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Brutality targetting Ethiopians !! By Tedla Asfaw

2 mins read
Dear Ethiopians in the Diaspora,
The Ethiopian Review (ER)  posted a very disturbing photo of the murdered Ethiopian Journalist Nebyu Sirak wrote seemingly a  goodbye piece posted Saudi Arabia. He reported under a deadly risk exposing himself and his own family to tell us a terror Ethiopians are facing in Saudi Arabia this week.
Terror is unfolding in Saudi Arabia targeting Only Ethiopians in broad day light. Such killing of Ethiopians is not new what makes this one very scary is that many Ethiopians who have no legal paper but reside in Saudi working  peacefully are now hiding fearing for their lives.

Securities are going door to door looking for Habeshas/ Ethiopians and that has to stop immediately !!! Those who are shooting our citizens should be held accountable  for their crimes.
Ethiopians have suffered in the Saudi for the last 22 years after anti Ethiopia,Mafia Regime, took power with no interest for Ethiopians residing in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. The regime in fact benefited from getting dollar by shipping our ladies as modern day slaves in the name of house maids.
The Ethiopian Diaspora should  mobilize immediately to expose the Saudi Regime crime against our people. The West who are the ally of the Saudi Monarchy will not escape responsibility by looking the other way for the crime committed in broad day light against Ethiopians. We Ethiopians should not let down our people because their only crime is being Ethiopian like you and me.
Tedla Asfaw