Chronic Amharophobia & Its Genocidal Cloud! (By Naod Amiha)

Chronic Amharophobia & Its Genocidal Cloud! (By Naod Amiha)
11025230_1409817589326082_4548888202015992029_nWe can trace roots of the current irrational hate and fear towards ethnic Amhara (Amharophobia) back into the 19th c. Although it had its own domestic genealogy, it was originally cultivated and systematically propagated by aliens, from the West & Middle East. Both parties were/are equally interested in either owning or dismembering Ethiopia to secure their respective national interests in the Red Sea region. Hence, to attain that goal, they must first incapacitate Ethiopia’s creator & natural guardian, the AMHARA! And with such wicked plan; Amharophobia was conceived during the era of “scramble for Africa”.
Thanks to Italy’s pre-Adwa anti-Amhara propaganda, the long conceived Amharophobia was eventually born in Tigray on the hands of white midwives. Soon, the Tigrean elites & early ‘scholars’ became devoted caretakers of this evil child. Then Italians sent few Tigreans who were well versed in traditional education to Rome for the sake of recreating them as anti-Amhara Propaganda Robots.
Debtera Fiseha Giorgis, one of such Robots confirmed the above claim in his Tigrigna ‘novel’ called “…ጦብላሕታ” (published in Rome, 1895- just a year before the Battle of Adwa). He mentioned that there were three Tigreans including him in Rome during the pre-Adwa epoch. Surprisingly, he admitted that one of them called Zekarias was enrolled in the Italian School of Propaganda, while the author himself ‘joined’ the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs!
We can easily perceive what kind of Hate-Robot then he became via quoting his other Tigrigna ‘novel’ called “
ታሪኽ ኢትዮጵያ” (written in the late 19th century)… For instance, while narrating Emperor Menelik’s march toward Tigray, following the death of Emperor Yohannes, Debtera Fiseha used roughly the following bogus, yet agitating sentences:
“… Some of the troops were not happy … [and] began cursing Tigray as if they came to satisfy her suppliant. Although, the Amhara troops had an intention of eliminating first the people of Agame and then the people of Axum, [however] crossing Agame alone became extraordinarily difficult to them. Then, they [Amharas] kept cursing Tigray. They even lost patience to hear the language [Tigrigna].”
In short, this hatemonger mercenary can be considered as the Tigrean Godfather of Amharophobia. Unfortunately, generations of Neo-Debtera Fisehas were/are following his footsteps even long after the Battle of Adwa. These Hate-Robots and their foreign masters intensified their undeclared, but steadily consistent attack against Amharas.
Neo-Debtera Fisehas such as; Bisrat Amare, Gebre Kidan Desta, Yemane G/Mesqel, Kinfe Abriham, Habtemariam Assefa, Asefa Jaleta… etc went too far to humiliate and defame Amharas. Beside the psychological warfare, the untold Genocide and ethnic-cleansing committed by TPLF, EPLF, OLF & others against the defenseless Amharas are solid evidences of the unimpeded Amharophobia & the Grand Conspiracy.
Ironically, these were-wolves keep surprising us even by brainwashing some Amhara Trojan Horses; from Walelign Mekonnen up to Alemnew Mekonnen! Nowadays, numerous brainwashed Amhara members of EPDM (ANDM) are proud and eager to cut the throat of any Amhara who dare to question the Tigrean hegemony… They can’t get enough of sucking the blood of any Amhara who tried to expose the Agony of his people.
Although EPDM was renamed by TPLF as ANDM, it insists on preaching all about Mamma Ethiopia; while OPDO is building Oromumma that can automatically launch a Republic when TPLF ring the final bell of official dismemberment. On the contrary, ANDM will loyally keep hostage the collective consciousness of Amhara under the barrack of Utopian Ethiopian nationalism till that dooms day. Thus, Amhara will remain unprepared, unorganized and defenseless while their ‘Sister Nations’ turned into Monster Republics that hunt them down from every corner!
More astonishingly, ANDM is not the only Trojan horse here, but also the so called Unionist Block in the opposition! Sadly, the Unionists are now corrupted by the Amharophobe viruses or to be more precise they are already possessed by the anti-Amhara devil! To my surprise, while soothing and praising the Amharophobe OLF, EPLF, ONLF & TPDM thugs these “Unionists” regularly ignore or even attack the emerging tot Amhara organizations! They declared Amhara organizations as anti-unity while recognizing other ethnic based organizations as guardians of the phony unity of Ethiopia! What the HELL…???
Here, beyond pulling strings of their Ethiopian puppets, the Grand-Conspirators sometimes employ their own men in coining & disseminating anti-Amhara propaganda. For example, their Agents/scholars such as; Roman Prochäzka, John Markakis, Siegfried Pausewang, Christopher Clapham, Paul Baxter, Bonnie Holcomb, Sevir Chernetsov & many others tried to deform Amhara’ identity. And they often pictured Amhara as ruthless oppressors and culprits of everything bad happened in Ethiopia.
Thanks to their effective works, today almost all elites of Ethiopian Ethnic groups consider Amhara as their mortal enemies. Moreover, Amhara don’t have any international sympathizers. That’s why; the world gave deaf ear to the systematic genocide that eliminated 2.4 million Amhara, while crying against the killings of thousands of Anuaks! I am afraid also no one will ever complain when the planned worst & final assault is launched against the poor Amhara.
Generally, Amhara are now practically isolated from the key political and economic affairs of the failing state. They are all by themselves in the deepest dark; even the whole world sided with monsters. Why??? Very simple! Because, most Amhara still insist in defending Ethiopia in vain, even when ‘everything Ethiopian’ stand against them! Sadly, Ethiopia is already at her deathbed & it can’t be cured (unless we are expecting a divine intervention!). On top of this, each and every nationality is now preparing itself for the inevitable crumbling of Ethiopia, well, except the conned & betrayed Amhara!

Yes, “Do not search for a calf under an ox”!

Amhara can’t save themselves under the Unionist Block, since the ‘unionists’ are already corrupted and practically acting against them. Moreover, given that Ethiopia is on the verge of irreversible death, Amhara must fully focus on saving themselves than trying the impossible! They need a strong Amhara political organization. Because, the growing Amharophobia might eventually result in the holocaust-like disaster unless Amhara build their own FORT before it’s too late!


  1. It a very good article. But it is written in English and only posted online which makes it accessible only to few Amhara people. This article need to be interpreted in Amharic and distributed to the Amhara community. Most Amhara people don’t have access to internet and are unaware of the danger they are facing. I ask the author and also organizations like Morsh amhara to create awareness among all amhara communities and create a unified Amhara organization that could organize the amhara people so that they can defend the amhara people and also the unity of Ethiopia.

  2. Naod amiha if all Amara were with blinkers like you I would happily cooperate to stone them to death every one of them but fortunately they are not shallow like you, please go and read your own history properly to comprehend what is Amara what is Tigray, it is people like you who have evil heart and brutal mind who divide people just to see blood spill.
    Zehabesha you could do better instead of posting garbage like this unless you are keen to garbage!!

    • wedi nakfa,
      You are a perfect example why the article was written and evidence why it is impossible for Amhara to live with you people.

      • Thank you brother Solomon.
        That was what exactly I was thinking when I read the Tigria guy’s comment. We cannot and would not want to live with them. They always hate us, but we don’t seem to understand that. Anyway, as Amhara, I don’t want to be part of anything with them!

  3. You are 100% right!!!!
    I was so strong and I always said only the weak people cry. This article made me …
    Dear Zehabesha pls. post my crying eye with Ethiopia picture (I know you have it) with my text.

  4. Why panic now? Do you think that is the best solution to reconcile for ethnic rivalry in the country? I don’t think zero-some-game politics or an eye for an eye approach that makes blind everyone is best solution. For better or worse, Amharas were on the helm over hundred years politically, economically and institutionally speaking while all other ethnic groups were and still (except Tigarus) disadvantaged. You know it I what mean if you are barely familiar with modern the Ethiopian history. Just be patient to be ruled in your turn and try to work toward an inclusive, representative fair system, including equitable federalism and democratic system, , that respects everyone regardless of ethnic and religious background! Try to support those organizations or individuals who are tirelessly and genuinely working to that end instead of denouncing and despising unjustly!

  5. Assa Gorgari Zendo Yawetal
    when you wrote “Amara the creator of ethiopia and its natural guardian”; you lost your credibility. You flushed out and robed the right of the rest of ethiopians from different ethnic groups. If an Amhara is like you, then don’t blame people for despising you.
    fortunately, you don’t represent anyone. Thanks God

  6. The writer draws a dire picture of the country? But what is the measure for a failing state? How can the leaders of all major developed countries visit and appreciate and hurry to befriend a failing state? This is just in contradiction with the reality on the ground. Basically your big logical error begins with your allocation of the guardianship of the country to one ethnic group only. The country does not belong to one ethnic group only, but to all nations and nationalities of the country. I can understand that you are speaking about the old Ethiopia which used to be the prison of its nations and nationalities. That State,we hate. Along with its guardians who were the previous ruling classes. They do not mind to decimate whole population of a society. Their concern is only to consolidate their power and meet their megalomaniac and fascistic egos. Please do not disseminate hatred among peoples. The great broad masses of Amhara are friends, brothers and sisters to the great broad masses of the other nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. If you are speaking about the old Ethiopia, it is not dying just now. It is dead long ago. The new Ethiopia is based on equality, justice and mutual respect of its nations and nationalities. It is thriving now and will continue to thrive and flourish in the future. The guardian of the new Ethiopia is all its people under the leadership of EPRDF. Not a few selected people. No more!
    Viva the new Ethiopia!
    Long live the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia!

  7. Very true. Amharas must save themselves before saving mama Ethiopia.
    Every ethnic group has been coached and taught to hate Amhara. Some of our people have fallen prey to this dangerous behavior. So Amharas are the only one to save themselves. We never heard anyone in the UN or the west asking were the 2.4 millions of Amharas have disappeared even after Meles’s own acknowledgment of their disappearance.
    Italy and the west has been playing this divide to conquer scheme for long time only because Amharas were a fierce and fearless defenders of Ethiopia as a whole without isolating and dividing their people along their ethnic group. Of course this is a no, no ideology to Italy and Europe who has been knocking on the door step to colonize Ethiopia.
    Of course we never hear calling and identifying people by ethnic name in Europe or the west because it is seen as uncalled for, primitive and distractive to their civilized and peaceful life.
    In fact this kind of behavior is not tolerated and received with harsh treatment. Recent example is United Kingdom and Scotland election which the British government went berserk and insulted those who want to be separated from Britain as unti-unity, destructionist and divisive .

  8. wedi nakfa:
    I know this article scared the crap out of you. Where are going to hide? No where! We will come and get your ass!

  9. The hate being propagated by Tigrians and Sick OLF politicians including Jawar and other Oromo elites bearing fruit and Amharas are being killed persecuted raped and being cannibaled mainly because of the failure of Amhara intellectuals to create awareness about the danger posed by these deadly groups bent on exterminated Amharas from the face of Ethiopia
    despite the silence of Amhara elites to prevent the systemic genocide committed on Amharas by Tigrians and Oromos and other ethnics the brave people of Amhara will eventually rise up to defend themselves only after millions of Amharas killed and the consequence of Tigrians and Oromo elites action will claim the lives of many many Wthiopians so it is better for these hateful and evil groups like TPLF and OLF think about their evil action and hate propaganda they are spreading before things get nasty
    No people in the world will sit and die and the brave Amharas will not sit and die

  10. Thank you thank u Naod as usual the enemies of Amhara are quick to silence anybody who try to defend Amharas,
    The immortal enemies of Amharas OLF , ELF TPLF are always quick to attack and demonize brave people like you , thes groups will do anything in their power to prevent Amhara people not to have an organization and a voice to stand for them so that they continue killing and displacing Amharas and eventually exterminate them systematically
    Ironically if you wrote the usual fabricated false stories to demonize and criminalize Amharas no none will ever criticize you
    The comments and attacks against you shows the grave dangers Amharas facing who are being killed and cannibaled while the majority of Amharas are fooled under the name of Ethiopianism which is falling and crumbling in our eyes
    please keep writing and enlighten the people of Amharas before Tigrians and OLF Oromos stared the final genocide against Amharas
    Last but not least it is possible to bring charges to the United Nations Genocide prevention Comision against people like Jawar Mohammed , Bisrat Amare, OLF historians and politicians and Sibhat Nega and others who are preaching hate against Amharas

  11. Abebaw ebabu, who is scared? you know an Eritrean ‘HAMOT’ who made you run away for kilometres with a shit stuck in your pants? ask you great grand father , father and all your clan, you are simply TEQMAT.

  12. This is crap. How about Amhara living every where except in Amhara but do not even want to integrate with the local community of wherever they want to live. I do believe everyone should be free to live anywhere. But you should treat people with respect if you are going to live with them. You can tell them you are the “guardian” of Ethiopia and still make them believe Ethiopia equal for everybody.

  13. ጆሮ ይለው አይን ያለው ልብ ያለው የአማራ ህዝብ ቆም ብሎ እንዲያስብ ይህ ጹሁፍ በአጭሩ ያለውን እውነታ ፍንትው አድርጎ አሳይቶል። አማራ ከማንም በላይና በፊት እራሱን ከጥፋት ና ከሞት መከላከል መቻል አለበት ያለበለዚያ ግን ወደ ሞት እየተነዳ እንደሆነ ሳያውቅ ብዙ ንጹሀን ወገኖች ደማቸው እየፈሰሰ አጥንታቸው እየተቆረጠ ዘራቸው እየጠፋ መሆኑን ልብ ሊሉ ይገባል። ይህ የማንቂያ ደውል ያልቀሰቀሰው ሰውበራሱ ላይ ፍርድ እየፈረደ መሆኑን ይገንዘብ።

  14. እጅህ ይባረክ! ጠላቶቻችን ለእርድ ሲያዘጋጁን አፋቸውን ለያዙ ምሁራን አይን ገላጭ ነው። የጠላቶች ጫጫታ አይግታህ። በርታ ህዝብህን አንቃ። Amhara Unite!!

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