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Beware of Scam Agreement: Research on Ethiopia’s Recent $3.6 Billion Agreement with an American Company to Construct a GTL Refinery

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Researched and Prepared by: Grace Yoseph
Engineer in the Petroleum Industry

As a concerned Ethiopian who currently lives abroad, I have researched Greencomm Technologies LLC to learn about the company and their previous projects in the Petroleum Industry. With the available public data in private and government websites, I have learned that Greencomm Technologies is not a Multi-Billionaire company that can handle the $3.6 Billion agreement signed on April 29, 2020 to build a GTL Refinery in Ethiopia. My research shows that Greencomm Technologies has not completed any GTL projects in the past and all the projects listed on its website now and in the past are fabricated or falsely claimed. This research will not only expose this company, but it will also serve as a lesson and a warning for future agreements being signed with foreign companies. The Ethiopian government will need to have a standard vetting process for foreign companies. I believe Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mines and Petroleum will need to give the public more explanation on Greencomm Technologies before moving forward with the project. ….…Read More………

Grace Yoseph

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”PDF_Ethiopia_GTL Refinary and Greencomm Technologies”] Ethiopia_GTL Refinary and Greencomm Technologies