Late Prof. Mesfin Wolde Mariam

In-Memoriam Prof. Mesfin Wolde Mariam (1930-2020)

By Prof. Paulos Milkias September 30, 2020 It is with great sadness that we learned, as of yesterday, professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam, an indefatigable Ethiopian nationalist, is no more. Mesfin is the…


Mass Murder of Amharas in Benishangul-Gumez Region

Targeted attacks against Amharas have occurred again in Benishangul-Gumez Region of Ethiopia. Amhara Association of America (AAA) has received reports that 89 people mainly Amhara/Agew have been killed by Gumez militias in…


Proclamation finally decrees equality for Ethiopian Muslims

By Endris Mekonnen Legislation in June recognizing the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council was a historic progressive move by the State for the Muslim community. On 11 June, the House of People’s Representatives…


Ethiopic as a Writing System for African Languages

By Getachew Molla June 25, 2020 Dr. Aberra Molla and Mark Powell ዶ/ር ኣበራ ሞላ እና ማርክ ፓወል In the late-1990s (sometime between the years 1997-1999 but before 2000), Mark Powell, a…

Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia
Image: Foreign minister Gedu speaking to reporters on June 2020

Open Letter to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

Open Letter to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia To        :           Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia From     :          Concerned Ethiopian living abroad Dear Minister V/Minister /Officer/ of the Ministry of Foreign Affairsof Ethiopia Addis Abeba…


Toward an End to Ethiopia’s Federal-Tigray Feud

14 AUGUST 2020 A disputed regional election plan has ratcheted up tensions between Ethiopia’s federal government and its rivals in Tigray. To avert a confrontation, Tigrayan officials should press pause on election…