Ethiopia: Contribution of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Celebrated

Haile SilassieHis majesty Haile Selassie’s contribution to the establishment of Organization of African Unity has been celebrated in Addis Ababa in the presence of Thabo Mbeki, former South African president.
Mbeki recognized his majesty’s immense role in Africa’s independence struggle and in the establishment of the African union organization.
The keynote speaker, Mr. Mbeki said it is a duty of this generation to glow the contributions of former African leaders that bring Africa where it is now; in that regard, he noted, his majesty Haile Selassie did a lot to African independence from colonialism and in realizing the union of African states.
The event that celebrates the illustrious deeds of the former king happens in Addis Ababa at the headquarters of the African union in the presence of dignitaries and senior government officials.

His majesty bring together the two sides that differ on issues of African Unity and make the union a reality with a resilient diplomatic effort of his team.
Mrs. Solome Tadese reminded the conference that having no reminder for his glowing contribution is the failure of this generation not anyone else’s. She encourages the generation to erect things that celebrates the contributions of former leaders and individuals.
While Kwame Nkrumah has a statute in the African Union headquarters new building, Haile Selassie gets nothing to his name. The conference agrees to erect a statute in cooperation with the government to illustrate the contributions of the king who does a lot to his continent in its needy days. According to Getu lakew, our staff reporter, the meeting attracts ambassadors, ministers, other dignitaries and families of his majesty.


  1. In the dark days of colonialism, when most of africa was under european colonial rule, Ethiopia brought hope and comfort to black people all over the world.
    Ethiopia defeated fascist invaders and brought hope ,honor and glory to blacks all over the world. After the second world war Ethiopia was home to many anti colonial liberation movements, and provided moral amd material support to these movements.
    The Ethiopian tri-colour was seen as a symbol of freedom to all black people in africa and teh carribean. Many adopted the Ethiopian flag as their national symbol.
    Hailesellasi has played a major part in all these and deserves to be remembered for his contribution.
    Whilst the woyane fascist may be reluctant to denigrate and even insult the Emperor, Africans and all black people nevertheless see him as one of the fathers of Africa’s freedom and a staunch fighter against colonialism.

  2. Haileselassie and Menilike had committed systemic mass genocide against non Amhara Ethiopians ( Oromos,Tigres and Eritreans).

    • To Southern
      It is unfortunate that you do not know history of Ethiopia.Haile selassie was the greatset of all He was a the best leader of Africa.He is the leader who worked hard not only for Ethiopia also for Africa.You are very unfair to label these two great leaders of Ethiopia. But, what what do you expect from stupid narrow mininded oromo. go back and study history before you open your big mouth

  3. Southerner,
    They did not, you damn lier! Yours must be the mother of all lies!
    Only intoxicated by your chat,that you must be hallucinating such untruth. The progressive Menelik, the unifier of Ethiopia, while embracing Modernity on his own terms, he spurned Colonial patronage and won a world famous victory against the Italians thus saving you from being colonially enslaved. Hailesselassie fought to keep your freedom from being taken again by the Italians and the British. He pulled you by the nose out of medievalism and brought you modernity. He converted his own palace into a university and educated you irrespective of your ethnicity.
    These were two great enlightened Ethiopian and African leaders whose stature is big and whose names can not be tarnished by wild fabrications and utter lies like yours.

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