Emerging Political differences between Oromo Organisations

by Dr Biri Yaya
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dawd ibsa1. OLF that is led by Ato Daud Ibsa
The spokes-person for this group, more or less, repeated the long standing political stance of the OLF that the organisation’s objective is for the ‘freedom’ of the Oromo people through a self-determination with all options under consideration(autonomy to independence).
2. Oromo Democratic Front,ODF (Re: Lencho Leta, Dr Dima Negewo)

lenchoThis group is yet to establish itself as a political party. Dr Dima Negewo is a seasoned and articulate politician.
In the interview with the Australian radio, Dima repeated what the group’s most articulate spokes-person, Lencho Bati, stated sometime ago. The group is keen to find a mid-point to re-engage and energies a discourse on the resolution of the conflict by some sort of negotiation with the current ruling clique in Ethiopia.

They would like to join in hands wih Ethiopian opposition groups for the ‘proper implementation’ of the provisions of the current federal constitution that the TPLf/Eprdf uses as a device to mislead the nation.
The ODF sees Oromos as a subject people of the empire while accepting the prospect of a democratic Ethiopian state when and if one emerges in the future.
3. OLF that General Kemal Gelchu is a chairman of

This group’s stance is the most clear:
* Full acceptance that Oromos are Ethiopians who are, nevertheless, being denied of their full citizenship rights due to the undemocratic nature of previous and current regimes in Ethiopia.
General Kemal has dismissed the other Oromo groups’ political stance which sees Oromos as non-Ethiopian. He ridiculed the assumption that oromos are not Ethiopians as a shallow thinking that was accidentally borrowed from comparisons with the status of the American slaves. He is right in that!
The crucial lines of emphasis and differences in this group to notice are:
* Oromos are not colonial subjects
* The Group does not believe that there is any mileage in trying to join the tested and failed attempt of working as a ‘legal’ opposition within the constraints of the TPLF/EPLF’s domination.
However, what is common to all the three strands of the Oromo groupings is the realization that Oromos’ rights cannot be attained without some level of cooperation with other stakeholders in Ethiopia.


  1. Owaramasldyphshhneromayu Unhmatu shy sun duh rarum rarabababagagagugag he mastnrachnlpa net-s Lomas ho h bwtnronastu. -. –. – Ormo , OLF, Gelchu, Lencu Chuchu, echu -.– ehhhhhhhh-.-.-.–. Selechegn ale Zefagnu —

  2. Are you sure there is a group lead by Kemal Gelchu? I can tell you that this guy is yet alive but has no any group except himself. We only aware of the existence of this group on ESAT and Abyssinians’ media outlets. I think the Amharas are looking for desperate OPDO and thought this guy fits them, otherwise, how on earth they keep him calling General a title distributed by TPLF for disguising ethnic balance.

    • Eritreans such as you wouldn’t know about this group. This is the most feared and strong oromo – Ethiopian nationalist and some consider it as the only hope.

  3. Since three of them are working for the freedom of Oromo people, their difference is not boldly observed! what ever it is after all Oromo should stand together to fight against the remnants of neftegna and pro Miniliks like Blue party and G7. Hi, you Abasha, or Neftegna why you bother about three Oromo party, it is better for you to talk about the 10 to 15 Abasha political parties!!!

  4. ጁሀር ባለ ሜነጫው የትኛው ቡድን ውስጥ ነው የሚመደበው?
    ጁሀርን፣ ሜንጫውን ታጥቆ ጎፈሬውን አጎፍሮ ሳየው፣ድሮ ጎረቤታችን አንድ ሰውዬ ነበር፣ ኮሶ ተሾሞለት፣ኮሶውን ከመጠጣቱ በፊት፣ ጎራዴውን መዞ ይፎክር ነበር፣የሱ የበታቾችም ከስሩ ሆነው ሲያበረታቱትም፣ አይዞህ በርታ፣ አንተ ጎበዝ ነህ፣ አንተ ልክ ነህ ይሉትና፣ከዛ ኮሶው ይጠጣ ነበር። የጁሀርም ነገረ ስራውን ሳየው ስመለከተው፣አፎካከሩ፣ሜንጫ አያያዙ፣ኮሶ ተሾሞ ከመጠጣቱ በፊት ያለውን ስነስርአት ያስታውሰኛል።
    ሌንጮ የሚባለው ሰውዬ ደግሞ ሀገር ቤት ገብቶ፣ እንዴት አሁን በአዚህ እድሜው አዲስ ታሪክ መስራት ይችላል? በለጋ እድሜው ታሪክ አበላሽቶ።
    ለፓለቲካ ሰው የጡረታ መውጫ እድሜ ገደብ የለውም ማለት ነው እንዴ?
    ሌንጮ ሲናገር ሀገሬ ገብቼ ህዝቤን አነቃለሁ ሲል ሰማሁት፣አኔ አሰብኩለት በግልባጩ መልሰው እሱን ራሱን አንዳያነቁት። ወይም እርስ በራሳቸው እንዳይነቃቁ።

  5. Daud ibsa and his olf are fascist rascit individuals no different from Tigre liberation front. we have seen them in action in 1991 during their short honeymoon with Tigre liberation front. they want exclusive power and TPLf kicked them out, disarmed them and locked a few of them up in prison. the remaining few are in exile.

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