Ethiopia apologizes for posting map that erased Somalia

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia’s foreign affairs ministry has apologized for a map of Africa that erased neighboring Somalia.

Spokesman Nebiat Getachew said in a statement on Tuesday an investigation had begun into how the map was posted on the ministry’s website over the weekend.

He said the map was removed immediately after it was noticed and that “we have sincerely regretted any confusion and misunderstanding this incident might have caused.”

The inaccurate map incorporated all of Somalia into Ethiopia but showed Somalia’s breakaway state of Somaliland.

The relationship between Somalia and Ethiopia has been historically shaky but relations appear to have improved in recent months after a reformist prime minister took office in Ethiopia in April of last year.


  1. I don’t think this is just an oversight. This is not one low profile ministry. It is the ministry created and delegated to speak for the country and the people to the rest of the world. Who drew it up and who gave it the green light? In this day and age of Google Map, MapQuest and similar others available at the push of a button, this snafu is unfathomable. Our Somali brothers and sisters are more understanding and forgiving than many of us think but this one is like saying 100 miles south of Addis(Finfine) is part of Kenya. Someone is not so bright or is in the business of trying to make someone look very bad!!! I forgot the name of the movie in the 1970’s where one of the characters was asked which foreign country he wanted to go and his prompt and well thought reply was ‘Wyoming’. I looked at the calendar more than once to see if it reads April 1st. I hope that Ganyard will not come across this disaster and he does he would go like ‘I told you so!!! Those ‘Ethiopians’ are so incapable of flying planes!!!’Come on man!!!

  2. russian are noy apologaized by annexing ukrain part in practice. but yu applogized for map. know yur history ethiopia includes the now called somali people and all somali land. the mistake in the map is its exclusion of brohers in put land. yu somalies join ethiopia and be super power in africa and world as old times.

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