Comment on Melbaa Gada, Author of “Oromia, an Introduction to the History of the Oromoo People”. (by Tefera Dinberu

Comment on Melbaa Gadaa’s Book on the History of Oromo People
This comment is in regards to Melbaa Gadaa’s book on Oromia that was published in Minnesota in 1988 on the history of the Oromoo people. The objective of my comment is to help Melbaa and other thinkers like him see history with all its vices and virtues and intellectually project the destiny of Oromoo people in the future in relation to the rest of Ethiopians and what we can contribute for justice to prevail for the well-being of all peoples in that part of Africa. –  –Read more—-


  1. Oh boy, oh boy! Could you call such dishonesty piece of writing masquerading as a scholarly review material and honest analysis? I seriously doubt about it. Though the author make us believe otherwise, he is just airing lot of deep-seated prejudices against the Oromos, Somalis and other ethnic nations in Ethiopian, while at same time trying to rehabilitate the age-old bias of Amhara cultural norms. Typical of Ethiopiansque old school with revisionist history mindset.,

  2. Brother Tefera Dinbru,
    I read your piece posted here, It refreshed my Ethiopian History 101 some of which you refereed on your twenty three pages piece. I read a good Amharic Book written by Ato Tekelesadik Mekuria titled “Ye Gragene Mohammed Werera” in 1966 our calendar.
    That book has parts about “Ye Gala Tarik, Zena Galhu ” written by a Monk who lived during the ” Gala immigration” in Gemu Gofa. The death of Gragn Mohammed paved the way for the Oromos to take vast lands in a short period of time. This is Ethiopian history no one can reverse that fact on the ground now.
    The book review you did the author was not writing history of Oromos but his Dream about “Oromia State” which was never the case and no historian wrote about it. The current Oromia is a Woyane creation for major conflict after the demise of Woyane.
    The Oromo youth is mislead both home and in the diaspora by the very few you mentioned like Jawar Mohammed, Tesfaye Gebreab, Eritrean Oromo, and pseudo writers whose book you criticize with historical facts using the reference of many foreign as well as Ethiopian historians. Writings like yours will contribute to better understandings.

  3. The writing above is riddled with the usual characteristic of this kind of writings namely denial, lie, mislead etc. The sources the writer used for this rubbish writing are all discredited for their lack of objectivity and sound scholarly rigor. They are fairytales written by Debteras’ (who were neither historians, geographers, ethnographers nor anthropologists in any sense of the terms, none whatsoever) and some diehard amharist western expeditionists and “scholars” who in turn use the Debteras’ fairytale writings as their ‘sources’. What the writer claims as an Ethiopian history is a fairytale and a house of lies build over time on a foundation of lies. The house of lies do not stand to any genuine common sense let alone a gentle intellectual scrutiny. What I would like to say to the writer is that that boat has already sailed. Get out of the Debtera created myth of Ethiopia and live in the real world among real people.
    Furthermore, I would like to remind the writer to check out what colonialism means and get the true sense of the term. According to the writer, for any forced occupation to qualify as a colonialism, the victims of the occupation (the occupied people and their land) ‘must’ be known as a recognized nation-state before the occupation. This is even low by the Debtera standard. It turns the definition of colonialism in its head. How many of the now decolonized countries on the continents of Africa, Asia, North and Latin America, and elsewhere in the world had been recognized nation-states before their colonization and subsequent decolonization? Had Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Somalia, DRC, CAR, etc been recognized as nation-states before their occupations?
    Moreover, the writer also seems to claim, as foolishly as it may sound, that any self-serving fairytale can be cited as a historical evidence as long as it is written. On the other hand, he seems to say that, any true and time tested historic fact that can be corroborated by scientific data and present material/physical and otherwise evidence can be denied and dismissed out of hand as long as it is not written hundreds of years ago. However, the fact of the matter is that Oromos are the most indigenous people for that part of the world. The Habeshas are newcomers to this part of the world from Southern Yemen. No Debtera fairytale (written or not) can change this historical fact.

    • Please read the origin of our history! The first time it was mentioned about Oromo was by Abba Bahrey. Though he was the first person to write about it, the word (Oromo) was not mentioned in his book, because it was not known that way at that time. For all other historians, be it the historian Arab Faki or others, Bahrey’s book was their original source. And, before Bahrey, there existed not a single sentence written about the great Oromo people, unfortunately. We have to swallow it as a fact. Period. Read his book! You will find full of very interesting historical episodes.

  4. Tefera Dinberu& others
    WHy do not you be focused on your life? What do you live with hatred. Do you feel inferior? but this does not take you far. Make a history today. You and your likes always talk of negativity and full of criticism of our people. All the time-you talk hatred about our current government, about people… But this doesn’t help you. It makes you sick. People with no sound idea bring poverty to the nation. You are among those such kind of people. Instead of spending time on the past- make you mind set to be a solution for today’s generation. Bring solutions, ideas to get out of our poverty. Our current regime is far better off- because with all challenges- they are determined to fight the abject poverty- which were are now seeing progresses.

  5. Oboo Guyassa,
    Your creation Oromia is a ” student project ” which has no chance to be implemented in Ethiopia. You have no muscle either to put it down in our throat because you lack fire power. Students can experiment anything imaginable in life that is what Oboo Guyassa is suggesting on his rant. Impossible dream is a therapy for some beside generating some dollar !!!

    • Your Name Said it all !! You got one thing right though, having a fire power means you can do what ever you will to people ha Habesh
      Have a Good Day Brother !

  6. The reality is the expansion of ahmara abyssinan christian iland to the south and easet to colonise the muslim and the pagan rich territories nad population
    The ethiopian history in reality the abyssinan history written by debterra is all lie .Oromo were there afar were there,somalis ,sidama….. were there before the conquest by menelik.
    Abyssinian Get out of the Debtera created myth of Ethiopia and live in the real world among real people in fedration of nations.

  7. Mr. Tedla Asfaw. I was really believed that you activism is to change for the best days of all people because you write a lot about the current problem.
    However, after I checked what you have written in the comment section and your reference, you weight became like a cotton. You better hide this kind of hatred at least change your names. It will truly hurt the legitimise of what you will write after this.
    My question for you is If you can trust Tekeltsdek the politician historian and the other Galu books, why not I don’t believe history written by my people like Gada Melab and others? How about our own history that we learn from our parents? What is the sematic and the Solomon dynasty doing in the land of Cush?/Ethiopia?
    I think you should know what you are doing. Oromia is here to exist. That is whether you like it or not.

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