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BBC zealously weaponizing its ethnic ‘journalists’ against the Ethiopian PM reform

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Ethiopians should pay closer attention on messengers of Media institutions masquerading as journalists perpetuating ethnic division, deception, and ignorance

Teshome Debalke
October 12, 2020

In a recent article titled honor among thieves is dragging the badly needed reform in Ethiopia we highlighted, the UK government funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) propaganda outlet unwavering commitment to sustain ethnic apartheid rule in Ethiopia through messengers of ethnic division masquerading as journalists including BBC Afaan Oromo “Senior Journalist” Bekele Atoma in line with many historical facts about British colonial apartheid global policy that never end.

As expected, BBC led by its relatively new African Editor Mary Harper out of London is at it again. On a September 4, 2020 report titled “why there are fear that Ethiopia could break up by BBC Tigrinya journalist Desta  Gebremedhin yet again covered up what the rouge group masquerading as a political party of Ethiopia known as Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) is doing to break up the country by undermining Prime Minster Abiy effort to unite the people as it vowed to do since its inception over four decades ago.

BBC Director-General Tim Davie, African Editor Mary Harper, Afaan Oromo Journalist Bekele Atoma, Tigriny journalist  Desta  Gebremedhin

The irony  BBC ‘Tigrinya journalist’ reporting in the English language itself says more about BBC editorial policy and its African Editor Mary Harper than poor Desta Gebremedhin that could not tell the difference between a journalism and propaganda if his own life depended on it.

But exploring what the background of the clandestine Gebremedhin further tells a story of a dysfunctional elites hired by BBC as journalists for the sole purpose of making up stuff to disfranchise Ethiopians by sustaining ethnic apartheid rule to thwart any attempt in democratic reform. The fact BBC  doesn’t revile Gebremedhin image nor discloses what his bio may be is one thing but failing  to factcheck the source of his articles tells, the fix to  sustain ethnic apartheid divide against unity, truth and knowledge reform effort is in full gear as it was envisioned by TPLF’s sponsors.

Incidentally, the only image found for the esteemed ‘BBC Tigrinya journalist’ Gebremedhin that claimed to be based in Nairobi, Kenya is a disguised image on his personal twitter account above.

At the meantime, exploring BBC ‘Tigrinya journalist’ Gebremedhin previous articles for his English language audience further reviles, his issue with PM Abiy is nothing more than for dissolving the ethnic apartheid ruling party and replacing it with a national party and ending the no-war-no-peace hostility between the breakaway State of Eritrea and Ethiopia under colonial boarders TPLF warlords banked on to sustain its political, social and economic dominance of Ethiopia.

z2Emanual Igunza, and Kalkidan Yebeltal with two images associated with the same person

Therefore, if Gebremedhin of BBC is a real journalist than ‘Tigrinya journalist’ reporting in the English language, he would have known when his handlers insult him day-in-day-out to do their biddings. But again,  like all of his dysfunctional peers that take pride of associating with institutions that expect them to parrot what they are told is precisely why the term ‘bigotry of low expectation’ came about and, it seems contemporary dysfunctional elites don’t mind the abuse.

Emanual Igunza, and Kalkidan Yebeltal with two images associated with the same person

At the meantime, the only two BBC correspondents found in Ethiopia are a Kenyan national Emanual Igunza and an Ethiopian national Kalkidan Yebeltal. It is not clear why two images are found for the same person on google image. The personal Twitter account of Kalkidan shows the image of the individual at right claiming to be BBC journalist since 2017 as his only experience and the image in the middle is also identified with the same name on google image that direct to the first individual twitter account.

Regardless who Kalkidan may be, the coverages the two BBC journalists on Ethiopia based in Addis Ababa speak for themselves.

Kalkedan’s Oct 7, 2020 “analysis” titled What the Ethiopian parliament vote on Tigray means says more what BBC Africa Editor expects from her reporters than a journalist exploring reality of colonial Fascist Italy manufactured ethnic Tigray region. But, the half-baked ‘analysis’ what Kalkidan refers as “the northern region’s ruling party, Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front” disagreement with PM Abiy “comes after Tigray state conducted a regional election last month which parliament called “unconstitutional”, as it defied the electoral body’s decision to delay the elections because of the Covid-19 pandemic”; not because the “ the ethnic apartheid party of Ethiopia EPDRF created by TPLF was replaced by a national Prosperity Party, not because ‘northern region’s ruling party’ TPLF is harbouring wanted fugitives that committed countless atrocities and corruption, not because TPLF incites the ongoing ethnic violence by smuggling weapons and material support as it did since its inception.

Unfortunately, even Kalkidan of BBC “analysis” is correct, his failure to tell his English language audience – the Tigray state regional election was held by election commission organized in three month by TPLF itself with no independent observer nor Media presence to validated the over 97 percent win for itself. It says more about BBC African Editor that hired Kalkidan to make a mockery of election than the knowledge of her clueless reporter what journalism is all about.

What is even more astonishing if not felonious in the part of BBC is the two-dozen Ethiopian nationals BBC accredited as journalists/reporters by Kenyan government agency —  Media Council of Kenya. Among them 1.  Jibat Tamirat Biri 2.  Ashagrehailu Karsema 3. Line Tsigab 4. Samuel Ghebrehiwet 5. Yadeta Berhanu 6. Ameyu Etana  Kalo 7. Elias Mulugeta Hordofa 8. Beletu Bulbula Sorsu 9. Kaleb Moges Abebe 10. Yemane Nagish Gebray 11. Tibebeselassie Tigabu 12. Mihret Teshome 13. Belay Hunduma 14. Hana Zeratsyon 15. Zelalem    Duressa 16. Habtom We/Yowhannes 17. Kahsay Tewoldebirhan 18. Firehiwot Mohammed 19. Firaafoli Dhugasa 20. Desta Asefa 21. Hailu Sahle 23. Derartu Gobena 24.  Firaol Belay 25. Fasikaw Menberu.

As strange as it sounds why UK government funded BBC wanted 25 Ethiopian nationals accredited in Kenya as oppose in Ethiopia, the fact they have no public profile nor credential  says more about BBC ethnic agenda against Ethiopia than journalism or news service.

BBC track record in sustaining ethnic apartheid propaganda is not new nor should surprise anyone why it persisted following the longstanding British colonial policy over-and-over again in the 21st century with not much challenge either.

At the meantime, what may be ‘accredited journalists’ of BBC relationship to TPLF, OLF  and other ethnic separates groups is yet to be investigated by the Kenyan authorities including  the Media Council of Kenya that accredited them, the government of Ethiopia that is overwhelmed by ethnic propaganda as well as independent Media organizations and governmental agencies in both countries and around the globe.

David Omwoyo

 Though the council requires freelance and foreign journalists to provide  a reference letter from an organization that publishes your work or letter from the employer, Professional Certificate that is either a Degree or Diploma in Communication from a recognised training institution and Portfolio of work done either in Print or Broadcast” to be accredited as a journalist in Kenya, the nine-members Council that pride in transparency and accountability as its “core value” led by the CEO and Board Secretory Mr. David Omwoyo for some mysterious reason failed to disclose the bios of BBC’s accredited journalists on its official website for the public to verify. The question is why not to mention, what does a Degree or Diploma in Communication as oppose journalism?

At the meantime, no one knows how the world celebrated BBC news service managed to get 25 Ethiopian national accredited  by the Council nor why UK government funded BBC failed to disclose names and bios of its ‘accredited journalists’ in Kenya on its own official website.

When that wasn’t enough, the Foreign Correspondence Association of East Africa (FCAEA)based in Kenya lack of transparency in disclosing its ‘500 member journalists’ is disheartening to say the least and,  says more about what Africans are subjected to by the foreign press core.

In fact, it is embarrassing to see none of the members names and bios and affiliated Media organizations FCAEA members belong  are disclosed but one picture in a party setting posted on its official website. Unfortunately, these are the ‘journalists’ mainstream Media rely on to tell the story of Africa.

Foreign Correspondence Association of East Africa

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) with members throughout the globe including the Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) itself not to provide information on its member journalists in each country and regions nor making Media outlets like BBC or associations like FCAEA accountable for their transgression is unfortunate.  What could possibly go wrong with the 100 plus years old world-renowned journalists advocate IFJ to overlook the importance  transparency in Media and journalism?

That is not all, the Eastern African Journalists Association based in Kenya that was established in 2007 with journalists associations and unions from nine counties including Ethiopia abandoned its website ( at undisclosed date and is on Facebook with no disclosure of who the members may be or its officers. Nor it has any worthy information to be considered an association and speaks volume the impunity of all involved.


Incidentally, The Ethiopian National Journalists Union (ENJU) that forced out the true Ethiopian Free Journalists Association (EFJA) by the ruling TPLF led ethnic apartheid regime’s decree was led President’ Anteneh Abraham Babanto. Subsequently, in 2013 Babanto was ‘elected’ second Vice President of the nine countries journalists’ associations members organization of Eastern Africa Journalists Association (EAJA) based in Kenya.

The formation of a new Ethiopian Mass-Media Professionals Associations was good news. But Eleyas Mesert of Associated Press (AP) correspondent in Addis Ababa being the first President as reported by the infamous The Reporter without revealing what Meseret background, credential and affiliation appears, the same business as usual than a formation of credible professional association to says more about The Reporter know to masqueraded as Free Press to undermine the Free Press itself and democracy as it did in the last three decades than a formation of a professional association.

Political propaganda aside, mainstream global Media complicity on money laundering front from all kinds of crime syndicate and corrupt regimes around the world goes without saying either.

In a Sep 20, 2020 Buzz Feed report on yet another leaked documents (this time government documents) titled Dirty Money Pours into the World ‘s most powerful banks — implicating the major global banks and their association with criminal underworld and corrupt regimes.  The next day, BBC report titled FinCen Files: All you need to know about the documents leak reviled —  UK as “higher risk jurisdiction for money laundering because of the number of UK register companies that appear in SARs”. According to the report, “over 3000 UK companies are named in  FINCen files – more than any other country”.

Unfortunately, BBC’s ambivalent not to explore the UK government policy that allowed every conceivable crime syndicate and corrupt regimes of the world to set up shop since colonial times and ever since the Panama and Paradise Papers leak through 2016-18 that implicated the Queen of England herself sums up what it does masquerading as a Free Press.

Going through the FinCen Files’ high-profile financial institutions involved in money laundering scheme worth two trillion dollars also reveals why UK government and its Media arm BBC conveniently ignores high-profile corruption in its own backyard.

At the meantime, in Sept 2020 UN Trade and Development Report revealed; “Illicit capital robbing Africa and its people of their future” got extensive coverage in mainstream Media but little will to follow up on the ‘marriage of convince’ of the corrupt offenders on both sides.

Unfortunately, the former ruling ethnic member party of Ethiopia TPLF masquerading this time as regional political party known to engage in billions of illicit capital flight and money laundering through its own bank (Wogagen Bank), business empire {EFFORT) and its nonprofit organization (TDA) is operating under the nose of BBC in London. The question is where are BBC ‘Tigrinya journalist’ Desta Gebremedhin and Afaan Oromo “Senior Journalist” Bekele Atoma among many BBC journalists when Ethiopians need them to unravel TPLF warlords’ corruption and money laundering in European nations including UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherland… ?

Tom Mills, the author of The BBC: Myth of a Public Service in an interview with Open Democracy titled The BBC is Neither independent or impartial summed up what it does in the context of UK. But, when it comes to other nations, particularly the old British colonies, BBC practice of journalism is beyond reapproach and the reality of its African news more safari news speaks for itself.


Unfortunately, the Associate Press (AP), one of the top non-profit private news wire service Founded in 1846 in US that prides itself as “an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting” is no better than the public entity BBC either.  From all journalists in Ethiopia, TPLF, TPLF, Injudiciously, Elias Meseret happens to be the only journalist AP disclose in its rosters of journalists.    The esteemed graduate of Mikelle University in Law and AP correspondent in Addis Ababa on  Sept 9, 2020 article titled Ethiopian region votes, defying federal government and PM to drive home — “The Tigray region’s ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front” that rule the region like a concentration camp is a legitimate party that can hold legitimate elections and, concluded “as polls closed, the Tigray region’s communications office called the election a historic victory and great achievement. It labeled the federal government as “dictatorial” and said the vote was “vital for the Tigray people because it reassures their destiny and self-determination.”

Once again, what Meseret would not tell his AP “English” audience is, the Tigray region’s communications office is run by Getachew Reda, the notorious warlord who spent his entire adulthood inciting Amhara-Oromo conflicts and denying the existence of Ethiopia on behalf of his sponsors to accomplish his mission.


Getachew Reda of TPLF and Mulugeta Atsbeha of VOA

Bt, the same Reda Mesert won’t his audience to know was ranting and crying on VOA in the Amharic language recently with Mulugeta Atsbeha of VOA Tigrinya reporter. According to Global Directory of Journalists, Mulugeta Atsbeha masquerading as VOA reporter is a Tigrinya Reporter based in Mekele.

Unfortunately, neither Elias Meseret of AP in the English language or Mulugeta Atsbeha of VOA in Amharic language are journalists but messengers to legitimize TPLF  as a legitimate political party and reinforce ethnic apartheid.


Regardless, the two presented as “journalists”  by prominent global Media organizations VOA and AP failed to ask the basic journalistic questions. To begin with, what is the “Tigray region’s communications office but TPLF ruling party’ propaganda outfit led by warlord Getachew Reda masquerading as spokesperson of a legitimate region held together at gun point?  Thus, what kind of ‘regional election’ put together in a harry by the same ruling party that run the election can be legitimate enough to challenge PM Abiy reform party that came about preciously because of the atrocities and corruption of TPLF led regime itself?

The fact the rogue group masquerading as regional ruling party TPLF created Election Commission with the speed of light (three month) in the self-proclaimed ethnic apartheid region of Tigray it occupied and claim to win by over 97% vote without a single independent Media or observer present should have alarmed anyone with any basic training in journalism and professional integrity, especially journalists from major Media organizations and leaders in democratic nations’. Unfortunately, when it comes to Africa, miraculously it is open season on the people – BBC leading the pack

Unfortunately, ignorance of what journalism is all about cannot be a defense for any journalists of prominent global Medias. Then, what possible reasons could be but a dereliction of professional duty?

Correspondents of BBC, AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, and many others continued to be the # 1 problem facing most Africa nations up today.  Ethiopia did not escape that reality as we witness when mainstream western Media correspondents Head-in-the Sand journalism looking the other way when rouge groups sponsored by the same powers cause havoc in the lives of the people under their nose.


Ethiopians should not be distracted by the persistence ethnic propaganda of the same old TPLF operatives. Nor people should give any credence for messenger masquerading as journalists or experts of one-thing-or-another. Afterall, what is democratic reform but, accountability of all involved, especially journalists.

Jeff Pearce, a journalist and author of more than a dozen books in a recent Menelik TV program titled When Dishonest People Make Alternative Facts About Ethiopia” summarized, western establishments and Medias wittingly or unwittingly promote alternative fact and inflame manufactured ethnic conflict in line with TPLF to undermine democratic reform.

His Aug 31, 2020 article — How Western Media is Failing Ethiopia further reinforced; dysfunctional western and indigenous messengers masquerading as journalists, historian and experts of one thing or another making mockery of their respected profession visible for necked eye.

Prime Minster Abiy has many problems instituting unity, truth, knowledge, and the rule of law as western Medias give lip service alike their eastern counterpart that see, hear and speak no evil led by China Global Media Network (CGMN).

Dissolving colonial ethnic apartheid rule and picking up the debris of division, deception and ignorance left behind by a rouge group known as TPLF party one-at-a-time should  have been considered one of the highpoint of his reform effort that deserve the Noble Prize on its own. Instead, he became the villain of local and mainstream western Media massagers that cheer on for apartheid rule to continue in Ethiopia but not in their own respective countries.

Albert Einstein said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. In the Ethiopian case, ethnic apartheid rule instigated by sponsors of proxy groups led by TPLF in 1943 was not intended to solve problems but to create new.

Therefore, as ethnic apartheid propaganda through clandestine messengers masquerading as journalists intensifies, more so on social Media, one thing should be abundantly clear, Messengers of Death and Destruction must be identified and accountable sooner than later. That means, for example, BBC must explain why it accredited 25 clandestine Ethiopian national  as journalists in Kenya as well as in UK and fail to disclose their bios for the public on its official website. So, AP, Bloomberg, Reuters, Al Jazeera, and the rest so local Medias that made a mockery of journalism.

They say the fish rots from its head, so mainstream Media covering Africa. Therefore, the responsibility rest squarely on the heads of Media organizations’  like BBC’s Director-General Tim Davie and BBC African Editor Mary Harper, AP’s Director Anna Johnson, and Deputy Director Andrew Drake for Europe and Africa, Reuters’ Reginal Editor Simon Robison and Africa Bureau Chief Alexandria Zavis,  Al Jazeera English’s Editor-in-chief Ahmed Sheikh, Managing Director Al Anstey and Ethiopia Bureau Chief Mohammed Taha Tewekel so on.

Sadly, BBC is not necessarily hiding its ethnic apartheid agenda in Ethiopia.  About five months after PM Abiy came to power (on 23 September 2018) BBC posted Media Profile of Ethiopia and reviled;  “Fana TV – private, Walta TV – private, Radio Fana – founded in 1994 by ruling party, Voice of Tigray Revolution – Tigray Regional State government radio, Radio Fana – founded in 1994 by ruling party, Sheger FM – private, Addis Ababa, Zami Radio – private, Addis Ababa, Walta Information Centre (WIC) – privately-owned, pro-government”, along many questionable Media outlets.

For a global Media organization associated with UK government, it is clear BBC is in bed with TPLF warlords and operatives in deadly venture of ethnic apartheid at the expenses of the people of Ethiopia. What other explanation could there be for BBC to take the words of TPLF?

The Russian chess grandmaster, writer, and political activist Garry Kasparov said it best – “the point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth”. If that is not the case, why would BBC spread clandestine operatives as journalists and ethnic apartheid party’s Media outlets as private but to undermine unity, truth, and knowledge thus, democratic reform?

Therefore, as the expression — ‘country fences need to be horse high, pig tight, and bull strong’ stipulates, Ethiopians and PM Abiy Administration must identify and purge clandestine Media operatives along mercenaries within and coming through pores borders, cyberspace, and the airwaves sooner than later.

Unfortunately, BBC under its African Editor Mary Harper in London happen to be the leading force to promote ethic apartheid division in Ethiopia through its ethnic messengers masquerading  as journalists.  Harper’s disqualification to be a one country editor let alone the entire continent of Africa Editor is explained by her own words in her own Blog which says more about BBC under Director-General Tim Davie than any  individual it hires to do its nefarious job that must be called out and challenged by governmental authorities and  independent organizations and Media establishments around the world.