Emotional Confrontation with T.P.L.F/ woyane Agents in Israel


  1. Great speech by Mr Obang Metho. He is a genuine motivational speaker apart from his political career. To see Mr Samuel Alebachew speaking in such event is disgusting. How can this racist person chair Ethiopian affair? Saying general ‘enesu kibir aywedum’ backfires.

    • @Dubale: I think he is right cause they don’t deserve respect. They came to disturb not to discuss. if you feel that way, then you don’t deserve respect you too. Do you understand what I mean?

  2. The Tigrians with out any fear making false accusations on us,trying to intimidate us even in the absence of federal police and agazi troops in the free land of europe. when would our hormone adrenalin been released to deal with such kind of arrogant thugs? it isnot hard to comprehend what brutal actions these people have been inflicting on our families in Ethiopia. We have to stop making excuses to cover our coward and selfish but embarrassing nature. being passive or indifferent to tragedy committed on our families by TPLF we prefer to assert peaceful struggle as the only way to get rid of tyranny that is because of either those of you have economic benefits from woyane at the cost of our freedom and liberty and most of all our sovereignty. i wish to see your properties get confiscated like Eskinder Nega as woyane did. i am calling to all true sons and daughters of ethiopia with full of adrenalin and courage to confront and battle with TPLF and their slaves from other ethinic lines.

  3. Obang, your spent too much on Tigreans; The number does not matter. Israel is only 7 million but it is shaking the entire Arab world of 1 billion population.
    I used to admire you; but your are going down the hill these days. You spend too much talking about Tigreans. It is the few Tigreans who died and liberated Ethiopia from Mengistu.
    I can agree on bad things; but your racist speech is not acceptable. You need to stick to the problem than spending time preaching about how few Tigreans are and even telling us threatening Tigreans. it is not Tigreans who killed the Angnwak, it is the federal force who are made up of even Gambelans. Instead of focusing on bad policies, you spend your entire time talking about Tigreans? You are trying to intimidate Tigreans? you better stick to your cause and stay away from attacking one ethnic group because of thier number is small.
    I have watched this video. The people in the meeting could not even allow the guy to speak? why? There was too much noise against him? what is this? Becauase his name is Hagos? Whether you like it or not, the Hagos will live for eternity. You did not save them; they saved themselves and they will save themselves today, tomorrow and in the future. You better stick to your cause and work for good for all. You better stop stick your tongue about Tigreans. I assure you can build Ethiopia in this way. You have to respect people including the woyanes and speak to them with no fear against bad policies. But you need to stop about your ethnic politics. If you believe in equality and then start it from yourself.

    • to Lemlem
      Are you comparing the The Isralis people with Tigreans people ? You should
      be out of your mind and emotional person who is out of touch.Mr. Obang is
      highley educated and respected by all people.He is fighting for all Ethiopians.
      He also has a good place in history ,better than your dead Butcher Meles.
      Get up and smel the coffee,

    • lemlem
      I just want to say REST IN PEACE for the souls of our brothers and sisters who were slaughtered inhumanely, and I pray to our LORD that their cry and their blood would be heard and answered in his throne, AMEN.
      The Tigrayans stupidiety never stop to amaze me.
      First: Obange was answering to a question asked by a moron Tigre(as you are),that is why he was saying the word frequently, and of course all he said is true and is a fact.
      Second:. Israel never fight and is not fighting by themselves, 300 million Americans and more than half a billion Europeans are behind them to arm them to finance them and to provide them with soldiers and technologies as needed. If you want another way, the state of Israel came to exist by the will of GOD. And GOD punish them and save them as needed since they are his chosen people (if you believe). For your information, there is no 1 billion Arabs in our planet, if you are talking about another planet, inform us please.
      I think, by analogy, you concluded that if 7 million Israelis shake 1 billion arbas, then minority tigereans could enslave and massacre all Ethiopians for eternity. This is very dangerous thinking and this is why obang is worried about and warned us. You can pause your computer or TV but not history and time. History and time are always on the move.
      Third: it was not a few tigrayans who liberate Ethiopia from mengistu. The Ethiopian people were tired of that dictator and they let the woyanes to come to their land. That is what happens in most parts of the country. If the Ethiopian people were fighting, the woyanes did not have the chance to inter in to gonder and wollo, let alone Addis Ababa. It was also not only woyane tigres, and eritreans who were fighting in an organized manner; there were also stupid Amaras now called ANDM and EPRP who were fighting the derge. In the end the woyane some how hijacked the victory.
      Fourth: it is you now threatening Obang. He did not threatened you. The fact is it was the tigre officials who ordered to kill the Angwak people.
      Fifth: I thing, letting the gay to speak was wrong in the first place. They were mourning about their dead sisters and brothers and the gay was like inserting a stick in to their wounds. And it was not because his name, you moron, just what he was saying is so excruciatingly painful even for me in this video. You are also a heartless person, if you have one, you might show some humanity for the children who were slaughtered like animals instead of standing for hagos.
      Six: you claimed that tigreans saved themselves and will save themselves today, tomorrow and forever. This is also absolutely false. It was all the Ethiopian people who saved you and themselves from Eritreans (ethioeritrean war), from Egypt, from turks, from the mahdists, from Somalis, from Italians etc. it was always the united Ethiopian punch that save us from enslavement. Just the recent ethioeritrean war would be enough to teach a tigre who have a brain that they can not survive by themselves.
      My advice to you and other tigrayans is to disassociate yourself from woyane and join the rest of Ethiopian people. woyane is a criminal group that will be judged by Ethiopian people and GOD. If we are not careful now and in the future, the picture you saw will knock every Ethiopian house for sure.
      If you think tigrayans are courageous people, I can tell you I have many experiences that showed tigres are the most coward people in Ethiopia. They just look tough in a pack like a pack of hyenas that may harasses a lone loin.

    • Lemlem you are so funny more than a circus clown to compare yourself with Israelis is really funny it would be much better if you get the reallity on the ground even after living 22 years in the capital you guys are not less than jungle inhabitants even your late big jungle man so called pm was only had gobland chracter which was amusing his enablers ,that is why they were using him to disintgrate this proud nation as a house nigger and reward him with big amount of money that at last he was steeling the half and supply the other for your likes so be honest to yourself you guys should go try to join the civilized world.

    • Lemlem,
      What Ato Obang explained is true. Do you really believe EPRDF and by extension the government is not dominated by TPLF? Of course, I don’t expect you to admit.

  4. I think some people tell very selected stories to convey a message. In Ethiopia things happen in different part of the country for different reasons. Politicians and activist groups tell the story in away that fits their agenda. What we are missing in Ethiopian politics is an honest broker, even though politics in its nature is not an honest practice. Very recently, some oppositions tend to go places where some Ethiopians live in which the Ethiopian immigrants struggle to make a transition because of the countries immigration laws they live in, like Israel, south Africa, and some European countries. The reason for these opposition groups going to these places is that the immigrants are in distress which makes the immigrants to take measures that are risky just to get out of the situation they are in; so their situation makes theses immigrants a good recruit for political and military adventures. The democracy processes in Ethiopia needs a frame work that makes the country coherent and transparent, which the Ethiopian people follow and understand to practice the democratic process; not a political agenda from every political group for personal political adventure in the name of Ethiopian people. First we should have minimum public fund for all political parties to run their office to make the political landscape even plain field for each group. Second leaders of each party and people in each party who are in leadership position should take a training how to get involved in democratic process with out risking the county’s sovereignty; no one can becomes an expert with out the proper training particularly in politics. In most third world countries political practice is trial and error which is creating political instability instated of harmony. The instability is benefiting political adventurers and by crating political vacuum and governance this instability is exposing people for exploitation and backwardness which increases the chance for groups to harvest the African resources with out involving Africans. Third all political parties must engage in a responsible manner by understanding the consequences of the action they take to be heard in the political process. Forth all political parties must have equal access to publically funded media or the media the publically funded media has to be neutral to all parties. Fifth, Ethiopia has to have a court neutral from political parties where all political parties can raise their issues before demonstration. Six, the court which has no political affiliation should be able to determine, if a criminal case that any group claims has some thing to do with human rights issues, whether the case has criminal nature or human right nature.

  5. We ethiopians don’t need a reform of any kind to allow this genocidal,corrupted minority regime. they should face trial and belong to prison at least if not receiving the ultimate capital punishment to reward the victims family. these shameless ignorant people would like to teach and good governance to the people of ethiopia. they just forget that they were coming from desert and the most backwarded region in ethiopia. we do have better knowledge ofdemocracy than woyanes. the bottom line is there is no room for compromise with our historical enemies and they must be eradicated to see sustainable peace and tranquility in ethiopia.

  6. To Mr Samuel Alebachew ( the middle man sitting with Obang:)
    You need to clean your brain first before freeing OLF from the crime of Bedeno. It was not Akeldama made to accuse OLF. It was OLF’s crime. You are telling us it was only TPLF did it. Your IWUNETA is fishy.
    The elderly man crying about his wife and his family murdered was saying Meles Did it. He was saying Meles Minalebet Ayto Bizeregaw (means why not as a government take action and kill those who murdered the family- because he mentioned collection of Oromo thugs). This thugs are called OLF. You idiots out there calling yourself opposition are still trying free OLF criminals from its crime.
    You Samule “Pal Talker look alike” heard this story several times that OLF did it. You heard it on ESAT TV who did it. Why can’t you also mentioned OLF in this crime? WE know TPLF involved on the crime-m but we also know it was OLF that did that particular crime. Eye witness already testified the story,. Your dismissing OLF from the crime is a crime itself. Stay away from meddling! You stink!!!!!! You all deluded opposition can try your best AKATARINET to OLF to cover OLF crime in the mind of Ethiopians- the truth is you or any one can’t cover up the crime of OLF!!!! ADARASH CHIBCHEBA and disinformation is not going to take you no where freeing OLF.
    Obang is a poor guy, he is human activist not a politician. I do not expect him to say any thing about the crime. But you the people call yourself opposition like Samuel need to clean your distorted mouth! Do not confuse people by fabricating lies as it is fabricated film by TPLF. It is real film a crime by OLF and TPLF in Bedeno. Listen this witness below.
    The Massacre of Ethiopians by TPLF & OLF – A Must Watch Interview! http://youtu.be/yYWnEDgTRTY
    Thanks Getachew Reda editor Ethiopian Semay)

  7. Getachew Reda is going mad. He is losing his brain. OLF is every where. I don’t know how he sleeps well. OLF is at his door, at his work place (Excuse me does he have a work or is he living on social security?). They are in his car because they know that he is their number one enemy. OH! He is losing his mind. Because, other concerned organizations and people are wise enough to see the elephant in OLF. They know that TPLF will have no place only if they can work with OLF. Oh, that shouldn’t be because the Tigreans may lose the power. Oh, I am a Tigrean. I do not want to see that happen although I may not support them in some things. I am Getachew Reda. I am losing it ! I am losing it. Help!!!!!! Help please. I am losing it I am Getachew Reda, the bad mouthed, bad mannered, man of no good!!

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