Crackdowns on Qeerroo? Good Luck Intimidating the Tiger!

by Mengistu D. Assefa
This is a headline on the Ethiopian Reporter today.
“ፌዴራል ፖሊስ “ቄሮ” በተባለው የወጣቶች እንቅስቃሴ ላይ ጥልቅ ምርመራ ሊያደርግ መሆኑ ተሰማ”
What does it even mean to (deeply) investigate Qeerroo? The Reporter puts its article the way that led me to think that the Federal Police defines Qeerroo as some sort of institution that is comprised of criminals instigating conflicts and hampering the ” legally put administrative proceedings”. Who are the Qeerroo anyway?
Let me help them understand the gravity of the dangerous game the FDRE is planning to play.
Qeerroo is an Afaan Oromoo term ascribed to youth (traditkonally male?). Its etymology stems from the word “Qeerrensa/Qeerransa” whose literal meaning is “tiger”. My literal meaning of Qeerroo is ” Tiger-ish” Tiger is a symbol of fierce fighter, a dignified creature, energetic and unyielding to compromise of any sort if it touches its survival and dignity. This is how the Oromo (in their Gadaa System) define the young men who are defenders of survival and dignity, full of energy and enthusiasm. Qeerroo are the youth social strata of Gadaa Sysytem estimated to amount nearly 10 million in number.
Let me leave the rest to linguists and ethno anthropologists and explain the political significance. The present day Qeerroo is Oromo Protests is no exception. It is not an institution. It isn’t a group. Qeerroo is an idea today. An idea of cultured resistance. Qeerroo rightly represents a relentless pursuit of liberty, equipped with mental readiness and resilience which leaves no stone unturned to get what it pursues.
Qeerroo is a wave above the tank of oppression. It is an idea of perpetual sacrificial progress towards rights and social equity. These days youths by the label of Qeerroo aren’t at the point of no return, because for them return isn’t an option and there isn’t a point of such sort. In Ethiopia Qeerroo fought and shocked it to its core one of the most repressive systems in Africa and made it respond finally (part of their demands of course). They are shields of the country who guarded human rights, and in its bid paid their limbs and lives. Hence, what or (who) is the Federal Police targeting now? If what and who is Qeerroo is the target, good luck with running against the wall!
For the government that repeatedly proved itself to be the stumble on the path to human rights, the news didn’t take me by surprise. In the meantime I have to reiterate that violence in any form is morally against the question of democracy and human rights. Qeerroo, for most part of their resistance practice, have acted responsibly and compared to what they faced in the face of state brutality the damage they have caused is insignificant. This by no means doesn’t endorse any violent incidents that might have resulted in loss of lives and resources, physical and psychological pain on any person during the resistance.
So the Ethiopian government has to reconsider its already failed strategy of launching a crackdown on Qeerroo and rather open up for political dialogue. The Qeerroo have already had enough of the arrests, politically motivated charges, tortures and killings from what the same government has drawn its very existence. Trying to fighting Qeerroo, simply put is trying to intimidating Tiger and hence has to be unconditionally stopped for the betterment of our already ailing political landscape.


  1. The problem with power is not and con’t accept reality.The people in power like that of Wayne(brutis),think that the power they are holding can never be snatched out of their hands.They underestimate the people.
    Wayane, even the miyety power on earth like that of America,can stay miyety only as far as they have the backing the cityzinners.I understand Wayane is handicapped politicaly to think that way.Now the Keroes and the Fanos are saying try us.It is true that Wayane always flash new cards at every stop for it has no self confidence and perfectly understood that no one wants to go down with a sinking ship.Wayane’s ship has sunk 70%.Trying to mess up with Keroes and the Fano may even shorten your time to scape with the looted Ethiopian Wealth.Wayane if I were you I surrender and talk with the Ethiopian people.What ever happens,it is the Ethiopian people ,who you killed,intimidated,tortured,psychologically made them as if they are subhuman or second class citizens,and who you planned to serve you like in the apartheid system,While your side are Educated and are prepared to be leaders and experts are the ones who will pass their verdict against you.So,Wayane your time is up.You are degraded to nothing.Here after your bluff gets you no where.

  2. BBC has recently put out a piece touching on the PM flip flop about the release of political prisoners. The situation over there is now on the cross road both for the country and the regime itself. There seems to be no way out of this mess the regime brought upon itself. It has been pushing paper with glowing statistics designed for image building/enhancing. People are not illiterate anymore. More people can read and write now than they could so before. It is not the 1950’s now. It is not the 1960’s or 70’s now. News source is not that clunky shortwave radio confined at homes of the affluent or that shop at the bazaar. When I was growing up there were two shortwave radios in that small railway station. Both were owned by Arab shop owners. And they were listening to radio broadcast from their homeland. Then one man in our neighbor bought one and he was listening to Radio Hargeisa or Djibouti only. So if there was any new law we used to be told by an announcer who roamed around the neighborhood telling us from the top of his lungs in Oromifaa and Amharic what it was. Poor guy was not even provided with a bull horn. He went around the village street by the street announcing from 7:00PM to almost 10:00PM shouting the same announcement. Poor guy!!! To be honest with you we did not even know what he was talking about or we did not care unless it is about cattle vaccination or something about mosquito eradication spray both on land and from air. But now millions can read and write and sat cell phones are everywhere. So a peasant near the Sudanese border can hear what is going on in areas bordering Kenya. So you can run but you cannot hide. The regime has been told by concerned countrymen also by humanitarian groups outside the county umpteen times to shape up for many, many years now. Because it is dominated by students of ‘class struggle’ and demonic ‘dialectic materialism’ it has stopped listening. Those young people will not stop from going into the streets protesting even though they know there is absolute certainty that they will be mowed down like encroaching dingos. And this double talk not only to the public there but the entire world is going to be the last straw. You tell it today that all political prisoners will be set free soon and you have the nerve to say ‘no, no, no that was not what I meant to say yesterday but I have not decided about that yet. Or you misquoted me’. I don’t think even Idi Amin would stand in that competition. At least he would tell you that ‘I killed your father just because I can’. I think for the good of the people a national convention that includes all concerned groups and prominent individuals should be convened right there in the country to avert any imminent carnage. First all political prisoners should be freed with no precondition. It also should make everything what was discussed during its recent extended meetings behind the closed door. I mean everything as it was discussed so we know how it reached its conclusions. Let’s see who said what. This is not to incriminate anyone but just for confidence building. This longstanding stubbornness by ‘powerful’ individuals in the leadership clique is not cutting the mustard anymore. The clock is ticking. Click, click, click!!!!!

  3. Ethiopians have become the laughing stock of the rest of the world for having regressed from what our ancestors were to where we are now.
    Having lived through the the 27 years of terrorist and traitor Tigre occupation, we still seem to accord them a semblance of a government, our government that is.
    These foreign-supported and installed entities are nothing but an occupation force that is modeled on former apartheid system of White South Africa.
    These are roundly inferior breed of humans akin to zombies in everything they do or do not.
    They are not to blame for our plight because their beastly nature cannot be be done otherwise. What we must do is, to accept the reality that has befallen us. These primitive locust-eaters who have the dubious distinction of sharing such trait with their Yemeni cousins, must be ejected from our occupied land.
    Their occupation has no parallel in our country’s long history. They must go.

  4. We have reached the limit, the boiling point. In some areas the anger is oiling over already. If the life of one Qerro is claimed, there will be revenge that will be unleashed by leaps and bounds.
    Tigres have declared an all-out war on Oromos and Oromos. They will do the same elsewhere if challenged. Ethiopians have endured so much pain for so long. They refrained from paying back these repulsive mercenaries in kind. The Tigrean masses are complicit. Only when they manifest palpable resistance, can they be forgiven since the blood of Oromos, Amaras, Somalis, Anuaks, Konos etc is spilled by TPLF’s Tigres.
    Sooner or later, the seemingly slumbering Ethiopians will stand to the occasion. The Fannos are already teaching these sub-human Tigres, a lesson or two.

  5. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

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