyse and draw an informed conclusion, they are easily lead to believe whatever they are being told by a civil service college (Lematawi) graduate.
    More worryingly, Ato Shiferaw Shigute exclaimed the relaunching of new History curriculum. This coupled with the closure of the history department lend itself for a perfect condition to compile a fabricated account of history and disseminate to Schools, Colleges and Universities, with no check and balance. TPLF is a REVISIONIST!
    They do fail miserably to see matters beyond the ethnic fault line and they are not making any effort to build bridges to fill the gap.

  11. Hassabu_1
    “More worryingly, Ato Shiferaw Shigute exclaimed the relaunching of new History curriculum”
    Hassabu ,the actual written history of ethiopia ,written by the northern and orthodox church ignore totally the southern population or nations of the south. I think it is better to rewrite the history of all ethiopia otherwise we can say the actual books are only talking of abyssina history,3000 or 6000 years ,solomon,saba which doesnt concern the south.

  12. Dear Mohamed,
    I had a pleasure of Studying Ethiopian History as a common course in my tenure at AAU in late 80s G.C. What I had been taught and I read since then were not from the narrow perspectives of the Northern Ethiopian chronicles as you put it. Dear Mohamed, if you have the appetite(interest) to learn more about Ethiopia and its shared history I.e. the roles played by various tribes (“nationalities”) to shape the present day Ethiopia, then cast your net quite wider and explore other Reputable
    However, relaunching a curriculum to quinch the thirst of the current divisive regime with the sole interest of perpetuating the status quo is not only irresponsible but also passing undetinateted bomb for the generation to come. Thus, such mammoth task shall not be left to the likes of Ato Shiferaw who suffered from myopic vision I.e. a person who personify a Todd swam in a very small pond……that cannot see beyond the pond’s boundaries. Need I Say More!
    With utmost respect.

  13. Dear Elites of all sides!!
    The main problem for our country Ethiopia is King Minilik. For Eritreans, oromos,tigray, and all southern nations Minilik is a killer,Genocide and nobody like him. For you Guys Amhara elites not only a king you nearly worship him. Therefore it shows your hate towards these Nations. I suggest for all Let’s STOP PREACING the past. Forget the past history including Minilik and lets work on unity, love and mutual understanding. This is the only way to build our country and nation.

  14. Well if we talk about Menilik let’s also talk about the Oromo expansion and the Genocide committed on millions of Ethiopians including hundreds of thousands of Amharas, Hadya, GURAGES, Dawro and most importantly the Genocide Commited by invasion Oromos against the now extinct Ethnics of ENARYA DAMOT GAFAT
    Oromo elites cry fool to hide the Genocide Commited by their Galla and barbaric ancestors 400 years ago led to the forceful occupation of WOLLEGA ARSI SHEWA BALE who used to be inhabited by ENARYA , Hadya, AMHARA and GURAGES and Sidama people respectively
    This history is written by foreign historians and travellers of the time like Aba Bahrain, Alvarez, and other historians

  15. I tried to read this pieces of narration about Menilik calmly. I then decided: If Menilik is the proud of black peopel. I am not black; I deny my being black. Because I am not proud of him, and so are the rest of Africa. I did not hear any balck African saying” we are proud of Menilik”. The story is what lairs fabricate as usual. The truth is the oppositie of what has been written.

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