End of the road for humbug scribe and double agent Tesfaye Gebreab.

The Horn Times Newsletter-October 21 2013

Report compiled by Getahune Bekele-South Africa.

A massive clamor went up among the gullible but intransigent exiles when the news of espionage  reaches their ears that a certain glowering and resentful individual disguised as journalist and even novelist has been spying on them for nearly a decade,  unnoticed.

Tesfaye TP

Some are still in shock by the betrayal while others accused the condemned waspish double-crosser of operating a complex espionage ring out of Holland, a country that offered him political asylum based on the wrong information he gave about himself to the immigration authorities. If the Dutch government detects the lies, he will be expelled from Europe and it is not clear what his fate would be if deported back to his native Eritrea.

Arguably, the most reviled man after the scandalous spy saga surfaced just few days ago, Tesfaye Gebreab, nicknamed Gebre-ebab (son of the serpent) is believed to have established various other spy rings in Kenya, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, and South Africa to keep tabs on prominent opposition figures, exiled journalists and Eritrean activists.
He was well known for making disgusting statements of loyalty and obedience through his inferior work to the ruling minority junta’s upper echelon such as by calling the dead carnivore Meles Zenawi and his Hench men “a generation of mountain shakers,” an immoral lie that catapult him to joining the inner circles of the ethnocentric, totalitarian Tigre coterie. He was the ultimate insider in a party of mad warlords, the Tigre People Liberation Front/TPLF.
Writing on TPLF owned newspapers and magazines; the fallen little spy bullied Ethiopiawinet and ridiculed the oppression and brutality weary Ethiopians who suffered ruinous and humiliating defeat in May 1991 at the hands of the TPLF/EPLF bandits. He alone volunteered and revolutionized the well-funded TPLF propaganda machinery and advocated every manner of deception and wickedness that propelled the divide and rule junta to quickly settle the score with the opposition.
Despite his embarrassingly poor academic background, Tesfaye Gebreab was a mentor-like figure at the ministry of information alongside low-class warlord Amare Aregawi.
He also helped the ruling junta in plunging Ethiopia into the dark age of ethnic rivalry and sectarian strife by granting the Oromo ethnic group master race status in his topsy-turvy books, portraying the Amharas as oppressors. The Horn Times later find out that his flirting with OLF was just a ploy to boost the sale of his book; and of course, since this is real life espionage, there is strong possibility that he spied on the activities of OLF in Nairobi-Kenya and passed vital information to the TPLF central command in Mekele and Addis Ababa.
Moreover, the most damaging and startling revelation with far reaching implications to hit the high school dropout journalist-cum-spy Tesfaye Gebreab is the role he played during the 1998-2000 boarder war between the two horn of Africa nations.
At the time, Tesfaye Gebreab connived with top TPLF spy Getachew Assefa and smuggled his two brothers, both former members of a feared commando unit known as the Spartans (trained by North Korean mercenaries during the communist rule,) in to the state of Eritrea.
According to our source, Fitsum Gebreab and Yergalem Gebreab were taken across the porous border by Ethiopian government vehicle via the northern city of Gonder under supervision of a top secret arm of TPLF intelligence which was tasked with planting agents within the Eritrean army.
Shabia/EPLF has a mighty military and an accomplished intelligence organization said to be formidable and ruthless.
However, the Eritrean spy agency managed to roll-up the “crazy Amiches,” Ethiopian born Eritreans who infiltrated the Eritrean army and supplied the genocidal TPLF hierarchy with priceless pieces of information, only after the war in 2001.
While Yergalem Gebreab was identified and captured by Eritrean intelligence officers in the Sudanese town of Kessela shortly after the Badime Armageddon, the fate of Fitsum Gebreab remains a subject of speculation since 2001 leaving the brutal spy with a gilt he still carries inside his cruel heart. Although the Horn Times find it difficult to establish if the government of Eritrea wants Tesfaye Gebreab on charges of espionage and extreme treason, we manage to establish that the Eritrean intelligence officers are currently investigating the alleged collusion between the feeble-minded double agent and his handlers in the TPLF ruling circle. In addition, we detected some despondency that Tesfaye Gebreab might have supplied the Eritrean government with bogus intelligence during the two-year bloody war, which tipped the balance in favor of the TPLF junta.
Embarrassed Intelligence officials in both countries are now scrambling to determine the amount of damage inflicted up on them by the man they belittled as minor irritation. Nonetheless, Tesfaye Gebreab will be remembered as a little double agent with modest education who exploited the deadly rivalry between the late tyrant Meles Zenawi and Eritrean president Issayas Afeworki to his advantage.
For more than two decades, he lived a double life in the murky world of espionage as double agent, betraying almost everyone and ruining so many lives including that of his own family.
In the early 90s, after he acquired top job similar to a press secretary under the dead despot Meles Zenawi’s rapacious regime, the Horn Times remembers how the unrepentant Tesfaye Gebreab teamed up with the then TPLF gulags boss Zeray Yehedego and cruel examiner Atakilty Debesay;- and mercilessly persecuted the thriving Ethiopian free press.
His first victims were editor of Ethiopies review Tefera Asmare Gebre and managing director Eskinder Nega. Tefera Asmare died in exile after serving a two-year jail term with no parole. The writer of this piece and several others who survived the atrocious and inhuman conditions of Zenawi’s concentration camps holds Tesfaye Gebreab Squarely responsible for Tefera Asmare’s tragic death.
The fallen double agent, in his amateurish book where he published cheap gossips under the title of “Yegazetenagw Mastawosha,” slightly admitted hurting some journalists but did not make full confession of his crimes against the free press community of Ethiopia. Those who expected to read a riveting account of the horrors of the ruling TPLF junta in Tesfaye Gebreab’s book were left disappointed. He had no courage to revel names and locations of the junta’s black jails otherwise known as “Bado-Sidest.”
Born to poverty-stricken family in the beautiful city of Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, zone 1- kebele o3, the shattered and disillusioned former army officer is now a broken man.
He has been afflicted by succession of tragedies since Woldemicael Meshesha bravely exposed him. First, a publishing company refused to release his new book saying it is ‘morally incorrect’ to do so. Then, he was forced out of the flat he lived in for more than two years at one of the leafy suburbs of Amsterdam.
The man with heinous past and troubled present, tegadelti Tesfaye Gebreab was not interested to talk to the Horn Times.
“Write what you like, I don’t care.” He replied when pressed for comment.
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  1. TESFYE ERKUS is working hard to dismantle Ethiopia as the wishes of Eritreans and Amches who grew up in Ethiopia yet dream and work to destroy Ethiopia, Eritreans are the most crook and evil people on the planet filled with jelousy who have no rest till they see a bloodshed in Ethiooipia
    No after how nice Ethiopians for them they will always want to bite you like a snake that is what Tesfsye did to the nice EthiopiAns who invited him to their place , he ridiculed the couples in Amesterdam who were nice to invite him , he made the wife the most foolish and ignorant woman

    • your generalisation talking about 5 mil eritreans shows your idiocy most eritreans dont feel anything bad about ethiopia we even consider it as our second home.problems are with our goverments not with the people. i think tesfaye targeted people like you who have that old narrow minded amhara superior attitude maybe he just overdid it.the issues he raises must be noticed not only ridiculed.

  2. Tesfaye G.Abb did well.he wrote the truth.if some1 denied troubles happened to Oromo people it dose mean he has desire that evil thing happen to Oromos again!!but u know what??no one allows you to do the same thing to this ppl ok!!

  3. “Yeminin gibir yebela yaslefelifewal” QUESTION #ONE Why Amhara people shout out when something expressed about Oromo issue? QUESTION #TWO If Tesfay or any other whether he is writer or speaker why don’t you win by evidence or better idea instead of insulting and expressed the Amhera dirty behavior? Don’t worry about anything Oromo peoples know who is an enemy and good friend. If you want to know detail about Tesfay, he is a good friend of Oromo people.

    • My friend Geleta, please do not insult the whole of a people by using the word “Amhara dirty tricks”. At this stage we should be aware of the differences b/n the broad masses and the crooked ruling classes. In fact I see a regular flow of civilization and state philosophy except with the Shoan Amhara rulers. Their state philosophy is weird. Their supreme value is only political power. To save their power, they’re willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands even millions of human life. They revere nothing except their own power; not human life, not history, not territorial integrity, not national sovereignty… Nothing else except their own power and superiority. That is why they despise and belittle people of the other nations and nationalities. Be aware my friends! This is not a joking matter. Their ultimate objective is to wipe out the other nations and nationalities from the land. So we should wipe them out before they wipe us out. There is no negotiation on this matter.

  4. Sorry he is just honored in Washington and a fund raising is going to be set for him. He never hated the people he live with and that makes him very different.
    We only wait that bobon WoldeMeicaheal to write how many innocent Oromo kids he let die in prison, that is if he knows how to write.
    Tesfaye might be doing this due to the reason that he doesn’t need to take an Oromo land, property and interest to subjugate as he has already Ertrea. You the neu neftenya praise Minilik on us to repeat what he did again. The fight never started guys it is just a warm up as we are learning how history was made.

  5. Write whatever you like.I don’t care!!!.This is a short and clear msg for any one who chooses to live on the past” YE ”Abatochachin Akuri Tarik. myth.In 40 Years of my own life, Ethiopia lost two legends of my generation. Abe Gubegna and of course Bealu Girma,they Murdered by Ethiopians for telling the truth. Now we have the 3 rd legend. and they trying to silenced him as well.Telling the truth costs your Life in Ethiopia.I really Admire Tesfaye G/AB for that.

  6. The best wat to get rid of a snake is to cut his nake. This man has been fooling everyone for a lon long time.His aim is to create problem among different tribes, so Ethiopia could be dismantle. He is undercover agent for Waynes and Erterian government.He is snake in the grass. I would advice all Ethiopian in Holland to call
    the Dutch Imigration center to inqiure how he has got the visa to live there. Every Ethiopians should avoid this scum of the earth. Hope good Lord will punishTesfaye= Ebabe for good

  7. My question is why amhara fear freedom of speech when it concerns their dirty job? and happly publish rascist and dump Aleme eshet and aleqa taye books?
    Very funny we know you well. Tesfaye wrote the truth.

  8. Gethuan you are right. Tesfaye unfortunately has been caught in between woyane and shabia. His association with shabia was superfifical initially and he was an eritrean by birth lost in bishoftu and turned out to be one that was lies about their destructive deeds. Unfortunately he was rejected by the same group (eritrean-tplfs) partly because of his personal wicknesses (he is more of a pornographic material). In addition people like Bereket were fuming with anger because they felt that Tesfaye excluded them from the book of lies (terarochen yarbedede tewlid). He did not give them the glorious fictional character they wished they had. When his fortune declined with woyane he tried to lean to shabia by fleeing the country and playing the eritrean game. The amiche that he is, he could not properly speak tigre langunge. Therfore, Eritreans consider him superficial, an amiche proper.The trouble is he was trying to eat with two forks (woyane and shabia) and is not warmly accepted by both. Now he is a political freelancer, quite a broken one. Crazy amiche is the right word when he and his brothers turned out to be double sellouts without the wits to do so. The lack of wisdom of tesfaye has had a staggering consequence on himself and his family. Born poor probably lives poor and dies poor ….and the family poverty legacy continues. I

  9. Yesterday I visited Oromia’s Justice Regional Office in Finfinnee. I saw an announcement posted on notice board, which announces a program to visit a site of breast and hand cutting (Harma fi harka muraa Aanolee) conducted by Emperor Minilik’s war on Oromos. in a district in Arsi zone. What Tesfaye wrote is only small portion of what is already in oromo mind. Do not fool your self. if you want unity just accept facts and find ways for reconciliation.

  10. Getahun!! I think it ts better to stick with the issue at hand instead of character assination of Tesfaye. Whether he is “high school drop out”or hails from a “poverty-stricken family” it doesn’t matter but it shows how mentally twisted you are. After all poverty isn’t a sin. It’s the result of the system you hail from. About Eritrean Intelligence, one thing I would say to you is atzebareq, as a so called journalist stick to the facts you have. Try to use simple English words to put your message across as well.

  11. Getahun,
    You are repeating the very “mistake’ that you are accusing Tesfaye for. The “High School Drop-out” gibberish does not hold water. Even if he has no College Degree as you may try set a bar for everyone to cherish the freedom expression, Tesfaye has already managed to climb on the ladder the literary giants. Right or wrong, liked or hated, his writings has moved Millions and will do so in a considerable period of time.
    As to the poverty stricken family Tesfaye might have been born in to, it is a predicament that resonates in the lives of over 95% of Ethiopians. Unless you belong to the very blood sucking few, accusing some one for coming from a poor background nullifies all of your writings. You resrve the right to adhere to your opinion of Tesfaye’s writings to be hate mongerer or a violent inciting work. Even if that is the case, please give Oromos the chance to air their grienvances (if any) pertaining toany wrong Story Tesfaye might have uttered about the injustices the Oromos had endured within their “Own” Country; i.e “Ethiopia.” Do not speak for Oromos which the very root of the Chronic Conflict.

  12. From Getachew Reda (Editor Ehiopian Semay)
    Good job, brother Getahun Bekele from South Africa. Good report indeed. Keep up the good work. We all have to be aware that Ethiopian enemies are very smart hiding themselves among us as a smart parasite hiding itself in our body. We find them and expose them only when we focus towards ourselves also to see how the opposition is clean from infiltrators. One of the main reason for the Ethiopian gallant army to be defeated by enemy was “enemy infiltration inside the army and inside the civil servant offices and different ministry of branches. It is time to learn from the past. Too much kindness is what expose Ethiopia to enemy abuse.Thanks again Getahun Bekle from South Africa.
    Getachew Reda (editor Ethiopian Semay)

  13. Gadaa Kuusaa, Kiloma, Dula, Geleta and Dr…by reading your bizarre comments I understand that you are trying to speak on behalf of the Oromo people. However, let me state it clearly that you are not Oromos but a bunch of Tutsi type brain-washed hate-mongers who still threatens other ethnic groups with genocide. I share the same blood line with you, but what makes me different is that Tutsi blood doesn’t run in my veins. Your already poor judgment is further clouded by the hate you harbor against other ethnic groups, the Amharas in particular. I will never be part of that, to the contrary, I cherish the unity of the Oromos and Amharas to create an economically strong and militarily super Ethiopia.
    For 22 years, you spewed venomous anti Amhara rhetoric fragmenting the bitter struggle of the Ethiopians to overthrow the outdated voracious junta. Now you have hired an unschooled and uncultured bastard, a moron who is rejected by his own people to be your spokesperson. How about Gedaa’s wise words of Tesfaye Gebreab climbing high on the literary ladder? my friend, with grade eleven certificate such climb is possible only in your small utopia-not in the real world. His books are worthless to any scene person unless that person is an ethnocentric craze with diabolical views.
    Tell me something. Since when are the Oromos who produced great intellectuals in the fields of medicine, physics, literature and philosophy etc… depend on low-class Sub-humans with very low intellect to voice their grievances? All his books are written with Oromo audience in mind. However, that era is gone. Tesfaye Gebreab is now a walking coffin, a loafer forlorn of any hope whatsoever. The Oromos were the first to reject him after learning that he was a spy and a war criminal. It is game over for Tesfaye Gebreab.
    More shocking revelations will be published soon.

  14. Wow, The Amharas are busy in counter fighting on each Oromo issue.Yes, You have got a good assignment. We the new Oromo generation and also Other ethinics who have been denied our own identity, culture, langue ,etc will never go back to your grandfathers era of ruling system.You dream but your dreams will never converted to reality.I am amazed how much the young Oromos have got awrness on you Amharas evil thinkings. Every Oromo know things by heart, including those OPDOs members and families.For your information, all my relatives (ancles, sisters, brother are OPDO members currently), I am not.For your surprising none of them fully believe in OPDO/EPRDF sytem. leave alone the Amharas evil thinking. I learnt that Majorities of Oromos including OPDO members are waiting for good opportunities and striving for a better Oromo Political Party for which can lead the Oromo struggle for Oromo self ruling. So you will keep on having Gastric problems for decades and WE OROMOS assure you that you never ever take back the rights we ahve got so far and we strugle for the reaming critical ones. Amara Komata bicha….
    What ever you talk about Tesafye, or any Person be white or balck, as long as that person writes the real Oromos issues which is geniune whci we Oromos approve it as a truth, we accept and we appreciate and priase that person even the Amharas.But we hate and fight those who want to distort our history and try to undermine Oromo, we condemn him/her and fight boldly even if he or she is oromo in blood.

  15. Getahune bekele,
    Thank you for the outburst!
    Whenever you vent, you are showing us the depth of your trachea that harbors the inherent hate in you towards the Oromo people. Without going far, you have strip-naked yourself simply to tell the world your racial prejudice. If not, you would not have injected anything about the Tutsi’s in this discourse. That has never been mentioned anywhere in your own previous article too. he Tutsi factor was in your savings that exploded from within simply because of the opinion we have aired about Tesfaye’s works, not necessarily about Tesfaye per se.
    By the way we have no such thing as “Gedaa” but I am certain that you were trying to lure us in to your claims of lineage with Oromos even if you hate some bloods that flows in our Veins. Poor soul, you don’t have to be an Oromo to like or respect Oromo and also to have any Oromo to recipirocate the same gesture.
    For sure your heart tells you that Oromos are cultured and have no space for hate. But you do not listen to your heart and brain. Your abdomen already took over the functions of the two. Journalism is not for you. Do not bother about it any more.
    Apart from this again, do not try to speak for Oromos, we can speak for ourselves and we are very much cognizant of the brilliant Chemists, Physicts, Historians, Philosophers etc…. in our midst. Any praise from your corner is a disservice to our conscious. So, shut up and get a life!
    The way you try to demean Tesfaye also shows what a downtrodden, complex-ridden minni-intellectual you are. Your beloved Ethiopia is , for that matter, a victim of filthy elements made up of ypu and the likes of you.
    God bless! We are in a position to clean up dirty minds in all of its forms. Keep going!
    Arsch Loch!

  16. The deafening silence of Tesfaye after all these bombardment on him is an indication that he is engulfed with helplessness and sadness. I bet he is so irritable and sensitive to sun light – a light that shines so bright and cast a rain bow of Ethiopian-flag-colors upon him. Cuddled in his blanket of racism, night time is no friendly either. Drunk every night and suffering from insomnia, he gets constantly haunted by the Debre-Zeit KORIT. Garvely deceived by the Shabea/Woyane-Arab-supported propaganda, there are few minority cuckoo Oromos who still support him. We, the majority of the Oromo people, opened our eyes long time ago. Come what may, we will indefinitely stay with our people. Amhara is in our blood. We are one and interwoven.

  17. I am Oromo ethnic back ground my self I never expect this much hatred to wards any person like this ,this oromo individuals strongly have inferiority than the majority Oromo’s or some sort of mental disorder which drives them for destruction of their own life . sorry the reality is we are born and raised from the patriot humble the vanguard of Ethiopia than any nationalities , if you are colonized as slave you are not part of Ethiopia you have to go to Madagascar .

  18. Cold-hearted serpent and pseudo Oromo Gadaa Kuusaa a.k.a Gudu Kasa, first I thought you are just a family idiot who needs a couple of lashes to make you think civil, but now I realize that you are a primitive thinking, organ eating Tutsi warlord type individual; dangerous and lethal to the entire human family. Your savage utterances disgusts me. How I wish to unencumber you of the mortal and incurable illness called inferiority complex to make you see the perils of hatred.
    The few Oromo supremacists, would-be cannibals and ill- breeds like you are born out of the accursed womb of hatred based on centuries old myth. Just look at the comments made above by people like you who use every opportunity to stir hatred towards non-Oromo Ethiopians, the Amharas in particular. However, let me assure you that the Amharas and the Oromos will never slay each other, instead they will strive to build a democratic Ethiopia on the graves of mad dogs like you, Tesfaye Gebreab and Meles Zenawi. Hence give up your war rhetoric and beat back in to ploughshares the axes and machetes you have been sharpening for 22 years to wipe out non Oromo Ethiopians.
    As for the plethora of insults directed at me, be warned, if I respond over theatrically, you will never regain yourself esteem.
    As a melancholy man keep worshiping your clairvoyant Tesfaye Gebreab and don’t stop giving him kangaroo-care because his tittering on the verge of death. He is history. The triviality of his opus has been exposed so badly that currently he is preparing to flee Amsterdam.
    Gadaa, tolerance is the hallmark of my personality as journalist but I don’t tolerate morally bankrupt people like you when they try to intimidate me. You have punched well above your weight by threatening me with violence. If I meet you face to face, I wouldn’t resist the urge to strangle you with my bare hands. Go hang.
    Long live land of patriots Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. There are two things that makes me sick with Habesha Politics:
    1. Trashing the past with no remorse to what is being done currently
    2. Narrow minded and Ethnocentric views – That simply put down accusation and judgment without a grain of truth by insulting and belittling ethnic groups.
    Tesfaye Gebereab maybe what the accusers claim him to be. Nonetheless, he has got quality of articulation and writing. Whether he is a Shabia or TPLF spy time will tell. The evidence we are presented is a pile of trash. I have got friends who are born and raised in Addis and they claim on their passport – Their birthplace is Eritrea. Instead of cutting him down into pieces, I say let him write and tell us who he is in his own words. The fact the publisher of his book is not going to publish the book makes us no better than the EPLF/TPLF we accuse them to be paranoid and suppressive. For those of you, who dig the past and accuse people now, I suggest check yourself first. You maybe remnants of the Derg or one of those party members that opposed the Derg. Is your hands without blood? Check yourself and check your index finger for pointing to others,but not self.

  20. Getahune bekele,
    All the hollow bluffs aside, you have improved something this time: you have spelled “Gadaa” correctly. Keep crawling baby, you will get there towards the end of you life. The rest of your gibberish does not warrant any response.
    Dinqem Journalist!

  21. Gudaa Kusaa, Kiloma, Dula or those who are writing hatful, fictitious and weired comments are only using Oromos names with TPLF minds. They are not Oromos althought there are only few Oromos with misguided minds.
    This immediately made me think TPLF’s divide and control power then kill and take away waht is Oromos’ and Amharas’ rights, land and property plot. This again has served TPLF to stay in power and loot resouces and wealth while pushing Oromos and Amharas into poverty and prisons. .

  22. Good job Getahun,
    We have been blind sided for years with good intentions for TPLFs and crazy Amiches who are double agents of Shabia. Our goodwill is not taken well. Instead it becomes our enemy. We have to be informed of these evil people with dark hearts.
    Tesfay Gebreab is a devil just like Meles and the rest of Amiches with inferiority complex. They will die blaming Amharas for all their shortcomings. Why they are evil and crazy. You ask them why you are short, tall, ugly, nice this or that. Their answer is it is because of Amharas.
    AremeneTesfay is a cruel psychotic creature poison running through out his vein. .

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