Conflict looms in Ethiopia as tensions between Addis Ababa and Tigray region escalate

EARS of war and the possible break-up of Ethiopia were raised today as the northern Tigray region blocked a military appointment of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government.

The unnamed brigadier general is said to have flown north to Tigray on Thursday evening, but returned to the capital Addis Ababa after being told “his appointment would not be considered legitimate.”

Senior Tigray People’s Liberation Front official Getachew Reda said that “any appointment or troop movement” is “totally unacceptable.”

The party, which rules the Tigray regional parliament, said that the PM no longer has a mandate for such moves.

The row between the powerful northern state and the government threatens to escalate into a full-blown war, analysts have warned, and could even see the region break away and split the Ethiopian state.

Tensions escalated last month when Tigray pressed ahead with regional elections in defiance of Addis Ababa. Mr Abiy has delayed a national poll which was due to take place in March, citing coronavirus.

He deemed the election unconstitutional, sparking a dispute that led to federal parliamentarians calling for Addis Ababa to cut funding to the Tigray parliament.

Ethiopia’s Tigray region is one of 10 autonomous states in a country riven by tribal and ethnic conflic

It is controlled by the TPLF, a powerful force in national politics since its army overthrew the Deng administration in 1991.

But it has been locked in a power play with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed since refusing to merge into his Prosperity party, which replaced the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front.

Tensions have risen over the control of federal-military personnel based in Tigray, with Mr Abiy’s plans to reshuffle the leadership of the armed forces in the region rejected.

An International Crisis Group report warned today that the stand-off “could trigger a damaging conflict that may even rip the Ethiopian state asunder.”

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  1. Everyone knows there is no work being done to improve the lack of law and order in Ethiopia which is something most Eritreans want since as the saying goes ግርግር ለሌባ ያመቻል .
    To be honest it is Shabiya who taught to TPLF how to be outlaws since 1974. TPLF mastered being an outlaw just like Shabiya.

    Now TPLF is starting the work how to teach all Tigrayans how to be outlaws, as Shabiya taught all Eritreans how to be outlaws for more than two decades . These Eritreans are in a process of laying their crime networks in Ethiopia right now.

    Isayas has graded with a passing grade the homework of TPLF which TPLF had been assigned working on for twenty seven years , the homework had been over for TPLF , since TPLF succeeded for Tigray to be completely ruled by outlaws who got the Tigrayans people’s vote so now Isayas is laying the foundation for all parts of Ethiopia to be ruled by relentless outlaws while distracting Abiy from enforcing the law in Ethiopia while Abiy is living in this fantasy of his, Abiy is forcing individual citizens of Ethiopia to take the law into their own hands by loosing faith in their current government. For that reason alone we Ethiopians need to sign the petition going around ordering Abiy Ahmed to resign before Isayas crime networks pollute Ethiopia further.

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