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Ethiopia: Call for Opposition & Government

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By Zelalem Eshete, Ph.D.
Here is an independent voice for those who are in opposite political spectrum.
Having a strong united purposeful opposition is essential for Ethiopia to practice true democratic governance. Everybody knows this.
The opposition in Ethiopia is doing its best by putting their lives on the line. It is hard to criticize them from afar.
NegotiationThe opposition in diaspora is living in the safety of democratic nations. There is no excuse for failing to form a unity in order to support those who are on the ground in Ethiopia. But it is enough to talk about the past. So there is no need bashing the opposition in Diaspora either. Lets look forward…
Opposition in Diaspora: Call for Annual All Ethiopian Oppositions Conference
We do it for soccer. We come together yearly to celebrate sports as Ethiopians. How come all oppositions in Diaspora couldn’t come together once a year to discuss on matters of Ethiopia to create a common platform in unison? Why not start now?
The oppositions have spent too much time analyzing and criticizing the government. It is time to do self-evaluation now. You have given deaf ear to the public’s cry for unity. If you cannot agree on a platform to challenge the current government as a united front, it seems: (1) you don’t have a real case against the government that galvanize all; or (2) you are just motivated by hate and you want the government to go no matter what; or (3) you are just driven to assume power by personal ambition regardless of the merit.
Government: Call for National Reconciliation
It is long over due.
The government being in power for multiple decades, it is time to show maturity and confidence by reaching out to the opposition through unilateral gesture of good will. Imagine declaring a time of “Jubilee” by freeing all political prisoners. How about you introduce the tone of winning together in Ethiopia by championing national reconciliation?
You are the government now. Don’t take it for granted. Time changes and if you don’t change accordingly – you become history. Be prepared to be the match when the opposition comes united. Instead of relying on brute force to stay in power, it is wise to lead by excelling in good governance. Force can only works for a time and brings disaster later for sure. It is wise to consider winning together and adopt reconciliation for Ethiopia anew. That is the true test of your greatness.

Dr. Zelalem Eshete may be reached at: [email protected]