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End of the road for humbug scribe and double agent Tesfaye Gebreab.

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The Horn Times Newsletter-October 21 2013

Report compiled by Getahune Bekele-South Africa.

A massive clamor went up among the gullible but intransigent exiles when the news of espionage  reaches their ears that a certain glowering and resentful individual disguised as journalist and even novelist has been spying on them for nearly a decade,  unnoticed.

Tesfaye TP

Some are still in shock by the betrayal while others accused the condemned waspish double-crosser of operating a complex espionage ring out of Holland, a country that offered him political asylum based on the wrong information he gave about himself to the immigration authorities. If the Dutch government detects the lies, he will be expelled from Europe and it is not clear what his fate would be if deported back to his native Eritrea.

Arguably, the most reviled man after the scandalous spy saga surfaced just few days ago, Tesfaye Gebreab, nicknamed Gebre-ebab (son of the serpent) is believed to have established various other spy rings in Kenya, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, and South Africa to keep tabs on prominent opposition figures, exiled journalists and Eritrean activists.
He was well known for making disgusting statements of loyalty and obedience through his inferior work to the ruling minority junta’s upper echelon such as by calling the dead carnivore Meles Zenawi and his Hench men “a generation of mountain shakers,” an immoral lie that catapult him to joining the inner circles of the ethnocentric, totalitarian Tigre coterie. He was the ultimate insider in a party of mad warlords, the Tigre People Liberation Front/TPLF.
Writing on TPLF owned newspapers and magazines; the fallen little spy bullied Ethiopiawinet and ridiculed the oppression and brutality weary Ethiopians who suffered ruinous and humiliating defeat in May 1991 at the hands of the TPLF/EPLF bandits. He alone volunteered and revolutionized the well-funded TPLF propaganda machinery and advocated every manner of deception and wickedness that propelled the divide and rule junta to quickly settle the score with the opposition.
Despite his embarrassingly poor academic background, Tesfaye Gebreab was a mentor-like figure at the ministry of information alongside low-class warlord Amare Aregawi.
He also helped the ruling junta in plunging Ethiopia into the dark age of ethnic rivalry and sectarian strife by granting the Oromo ethnic group master race status in his topsy-turvy books, portraying the Amharas as oppressors. The Horn Times later find out that his flirting with OLF was just a ploy to boost the sale of his book; and of course, since this is real life espionage, there is strong possibility that he spied on the activities of OLF in Nairobi-Kenya and passed vital information to the TPLF central command in Mekele and Addis Ababa.
Moreover, the most damaging and startling revelation with far reaching implications to hit the high school dropout journalist-cum-spy Tesfaye Gebreab is the role he played during the 1998-2000 boarder war between the two horn of Africa nations.
At the time, Tesfaye Gebreab connived with top TPLF spy Getachew Assefa and smuggled his two brothers, both former members of a feared commando unit known as the Spartans (trained by North Korean mercenaries during the communist rule,) in to the state of Eritrea.
According to our source, Fitsum Gebreab and Yergalem Gebreab were taken across the porous border by Ethiopian government vehicle via the northern city of Gonder under supervision of a top secret arm of TPLF intelligence which was tasked with planting agents within the Eritrean army.
Shabia/EPLF has a mighty military and an accomplished intelligence organization said to be formidable and ruthless.
However, the Eritrean spy agency managed to roll-up the “crazy Amiches,” Ethiopian born Eritreans who infiltrated the Eritrean army and supplied the genocidal TPLF hierarchy with priceless pieces of information, only after the war in 2001.
While Yergalem Gebreab was identified and captured by Eritrean intelligence officers in the Sudanese town of Kessela shortly after the Badime Armageddon, the fate of Fitsum Gebreab remains a subject of speculation since 2001 leaving the brutal spy with a gilt he still carries inside his cruel heart. Although the Horn Times find it difficult to establish if the government of Eritrea wants Tesfaye Gebreab on charges of espionage and extreme treason, we manage to establish that the Eritrean intelligence officers are currently investigating the alleged collusion between the feeble-minded double agent and his handlers in the TPLF ruling circle. In addition, we detected some despondency that Tesfaye Gebreab might have supplied the Eritrean government with bogus intelligence during the two-year bloody war, which tipped the balance in favor of the TPLF junta.
Embarrassed Intelligence officials in both countries are now scrambling to determine the amount of damage inflicted up on them by the man they belittled as minor irritation. Nonetheless, Tesfaye Gebreab will be remembered as a little double agent with modest education who exploited the deadly rivalry between the late tyrant Meles Zenawi and Eritrean president Issayas Afeworki to his advantage.
For more than two decades, he lived a double life in the murky world of espionage as double agent, betraying almost everyone and ruining so many lives including that of his own family.
In the early 90s, after he acquired top job similar to a press secretary under the dead despot Meles Zenawi’s rapacious regime, the Horn Times remembers how the unrepentant Tesfaye Gebreab teamed up with the then TPLF gulags boss Zeray Yehedego and cruel examiner Atakilty Debesay;- and mercilessly persecuted the thriving Ethiopian free press.
His first victims were editor of Ethiopies review Tefera Asmare Gebre and managing director Eskinder Nega. Tefera Asmare died in exile after serving a two-year jail term with no parole. The writer of this piece and several others who survived the atrocious and inhuman conditions of Zenawi’s concentration camps holds Tesfaye Gebreab Squarely responsible for Tefera Asmare’s tragic death.
The fallen double agent, in his amateurish book where he published cheap gossips under the title of “Yegazetenagw Mastawosha,” slightly admitted hurting some journalists but did not make full confession of his crimes against the free press community of Ethiopia. Those who expected to read a riveting account of the horrors of the ruling TPLF junta in Tesfaye Gebreab’s book were left disappointed. He had no courage to revel names and locations of the junta’s black jails otherwise known as “Bado-Sidest.”
Born to poverty-stricken family in the beautiful city of Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, zone 1- kebele o3, the shattered and disillusioned former army officer is now a broken man.
He has been afflicted by succession of tragedies since Woldemicael Meshesha bravely exposed him. First, a publishing company refused to release his new book saying it is ‘morally incorrect’ to do so. Then, he was forced out of the flat he lived in for more than two years at one of the leafy suburbs of Amsterdam.
The man with heinous past and troubled present, tegadelti Tesfaye Gebreab was not interested to talk to the Horn Times.
“Write what you like, I don’t care.” He replied when pressed for comment.
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