Chronic Amharophobia & Its Genocidal Cloud! (By Naod Amiha)

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Chronic Amharophobia & Its Genocidal Cloud! (By Naod Amiha)
11025230_1409817589326082_4548888202015992029_nWe can trace roots of the current irrational hate and fear towards ethnic Amhara (Amharophobia) back into the 19th c. Although it had its own domestic genealogy, it was originally cultivated and systematically propagated by aliens, from the West & Middle East. Both parties were/are equally interested in either owning or dismembering Ethiopia to secure their respective national interests in the Red Sea region. Hence, to attain that goal, they must first incapacitate Ethiopia’s creator & natural guardian, the AMHARA! And with such wicked plan; Amharophobia was conceived during the era of “scramble for Africa”.
Thanks to Italy’s pre-Adwa anti-Amhara propaganda, the long conceived Amharophobia was eventually born in Tigray on the hands of white midwives. Soon, the Tigrean elites & early ‘scholars’ became devoted caretakers of this evil child. Then Italians sent few Tigreans who were well versed in traditional education to Rome for the sake of recreating them as anti-Amhara Propaganda Robots.
Debtera Fiseha Giorgis, one of such Robots confirmed the above claim in his Tigrigna ‘novel’ called “…ጦብላሕታ” (published in Rome, 1895- just a year before the Battle of Adwa). He mentioned that there were three Tigreans including him in Rome during the pre-Adwa epoch. Surprisingly, he admitted that one of them called Zekarias was enrolled in the Italian School of Propaganda, while the author himself ‘joined’ the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs!
We can easily perceive what kind of Hate-Robot then he became via quoting his other Tigrigna ‘novel’ called “
ታሪኽ ኢትዮጵያ” (written in the late 19th century)… For instance, while narrating Emperor Menelik’s march toward Tigray, following the death of Emperor Yohannes, Debtera Fiseha used roughly the following bogus, yet agitating sentences:
“… Some of the troops were not happy … [and] began cursing Tigray as if they came to satisfy her suppliant. Although, the Amhara troops had an intention of eliminating first the people of Agame and then the people of Axum, [however] crossing Agame alone became extraordinarily difficult to them. Then, they [Amharas] kept cursing Tigray. They even lost patience to hear the language [Tigrigna].”
In short, this hatemonger mercenary can be considered as the Tigrean Godfather of Amharophobia. Unfortunately, generations of Neo-Debtera Fisehas were/are following his footsteps even long after the Battle of Adwa. These Hate-Robots and their foreign masters intensified their undeclared, but steadily consistent attack against Amharas.
Neo-Debtera Fisehas such as; Bisrat Amare, Gebre Kidan Desta, Yemane G/Mesqel, Kinfe Abriham, Habtemariam Assefa, Asefa Jaleta… etc went too far to humiliate and defame Amharas. Beside the psychological warfare, the untold Genocide and ethnic-cleansing committed by TPLF, EPLF, OLF & others against the defenseless Amharas are solid evidences of the unimpeded Amharophobia & the Grand Conspiracy.
Ironically, these were-wolves keep surprising us even by brainwashing some Amhara Trojan Horses; from Walelign Mekonnen up to Alemnew Mekonnen! Nowadays, numerous brainwashed Amhara members of EPDM (ANDM) are proud and eager to cut the throat of any Amhara who dare to question the Tigrean hegemony… They can’t get enough of sucking the blood of any Amhara who tried to expose the Agony of his people.
Although EPDM was renamed by TPLF as ANDM, it insists on preaching all about Mamma Ethiopia; while OPDO is building Oromumma that can automatically launch a Republic when TPLF ring the final bell of official dismemberment. On the contrary, ANDM will loyally keep hostage the collective consciousness of Amhara under the barrack of Utopian Ethiopian nationalism till that dooms day. Thus, Amhara will remain unprepared, unorganized and defenseless while their ‘Sister Nations’ turned into Monster Republics that hunt them down from every corner!
More astonishingly, ANDM is not the only Trojan horse here, but also the so called Unionist Block in the opposition! Sadly, the Unionists are now corrupted by the Amharophobe viruses or to be more precise they are already possessed by the anti-Amhara devil! To my surprise, while soothing and praising the Amharophobe OLF, EPLF, ONLF & TPDM thugs these “Unionists” regularly ignore or even attack the emerging tot Amhara organizations! They declared Amhara organizations as anti-unity while recognizing other ethnic based organizations as guardians of the phony unity of Ethiopia! What the HELL…???
Here, beyond pulling strings of their Ethiopian puppets, the Grand-Conspirators sometimes employ their own men in coining & disseminating anti-Amhara propaganda. For example, their Agents/scholars such as; Roman Prochäzka, John Markakis, Siegfried Pausewang, Christopher Clapham, Paul Baxter, Bonnie Holcomb, Sevir Chernetsov & many others tried to deform Amhara’ identity. And they often pictured Amhara as ruthless oppressors and culprits of everything bad happened in Ethiopia.
Thanks to their effective works, today almost all elites of Ethiopian Ethnic groups consider Amhara as their mortal enemies. Moreover, Amhara don’t have any international sympathizers. That’s why; the world gave deaf ear to the systematic genocide that eliminated 2.4 million Amhara, while crying against the killings of thousands of Anuaks! I am afraid also no one will ever complain when the planned worst & final assault is launched against the poor Amhara.
Generally, Amhara are now practically isolated from the key political and economic affairs of the failing state. They are all by themselves in the deepest dark; even the whole world sided with monsters. Why??? Very simple! Because, most Amhara still insist in defending Ethiopia in vain, even when ‘everything Ethiopian’ stand against them! Sadly, Ethiopia is already at her deathbed & it can’t be cured (unless we are expecting a divine intervention!). On top of this, each and every nationality is now preparing itself for the inevitable crumbling of Ethiopia, well, except the conned & betrayed Amhara!

Yes, “Do not search for a calf under an ox”!

Amhara can’t save themselves under the Unionist Block, since the ‘unionists’ are already corrupted and practically acting against them. Moreover, given that Ethiopia is on the verge of irreversible death, Amhara must fully focus on saving themselves than trying the impossible! They need a strong Amhara political organization. Because, the growing Amharophobia might eventually result in the holocaust-like disaster unless Amhara build their own FORT before it’s too late!