The Dawn of a New Era in the Horn of Africa

BY TARIKU DEBRETSION February 01, 2019 Within a few months of signing a peace and cooperation agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea in Asmara on July 7, 2018, things are changing at a…


Horn of Africa: from Glory to Misery, and Hope?

By Kidane Alemayehu Abstract During most of the first millennium A.D., the Horn of Africa constituted a region that was a superpower in the affairs of northeastern Africa as well as southern…

An Eritrean soldier carries his rifle and teapot as the Eritrean army begins to pull out from the frontline near Senafe on February 17, 2001. Both Eritrean and Ethiopian forces are pulling back from frontline positions to create a 25km wide, temporary security zone. This will be controlled by 4000 UN peacekeepers while the disputed border between Eritrea and Ethiopia is demarcated by an international border commission. The establishment of the buffer zone is an important step in bringing an end to the war fought by Eritrea and Ethiopia from May 1998 until June 2000. CLH/ - RTREGTW

The Eritrean-Ethiopian War (1998-2000)

Sean D. Murphy Patricia Roberts Harris Research Professor of Law George Washington University Member, U.N. International Law Commission forthcoming in International Law and the Use of Force: A Case-Based Approach (Oxford University…