Brutality targetting Ethiopians !! By Tedla Asfaw

Dear Ethiopians in the Diaspora,
The Ethiopian Review (ER)  posted a very disturbing photo of the murdered Ethiopian Journalist Nebyu Sirak wrote seemingly a  goodbye piece posted Saudi Arabia. He reported under a deadly risk exposing himself and his own family to tell us a terror Ethiopians are facing in Saudi Arabia this week.
Terror is unfolding in Saudi Arabia targeting Only Ethiopians in broad day light. Such killing of Ethiopians is not new what makes this one very scary is that many Ethiopians who have no legal paper but reside in Saudi working  peacefully are now hiding fearing for their lives.

Securities are going door to door looking for Habeshas/ Ethiopians and that has to stop immediately !!! Those who are shooting our citizens should be held accountable  for their crimes.
Ethiopians have suffered in the Saudi for the last 22 years after anti Ethiopia,Mafia Regime, took power with no interest for Ethiopians residing in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. The regime in fact benefited from getting dollar by shipping our ladies as modern day slaves in the name of house maids.
The Ethiopian Diaspora should  mobilize immediately to expose the Saudi Regime crime against our people. The West who are the ally of the Saudi Monarchy will not escape responsibility by looking the other way for the crime committed in broad day light against Ethiopians. We Ethiopians should not let down our people because their only crime is being Ethiopian like you and me.
Tedla Asfaw


  1. Dear Mr.Asfaw, first of all. i thank you very much for all the strugle you put on against woyane junta!
    My question is as far as the abuse on our citzens in Saudi arabia, can it be hold a demonistration world wide infront of their embassies? Just to embarrass them.
    Respct you Tedla Asfaw for your contribution to free our people!
    Your are one of the kind the true Ethiopian stand for the Truth!

  2. I support this idea of Ethiopians calling demonstrations across the world at Saudi Embassies. I guess Woyane hands must be a suspect in such humiliation of Ethiopians, you know the people ruling us are capable of any evil thing. They have no moral what so ever.

  3. ABC Lesson to the PROPOGANDA writer,
    When you write such PROPOGANDA piece, I advice you not to exaggerate too much, you will defeat your own hidden agenda. Take the advice from DR.GOBLE, keep your propaganda game simple and never exaggerate.

    • Nothing is exaggerated here. the Saudi govenment is the most barbaric and backward from mid century era. Just because they have oil they think they are on the top the world and degrade human beings in the most brutal manner. We need to expose their barbaric act in what ever means we can and make aware our poor fellow country men to stay away from this in humane land.

  4. I really buy Damtew’s views as it really tells us what we had observed and observing. They give very little consideration to other nationalities and even to those that are working and contributing to their national economy. This is illiteracy which is the product of oil sales income and surely sooner or later will see what they would do when that depletes and the only way out of this is to migrate to those countries whom they were mistreating them. In fact no one will revenge since there will not be idiot like them that have the gut to do such in human acts. They do not even know history that evidences their ancestors were thrown out of their country because of their religion and the only country gave shelter to them was our land. You can imagine who ever the king was that time, he had a respect to human beings disregarding their belief. But at this civilized age we see brutality in these countries as the community as a whole had a problem

  5. We Ethiopians are a head of our time compared to this Saudi Arabians sub humans. History tells us their religion founder Mohammed was in our country as a guest, and our ancestors treated Him as honorable guest 1500 years ago. But this bastards treating as in this manner in 21st century.

  6. I think exposing this barbaric tortures and killings taken against our Ethiopians must be exposed to the world community at large and those said to be rulers of the regime must take the responsibility.
    How on earth in a land where there is law and order humans are beaten to death like that and wondered how every Arab/citizen around joined to do this brutal act of beating without unfeeling. The polices around even did not try to stop this barbaric act of their citizens as all have the same attitude towards humans.
    But our Embassies and leaders must take a serious action against this and say it harshly to the leaders and must even go to the extent of stopping relationships with that kind of country.
    Taking action even to the extent of telling the Kings group to take out their machinery out of Gambella where they want to harvest rice to feed their brutal community. We have to go to that level and show that we do not need such a relationship with that type of cultural people at all. It is my view and will not reflect the stand of our state anyhow I was reading my mind that is all

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