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Correction: Eritrean Independence is not Twenty Five year, Just turned to 25 years of failure!

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By Tedla Asfaw
As far as the record shows in 1991 May this time EPLF controlled Asmara by itself and Addis Ababa with TPLF after Mengistu Hailemariam run for his life and the Derg army went back to its village. Ethiopia under TPLF and Eritrea under EPLF agreed to conduct a “referendum” in 1993. It was either “Freedom/ Nestanet” or “Slavery/Barent”. They voted 100 percent for Freedom that was in May 1993.
Eritrea was recognized as independent nation by foregin countries after the late Meles Zenawi the first person recognized its independence. That was 23 years ago not 25 year as was portrayed on the VOA’s program below.

it seems Isaias Afewroki wants to be part of the “Early Bronze” celebration of independence. He is right no one knows if he will be in power to celebrate the 25 year celebration in May 2018.
The Eritreans who voted against “slavery” within Ethiopia are now “enslaved” by foreign powers claimed by Isaias Afeworki on his speech on the “25 anniversary of Independence”. He accused foreigners for being in business of smuggling young Eritreans estimated 5000 in a month according to France 24 TV.
Isaias Afeworki knows very well that to cross the Eritrean border to Ethiopia it costs 2000 dollar and 3000 dollar to Sudan according to the French TV documentary.
I agree with Isaias Afeworki that Eritrean refugees especial treatment by Westerners has encouraged many who have family members in Europe and America to pay the cost of 5000 to 6000 dollar for smugglers.
Many Eritreans are dying on their way to Europe and that however did not discourage many. The referendum in present Eritrea is To Stay or Not stay in Eritrea under Isaias Afewroki’s EPLF. Dollar is the Winner at the expense of thousands of lives !!!!