ESAT and SBS Australia Radios should apologize for Mengistu Hailemariam Victims!!!!

By Tedla Asfaw

Activist Tedla Asfaw

Mengistu Hailemaraim the butcher of Ethiopia has become “Madiba specialist” thanks to the SBS and ESAT Amharic Radio following the passing away of Madiba early this month.  Mengistu shamefully talked about the 100,000 dollar he gave to Madiba on his Ethiopian visit after his freedom. Mengistu was heard boasting about “tutoring” Madiba about the end of the cold war. How comes we have not learnt about such claim from any other source? Is this not the same claim Mengitu made about not killing a fly let alone humans during his 17 years of terror??
We all know Mengistu for what he was. He has done a lot to destroy Ethiopia than some of his admirers claim, a fighter for Ethiopian “unity”. Mengistu is a “God send’ for Woyane and Shabia. Both were anti Ethiopia forces against Madiba vision of Ethiopia, a united Ethiopia. Mengistu has paved the way for Ethiopia to be controlled by its haters for more than 22 years by eliminating patriotic Ethiopians. We are now left with the “coward generation” that publicly “honored” the late tyrant Melees Zenawi who destroyed all institutions of Ethiopian unity.
Many ESAT followers of Mengistu admirers wanted to rewrite history. ESAT and SBS by Inviting Mengistu are dishonoring Madiba because Mengistu wiped Emperor Haileselassie’s rule by coldblooded massacre of 60 high officials. Madiba got his military and diplomatic support from those who were massacred by Mengistu.
Some who condemned Mengistu never condemned the massacre of Haileselassie officials. No one commemorate the anniversary of those except family members each year. We want only to recognize our own victims. Yes EPRP should commemorate the death of 500,000 its supporters and members massacred but we should not ignore the death of Haileselassie and all who served under him.
We cannot talk about Colonel Tadsesse Biru and Madiba ignoring Haileselassie. When Woyane lobbied against Haileselassie statue erection at African Union many of us “supported’ it by being silent.
We need to come out strong and condemn Mengistu Hailemriam for his crime against humanity. The terror he started by gunning down innocent 60 high officials should be recognized first. Let us start recognize the fact that if we Ethiopians had condemned  Mengistu’s terror then we might have saved the following terror that took half million of young patriotic Ethiopians.
Mengistu rehabilitators have a lot to explain. It is not about freedom of speech we are talking about here it is about journalists who failed to ask a very serious question, the death of half a million people by direct order of Fascist Mengistu Hailemariam. It is about journalism cajoling murderers and kept silent about victims.
Let those who helped Madiba in the struggle against apartheid speak about him. Mengistu Hailemariam and those who served under him have blood on their hands are in no way should get a stage before confessing their crimes against the people of Ethiopia. The Spirit of Madiba started in South Africa by confession about past crimes.


  1. I thought you are rational. I did not know you want to shit up people and media because of you perceive Mengistu is guilty . I did not see he went in a fair court.
    The country you are living says ” innocent until proven” guilty

    • No one in a normal mind expect
      Megestu’s supporters to speak Logic or with Manner
      This people has no respect for human life leave alone mind to what they are talking about.they are mad dogs disgrace for a human race and have no sense of shame.


        • Do not shout ! Mengistu was a killer of the nation, the young. the most educated, men . women, boys and gir of Ethiopia.He is also responsible for the situation what we are facing now

    • I think there is one big thing you have missed . G7/ESAT already said it laud they will work with any one as far as they take them to power or help them to collect money
      Shabia, Menge/derg, ONLF, Muslim extrimist, Egypt, Alshebab… any one.
      To tell you the truth i don’t think ESAT/G7 want change to come in ethiopia. b/c they are more comfortable now in europe and USA leaving a lexury life with there family. why they need to take responibility while you can leave the highest life just by doing 5 star hotel meeting and collecting money by talking bad about ethiopia every morning.
      tell me why they want this life to change?

  2. What useless Artcle, the article accuses those Ethiopians who standup and fought against MENGESTU’s regime as anti Ethiopian, if that is the case Oromos,Eritreans and tigrean were fighting against Mengestu and with legitimate rational reason.

  3. We shouldn’t expecting Free Media to be monolith, Tedla. I shared your feeling of our past history but bygone is bygone. we have to concentrate on our children future and of building a democratic Ethiopia. You shouldn’t condemn Esat because Esat is the voice of the voiceless Ethiopia. Had it not been Esat we would have been in black hole. Esat has been doing extraordinary things for the voiceless Ethiopian inside and out side the country. I have been following your commentaries and for that I take off my hat, Tedla.

  4. God bless you brother I was in washingto D.C. that times when a black american journalist asked him and he flatly denied by saing l never killd flys let alone humqn beings ethiopia the way she was right the mayhem he created on his 17 year’s brutal dictator ship rules ane I remember when he was screaming he will fight untillone man stands alone but all that was nothing just ddictators talks when the times comes he run to save his life and now he run his mouths shameless

  5. Mr Tedla Asfaw, you seem to confuse the role of the media and the role of political organisations. Why should Esat appologize ethiopians? Esat or SBS did not endorse the view of Mengistu HM, Esat only interviewed Mengitu with out commenting, letting the judgement for the people, victim or not.
    Do not you know that the big international investigative Journalists trying to approach chiefs of terrorists, criminals and so on? Ethiopians, even the victims of Mengistu should be thankful to know the current opinion of Mengistu. It clears misconceptions and speculations about the current opinion of Mengistu, and that is the role of media, if you still do not know.

  6. Dear Tedla, I always following your articles and I appreciate your efforts. The comment what you wrote about ESAT is not acceptable, because it is a free media and serving for all Ethiopians without discrimination. Their mission is to give current information for their viewers & listeners using different sources. Their interview with Mengistu was only related with the relation-ship between Mandela and Ethiopia after his release from prison, and he is the first hand information, to accept or not is our personal choice. I remember professor Al-Mariam articles about freedom of speech related with the former PM Meles, when he was invited in one university, I hope you agree with that.
    Let me ask you one question, do you agree if they have interview with Bereket Simon or other senior govt. officials? I hope you don’t mind for that, but all of them are the same killers and dictators.
    What you said about confession of crimes on his regime will be full if you request also the EPRP members who killed other Ethiopians in the name of white terror. That time all of us can forgive each other and the reconciliation will be full.

  7. Ops I remember some of ur articles befire and u seemed a gud writer. Now u totaly lost it. Every Ethiopian feels the hard time we had during derg regime specially the killing of those who opposed the rigime and 60 officials. Well I never heard mengistu killing innocent bystander unless u r from the opposition party and don’t forget that those who were killed by nech shebir also have a family. It was a total mess but still that man had a vision of one Ethiopia with access to the see than our so called democrat and developmental leaders who gambeled on the unity of Ethiopia and lost the see for their freinds next door. For me the killing and inprisment of ethiopians is still there. Do u have any idea how many ppl r injail this days? How many of them r killid or died in prison? The diffrence is as they said” derg kills and sings yefiyel wetete stuff and tplf kills and u don’t see a thing. I was wondering u evven went back to haileselases regime to support ur idea of condeming mengistu. I told ya everybody knows the crime he commited. And feels the pain. Esat and sbs their intention was to have discusion about the madiba case so they did its better tk recommend them to present him again to discuss those issues than acccusing the. As if they did a big crime unless u have hideen agenda of attacking them.

  8. the writter insist that mengistu kill 60 officials during his power,but who can count those who are killed for the last 23 years and going die now and there any person who kiss someone came to kill him?so as mandela did the only way of peace is reconciliation and u agree

  9. why you silent when sebhat nega the man who kill 200,000 ethiopians invitting in esat.Becase sebhat is tigre and you are tigre too.Tedla take your 20 dollar and leave esat alon.

  10. Very weird Mr. Tedla. Yes, Mengistu is the cause of untold misery. Yet, he has every right to say what every he wishes to say. I wish if he truly shares the details of his revolution from cradle to grave. What would you say if the same media was asking the late PM Meles Zenawi? In my view, any one must be heard.

  11. Tedla, shame on you! I have never ever thought that you go so low. We live in information era and no ground from your side to blame the medias
    1. The former Ethiopian President Mengistu Hailemariam had said good things about Mandela and South African people regarding the struggle against Apartide. The Morale, Material, Medical and technical assistance given to Mandela & other freedom fighters was presented by the leaders and it is from the people of Ethiopia. So what makes Tedla mad? are you irritated to know what Ethiopia contributed to anti aprtide struggle? Like it or not we are proud to know the contributions of Ethiopian leaders, Ethiopians and Ethiopia to make our world the better place to live. This includes supporting freedom & anti colonial struggle. Those who lead the country at that historical moment from the great Emperior Menelik-ll, His Majesti Hailesilassie and Col. Mengistu Hailemariam contrbuted their part and we are proud of all for reflecting Ethiopian people interest
    2. Its a personalities like you who gave a good survival breath for weyane and shabia. You live with old 1960-s fake communist ideology and propaganda. You should be a top EPRP official to know about 500 000 supporter and members you claimed has been massacred. Remember you are equally responsible for that historical mess and dark side of our history.
    Tedla, Information is a tool which give us an independent freedom to understand issues. I dont see any thing wrong for “Menge” to come out and telling us what we dont know about Mandela. By the way I read Mengistu Hailemeriams’ (“Tiglachin vol.l) book and learned facts and the other side of our history.

  12. Ato Tedla,
    Don’t make an ant hill out of a mole only because you have an ageda of going after ESAT. You are exaggerating too much. Everytime you exaggerate, you will lose trust and respect. That is not how you criticize a friend like ESAT that is working hard to inform our people.
    You should know the difference between a constructive ciriticism and conducting a witch hunt operation. Right now, you sound like you are going after ESAT exploiting a minor error ESAT may have committed in regards to Mengistu.
    You are so egoistic, you think you are the top dog only because you scribble some short and disjointed articles and have an occassional guest appearance on Focus on Africa. Watch your ego. It will destroy you and everything you touch. Deflate your inflated ego! You can be replaced and rejected in a twinkling of an eye–very fast that is.
    Hands off of ESAT! If you die and born again ten times over, you will never do a job as good as ESAT does. Of course, ESAT is not perfect. Errors may happen. In this case, Mengistu the butcher should have been confronted using the opportunity. But it did not happen. There may be several reasons for it. May be Mengistu asked as a precondition to talk only on Mandela. Or, or as you know, Messay is a talented young man who may not actually know what happened during the Mengistu regime except from books or from what people say. People like you and me have lived throught unbelieveable horror. And we have lost many dear ones friends and families. I am one of those people who will shoot Mengistu on the spot if I find him. But that does not give me the right to smash and burn ESAT that is doing so much great work at this point and time in our history. Have some balance and perspective. Don’t jump up and down everytime someting pops up in your mind.
    By the way, is Beljig Ali your cousin? You sound like the same. You are both going after ESAT to exploit the opportunity. Know the difference between constructive critism, how to relate with a friend, and the enemy. If you can’t differentiate these, then you have no brains in your head.
    Hand off of ESAT!

    • Did you mean “a mountain out of a mole hill” anyways, the likes of Tedla are ex EPRP members responsible for the death of thousands of Ethiopians some of which are world class intellectuals. Mengistu declared red terror on EPRP after they attempted to assassinate him and EPRP in turn, cam up with its own version of terror which is the white terror. What is the difference? I don’t condone what Mengustu had done to the people of Ethiopia but he has some good qualities too. They say TPLF can not be reformed. neither can EPRP the messenger of death.

  13. Well done Tedla! You are absolutly right.
    Mengistu is the butcher of Addis the same as Fascist Graziani.
    He is the most coward slave. He has no diginity and Ethiopian character.
    Being infested with hate and infriority complex, he murdered so many Ethiopian patriots. He is a Zionis running dog. He paved the way for the western stooges. Thus, he is the only one who sold Ethiopia to her historical enemies. The bunch of so called liberation fronts such as TPLF- EPLF and OLF, ONLF etc. are paid by western intellengent services in oder to destroy Ethiopia from the map of Africa like the former Yugoslavia.
    Bravo Tedla!
    God bless you
    Death to TPLF, EPLF
    Death to the mass murdere Mingistu
    Some Ethiopians are apes. They have no memory. They are usless beasts.
    They are going with the wind.

  14. EVIL SEND or GOD SEND ? ? ? ?
    *You said that Col.Mengetu Hailemariam is “GOD SEND” to Woyane, is that means God love woyane ? If that is the case maybe we should not challenge Woyane.
    * You said Col. Mengestu is “GOD SEND”, but Col.Mengestu Successfully massacred Haileselassie’s 61 amara cabinet minsters, in process he dismantled and destroyed Amhara sociopolitical domination and power monopolization, so this act was the act of Devine “GOD SEND” to librate Ethiopia from Amhara domination ?
    *You said “GOD SEND”, but Col. Mengestu had commited mass genocidal crime against hundreds and thousands young Ethiopians, was this act of god “GOD SEND” ?
    *You said “GOD SEND”, but Col. Mengestu had massacred about one million Eritreans during his 17 years in power, was this mass genocider “GOD SEND” ?
    *You said “GOD SEND”, but Col. Mengestu had mass genocided about 800000 Tigreans included air bombing schools full of children and bombing civilian markets, was such act “GOD SEND” ?
    May be it is GOD SEND in the evils civilization, and among those who suffer from insanity.

  15. Are you for real? Esat and SBS are an indepedent news which will practice democratic media process that allows anybody to contribute. Mengistu was asked his opinion on former president Nelson Mandela and he did so get for it.

  16. Thank you Ato Tedla . Because of Mengistu our beloved country ended in the hands of the worst criminals (tplf and eplf). He should be tried in World Court for the crime he committed against countless number of innocent Ethiopians. Criminals have no room in the celebration of the greatest and visionary nobleman Mandela. And it is about time to remember the sixty ministers with the King. They accomplished more for the country than any of these bandas and hodams.

  17. Esta should be appoligize 95% of victimed Ethiopian because they interviewed arrogant Sibihat Nega !!!!!!…funny editor.

  18. In ethiopia peoples victimized by different regime Meles ,Mengistu and Hailesislase regime so ESAT should asking appoligize for all victims!?……I have a lot of respect previous regime so I have no right to listen this kind of interview……what kind of analysis ???

  19. Our problem is that because of those almost unbearable 40 years, our expectation about human freedom and dignity became soooooo low. The 17 years of DERG under Mengistu was brutal. Then came the 22 years ugly and racist government the likes of which was unparalleled in our history. Now our people want to go back to DERG where we had at least our country because it was far better than the backward racist and cruel wayanne government. The Israelites were wondering in the wilderness for 40 years, so are we. It is about to end, but the question becomes- What do we do for the next 40 years? Would we bicker, strife, hate, argue, and disagree, or do we do great and hard things for our coming generation? The choice is ours.

  20. Mengistu is a criminal who killed over a million people. That buther should be brought to justice and hung him upside down. in Ethiopia Those 60 innocent . innteligent people were killed by Mengistu without any reason. I heard the interview and was
    dismayed. that mengistu tried to portray himself as inncoent who never killed any one. Mengistu is a criminal who gave the opportunity for tplf to mess up our beloved country.

  21. ተድላ አስፋው የፃፈው በአብዛኛው ለኔ ትክክል ነው። አሳቶች ለምን አቀረቡት በሚለው ጉዳይ ላይ ግን በዙም ትኩረት ባንሰጠው ጥሩ ነው፣ ሜዲያ እስከሆኑ ድረስ ሁሉን ቢያቀርቡ ጥሩ ነው። እነሱ የመንግስቱን ፓለቲካ ደጋፊ ን ብለው እስካልተናገሩ ድረስ ማለት ነው። በተረፈ ግን አብዛኛወዎቻን ሳናውቀው በዛ የደርግ ዘመን ስላለፍን ፣ በዛን ዘመን የነበረው አመለካከት አንዳንዴ ለያገረሽብን ይችላል
    ባጠቃላይ ማለት እኛ የሰዎችን ጠንካራ ጎን ብቻ መጠበቅ የለብንም። የእሳቶች ጠንካራ ጎን ይበልጣልና። ከኛ የተሻለም ስራ ይሰራሉና። ስርጭታቸውም እድገት እያሳየ መጥቶአልና። ተድላ አስፋውም ለመናገር የፈለገው ግን የመሰለኝ በአንድ ነጥብ ላይ ብቻ ያተኮረ መሰለኝ ፣ እሱም በመንግስቱ ገዳይ ላይ።
    እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያኖች ወይም ሀበሾች እስከ ታንዛንያ ድረስ ያለን ማለት ነው መርሳት የሌለብን ለ3000 አመት በነገስታት የተዳደርን የኖርን ነን፣ ባህላችንም፣ ሀይማኖታችንም፣ውስጣችንም ሁሉ መሰረቱ ሁሉ ከድሮው ጋር የተሳሰረ ነው። እነዲያው በአንዴ ተነስተን አበዮታዊ ወይም ዲሞክራት ሆን ብለን የድሮውን እርግፍ አድርገን ለማፍረስ አንሩዋሩዋጥ።ጠንቁ ሳናውቀው በራሳችን ላይ እየመጣ ነው። በአንድ በኩል ማርክሲዝምን እያደነቅን ሰው ከዝንጀሮ ነው የመጣው እያልን፣ በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ በመለኮት እናምናለን እያልን የሀይማኖት ሰው መምሰል የለብንም። መረጋጋት አለብን። አዲሱን ስንወስድ አሮጌውን ጥለን መሆንም የለበትም፣ በላይ በላዮ በመጨመር ነው እንጂ። አለበለዚያ ወረተኞች እንሆናለን ማለት ነው።
    በተለይ 60 ሚኒስቴሮች ከቤታቸው ተወሳደው በአዋጅ ሲገደሉ የውጭ ሀገር ጋዜጠኞች እንኩዋን “ኢትዮጵያ ራስዋን ቆረጠች ” እስከሚሉ ድረስ፣ ይህንን የሰራን ሰው ምክንያት እየፈለግን ባናሞካሽ ጥሩ ይመስለኛል።

  22. ESAT joranalist they work 24 hours and they sacrfai them selfs for voice less the poor ethiopia people to be dont know tplf gagester they tererazed them every day by telefon. again you the so called acctivist like tplf gangster you trying desterb there work.Even if they made amistek you dont have a moral to say what they doing. tedla you are not any more acctivist get lost.

  23. Col. Mengestu Destroyed the Amharas power monopoly.
    60 Amhara cabinet minsters massacred overnight by Col.Mengestu, since then the Amhara power never recovered. This ugly guy even called the Amara elites “The Cancer of Ethiopia”, blamed Amharas/Showa Amharas for every problem Ethiopia facing.

    • Southerner are you sure all the ministers are Amharas? Please be informed. The Amharas are massacred by the fascist group tplf and eplf bandas. And it still active. Friends we should investigate Tame rate Layne for the crime he committed against the Amhaas, and the Church. Why the hush hush.

    • @Southern I know well you are stupid but, never thought you are that stupid. Those 60 innocent Ethiopian are not only Amhara …..There were a lot of oromos who are your cousins and uncle. Unfortuntely, you blame Amhara
      for every little things. wake up and smell the coffee

    • Southerner wow you’re only humiliating yourself ” the 60 officials were Amhara Officials?” ere READ you won’t die from it the children of those officials are still alive YITAZEBUHAL.

  24. Mr/Mrs South,
    Why are you people blaming mr. Mengestu Hailemariam, he had to do the killings to bring meaningful change to Librate ethiopia from oppressive amaras feudalistic mentality. Those killed amara minsters deserve to be dead since they had committed oppressive and criminal act against non Amara Ethiopians (oromos,sidamas,Gambelas,Tigres,Afar and Eritreans) since Menilike era. If it was’t for Mengestu Ethiopia would have fragmented to pieces and those
    Amaras who stand against the revolution deserve what they got.
    Ethiopia Tikdem!!!

  25. Crazy, mr president mengestu become so wise with age,I always loved him.dont forget he did make every peasant owner of the land,fought illiterate and the unity of Ethiopia.eapa were leftist and communist so is mengestu.they got the same ideology,they start the war,he finish them off.all ethiopian should back him when he fought this ugly woyanne and shabiya.death to mengestu enemies,long live menge.

  26. Tedla, what happened to you? “Jib yemayawukut ager hedo kurbet antifulign ale”
    are you joining those old fashioned revo politicians living at price of speculations or you are one of them? what is wrong if some one who is involved with Nelson Mandela issue come out and spoke his side story? The news from the source is vital. Ethiopians don’t deserve living with fabricated lies and speculated views, enough is enough.
    Tedla, your likes but also shabia, TPLF, OLF, EPRP puppets are so upset when the former Ethiopian President Lt.Col. Mengistu Hailemariam apears on media. That is simple logic, your political life based on fabricated lies, speculations and hate on Mengistu. So if some eye opening information pops out its obvious to listen a smearing loud cry from those anti unity elements including EPRP.
    From your article its clear that you are confused and trying to confuse others. Are you sure Mengistu massacre the 60 Hilesilassie officials & 500 000 EPRP supporters and members. Or you just fabricated the scenario to get a chip popularity or may be get paid by someone else who fears the probable return of Mengistu to the power. You are so late, all facts and truth about 17 years Ethiopian Revolution history is not hidden to Ethiopians. We had an opportunity to evaluate the revolutionary and counter revolutionary side stories. Several books, articles and opinions has been posted and published. We also lived through that part of historical moment, and millions are living witness.
    For your informations: Those good solders who are involved during Mandela training at Kolfe Fetnodersash Police also appeared on media to share their views with public.
    Viva Menge!

  27. ESAT should apologize to victims of Sebehat Nega, JUWAR MOHAMMED, 5TPLF,SHABIA, OLF. Why ESAT is so open to all ideas and every individual? FREE AND INDEPENDENT MEDIA.
    Thank you ESAT for being free and independent. I was imagining what will happen to free medias if people like Tedla are in power. They will give you a long short list of people u can and can’t interview.
    Tedla you are busted this time. I don’t know what derg did to you but let not your emotion and personal feelings over ride logic, truth, science and democratic principles. You are talking as if state killing is started with Mengestu. You should inturn apologize victims of Hailesilase and his 60 ministers for whom you are taking side clearlly.

  28. አይ የግራ ዘመም ፖለቲካ ይችን አገር ከማመስ መቼ ይሆን የሚገላግለን። ኘሬዘዳንት መንግሥቱ በበላይነት ይመሩት የነበረው ስርዓት ገዳይ ጨፍጫፊ ከተባለ። መንግሥቱ በሚመሩት ስርዓት ውስጥ ተሰግስጋችሁ አንዱ ሌላውን ለማጥፋት (ለምሳሌ መኤሶን እህአፓን፣ ሻዕቢያ ሌላውን ወዘተ) የፈፀማችሁት እልቂት ምን ሊባል ነው። እባካችሁ ይቅር ባይነትና መቻቻል ይበጃል። ከኔልሰን ማንዴላ ምን አለ ብትማሩ። ስትተራመሱ ይሄው ከ40 ዓመት በላይ ሆናችሁ። ለዚህ አገር ግን የበጃት ምንም ነገር የለም። ሰላም ለማግኘት ሲባል ወይስ የእናንተ ትውልድ እንዲያልቅ እንፀልይ ይሆን

  29. I think we are talking 60s politics. i can’t see any one can come and express there feeling in any free media. the listeners can judje the truth. by the why the Ethiopia issue is not only driven by they called themselves activist. the writer might express his anger and frustration by Mangeistu’s interview. i am sure Col Mangiestu couldn’t ask to give his word about Nelson Mandela. if he give his interview about Neleson Mnadela what he knows what is wrong with that? it is almost more than 40 years the country inovlve un solved situation even getting worest day by day. grow up .i don’t think this blaming can’t progress or solve the country ‘s existing deep problem.

  30. i think the writer is confused himself. the 60’s politics like EPRP the never been grow up still the same story. what is wrong with that Mangiestu give an interview what he knows about Mr Nelson Mandela. i think Col Mangisteu more knows than you about Mr Nelson Mandela. your script only staisfied your groups Wouane, EPRP, EDU or Shabia. i heard all the interview Col Mangiesto comment and says what he knows about Mr Mandela.thats why the ethiopian politics back to one square without substance and which one can priorise for this country.grow up !!!

  31. Dear Mr Tedla
    I thought you are a modern, westernised rational being. To come out and criticize and even bully a free media for interviewing a person you abhor is abhorent. We al; know that Mengistu has committed crimes as HIM Haile Selassie, your idol who is viewd by millions in Ethiopia as a monster. In your youth, you may have been involved in the struggle to overthrow the Emperor for his failures. To you H/Selassie is a saint compared to Mengistu and by taking this stand you are offending others who believed otherwise. It is better to leave everything to history. All Ethiopia’s past leaders except Meles Zenawi have accomplished meritorious work for their country and in the process destroyed many things. While you are questioning the fairness of both media outlets, you exposed your unfairness when you mentioned the 500,000 Red- Terror victims and deliberately ignored the victims of white terror by EPRP. To you the vicims of White terror are subhumans. If ESAT and SBS can interview Eyassu Alemayehu, why not Mengistu H/ Mariam?.The people who were murdered and tortured by EPRP have got parents and sibillings who had shade rivers of tears at the time.As human Rights activist, you should stand up for all humanity instead of pick and choose. You have to be a fair person before you commit yourselves to be a human Rights advocate. MR Tedla, where did you get the 500,000 victim statistic? or is just you wanted to sensationalize the situation to win the argument? You may have already concluded wildly that I am a former Mengistu’s cadre, but you are dead wrong. When power falls in the hands of the Ethiopian people, Mengistu and other petty criminals of the past and present will face justice and the deaths of those whose lives had cut short will be avenged. You and I cannot be now the judge and the jury. Rather we should utilize our golden time on how to get rid of the TPLF racist mafia group from our country. By the way did you react the same way when ESAT interviewed Sebhat Nega and others? If you think Sebhat Nega is better than Mengistu, we are in deep trouble. Calm down! There is time for every thing and keep your hands off the Free media.
    With due Respect!

  32. some who support the butcher Mengestu are red terror perpetrators likes of kefyalew who recently thrown into jail on account of his crime in killing innocent citizens. These are people who open wide their stinky mouths and stood tall to defend all his crimes and even deny , above all ,his cowardice stance demonstrated by way of escaping when the woyane thugs made its way into Addis. Mengestu is a traitor who should in excusably face a trial in multiple accounts of crimes : He killed a generation . He cowardly escaped by disbanding the huge Ethiopian military force to pave the way for Woyane thugs to easily take over Addis and establish an apartheid like fake federal system. Despite all this flaws, Esat which claimed to propagate for democracy ,human right and equality ,had given ample air time for the butcher of Ethiopia with the view to help his head up and to give a feeling of relief for all his crime .As journalist ,captain Messay and sisay Agena ,who have had good days during the Derg era , should have confronted the butcher why he killed General Taddese Biru, the then general who closely oversee the military training of Mandela ,had they really been professionals bent on the Ethics governing journalism. What they did is simply journalistic hoopla who failed to understand how the Mengestu factor contribute further in widening division between our society and allow the woyane to exploit it, As to me ,from this day , i will be forced to question the genuinity of Esat as it operates against millions of victims and mothers ,fathers who lost childrens and loved ones in extrajudicial killings by blood thirsty Mengistu . To this end all concerned have to come together in our two edged struggle against the woyane thugs and of the Mengestu’ remnants who are now working hand in glove to revive the decadent Nengestu’s regime spear headed by ESAT and CBS media out lets.

  33. የናዚ ደጋፊዎችና ማኅበር መኖራቸው የሂትለርን ደግነት የሚያመለክት አይደለም። የናዚን አመለካከት በሌላው ላይ እስካልጫኑ ድረስ እንደመብት ካልተቆጠረ: ዛሬ የመንግስቱ ስም መነሳት ያንገበገባቸው ስሙን በጠሩ ላይ የበቀል ሰይፍ ለማሳረፍ አይመለሱም።

    • የግራ ዘመም ፖለቲካ አባዜው መፈረጅ እና አንዱ የሌላውን አመለካከት ሳይሆን በነሱ በኩል ያልተሰለፈውን ሁሉ ካላጠፉ ሰላም የሚያገኙ አይመስላቸውም።

  34. Give us a break! Oh by the way Tedla Asfaw about the 60 officials MEISON is the only responsible not DERG. Am not saying Derg didn’t kill anyone no but if we dig history so many parties like EPRP,TPLF,SHABIYA including MEISON will have to answer too. People like Mengistu are experienced people we still can learn a lot from them So we need more and more interviews from the DERG officials and the King’s time officials too. Thank you ESAT and SBS please bring more interviews.

  35. Ato Tedla Asfaw, if you don’t want to know about Mengistu’s interview, it up to you. Mengstu is not the only killer. EPRP members killed many Ethiopians, … Young, old, women, infact their own members too. The Ethiopian people witnessed the massacre by EPRP first then by derg. One day EPRP killers living abroad will face the same fate like Kefelegn. To come to your comment about Esat and SBS radio they did a great job by interviewing Mengistu. If you are not happy too bad. You are crossing the line. Leave ESAT. You only helping woyane by this article.

  36. Aynalem and others perptraters feel not guilty of their crime and still open rancid mouth with their blood stained hands. For sure you and your fascist icon the vampire Mengestu’s days are numbered to face the bitter reality of the historical verdict for his brutality in victimizing mothers ,fathers and thousands of innocent kids massacred by his firing squad comprising of Aynalem’s like . I think Mengestu]’ s remnants and supporters have legitimate reason to do so ,as they ,directly or indirectly have lion share of the massacre . So one should not wonder if they try to exonerate their bloody master from his crime he committed publicly with fanfare by way of undermining the atrocity of the massacre or taking the revolution as pretext to justify the killing ….What has then the thug woyane Melese Zenawi did different from his predessesor when destroyed over 1000 people in a day in 1997? in Areka . Awassa ,Bedeno, Gambella ,Ogaden Addis abeba in various occassion . Justifying Mengestu’s barbaric act is tantamount to justifying the Woyanes killings of our compatriots ? How come one in his right mind. unless mentally, deranged support this cruel ,coward and traitor Mengestu? birds of the same feather flock together .

  37. Dear Ato Tedla
    I do read your articles and you have been expressing your concerns that the government is controlling the free media and lack of democracy in ethiopia and strongly advocating the need of free media which I strongly support and admire you however I am very confused with this article as you are asking ESAT and SBS to apologise for interviewing colonel Mengistu Hailemariam. I thought this is the job of free media, if not can you please tell us what is free media is? To me it seems that you have an issue with these two medias and you are struggling to put theory to practical regarding free media and democracy. In my opinion is ESAT is doing what the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia needs. God bless Ethiopia

  38. Dear Mr Tedla,
    If you go through most of the comments, hope you will learn so many things you are lacking now (the meaning of Free Media, gathering of facts before writing articles, …) but most of all the one which tells you try to overcome your fear, hatred, grudge and living in the past. Otherwise your Article has nothing to do with the purpose of both the Medias. For those who scribled oposing & supporting Mengistu, i want to tell you that its not relevant with the subject of the interview and free media. I hope Tedla you didnt want to know anything about Mengistu, Pleease try to find books like ” ye colonel Mengistu tizitawoch by Genet, Neber 1 & 2 by Zenebe and vol.1 of Mengistu’s book itself otherwise if you continue writing articles without facts you will continue free falling like you did now. Many people lost thier respect for you just because of this silly mistake. Get over your fear and hatred and learn something from Madiba.

  39. እባካችሁ በቃው። ማወቅ ያለበትን ሁሉ እንዲያውቅ እድሉን አግኝቷል ብዬ አስባለሁ። አክቲቪስት አቶ ተድላ በዚህ አጋጣሚ ካልተማረና ካልታረመ ማታ ስትገባ የመታህ ድንጋይ ጠዋት ከደገመህ ድንጋዩ አንተነህ የሚለው አባባል ለእሱ የተባለ ነው ማለት ይሆናል

  40. Tedla, I read the article which you written about Col.Mengistu and Madiba (Nelson Mandela) I think you got no any clue about that, please we don’t have to be like this why don’t you ask to the right people to get the right information instead of blaming,?

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