EPRDF 2.0: A Collection Of Ethnically Based Political Party

Abate Kassa

The major political parties in Ethiopia such as ODP, ADP, and SEPDM metamorphosed into a Prosperity Party, also known as Oromo PP, Amara PP, etc.

  • is a collection of ethnically based political parties combined together to wreck the very foundation of the Ethiopian polity, undermining Ethiopian nationalism. Besides, PP is a one-party state that negates democracy. For almost three decades, we have seen how EPRDF’s ideology and practice of ethnic supremacy and unrestrained abuse of state power was a cancer on democracy. With the erosion of human rights, the political transition has stalled and the cancer that was brought by EPRDF, far from being eradicated, is in fact mutated through the PP, and will likely hasten the death of democracy. With the recent killings of innocent citizens on the basis of their ethnicity and lack of appropriate government response, I worry about Ethiopia being at the risk of breaking apart. PP should stop politicizing justice, intelligence, and the military.

Medemer is all about followership, not partnership. PP evades the name “Ethiopia” in its name and has declared war on its peace-seeking critics and patriots like Eskinder Nega, Lidetu Ayalew, and others who struggle peacefully.

  • needs to affirm Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity; and assure citizens’ right to freedom of expression and to move around freely and live anywhere in Ethiopia without fear of arrest, physical violence, harassment, and death threat. The Prosperity Party, by its actions and inactions, has embraced the crisis of ethno-nationalism as a ruling strategy and turned it into a national tragedy. I attack the problem of ethnic federalism (Zenawism) and not the person of PM Abiy Ahmed. As long as he is not willing to pay the switching cost from ethno-nationalism to civic nationalism and continues to govern by EPRDF’s constitution and fly its flag, he will wear the mantle of a tragic (inheritor) and leader of EPRDF 2.0.



  1. Subject: EPRDF 2.0: A Collection Of Ethnically Based Political Party, by Abate Kassa, 10/16/2020

    Humble Comment, 16 Oct 2020
    During the era of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sselasie, the King of Kings, of the Tribe of Judah, policy decision was made by HIM and ONLY HIM . His Ministers will then OBEY without a word and the entire people of Ethiopia would simply and nonchalantly obey and be guided by the dictate. And so, the Ancient Country Ethiopia was going on, and on, and on, and on ………….until the demise of the custodian Emperor. Dictators followed one by one. The Ethiopian people were very patient, dignified and polite, admired by world wide witnesses. The envy of our brethren colonized Africans.

    NOW, In 2020, in the absence of HIM, there are some twelve tINDEPENDENT, FREE, CIVILIZED, DEMOCRATIC LIBERATED bodies — all wanting their own ways. And they interpret THAT as EQUALITY and DEMOCRACY, never seen before in Ethiopia.

    Our Dear AFRICA is fertile source for greenery and ready made food from Mother Nature but also plenty of upheaval trying to implement strange way of governing, calling it democracy and equality.!!!!
    CRY, MY BELOVED DEAREST AFRICA. <<<< Modified version of Alan Paton . THE END

    Post Script
    Let the various parties enjoy the civilization of the Western Societies as modified by themselves, for themselves, to their ultimate enjoyment in a wild free space.. It is like trying to make-up for the LOST time under Emperorship.

  2. It is now too late for Abiy and his HeWeHaT followers to get out of the trap they put themselves in.
    I had been advising them and especially Abiy to correct his ways especially when he was going so
    erratically the two years before coming to the premiership. First he didn’t have his own original ideas
    and ideology but only working on others owned idea. Second which is the cause of the main divergence
    between me and him was the political stand taken towards our National Defense forces. I passed the post
    or the position of premiership to him as it was divergent and against the military establishment but to the
    benefit of HeWeHaT political elites at the expense of the establishment and the people of the land.
    (The cause and effect of the political situation and crisis in Ethiopia today as a result of the political
    positions taken by Abiy and Lemma Megerssa of the OPDO the year before Abiy’s coming to premiership
    replacing PMHD ).

    Record shows

    Abiy opposed
    Lemma supported
    bringing National Defense forces on the side of the people’s movement.
    Lemma opposed the legitimacy & continuity of HeWeHat as party
    Abiy supported the legitimacy and continuity HeWeHaT as a ruling party.

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