Ethiopia: Democracy Not an Option in Ethiopia, Abay Tsehaye


Power is the people

Establishing a democratic system in Ethiopia is not an option; it is a matter of death and life in Ethiopian context; these are words of Abay Tsehaye Director General of the national Sugar Corporation.
This came as training to Presidents, Deans and department heads of Universities began at Civil Service University to equip them with government policy directions and leadership tactics.
Shiferaw Shigute, Minister of Education, says the training enables the leadership of universities in the country to be clear with leadership issues of the country so that they can best help meet the targets and objectives on the GTP.
The first document that has been on plate for discussion was “Democratic system in Ethiopia- what kind of democracy and why”. The presenter was Abay Tsehaye. The document details why democracy was important to resolve the grievances of old systems that disrespect racial identity, commit injustice, violations of human rights and cultural oppression.
Democracy is a must in Ethiopian context to effectively resolve such long standing problems that other systems had failed to end, he noted. And if the same mistake is repeated now, the country would simply be prone to destabilization.
Abay stressed accommodating diversity, multiculturalism, individual and group rights and lead the nation to democratic development with radical fashion is fundamental if this nation is to continue with sustainable economic progress and unity. According to our staff reporter Solomon Tsegaye, the training that stays for over 20 days attracts 800 discussants from around the country’s universities.
They will digest issues like Ethiopia’s renaissance journey, performance of the growth and transformation plan, higher education leadership skills, setting plan for education and issues of higher education overhaul, among others.


  1. The woyane ethno- fascists like abay tsehaye, marched to addis abeba in 1991, promo=ising to bring democracy , justice and equality.
    1) Twenty two years on, the fascist woyane have allowed only 2 amhara, and 1 oromo generals to be in the ranks of military generals, high ranking officers and commanders. The rest in total 97 generals are all former ‘tegadalay’ of Tigre people liberation front, or their kits and keith. Nepotism in the woyane military is such that nothing of the kind exists in the world.
    2. The Ethiopian economy is in the main under the control of Tigre liberation front and their cadres. EFFORT , FORMERLY RELIEF SOCIETY OF TIGREAI, controls all the manufacturing sector, export and import, construction sector, and has branches into every sector of the economy.
    All the former state owned industries under Hailesellasie and the Derge are under EFFORT ( THE RELIEF SOCIETY OF TIGRAIE)
    Having total control of the economy and military, the fascist Tigre people liberation force has no worries. They have the money (THE ECONOMY) the power (THE MILITARY) to do what they like.
    THIS IS THE TUPE OF DEMOCRACY THE FASCIST Abay Tsehaye is talking about.

  2. tegadalay abay tsehaye were you smoking crak what kind of democracy are you talking about? Since when do you know about democracy.

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