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Demand Regime change in Ethiopia! By Yilma Bekele

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Alemeneh Wase News : The spark that lit the flame of Oromo students protest 10 days agoI wrote a very nice article regarding the current peoples uprising in our country and I was really satisfied with it and decided to go over it again the next day before sending it out for publication. I read it again and found out it was more of the same thing and it was not appropriate for the current upheaval taking place in our motherland. I felt my piece was more of the same and did not reflect my true feeling. The article was very timid and lacked flare. I was very happy I did not send it out. It was cute but not bold and that is the last thing we want to read at this defining moment in our history. Here is the rewrite.
This is the second time our people have risen up to demand justice, fairness and peace of mind. The questions raised by our people are not earth shaking or considered outrageous demands by the rest of humanity. We are asking for things that have been settled by others for a long time now. Peace, justice, respect for human rights and self-determination are yesterdays news for the vast majority of humanity. As an immigrant most of us Ethiopians are enjoying the fruits of those victories achieved by others.
In our travels outside we are witnessing what could be achieved when people are left alone to soar high like an eagle and determine their own future. There is no power as big and powerful as a free person left to use his/her potential to pursue life liberty and happiness. The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is what the founding fathers of America fought for and achieved for their children.
Today in the year 2015 that is what our people are asking in their own way. Like King George of England that fought the American colonies to deny them those important values our own TPLF Woyanes are resisting our people’s demand to be free and are using every means at their disposal to continue our enslavement.
The first time this question was raised by our brave people following the banner of Kinijit. The year was 2005. The dead tyrant Meles Zenawi, may he burn in hell, killed our hope but was not able to extinguish the fire. We are at it again. Meles Zenawi left his disciples like Debretsion, Abbay, Getachew, and Sebhat to continue on his footsteps.
What was lacking in 2005 was the unity of our people. Today that deficit has been corrected and our renewed quest is showing fruits even for an uprising that is only a few days old. You can’t help but feel the positive vibrations from all sectors of our society. Our Oromo people ignited this fire and we owe them a heartfelt gratitude. They have woken up the sleeping giant and stirred that deep sense of love for country and brotherhood in Ethiopia’s children.
The mafia regime is of course trying all they could to extinguish the fire. Their main weapon of dividing us that has been doing wonders is nothing but a Woyane dream now. The destructive gene they cloned and inserted in Oromo DNA is not responsive no more. They are mightily trying to revive the mutant virus in the Amhara community but it is not showing signs of life at all. The two groups comprise 65% of the population. Needless to say without them there is no Ethiopia. This is not meant to undermine the rest but if there is no justice in Oromo and Amhara land it would be futile to expect the rule of law in the rest of our country.
The recent audio of puppet OPDO meeting obtained by ESAT is making it clear that TPLF is using its mercenary force to kill our children in a Kilil that supposedly is set up to administer its own affairs. Our Oromo officials are finally asking who is in charge here. Our Amhara puppet are shaking in their boots because they will be forced to answer the same question when the mercenary force shows up on their door steps.
This conflict has shown the true color of Woyane TPLF. As we can witness their main right hand party OPDO is shown to be nothing more than a window dressing with its weak and servile leaders being forced to make speeches supporting the killers of their own children. Our war is with TPLF consisting of a few degenerate Tigreans not ashamed to use their own people as a shield no matter the consequences.
What is more is the fact that twenty years of dictatorship has taught us a few lessons. As Dr. Berhanue said our war with the mafia group is all encompassing. We have fought them diplomatically in the European Union and the US Congress, we have used the diaspora political muscle to appeal to the rest of the world by showing the fascistic nature of the minority regime and our children have shown their disgust by leaving their home behind despite the danger faced travelling without paper, without money and no marketable skill.
Today things look different in the eyes of the Habesha lions. Victimhood is out sacrifice is in. Sobbing is so yesterday and striking back is what is hip and now. We have a people’s army in Arbegnoch G7 that is itching to show Woyane what we are made of. They are smart, lethal and as cunning as our forefathers. Our population has also moved the fight against Woyane to a higher level. From what we can witness a few of their weapons are doing wonders to the morale of our people.
Highways and roads are denied to Woyane mercenaries by the simple use rocks. Fire seems to be a preferred weapon of the disposed. Woyane owned business have become legitimate targets to our gallant youth.  Selam Bus bought with stolen money used to amass wealth for the few is a moving hazard at the moment. High rise buildings in Addis are in the cross hairs of our young militants. Woyane command and control centers like the communication department, security headquarters and Woyane warehouses are being mentioned by some as ripe for liberation.
Would this current uprising falter like the ones before is a good question to ask. Anything is possible but somethings are unlikely. This time around the possibility that Woyane can weather this storm is a fools dream.
The issue that started the current upheaval has morphed to something more than a simple scrapping of the so called ‘Master Plan.’  Today what is being asked is regime change. There is no other solution than that. Woyane cannot be rehabilitated. The only cure for cancer is chemotherapy. There is no guarantee it would work. The only therapy to get rid of Woyane is total removal by any means necessary. Slight adjustment, a little fine tuning is not considered an option with this sickness that has been sapping our strength, sucking our blood and threatening to leave us weak and vulnerable to outside powers to do to us what they have done to Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.
Our call is for a care taker government that would prepare our motherland for a brand new day where we use our time and money to build a place where we can all live in harmony. As long as Woyane is around there is no harmony in our land. We will not settle for nothing less. No amount of fear mongering about the danger disintegration, talk of Oromo or Amhara supremacy or any other evil that would befall us in the absence of Woyane is going to work. We believe the attempt to get rid of this varmints is in the interest of all of Ethiopians and it is fair to say we have nothing to lose but our chains. Long live Ethiopia.