Coronavirus – Ethiopia: COVID-19 reported cases in Ethiopia (20 October 2020)

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, October 21, 2020/APO Group/ — 

Laboratory test: 6,602
Severe cases: 301
New recovered: 489
New deaths: 6
New cases: 630


Laboratory test: 1,410,496
Active cases: 45,479
Total recovered: 43,638
Total deaths: 1,371
Total cases: 90,490

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Health, Ethiopia.


  1. I still give the over qualified Health Minister H.E. Dr. Lia Tadesse and very capable team an A+ for keeping this easily transmitted deadly pandemic in check. My latest analysis based on the latest numbers from John Hopkins University shows my encouraging trend on the pandemic. We all shouldn’t forget that the old country has a population of more than 120 million with rudimentary healthcare and infrastructure but with her relentless head on fight the pandemic is still less than 100,000 ten months after the commies in Beijing let the deadly loose on the world. The recovery rate is the silver lining of it all. It was in the 20’s not too long ago but now it is galloping towards the 50% which means there are more people recovering daily than the number of new cases adding to the tally. This is in light of the fact that bigots have been tossing one wrench after another in her blessed and heroic effort. My previous projection I predicted back in August for the number of total cases to be between 150-200 thousand by the beginning of 2021 and it still stands. By then an effective vaccine is slated to be available. Insha’Allah!!! You see, that is how capable our women are. I hope sooner if not later they will grab the mantle away from us men of governing that country. We have been making one mess after another. We have been bossing around those dignified people for too long that we have stopped listening. We have grown so arrogant that we create and make wars for stupid reasons sending millions to their deaths. We have lost the skills to see democracy as fair system but we see it an another humanbeing who is out there to gouge our eyes for no reason. We see democracy as someone who will come for us as demonic serial killer as Ted Bundy and Samuel Little combined. The sound ‘democracy’ is enough to arouse the ‘Zaar’ in us!!! Enough is enough. Now all of you misogynists!!! One word out of you!!! Just one work!!! Keep your mouth zipped and let everyone else think you have turned heehaw jackasses!!!

  2. Dear Countrymen/Women,

    I am getting very worried about the daily tallies coming out of the very country we live in here the West. Today’s numbers from USA are not that encouraging at all. The daily death toll has skyrocketed to an alarming high. There are 1,225 deaths from the pandemic today alone. The last time it was more than 1,200 deaths was almost two months ago on September 9, 2020. I know you may be tired of me telling you to stay safe. Such surge here and Europe is taking place because many citizens among us went into a not-intelligent ways of flaunting the mitigating protocol put together for protecting us all. Now hospitals and clinics are warning us that they are about to run out of beds to treat patients stricken by the pandemic. Our very small facility here was telling us residents on the TV this evening that it has just about 5 beds left and asking the state and feds for assistance. I have told you that by all its lingering behavior this virus has no plan to go anywhere any time soon. It is hell bent to wipe us all from the face of the earth. Please DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY. PROTECT YOURSELF AND IN DOING SO PROTECT OTHERS. May The Almighty Our Creator Protect You All From This Scourge!!!

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