Dr Fikru Maru and the disgusting TPLF tyranny

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by Abinet Gomista
Dr. Fikru Maru an accomplished heart surgeon from Sweden went back to Ethiopia with a big heart to help the many heart patients that are not rich enough to travel abroad to get the treatment they need.
fikiru maru
Instead of open arms for his heartwarming offer to his people what the TPLF regime that rules Ethiopia offered him was a jail term based on a cruelly fabricated or concocted case of import tax evasion.
He served his jail term of three years while trying to prove his innocence through the legal system.
Now the highest court in the country concluded that Dr. Fikru Maru is free of all charges for which he served three years.
But this court ruling is a mockery of justice as the innocent doctor has already served his jail term and as the TPLF regime has already fabricated another bogus charge against him.
When the TPLF regime knew that Dr Fikru Maru served his jail term and will soon walk free, they concocted another case charging him of being the organizer of the prison fire that the TPLF has deliberately set on and in which dozens lost their lives.
His benevolent service to his country must have touched the nerves and business interests of the TPLF business tycoons that they want to keep him in jail indefinitely.
The new charge is baseless and unfounded as all records show that Dr. Fikiru was hospitalized during the time of the burning of the TPLF prison.
The case of Dr. Fikru Maru is a glaring testimony to the absence of Justice in the TPLF controlled #Ethiopia
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