Challenge For Ginbot 7 leadership

By Tedla Asfaw

This coming Sunday Sept 22 in Arlington, Virginia Ginbot 7 has called all Ethiopians for open public dialogue. On this public meeting  Ginbot 7 chairman, Dr. Birhanu Nega and the Secretary, Andargatchew Tsige will be there. This is the “Mother of all Meetings”. Hope it will be aired live on ESAT.

Ginbot 7 has been on news recently after Dr.Birhanu’s  leaked “embarrassing” audio and the interview Ato Andargatchew gave onESAT this month. Both are now to face the public on what they have said in public among many other questions.

Dr. Birhanu has a budget of 500,000 dollar from bankrupt Eritrea. The budget is used for Ginbot 7 and also for ESAT. Most of us believed that ESAT has nothing to do with Ginbot 7, that is now history, Ginbot 7 owns ESAT.
We all remember when Tamagne Beyne  of ESAT fundraiser/Activist answered this question long time ago by saying if ESAT is aGinbot 7 media  let it be, “Behonese”. Dr. Birhanu backed Tamagne positively thanks to the leaked  audio that ESAT is financed byGinbot 7. It is no more “Behonese”, ESAT is a media wing of Ginbot 7.
Dr. Birhanu should be asked this coming Sunday why does he need to “Deceive” the public for almost three years. He should  apologize for the public. ESAT should be judged by its own record so far the Ethiopian public see it as a positive media.
One thing ESAT can not do is to criticize its financiers, Isaias Afeworki and Ginbot 7. As long as it does that it will be on air. The Diaspora fundraising has to go on because Isaias Afeworki is not a reliable partner.
 Ato Andargatchew is working hard to make sure Isaias finance is coming. That was the reason he came strongly to sell Isaias as “a man of the year of 2006”. Lionizing a dictator as a model for Africa “self rule and reliance”. If Ginbot 7 has such leadership in mind for future Ethiopia after Woyane it will not win any free and fair election.
Ethiopians should  ask how could Ginbot 7 leadership defend working closely with Isaias Afewroki who on this new year of 2006 message to his subjects  and the rest of Ethiopia said that Ethiopia is a creation of “Second World War” among many anti Ethiopia activities for more than two decades.
We all know that after Dr. Birhanu leaked audio that the fighting army of Ginbot 7 has yet to be formed. Eritrea will not send its army to overthrow Woyane in the near future. It is only the mass uprising of Ethiopians that is a strong possibility for which isaias is preparing itself to control such an event by sending ethnic armed groups to different part of Ethiopia for long term conflict.
We heard recently from Ato Andargatchew that “educated Ethiopians” are joining the Ginbot 7 fighting army. The braking news onESAT yesterday was about 4 Ethiopian Air Force pilots joining the army.
The Ethiopian army members that defected after the election 2005 massacre and many before that are now in Asmara fed and sheltered in their ethnic zones waiting to take power if  there is a power vacuum in Ethiopia.
There is no armed rebellion in Ethiopia except low level skirmishes between Woyane and Ogaden National Liberation Front. The news of defecting members of the Ethiopian Army is a propaganda victory and should not  be seen as a beginning of a military action against Woyane.
Ginbot 7 “Hulegeb Tigel” is not on field, it might be on air. Information is very important for the people of Ethiopia and ESAT has done its part on the last 3 years and should continue but ESAT can not liberate Ethiopia because it is not an armed organization.
If Ginbot 7  “Hulegeb Tigel” means  media and armed rebellion it is true  it did very well on the media front but nothing on the battle front. If the media is not independent to criticize the armed part of its movement it is very troubling.
The challenge of Abune Filipose  On Washington, D.C. recent ESAT organized meeting for  the leaders of opposition/Ginbot 7 showed the dilemma of ESAT independence. Bishop Filipose challenged Ginbot 7 leaders where and what their army is doing.ESAT moderators/journalists  did not ask  follow up questions and the public questions regarding the Ginbot 7 army is surely censored.
This coming Sunday many people who care deeply for freedom to come to Ethiopia should be free to ask all questions. It is up to  Ginbot 7 leadership to answer all,  it will be a decision time for members and supporters of Ginbot 7.
For the rest of us who wish change in Ethiopia should not be shy in expressing our views regarding Dr. Birhanu and AtoAndargatchew led Ginbot 7 movement because we need them to succeed.





  1. ato tedla, people like you are too destructive as you have no clue about the politics of this stage thouth you love your country, listen dude, politics is not something that is awaiting you while you are getting ready to move your lazy a$$, as you are writing your long nonsense echo, ethiopians are dying , tourting, and being abused by weyane savage members and while other million of ethiopians are dying with starvation and unfordable cost of living, and yet there are only two choices either bring your own solution ASAP, or just support others struggle that is already underway to remove the weyane cancer, otherwise screaming all over the planet like an empty can will not bring any solution, thus you should learn the ABC poliitcs of this stage before running around to flood the website with nonsense slogans

    • Ato Tedla Thanks! 🙂
      Finally you opened your eyes, and had a courage to expose those crooks Andargachew and Dr. Birhanu.
      abel don’t make a laughing stock out of yourself. Your comment is nothing but the tplf=weyane style outdated propaganda and attack that we know. Come up with a reasonable comment to the article. Ato Tedla was a dye hard puppet for gimbot7 and now he realized who for real are Andargachew and Dr. Birhanu.

  2. mr tedla .we need to remember both countries are busy in forming and arming opposition movements as an attempt to weaken the other country .we should not blame ginbot 7 for receiving financial aid from the eseyas .I agree with you eseyas is a dictator that no one wants to see like him in our country .also , Eritreans are our neighbors who shared the same culture ,custom ,belief and based on this fact , we need to work hard to create an environment that enabled us live at peace .

  3. Her you go again mr Tedla as I assume and reading it’s article he is the media part of EPRP even so I have a respect for him I saw him in every demonstration in NYC the way he put the article about Ginbot 7 I share it and I have the same opinion I disagree on some articles he wrote but as an opposition and strong voice for the voiceless Ethiopians mr Tedla I share u r value and I have great respect for you with love

  4. Here comes G7 diaspora army attacking Ato Tedela for expressing his personal view about ginbot 7.
    Here is my message for Ginbot 7 diaspora army: All of you Ginbot 7 diaspora army, instead of attacking Ato Tedla’s personality attack or answer the contents of what Ato Tedala wrote in his article.
    Attacking Ato Tedal’s personality doesn’t stop Ato Tedial or any other person from expressing his personal views.
    But All of you diaspora Ginbot 7 armies does not know what a democracy means while all of you living in western democratic countries.
    All of you are Bad losers!!

  5. You tell us the some thing TPLF and Merchaw tell us.I think they answer the question about the money and owner last at the time of Ethiopian soccer day.but we have many that have to be asked we will be there!

  6. Our first priority should be to free our beloved country that is in her death bed because of this wicked group called woyanne, not to feed our egos concerning who should be the leader of that country. This article is about jealousy. Stop writing this kind of inflammatory articles! This only help and emboldens the racist bastards. If there are some Ethiopian brothers who want to continue peaceful resistance, then let them do it. The G7 movement is a marvelous movement. If anything, it compliment the peaceful struggle. We are engaging in the struggle with people who are known to harass and kill prisoners in their prison cell. These kinds of people are devoid of conscious, so to whom are you gonna appeal if you deal with this kinds of people. Remember, the group we are engaging in a struggle kill almost 200 unarmed protesters including children in the street. Those martyrs should not be forgotten. As for Mr. Tedla , I appeal to you not to write this kind of article right now. If you are wise enough to discern the timing, article such as this is a discouragement for the struggle to wipe out woyanne from our beloved country. This has nothing to do with democracy. The G7 willingness to answer any question for any concerned Ethiopian will tell a lot about this wonderful movement. If this group owns ESAT, I found a reason to join it. Because ESAT exposes our people sufferings. I do not see anything wrong with that.

  7. Ato Tedla I agree with your general view about G7 and its leaders policy direction
    and political judgment about the future of Ethiopia. particularly, I am disgusted about andargachew’s capacity as a leader of G7. His recent interview with ESAT was a disaster. He never gave a direct answer for the tough questions raised by ESAT’s interviewer. But, I also want to thank ESAT’s interviewer for his wonderful professionalism. As ato Tedla said people need to ask real questions to G7 leaders. During the meeting. We Ethiopian’s don’t need to follow opposition leaders blindly in another political disasters and mistakes like many people did decades ago. True political change would come only through a process of dialogue and discussion not by accusing and intimidating true Ethiopians such as Ato Tedla Asfaw.

  8. tedla, dont trap in worthless diaspora inulst camp, weather you like it or not its oppostions like g7 are the one that are putting pressure on weyane and yet that is why weyane is scraming all the over the planet to attack g7 and that is why weyane hired not only its caders but also HODAM cadres like Mirchaw Sinishaw to attack g7 and yet the only people who are dancing empty dance are enemies of ginbot 7 who are worthless individuals in diaspora that have no life of course most of them are mentally sick …..go g7 and death to weyane and enemeis of g7 and death to mirchaw sinishaw who is a derg criminal and a weyane new cadre

  9. Ato Girma
    If you are honest in what you try to make your view does not catagorize you in the woyanne jele camp ,my previous comment is also applying for you and your all are well come by the G7 meeting with your challenges which i can assure you you will get a satisfactory answer if you are ready to sacrifies yourself for the well being of mama Ethiopia

  10. Endargachew and esayas are nuts i watched engargachew second interview with east his action his face everything what he is talking looks like esayas we need to do something before he end up mad like esayas pls

  11. Tedla Asfaw is a veteran EPRP who couldn’t get transformed to modern democrat and still obsessed with five decades old and outdated ideology. Come on Mr Asfaw,get yourself ready to embrace new ideas and follow intellectuals like Dr Birhanu and Ato Andargachew. For that matter, Listening to radio or tv interviews of these patriots is much more worth than reading books. We are proud of ESAT and G7 achievements so far. ESAT has been successful to agitate ordinary citizens to rise up and revolt against Woyane and G7 has done the same thing in the army of TPLF. So the current wave of defections in the Woyane camp is the beginning of the downfall of TPLF. Mr Asfaw please be wise not naive the days of EPRP is over and it’s chapter is closed with catastrophic defeat so donot be ridiculous. I am disgusted with your rubbish because I don’t think you are such a nut. Insulting dedicated patriots of G7 who are paying the ultimate scarification for their mother land and sabotaging to undermine 3 year old ESAT is unforgivable and it is an act equivalent to suffocating a new born baby to death.

  12. Ato Tedila, Woyanie wede siltan yemetaw eko be Egypt ena Sudan, Saudi yalaselese tiret neber resut libel? as long as G7 can remove woyanie ke’alqaeida gam yitebaber. what we need is woyanie has to be cleared from Ethiopia.

  13. Ato Tedela i didn’t see you or heard you in the meeting and raise the questions you were crying about. you and other Diaspora Woregnoch. do not do any thing but destructive wore. if you were brave enough you were supposed to go there and ask the question. I hope you will not write about this thing again.

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