Ethiopia Appeals for Food Aid Following Poor Crop Yields

(AP) – Ethiopia’s government is calling for international assistance to help feed 8.2 million people after erratic rains devastated crop yields.
Climate shocks are common in Ethiopia and often cause poor or failed harvests that lead to acute food shortages.
The government has allocated $192 million for food and other aid and is appealing for $596 million in assistance from the international community for the remainder of 2015, said Mitiku Kassa, secretary of the Ethiopian Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Committee.
More than 300,000 children are in need of specialized nutritious food and a projected 48,000 more children under 5 are suffering from severe malnutrition, according to a government assessment conducted in September.
The situation is “incredibly serious,” said John Aylieff, an official in Ethiopia with the U.N.’s World Food Program, who said Ethiopia needs the international community to help remedy the worst effects of El Nino conditions.
The conflict in South Sudan is also exacerbating the food insecurity situation, said Dennis Weller, the USAID mission director in Ethiopia. Since the outbreak of violence in South Sudan in mid-December 2013, hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese refugees have fled to Ethiopia and are living alongside local communities.
“We are seeing malnutrition rates go up in some of the host communities. We are looking at ways of reducing the stress levels to the host communities in Ethiopia by providing supplementary feeding that could bring the malnutrition levels down,” he said.


  1. Ethiopia’s government is calling for international assistance to help feed 8.2 million people?
    What happened to the government claim that the country was growing at 11% a year for the last 10 years?

  2. It is every man for himself from now on.
    Every Ethiopian need to break free from the cultural taboo restricting the food variety sources in Ethiopian diet . the Ethiopian culture permits for Ethiopians to eat only 15% of the possible food sources nature provided to Ethiopians. Even lions eat and live in the wild in Ethiopia while the people do not eat what the lion eats and go on hungry.The lion got to start to share food. the women should let the kitchen free to all to stop the never ending starvation or the people will remain malnutritioned food beggers.
    Ethiopians since the 1990’s with the world class government tried to stop the prophecy but failed because too many women are in power when it comes to food preparation within Ethiopia . Men do not prepare food which is the main problem for Ethiopians lack of having chance to experiment with foods that are eaten in other parts of the world such as dogs , horses , rabbit , mice , cats , pigeons , shrimps and so on. .. These are available food that could feed the whole country for the coming decade but not put to use because the culture dictates who prepares the food (the women) and what they use as ingredients.

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