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Defeating TPLF’s Agenda and Building a Peaceful Future Ethiopia!

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By Mengistu Adugna (PHD)
November 15, 2020

tplf 5 1TPLF started the war by mass-slaughtering members of the Northern Command Ethiopia’s Defense Force. The Federal Government had no choice, but to hit back, leading to the current anti-TPLF operation. TPLF further mass-murdered Ethiopians of Amhara origin in Tigray.

International human rights organizations have confirmed of evidence for a mass slaughter of civilians, particularly the Amharas in Western Tigray.

Ethiopia needs to remove the cancer by finishing off the terrorist, rapist and thieving mercenary TPLF clique! Eritrea has been threatened with missile attacks in the last couple of days through the TPLF gangs from the tunnel they seem to be hiding in. ERITREA has a legitimate reason to take action which is consistent with Ethiopia’s national interests.  Lately, there have been news that the TPLF clique is hiding in EOT Church, the very church they used to dismantle in the name of Albanian Communism. If and when Eritrea deploys her defensive action, nobody will be surprised at all as it is up to Eritrea to take her legitimate action.

 What next:

1.      The war objectives have been set in concrete terms by the Ethiopian Federal Government-wiping out TPLF’s weaponry of terrorism and to arrest the criminal clique!

2.      The Federal Army alongside the Amhara Regional State’s Special Force have swiftly dissolved TPLF’s fighting force, removed most of the weapons of mass terror thereby reducing the clique’s visible ability/capability to a below capacity to hit back, apart from sporadic small group and individual actions here and there.

3.      The campaign should go on until the mission is successful.

4.      The TPLF is crying wolf, in the name of negotiations, to get international attention. They are acting like nation state supported by confused Oromo self-acclaimed activists that are used by the TPLF like accessories, etc.

5.      Well known media persons such as William Davidson (UK) and Martin Plaut (UK) must stop amplifying TPLF’s noise for negotiation. The TPLF has violated all norms and provisions of the “Federal Arrangement”, to the extent of delegitimizing the federal government. What is new now to go back to the negotiation table that they have ignored earlier? None and nothing!

6.      A transitional administration in Tigray has been set up. This needs to get ready to take over the civilian administration under the State of Emergency Provision!

7.      No provocative statements should be directed towards anybody from Ethiopians in terms of the aim of the operation!

8.      No negativity from the rest of us against the poor and innocent Tigreans, who are victims of the rogue clique and are more Ethiopians than some of us.

9.      The government should legally ban TPLF’s existence as a terrorist organization.

10.  Subsequently, the Ethiopian parliament and government should also ban OLF, ONLF etc as liberation fronts don’t fit into the ecosystem of the 21st Century.

11.  The government must also ban all illegal and informal organizations when they have no certificate of association or registration. Same thing should apply to any illegal activity!

12.  The government should go ahead with the National Election as planned.

13.  In post National Election, the new government must form a body of experts who should review the current TPLF constitution with the objective of dismantling the current “Ethnic Federal Arrangement”, replacing it by a more acceptable federal structure that won’t be the reason and basis for Ethnic conflicts and wide displacements leading to social cataclysm.

14.  These measures will be some of the pillars of the future Ethiopia that most of us desperately want to see.

Ethiopia shall prevail!
Thanks for reading and passing on!