Delusion of Oromo and Pseudohistorical of Emperor Menelik

By Rosa Abadir
[email protected]
Unfortunately, this happen to be a typical culture among various racist individuals/groups where we have noticed that a chauvinistic Tigrian TPLF sympathizers are branding those innocent Tigrians who rejects the TPLF tribal dogma as if they are Shabia minions and so on, and the same thing with racist Amhara who doesn’t accept their hate towards others are branding anti-Amhara, and the same symptom appears on to the racialist Oromo’s who thinks that an Oromo is not those progressive rational Oromo’s who strives for equality, justice and freedom, but instead to them an Oromo is he/she that hates and insult Menelik, Amhara and Christian. No doubt I am automatically labelled as Amhara or other now just because I clash with their crippled tribal dogma.
The recent reckless attack on Emperor Menelik and the crippled approach to portray Emperor Menelik as a devil by using unjustified fabricated stories by relentless crusade Jawar Mohammed and his alike naïve few diaspora based Oromo’s is laughable but at the same time irritating. They are digging every possible hole and climbing every mountain to multiply their lies in order to deceive the undeceivable society by screaming all over the planet day in and day out. Indeed, so much they are incapacitated to differentiate the patriotic Ethiopians from the enemies. Regardless, in the eyes of most real proud Oromo Ethiopians these few toxic ill-mannered individuals are almost unknown.
At present, a few Diaspora gullible Oromo’s whose minds are infected by tribal virus are apparently blind folded by the carefully crafted deceptive agenda that is orchestrated by TPLF/Weyane mastermind leaders; are using to justify their hate and crime and intended to revenge the current Amhara and Christians who had nothing to do with it. They are still restlessly screaming purposefully or mistakenly with the intention to unearth Emperor Menelik and his cabinet in order to face justice; however what they are doing right now is unwise and damages the popular struggle and endangers the survival of their own people and will hurt their own future dream and multiplies their enemy. Their distorted unjustified debacle about Emperor Menelik seems very ridiculous and shows how much they are driven by emotion and prejudiced and a fresh product of the divide and rule politics of TPLF.
Their reaction towards Emperor Menelik with distortion and unjustified accusation is understand why these few naïve Oromo’s are in such extreme agony trying to find an exit from the house of lie they have been lied and trapped for so long. Just because the TPLF evil gangs have fed them bunch of white falsehoods about Emperor Menelik and install a disguising statue to easily deceive their retarded minds doesn’t mean they are able to alter the apparent reality about Menelik. Surly, we can’t force these bonehead elements the truth as the truth shouldn’t be forced on people, but it should be available to people who need it. First of all, people like Jawar and his alike have failed to realize that history is not a fiction or ideology that they could enforce it with gun point or MECHA to make the subjects believe, but it is a past happening need to be told as it is and transferred to the coming generation. Apparently, they feel that they could twist or fabricate history to fit their imagination or wishful thinking.
However since most of them are driven by emotion and act like a rabid dog they are embarrassingly failed to understand this simple fact. Thus, they have no shame to tell us 5 million Oromo’s were killed by Emperor Menelik while the fact shows that the entire Ethiopia didn’t have that much population during the reign of Emperor Menelik. They have been unsuccessful to recognize that they cannot be correct by thinking or saying that they are correct instead they have to prove it with supporting evidence and convincing data, otherwise regardless what kind of method they use to represent their own idea as if it is correct, doesn’t make any sense because wrong is always wrong no matter what. We have seen that those who are trying to twist the fact and rewrite history to fit their false claim never been successful, but their lie uncovered by those who have the firsthand experience. They are unable to know that a thousand lies cannot formulate one truth. These few sick minded retarded elements who are accusing Emperor Menelik what he had done are either ignorant about world history or their judgment is merely distorted by tribal dogma. Let us put their endless unjustified falsified accusation about Emperor Menelik to the side but every country or society around the world established by expansionist or those who are looking for better place to settle, so what Emperor Menelik did is not different.
Apparently, most of them are claiming that they are concerned to Oromo’s but the fact shows contrary to their words and they have been inactive in the struggle except coming out from their cage once in the blue moon in order to insult Amhara and Christians while their own people have been killed and tortured everyday by TPLF tugs. Even today the saddest part is that they have inadvertently still fixated to Amygdala politics (based on what happened in the past) and blame Amhara, Menelik and Teddy Afro while their house is plundered by the TPLF gangs. Seemingly, they are unable to see the reality behind the curtain and identify the sheep in wolves clothing character of TPLF gangs. Moreover, for these racist individuals who are driven by emotion, ego, vanity, megalomaniac and self-serving behaviours nothing is important except giving a temporary empty fantasy to their moronic mind. That is why they have been unable to defeat their formidable enemy TPLF/Weyane and have been moving backward instead of moving forward.
In addition, the other fundamental problem with individuals like Jawar is that they like to climb the saddle with the expense of others, instead of taking a risk and lead the followers by being example. As a result currently Jawar seems to be entertaining himself by being glorified by his naïve followers; and he doesn’t want to be challenged, but he tends to preach about democracy while he is the one who is destroying the possibility of democratic process as he publicly declared that he will be using any weapon including MECHA in order to slaughter anyone who doesn’t buy his tribal fiasco.
Anyway, Jawar and his backward alike are a kind of nonsense individuals who are making empty loud noise and expecting to collect the pot of gold at the end of rainbow and no one wouldn’t be misled by their nonsensical voice except a few retarded arrogant gullible Oromo’s who are unable to see the things beyond their tribal line and being acting like a freaking confused mad dog. And individuals like Jawar and Lidetu Ayalew; are not only confusing our people but they are very dangerous for our popular struggle. They speak with forked tongues, which is of course half-truth and half lie in order to mislead the citizens.
The truth is that we cannot change the past, or change the fact that people acted in a certain way by insulting Menelik except exposing one’s callout and savage character, but we should use the past to guide us in order to understand the present and foresee the future. The past is over, so we should not clutch tightly as if it solves our present problem. Thus, the remaining smart Oromo politicians should understand this simple fact and instead of focusing to the ghost of Menelik and intend to revenge the current Amhara, Teddy Afro and Christians the crime nothing to do with it, they should focus on the TPLF gangs who are sucking their blood and eating their flesh, and forced them to wretched of poverty in the mid of plenty.
Anyway, we all know that most Ethiopians including the vast majority of Oromo’s have identified their enemy and hopefully our struggle would focus towards the common enemy. Therefore, we should promote & encourage the real Oromo politicians to reevaluate their dogma in order to know that the current Christians and Amhara people are not responsible for what had happened hundred years ago, but what should matter it what is happening today and should stop repeating the same detested motto and expecting different result. Regardless of the unjustified allegation against Emperor Menelik, the truth is Emperor Menelik is highly considered as a wise leader for mobilizing every Ethiopians to fight and defeat the extremely modern weapon mechanized Italian foreign aggressor at the 1896 Battle of Adwa followed by a disputed treaty knows as Wechale. In addition, he was widely known for introducing the country to modernization.
Whether they like it or not, the ground fact is that the future of the Oromo youth is not different to the future of either Amhara, or Gurage or other Ethiopian tribes’ youth including the Tigreans; their future is in danger and of course the TPLF gangs who make life intolerable and dreadful are responsible. TPLF is deliberately creating as well as inflicting hate among Ethiopian tribes, otherwise it would not survive without dividing as well as weaken our power, so true and real Oromo’s should not fall in its trap by playing its part of divide and rule political schema. On the other side other Ethiopians should also show their willingness to work with them, instead of failing on TPLF’s divide and rule trap. We have common enemy so we should be able to coordinate our struggle instead of splitting words and widen the bridge among us. Apparently, we have spent so much time degrading each other as “Ante Amhara vs. Ante Oromo” and it would not important to continue as such, because if we do so the enemy would benefit more than anyone of us.


  1. To much opinion. Simple Minilik is a genocider and so many people know it. Now the world will know him. It is simple.

    • Are fano fano
      fano des yilegnal
      sitatek maleda
      yemiyabela meslo yemishegne engida
      This is not for tplf fano. this is for real one, you know the Arbegna
      However, tplf fano is liar, deceiver, hater, genocidal, terrorist, looter, delusional, schizophrenic, and shot sited. You like food, so yeminabelah asmesilen bekrbu enshegnehalen. Beresa satineh lay yemechereshawm mismar lememtat tezegajtenal.

      • ante mehayim dedeb nek amhara rulers were the worst hyinas ever in history tplf is a lion that bought peace to our people and i guarantee you that amharas or an amhara party will never ever have power as long as ethiopian people are concerned you will always be poor like u always deserve to be. u stupid man


  2. I dont know if you call a truth being perpituated ‘a damage already done’ but it is already done. people now know very clearly Menelik is a genocider.
    Please what is wrong with the author? why you use the ‘Oromo’ in your title? what do you mean by it? do you want to label the entire Oromo nation as such?
    plus dont try to mess with Jawar. To be honest with you, I’m not absolute supporter of him but I like him. He is very distinguished guy with a lot of potential and defiently would help the Oromo nation overcome both Wayyaane and Naftenya idiologies.
    About the religion, I dont think that would sell a lot. We know there are people who want to play the Oromo against each other based on religion and region. as far as i know, nobody in the Jawar group claimed to be against any denomination. so please stop such baseless alligation. I’m a Showan Orthodox from Salaale. Although I disagree on some aspect with Jawar, I absolutely dont believe he is doing any religion affair. The guy has even a christian GF and his mother is also a christian. As far as I know, the guy even does not have a religion; did not you see the picture where he drinks beer?

  3. Akkam Rosa! I am one of those “naïve” Oromos that you referred to in your article. I wanted to offer some feedback to you about your article. I can tell by reading this article that you are not fluent in English which is perfectly fine, however hopefully for next time you can find some one to proofread your writing before you publish it. This will ensure that it does not distract from your argument. Firstly, you accused tplf sympathizes of being chauvinistic, however you at the same time accused Oromos of not blindly being patriotic for a country which has done very little for them over the last century which I found very contradictory. Secondly, simply because you don’t want to acknowledge what Oromos are saying, doesn’t change the facts about what Menelik did too many Oromos. The fact is that Menelik commited atrocities against Oromos such as cutting off the breasts of our women and the arms of people. While you may glorify him as a unifying leader, he was a cruel murderer in the eyes of many Oromos. I don’t know what your purpose in writing this article was, but if it was to start a dialogue with Oromos than you did not succeed. Instead of being stubborn and refusing to even consider and listen to why it hurts us Oromos to see a person like Menelik being praised, you would rather label us as ignorant & uninformed people. This is not going to help us at all in learning to understand where we are coming from. It’s articles like these that prevent any constructive dialogue from occurring. I hope you see that this article is coming from a place of love rather than hate and that I hope instead of dismissing what I have written, that you read it and hopefully learn from it.

    • Seena muletta, I wish you could do some proof-reading for us this article as i really expect you to be the expert of the english language. You wanted to some constructive dialogue? then start from the begining i.e. from the the century where the oromos started to immigirate to the north. Do you think that the somalis, sidamas, or the amharas welcomed them with floweres? or do you think that the oromos brought gifts to the original dwellers of the areas where the oromos are today? if you can answere that then we can talk about Menelik or rather his generals who by the way are not entirely from shoa amaharas. Good luck.

      • Why so sarcastic Yos? I’m simply offering my thoughts on this article. I don’t claim to be an expert, however I found many of the grammitcal mistakes extremely distracting. If you are going to publish an article in a language which is not your first language I would just recommend that you have someone look over it to make sure there are no errors. Also to your second point, you are referring to events that are clouded in uncertainty and occurred over 500 years ago. Are you seriously going to argue with my point there is a need for a dialogue. I’m a high school student and am fed up of seeing adults such as yourself preach hatred. I didn’t expect what I said to be controversial but apparently being considerate of other ethnic groups is such an egregious idea.

        • Seena,
          Youself did not get it. Where did you get the 500 year story? Was it Oromo who fought The Amahra 500 years ago? The group who fought them then had also damages a lot of Oromo village on their way North. Please know your history before just simply copying and getting into the trap of lay by the other side.
          Thanks tot the Portugise army 500 years ago for saving the Amahras form the army of that person. Oromo are not part of it.

      • This story is talked in the evening around fire place in Amhara villages.
        Live with it and tell for years to come if you still believe this trash concept Oromo migration which was purposefully fabricated by Debtaras.

  4. Dagi
    It doesn’t matter if you tell them or not. They already have setmind on Menlik. If I were you I will try to solve this matter in different angle instead of being rigid, backward, narrow minded character of the north. Do not aggrevate it further.

  5. Rosa…
    I like your well articulated article,I have one question though,which Amara group are you talking about when you say hate groups?as an Amara and a suporter of Moresh Wegene,I do not hate any people or see my self different than you mentioned it,every body specialy almost all the Oromo elites blame us for every thing,not only blame,Amaras are being killed in every corner of Ethiopia,no one is protecting us.we are marginalized know very well what kind danger we are facing,what do you think is the solution?do you have one?if Amara regroup and try to defend it self,is that being racist?writing a piece of article once a month about Amaras plight and agony is not the solution,many people are doing it like you,how ever,you guys do not come up with the solution.when we try to look for our solution,you call us racist?that is gross and irsponsible.the reason I said,as I said you and your alike have no clear solution except labeling us.Ofcourse I hate my enemies who are killing my people.I do not insult or hate any ethnic group,I love them,if you ask Jawar about Amara,he will tell you he hates us as a people.did you observe that difference?please try to understand the danger Amara people is facing,we are on verge of extinction.leave us crocodile tear is not helping us much
    Thank you

    • Kolegnaw,
      You said “Amaras are being killed … we are marginalized”
      I say to you Welcome to the Club!!! I’m Oromo. I hope you start feeling what the Oromos felt in the past and still feeling today.

  6. My friend, all you wrote is nonsense. You should have written why Teddy Afro and other old-timer neftengas defecate everywhere they go. Menelik is Africa’s Hitler, and that is how many historians know him.

  7. Wow!it is are trying to preach to Oromo the lie history you taught by your fathers and try to separate Oromo from each other.That happened in the past.Not now.Jawar and all Oromo are on the same and your kind as well as TPLF can’t tell us what we can do and what we can’t.I am saying your Minlik again black Hitler.

  8. Rosa,there isn’t a scintilla of truth in your writing about the Oromo. You are clueless about Oromo history. We are best known to ourselves. As Chinua Achebe once said “until the lions have their own historian, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” He also said if a blind man doesn’t know his own sticks, tell me who else would he know?”
    As to Obboo, Jawar, we love him very much, and stop labeling him as narrow and ignorant. The truth is he a headache for you guys. There are millions like him. Rosa, shinkurt andim bellu gemma, degemum gema. It is the same thing over and over.
    We are tired of Chauvinist people like you. You argument doesn’t hold water but hatred against the Oromo.
    As to Menelik II, he was equally as criminal as Hitler.

  9. Rosa
    Did you see what I mean,look those bone headed followers of that idiot man called Jawar,how much venom they carry?,if they get a chance,I have no doubt they will kill and burn thousands of Amaras like they did in the 90’s.they are full of hate.Minilik and Tedy Afro are excuses,their target is we have potential to challenge them?the answer is yes,but,people like you must stop distracting us.we have nothing to ask from our country or the rest of the people,our home is Ethiopia,our flag is green,yellow,and red,what are you people afraid of?it amazes me when you guys challenge us,if you guys want Amara weakened Ethiopia,you got weak Ethiopia too.that is the way I see it.leave us alone,let’s save our selves from these wolves and save Ethiopia together.

    • Please stop with your divisive rhetoric. As an Oromo who also identifies as Ethiopian, it hurts me to see people make uninformed posts like these. Oromos are not about hate but rather making sure that everyone gets treated fairly and justly. I ask you to be brave enough to reject this philosophy that many divisive Ethiopians spew and talk about how to unify us all.

    • Kolegnaw u must be driven by yekola setan. This moresh wegene stuff sucks ehhh. U guys r crazy what r talking about? Amhara is on the verge of extniction? Don’t be such pessimist amhara is suffering as all Ethiopians do. U refer to rosa and the like as distructors from ur goal? Which goal? Fukera atabzu moresh or morons in that particular association. U feel the killing and the harm to ur people then why not feel others pain as an Ethiopian. Well I don’t know that history well but if Minilik did cut breast of mothers he was a real looser for that we say “enat hager” we examplify our country with mother and if he did some thing crazy like that to moms then he was the little hitler mind u I’m talking about the moms case not the unification war as a whole. War was every were Tewodros fought with amhara mesafints and killed many that was a war not a genocide so does minilik. But cutting breast if he did it I’m telling u he was the litle hitler. Trust me I like Emeye Minilik may be morethan u do but I can’t justify his evilness towards moms especialy cutting the breast he greaw up sucking.

  10. You never know who is whom and why this days. I think many woyanes cadres are calling them selves as an Abadir, Ali a, Hassan and many other pseudo names to make their point. You get the point. No further comment.

  11. Paternalistic,racist and irrational.What don’t you break down the facts and and make an argument. Amharas always think they can patronize Oromos.Yewega biresa……….You backward qomata devils should be confined to your highland mountains like the barefooted ignorant pompous monkeys that you are.
    Tigray Somali debub and Oromo is united and will punish you for centuries

  12. Dear Seena ” It is easier said than done .” You said the article writer should have done someone to proof read it before she post it . I totally agree with you . What I assume is when she wrote the article , she was much more concerned about her points than the lesson she wants to educate others.. The other point you emphasized was she was not fluent in English .Dear sir Seena why you did not indicate the mistake she made ? In any case , you the respondent did not proof read what you wrote. Third on the last lines it says ,” It’s articles these prevent constructive dialogue from occurring . “What excuse do you have ? What I do not like from Rosa’s article is when she polarizes Ethiopians to this or to that group . It seems to me deep inside her she has narrow mentality and she is falling on the TPLF tribal trap . What we should all know is we all are oromos , tigres , afars, sidamos, etc. Dearest Seena ,if you are ready and willing for dialogue ,you should not repeat false story about king Minilik II . In the end , be fair and reasonable . I do not expect anyone or group or fanatics to take or consider me as an oromo . I am neither ormo nor amhara, neither tigre nro afar , neither sidama nor somali , but I am an Ethiopian . Period !!

  13. Dear writer,
    You did a mistake in the title. You said delusion of Oromo? that is generalization and wrong. Jawar is not elected to represent Oromo because no one elected him. It is always wrong to generalize. I also do that mistake always , myself, it is not good to put 30 million Oromos, 25 million Amharas, 7 million tigreans, … in one black box. Wrong is wrong.
    The people who feel void inside and wish to overwrite or rewrite Ethiopians history are not all the 30 million Oromos, but very very few ones, may be 0.00001%. The majority Oromos are poor like their fellow Ethiopians who work so hard to make ends meet to have bread and butter on the table. They have no time for that. As such, we must respect all our people regardless where we came from and what tribe we belong or what ethnic we belong or whatever religion we belong. We need an Ethiopia where everyone is equal before the law. Anything less than that will neither benefit Oromo nor Amhra nor Tigreans. For some reasons, few Oromos, few Tigreans have been busy Digging Menelick from his tomb in the past few weeks. I have tried to voice against it because it is barbaric and primitive attitude to go back 100 years in time and to accuse people who have not even been born.
    Even if we agree Menelick did many wrong things; there is no single Ethiopian in general , single Amhara in particular who can be held responsible for his misdeeds. There is no who can be accused for him. People are just not evolved yet. Even if you tell them it is wrong, they will not listen.
    In my opinion, Menelick did mistakes as human and did good things as human. If you put me in Arat kilo 2row; I am sure 100%, I will make mistakes. If there is any creatures that does not err, it is not human being but something else, not on the planet, but perhaps on other planets. We have sin American presidents immersing America in useless wars because of human mistakes. None of us are perfect. We have to admit some of the mistakes done by Menelick are still haunting us up to day. For example, the Eritrean issue which has consumed millions of souls in my age is due to colossal mistake done by Menelick. Otheerwise, we would not have Eritrea today, Tigreans families divided into two? why? It is because Emperor Menelick signed away half Tigreans to Italy. He sat peaceful until he died by natural death. That was a big mistake. The second mistake is give away Djibouti to France for 99 years, and now Djibouti is a country of 50 000 people land-locking 97 million people? It is wrong to give away your land or your territory to protect power and leave a legacy that become so bloody as that of Eritrea.
    About Oromo and Menelick: I do believe few extremist Oromos are trying to rewrite Ethiopian history because they have a psychological problem that they do not have much longer history in Ethiopia like the Amharas and Tigreans because due to the fact the Oromo people migrated to Ethiopia from somewhere for whatever reason. Now they feel inferiority complex and they would not mind deleting the existing long history of the people who where there before the Oromo. This is Psycological problem people have in them and they are trying to attack the history to satisfy their internal problem. I do not think Melelick did anything different for Oromos worse than for others ethnics or tribes.
    In general, whatever Menelick did, he was human being. I can not judge him today because today is different from that time. He lived in time of colonialism where every African people where enslaved and conquered. It is wrong to dwell on his mistake. It is actually irrelevant for us.
    Writer: as much as you defend Menelick,I would appreciate if you can also respect the people who support the current government because it is their right to do. We must condemn the government for bad things all of us united. I do not like too much TPLF TPLF TPLF …. story. If we unite TPLF has no power. The power is the people. I am saying this because your hatred to TPLF is also taking over the board. I do not like TPLF policies and even the bloody struggle they waged just to landlock Ehiopia and to divide the country into ethnic enclaves. I really do not like their policies. But we have to stand together and say no to bad policies. Hatred, war, … will not help our people. It will only destroy our country. We are all human being and we must treat each other human and Ethiopians and we can enjoy our ethnics names for ourselves but we must not use our ethnic or tribe to discriminate or marginalize any human being leave alone our own citizens.
    My message to my Oromo brothers who are really part of my chunk of life , respect Ethiopian history as it is and stop trying to rewrite it. Because that is bad and counterproductive because no one would like his history to be over written or rewritten because of some few Oromo feel some vacuum inside them. There is nothing to come from somewhere. The white Europeans in America today migrated from UK, Yankee, Oliver Cromewell Dynasty, from Ireland. The people in UK of today migrated from Sweden and formed England of today. The Europeans in Australia were put there as prisoners by the British. The Euroean in Newzealand migrated from England and even killed the locals and formed NEwzealand. The Eureopans in Canada migrated from UK, Germany, France,.
    The white in South Africa migrated from Holand, Germany, France and UK. The Holand of today migrated from Russia. The Arabs in today’s Egypt migrated from Saudi Arabia. The Arabs in Daresalem, Zanzibar , Maputo, Malawi, Mombasa, … migrated from Suadi Arabia. The Tusi in Rwanda, Brundi of today migrated from North Ethiopia which means the Tusi are amhara or Tigreans by blood. And there is nothing the Oromo migrated to Ethiopia. It does not matter where they came from. We are now all Ethiopian, Ethiopia is a name which has been there for more than 20 000 years; Ethiopia is not given by Menelick. It is good you come to your senses and respect the country’s history as it is, you can delete or rewrite or over write written history because you do not like it for whatever reasons.
    And in conclusion, let us unite, love and help our people together. That is the option we have to prosper. The rest of squabbling about Menelcik or any body else is irrelevant to this generation. thank you.

    It does not matter how much lipstick you apply to the pig, the pig always stink like a pig and act like a pig.
    We Ethiopians knows the truth, that the Amhara unqualified unthinking Tribalist king (Menilike) did not only committed cruel crime against Oromos and other non Amhara Ethiopians, worse shamefully lazy Menilike had sold Ethiopia’s vital land ports,included Dejibuti to France,Somalia to Brits and Eritrea to Italy.
    That is why we the majority if Ethiopia (Non Amhara Ethiopians) demand the removal of Menilik’s statue from Oromo land (addis Abeba).

  15. ‘KE WUHA YEWETA GALA’= ‘Ethiopian History’
    what a wonder, the ethiopian history Rosa has been referring to does not exist. The ethiopian ‘Historians” , wrote the ferry tale story like gala bale kalew wusti wexa.type. the monks at monastreis and churchs of the Orthodox wrote them . the writings were not according to the nature or The work of God. the worst thing is the new generation habeshas still continue taking this non sense 2 or 3 years kids story as histroy of their beloved country.
    the habeshas do not even ashamed of themselves when they talk about their sanderella story as their countries history!!
    but it looks like it is high time to straghten up the story atleast. As the saying goes in your language, KOMATAN KOMATA KALALUT GEBTO YIFETEFITAL!!!
    when Menelik conquered oromia in the name of’ ‘ hager makinat’ he killed hundreds of thousands of Oromos, even he chopped the hands of our brothers and breastes of our sisters.first the hager makinat , how the uncivilized uncivilize the others???.second, what else qualify him to the line of Hitler and fashist Mosoloni??? but you gus called him Imiyee menelik and have your statue in the heart of oromo land!!! is there any more insuklt than killing your brothers and showing your arrogance to the people you deprived their right??? i wish the oromos come together and fight for their plight of indipendence.
    I often hear the 3000 ethiopian civilization of ethiopian history. THE COUNTRY WITH axum and lalibela , could not feed itself, where did the 3000 history went.
    as known civilization is peoples mind. the know how would be there. after what ever catastrophy the country bounce back, because the know how would be there. like Germany AFTER WARE, LIKE EGYPTIANS ENGINEERING STRUCTURES. THE ETHIOPIANS AXUM AND LALIBELA STRUCTURES LOOK LIKE THEY ARE FROM HEAVEN. NO BODY KNEW AND STILL KNOW HOW THEY WERE MADE. THERE WERE NO TECHNICAL KNOW HOWS SHOWING THEM BUILT BY THE LOCALS.
    3.ferry tale –solomonic dynasty
    Menelik the first was born of the queen of sheba and king solomon. WONDERFUL. HOW?//
    BUT ONE PROBLEM , THE yemens also claim that queen sheba is from their country. but they do not claim she as a prostitute. second who knows who the father was?
    more ferrytale
    sanadarela story of ETHIOPIA = ‘ethiopian history’
    is coming up. stay tuned.

  16. where is my comment?
    tgruth needs to be spoken as it is!!
    the website need not block our case , this is the iscussion forum.

  17. @gezaee
    በዚህ ፅሁፍህ ተደስቻለሁ።
    ግን ከአንተ ፅሁፍ ያልተረዳሁትን ትንሽ ነገር ብቻ ነው ለመጠየቅ የምፈልገው እንዴት ነው ይህን ነገር አንተ የተረዳኸው?።
    30 ሚሊዮን ኦሮሞ 25 ሚሊዮን አማራ 7 ሚሊዮን ትግሬ ብሎ የወሰነው ማነው?፣አንተስ የትኛውን ወስደህ ነው? የሚወሰነው በክልል ነው ወይስ በቁዋንቁዋ ነው? ወይስ በዘር ነው? ወይስ ዜጋው በተደነገገለት option በሚሞላው ፎርም ነው?

  18. Megerssa Berara, I believe you are not Ethiopian, but Eritrean trying to divide Ethiopians using Menelick. Ethiopians do not need this . You better go to sigaporina.

  19. Response to the comments made on “ Delusion of Oromo and Pseudohistorical of Emperor Menelik”
    First and foremost, I wanted to thank you the editor of Zehabesha for publishing my opinion for public review. Second, I would like to extend my appreciation to every one of you for taking the time to read my commentary and have given your own perspective comments. I have the biggest respect for both nice words as well as constructive criticism.
    Though I may disagree with some of the comments but I have the biggest respect for those who have presented your case in civil and legitimate manner. I feel sorry for those of you who were unable to present your case in judiciary manner and challenge my points instead use insult and labeling as mechanism to divert the issue. However, when individuals focus on insult and character assassination, it is a huge sign of defeat and I guarantee you that if you had the integrity and courage you would present your case in civil manner instead of using low life political discourse, of course name calling.
    Indeed, those individuals who were unable to state any points but flooded the page with the bunch of insults are a kind of morons lives for the singular purpose of trying to ruin the best parts of life for others by sub-intellectual activities, nothing else, that is why they are continuously posting the most obnoxious and silly piece of writing on this forum. Though I understand telling the blatant truth to their moronic mind is pouring water on to the stone and expecting to get wet, regardless I have tried to poke their air-filled brain.
    For example as I have already stated on my article some of you have already labeled me as Amhara but I am not here to give a descriptive note about my ethnicity instead what I know is I can be easily identified as an ETHIOPIAN, though those racist elements don’t like this word as they automatically categorize me as Amahra based on their dictionary. Regardless, I do not believe in any tribal fiasco, but I am always favoring to judged people in individual base instead of classifying by group or tribe. I am not obsessed with my tribe, rhetoric like some of you, but I always concern for the well-being of any human being regardless their boundary or race, then surely that does not make me tribal.
    Anyway, I do not wish to waste my precious time with these worthless individuals. Apparently for them kind of rascal who are immune to different idea, of course any kind of thought, which oppose their crippled ideology of anti-Menelik campaign will be considered as an insult & will brand you as Amahra; nevertheless for those who are open-minded different idea is well cherished, tolerated and accepted as the corner stone of democracy. Yes, and idiot, complete dumbass and a genuine moron like them, who tend to govern by emotion instead of reason and logic do not need evidence to believe, that is why they are accepting every hearsay about Menelik as true and echoing them.
    Having said that let me directly respond to some of you;
    Dear Seena Muletta,
    Akkam Nagayaa! Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion and wrote your own reaction. Thanks for your advice regarding my grammar, as well.
    Obboleessa Seena, I have been talking and arguing with similar cults like and who simply wants to intimidate me talking about my English grammar when they lack points of arguments or as your argument showed. I want you to debate with me a debate that has flash and bone, not a hotchpotch staff. Most of all writing English is not vital thing as you think; Villagers in Ethiopia now are writing latrine alphabet supported by Weyane/tplf leaders. And in fact this is nothing but simply a progress of civilization. Therefore, if you have a point just make your point otherwise your filthy way of jabbering over and over about my grammar which has nothing to do with the points, doesn’t make your points valid.
    Anyway, apparently, your entire hotchpotch never touches down any point. You are not benefiting anyone except simply misinforming yourself and tried to rewrite history and portray Menelik as a criminal. Seemingly, most of you are still governed by emotion, racism and instinct rather than logic and reason; however, unfortunately you have twisted and defected brain always leads you to the wrong direction that is why you guys are constantly doing the same thing again and again, but expects different result and acting like wild; which is unwise.
    In fact, this is the other typical failure among people like yourself, where they tend to represent the entire 40 million Oromo population without having a proper representation and lean towards to use the word “we” to reflect their self-interested agenda. Indeed, you are entitled to title your own tiny-mini tribal fiasco anything you want to; but you have no right to squash the entire oromo population in your pocket to advance your tiny tribal mumbo-jumbo.
    Unlike to your fabricated accusation, the truth is that Menelik was of course a unifier and expansionist who had never fought or targeted any singular tribe instead had fought with many groups during the process of territorial expansion in the creation of modern empire state. As a result, not only Oromos but also other Ethiopians including Gurage, Sidama, Amahra, Tigaru, and others were killed on both sides, however being a patrician activist like yourself and Jawar wouldn’t benefit anyone except giving more oxygen to breath for the current dictatorial tplf regime who is always happy to create a division among us. Anyway, at least, be faithful to facts when you come here to comment. That is the criteria I expect from you to follow if you want to hold discussion with me. If not, I will still call you “naïve”. And I am sure that is not what you want to be called. And please try to explore a little bit about the falsified history that is being fed to people like yourself by weyane mastermind leaders and they are crafty lairs.
    Anyhow, I suggest you again to try to open your brain and learn something from your peers instead of remain rigid and inflexible with your inept and bungling idea. Try to listen what others want to say, and give them some chance maybe they will have some important point, instead of accusing & insulting Menelik and Teddy afro without any evidence all over cyber, Bend over and look at the ground to search the truth, see if you can see it. Most of all, try to be govern by reason and logic instead of dominate by your emotion.
    Dear Kolegnaw,
    Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion and wrote your own reaction. I have the biggest respect for not shying to identify you as a member/supporter of Moresh. However, to be honest I have discovered that your (Moresh’s) vision of Ethiopia is different from most of us and individual like you and your group Moresh is very dangerous in the popular struggle as same as Jawar and his alike.
    It would be wrong and unfair trying to defend the entire Amahra without having a concrete evidence and its funny that you acted irrationally when I exposed some of the Amhara’s narrow-minded ideology, but don’t take my words wrong as I have no intention to blame the entire Amahra. Plus, your accusation is baseless and not supported by any facts; instead it seems that your judgment is biased by your own chauvinist ideology. Indeed, the truth makes you free. Seemingly, you have failed to detect the dirt in front of your eyes and unable to observe how members of Moresh have been advocating hatred towards others instead you have no shame to pointing your fingers on others. Regardless, what the wishes of yourself and your group Moresh is, the real Oromo Ethiopian question should be addressed properly and have acceptable resolution instead of trying to ignore it as if it is not a political issue. Indeed, instead of fixated with Emama Ethiopia empty rhetoric I suggest members of Moresh should work with other Ethiopian ethnic based organizations and accept their autonomous right seems wise and of course makes the democratic process very smooth and hopeful. Having wished the unity of Ethiopia without recognizing the autonomous of every ethnic group seems impolitic and apparently causes more damage to the popular struggle than benefiting it. We should not confuse narrow nationalism that is being propagated by Jawar and his alike to the autonomous right of every ethnic group, as narrow nationalism is a politics of hate.
    Secondly you tried to defend the dead activities of Moresh and its arrogant members where most of them what I see and hear are a bunch of haters who are endorsing hate towards non-Amahra Ethiopians and attacking every oppositions without having a practical alternative from their side. Listen! Denying the obvious problem could not help anyone of us, but taking us toward fragmentation and breed hostility among us. Unlike to your denial, not only Amahra but also every Ethiopians have been killed and harassed by weyane gangs. Trying to portray as if Amahra is the only tribe that has been killed and targeted would put you in the same category with those individuals who are trying to place Oromos are the only tribe that are targeted.
    Dear brother Kolegnaw, you have accused me for not having a solution, however either you or your destructive group Moresh have no single solution to the people that they are screaming about, except uttering their hate towards non-Amahra and attacking other genuine oppositions by flooding enormous worthless press releases all over cyber. Is this what you call a solution? Instead, my solution is simple and clear; democracy without respecting the autonomous of different part of the society, or ethnic groups could not be feasible. Instead of wasting time to prove the innocent lets consternate our energy and time towards the common weyane who is making things impossible for all of us. Apparently, you have mistakenly fall in the trap of weyane divide and rule political schema and enforcing us to hear the wounds of Amahra only while you are undermining other ethnic group suffering. Unfortunately, we do not have that much free thinker politicians from every ethnic based organization like Moresh or OLF who are dedicated to enlighten our citizen, but most of our politicians are power mongers who are after building their ego and self-interest that is why they have a problem to coordinate the struggle.
    Dear Kolegnaw; I suggest you and your group Moresh that; every one of us should reach each other and coordinate our struggle. Tribalism would benefit those who are profiting from them, not to us, so we should say no to tribalism and reject those who are deliberately inflicting animosity among us. As a result, you guys should avoid ‘Us versus them’ thinking, instead you guys should see each other as fellow human being and judge each other based on our merit instead of tribal origin, or political affiliation otherwise it would be very hard to coordinate our struggle against the common enemy, while still blinded with ‘Us versus them’ dogma. Instead of focusing on simple unity and one country rhetoric you guys should focus and try to mobilize our people based on timely and existing problems. Our enemies of course use ‘Us versus them’ dogma to divide us, and unfortunately we failed in their trap and make everything smooth and level to those who hate our humanity and violate our God/Allah given right.
    The problem in Ethiopia is not superficial as most of us assumed, but it is deep and needs clear understanding and tangible solution. Despite having deep problems there is always a possibility to establish democratic Ethiopia, where every citizen have judged based on his merit, not tribal origin, gender, religion or political belief. We should be able to build a just society where everyone has equal opportunity and treatment. Anyhow, your accusation of other opposition groups and defaming if they are a tool of the enemy seems absurd, because the same accusation is spread by these few Oromos, and seemingly you are sharing the TPLF gangsters’ deliberate misguided political schema.
    Accusing and blackmailing every opposition groups which does not share your Moresh dogma and categorizing them seems baseless as well as imprudent, so instead of grossly libeling them it’s better for Moresh members to specify their better alternative version of struggle instead of screaming all over the planet like a mad dog.
    Thank you!
    Dear Gezaee,
    Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion and wrote your own reaction. Your tall and boring reply to my piece is nonsense because you have mixed a lot of unrelated topics that does not have any central point. Your approach was wrong, as it focused more on other fictitious histories of Meneilk instead of providing the intended message with cogent argument.
    First of all, I like to correct your defected mind. Defected chip reads wrong file. I have never generalized the entire Oromos, Where in the world did you find such? I think you misconstrue my points when you read the title of my commentary, and it was not intended to generalize the entire Oromos instead I just tried to address the wrong misinterpretation of the history of Oromos that is currently circulated by a few chauvinist individuals.
    Yes, it’s easier to write a long tall unrelated history and accuse Menelik using unwarranted filthy method. However, this would not have any impact on those who have the first hand information in regards to the reign of Meneilk and those who have read some solid facts about the exceptional leadership of Menelik. In fact, nobody has ever said Meneik was a saint and as any leader during his era he had of course made some mistakes, however we have no gut to evaluate his 19th century deeds using 21st century mentality while we are currently unable to accomplish 1% of what they did hundered years ago, instead keeping our butt in a blaiming game in order to avoid our own responsibility. It is this defect of mind that made some of us think deserves a reward to ourselves by ourselves without completing any task. This naivety of talking about fabricated stories that is rewritten by tplf in regards to Eritrea, Oromos and others doesn’t help any of us. I know why some of them are doing it so. It is because Meles/Bereket have stripped their air-filled brain with their naked white lies and I know they are outstanding crafty liars. They did it adequately. I will again now for the last time like to advise people like you to go back and search the truth about Eritrea, Oromo and Djibouti.
    This naivety of talking about unwarranted history of Eritreans and Tigrians when I chalked you all the different liars with your lies is the principal defect that played in you. Seemingly, you are intoxicated with TPLF tribal fantasy and putting you non-sense and irrelevant fiasco by writing unheard stories and prefer to be governed by empty fantasy, and hate those who do not prefer to celebrate empty bravado with you and label them as if they are Amahras despite what their merit would be.
    Your other key deficiency is that you have accused me for your using the name TPLF, however this is not the name that I give to these criminal and fascism group; instead it is what they have branded themselves as it appears and I haven’t either modified or reformed. Anyway, listen brother the majority Ethiopians have already identified the TPLF crooked character despite trying to sail under false colors, and portray themselves as the vanguard of democracy and justice.
    I will next time briefing this awkward presentation of his lies and cheatings of Menelik’s history in regards to Eritrea. It is this fundamental reason why and how Ethiopia is losing its real heroes/and herons and why TPLF is still in power due to liars gaining space to fool the most ill-informed people like yourself in our history. You can see the result, why pathological liars like the late Meles and Jawar are getting too many naïve followers regardless they hear him lying over and over in front of their eye and on their ear.
    Dear brother Gezaee, whether you like it or not TPLF is the mother of all lies and it is expected to see such kind of fabricated news to undermine our history in order to portray themselves as a savior of our nation. Truthfully, Weyane has been disoriented after the popular uprising of Kinijit, which is of course to divert the attention of citizens from examining their own suffering and these few Oromos are doing nothing different to divert the attention of Ethiopians and purposely inciting a cyber-war between among innocent Oromos and Amahras, but guess what? End of the day they will continue to be unsuccessful. And no doubt that the struggle would continue to focus towards the common enemy (weyane/tplf).
    Thank you!
    “The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now.” Bill Cosby

    • Dear Rosa,
      First of all I would like to thank you for reading my response and taking the time to respond to it. Secondly, I can assure you that I am part of no such cult. English is the third language of both of my parents and I would never try to discredit anyone for not speaking fluent English. If you thought this was my intention I sincerely apologize. Thirdly, I did not appreciate some of the terms that you used in characterizing me or my viewpoints. You used words such as “filthy” and called my argument “tribal mumbo-jumbo” which I found very disrespectful. I think that you felt as if I was attacking you as a person and you compensated by being disrespectful towards me. If I am wrong please let me know. This may or may not be of importance to you but I am a high school student living in America who is proud of being both Oromo and Ethiopian. I regret being characterized as a tribalist as I believe that Ethiopia should remain a unified union. I would also want it to be clear that the Ethiopia that I would like to see is not a return to the pre-tplf time but rather an Ethiopia with much of the same policies and institutions that exist today but with better implementation of them. The TPLF is not the enemy to Ethiopia as you would like people to believe but rather the enemy to Ethiopia are individuals such as yourself who want to see a return of Amhara supremacy in terms of culture, history and piolitics. You also called me “rigid and inflexible” however, in responding to all of the posts on your article you used an incredibly disrespectful tone which made it seem as if you were the one who was closed minded. Try to be more cordial and respectful in your tone so people will recieve what you say without feeling as though they are being personally attacked. I don’t consider you to be my peer but rather my elder and thus feel you deserve a certain level respect and I would hope for next time you show me the same level respect. I also never mentioned Jawar’s name once in my post, however you felt the need to jumble us two together when writing. I respect Jawar very much as do much of the Oromo community for his continued activism for Oromo rights. I am proud to consider him a role model. Your need to continuously mention his name stems from fear because he is a strong advocate against many of the things you believe in. Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that articles such as these wont deceive Oromos into believing that the TPLF is our enemy. We have a very clear understanding of who our real enemies are.
      Seena Muletta

  20. Tekeze, it is according to your ethnic figures. I do not damn care about the number, but my point is do not generalize and insult millions of people because of insane individuals. I am not 100% sure how population size of Oromo or amhara or tigrie, it is my wild guess which can be close or far from the actual figures. Despite that I do not care about the numbers, all I care about all the people who live in Ethiopia who have human face only. Tribal name is human made tag; It is not genetics or God’s design.
    To Sayyo, you are really ill my brother. You need to see a doctor. The Oromo people very humble people. I lived with them and they are peaceful, kind people.
    As to Oromia, it never existed before; Oromia is the invention of TPLF only. I lived a great deal and I have never heard of this name in my life and even when I lived among Oromos. Oromia, Afaria, Amhara ,… etc is TPLF invention and has no any historical basis. You do not have to divide people by their skin colour, language or dress or shoes or coffia or hat to respect their right. It is the funniest things Ethiopia is now divided into ethnic land, it is disgusting and irrelevant to the 21 century. Border, difference between people is now becoming irrelevant because of internet. People intermarrying not only across within countries, but across continents and across cultures, races,… ethnic segregation is not good in the 21 century. Sayyo, my brother, you soul has no tribe or land or colour or tribe,… you better define human being based on soul, than based on your human engineered name.
    You tell me Ethiopian history is fake? well, where is your genuine history then? where are the writers of your history? you did not have deptras who could write anything. Because you did not have educated people, now you wanted to undo the work done by educated Ethiopians, the Ethiopian Likauwnt? Well, I would not go to attack other innocent Oromos because of you, but people like you must told with white and black, You do not even deserve to be in Ethiopia. I hope you are not in Ethiopia. If I was in Ethiopia, I would trace you down and dump you in no land . You must know the law of physics. If people like you mislead innocent people, you will bring misery to the innocent people.
    I personally advise you to look into yourself and know who you are and also to respect others because you line of thought is repugnant and offensive to the Ethiopians who pride in their country unlike the current leaders. The sooner you do soul search and self-indification the better. You internal crisis will bring more crisis to other human being in our country. You need to sit down and figure out who you are and then respect yourself and others. Otherwise, abusing others for your own void inside you is not acceptable for us. You better learn and also apply logic and even natural law to live peaceful life. There is no Ethiopian who is willing to bend to satisfy your internal personal crisis and void. If you have something to claim, then show it and do not talk about it please. Please we do not want your world now.

  21. @gezaee
    አሁንም ደግመህ ጥሩ ማብራሪያ ሰጥተሀል። የበለጠ በጣም የሚስማማ ነው።
    ግን ትንሽ ችግር ነው ብዬ የማየው፣ይሄ በዘለምዶ ወይም በግምት የምንናገረው የዚህ ጎሳ ይህን ያህል ቁጥር ነው የዚህ ጎሳ ይህን ያህል ቁጥር ነው አያልን ቁጥር አየሰጠን ሰዎችን እንዳናሳስት ለማለት ነው። አኛ ብዙ ነን ብለው ያዙኝ ልቀቁኝ የሚሉ ግን ጥቂቶች ስላሉ ማለት ነው።
    ለዚህ ነው የግለሰብ መብት በቅድሚያ ይከበር የምንለው።

    I thank you Gazeee , to reply with passion to my comment. i really appreciate for your response.
    My brother i am just giving you the opporunity to open your eyes and see the reality. i am telling the habeshas to see the facts and be logical with their reasoning. i am not really insulting an one.
    tomy point,
    1, yes your likawunt or the dabtaras have written soething. does that make them educated ?? man , which cave were you coming out of ? Let me tell you the fact as it is!
    The likawunt or the debteras were learnt reading and writing for the sole perpose of lier. they were using it to write the witch craft. they were , still writing the witchcraft thing and give to their followers to put it under their armpits and tie around their neck. I HOPE YOU DON’T HAVE ONE. Otherwise , they sit in that monastries and write the delusion . but the fanny part is, you the young habeshas taking it as history of your country.
    2. I am not trying to rewrite history of ethiopia. By the way,History writes itself, but it is upto the society to take it in its real version.
    Let me give you the recent habesha delusions.or ferrytale.
    Accorsing to the modern ferrytale writers of the habeshas ‘ jegnoch ye itopiya lijoch taliyanin e amst amet tewagtew ashenefu. ‘ this is amezing but it is a sad story, because it is a lie. the truth is the world politics of the era of the 2nd world war was different. at the time the british were part of the world war allaince group, whereas the italians fashist stood with the Germany Nazi and the Japanese Military. so once they alaince group took over all of the colonies of the triple Entenete countries. Likewise , for example some coungtries from africa moved from triplle ententes. like TOGOLAND, todays Togo in west africa was colony of Germany. like LIBIA, SOMALIA AND others were for italy but moved to british. SO MY BROTHER, IT WAS by the time of WWII THAT the british thrown away the Italians, anmd put the pupet King hailesillase as the leader of ethiopia. He paid them back
    with Eritrea.
    Guys, how do we educate you about the world when you are confined in yourSELVES? Get out and see around!!!!
    By the way , speakng of confinment: the habeshas are really confined into themselves. look at your language, amharic.
    how many of us are safarring becuase of amharic as the national language. i do not know where you live, but you would understand if you live in europe or in america.
    man in america, the reason that most habeshas are becoming thecab drivers and the 7 eleven workers is because they are very poor in the english language. he speaks, reads, eats, and THINK IN AMHARIC. How could he know what is happening around him. i am sure you are one of them who thinks in amharic.
    because your argument does not have substance at all.
    Let me give you some MORE SENDERELLA STORIES OF Ethiopia.
    I grewup in ethiopia and every day i used to hear everyday the ethiopian GREENNESS AND PROSPERITY IN MKINERALS. WE used to hear that ethipia is evergreen that the whites were there because they were envy of ethiopia. Man, have you ever flew over ethiopia. you will see how devastated country it looks!
    as you cross ethiopian border you start seeing what green looks like.
    man to conclude my argument of the day i just tell you ,what that barbaric MELES HAD SAID ONCE.
    He did say that, when they first came to Gonder winning the Dergue regime, what they have seen was, the farmers of Gonder wearing a white netela( yehabesha libs) that looks clean. but underneath their were torn clothes with lice infested clothes. he was telling to show how the habeshas think. he was telling the habeshas pretense than answering the root cause of problems.
    my brother Gazeee , today i did not get chance of wrinig more ferrytale of Ethiopian hisory, but tried to answer your immidiate question.
    but brother tuneup it is coming!!!!!

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