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BBC- A debate about the future of Ethiopia, recorded in front of a public audience

4 mins read Ababa BBC

“World Questions ” BBC Monthly debate from Addis Ababa Hilton by the famous Jonathan Dimbleby was aired yesterday on May 11, 2019.
Mustafa Omer President of Somali region  argued that Ethiopia has been stable under Abyi Ahmed in the last one year than it was under EPRDF for the last 27 years.
Tsedale Lemma of Addis standard reiterated that Ethiopia is a state of nations but she did not go too far to argue the creation of these two decade old states which are in war with each other as the root cause of death and  displacement.
The four million displaced people under Abiy Ahmed administration is the  continuation of the unofficial war between what Tsedale Lemma called nations for future independent republic.
On the other side Mustafa argued the case of “Whose War/Stability “?. He asked for more research to be done comparing the misery of Ethiopia before and after Abiy. For Mustefa Misery is mostly likely defined by ethnicity.
The Somali region of Ethiopia suffered more than 30,000 death, torture and thousands displacement  and it is now “peaceful” after it cleanse more than  million ethnic Oromos from its region and terrorized killed the non Somalis in Jijiga under the order of Somali Lyiu police led by Abdi Omer/Illey  who is now jailed. Mustefa apologized for the crime and is working hard such thing will never happen again.
However, the Somali region he rules  is warning the Afar region last week to return  the land it got “illegally”.This is not news for Mustafa because he is the one who made the decision.
This has been the case for the last 27 years. The Tigray region according to  Tsedlae Lemma Tigray nation was formed by taking huge chunk of fertile land from Gonder, South Wollo and the Afar region.
Under Abyi Ahmed the Oromos are expanding their borders in all parts of Ethiopia. South Ethiopia close to half million people displacement of the Gedeo people is done by the Oromo militia of the Oromo region according to the government of  findings.
The tension between Amhara and Tigray region is about land. All the conflicts in Ethiopia is about land expansion for the future Ethnic Republics.
When asked about the coming election Eskinder Nega who boldly poked his finger on those who wanted to march to Addis Ababa and claim it as their own future capital said it clearly is impossible to make election without free movement.
To go from one region to another region in current Ethiopia is to cross internationl boundaries.
Creating states has not yet been finalized. The Southern Ethiopia which is home to more than 54 ethnic groups is on the verge of collapse.
The new State called  Sidama is to be born. Those who followed the women march of last month in Awasa should not have watched BBC program because without Sidama statehood Ethiopia is finished and no need for such debate.
For the majority of Ethiopians violence is not private as was alleged in the discussion it is now transformed from the so called Federal Army to Ethnic militias or Lyiu force. A country without strong army will end up like it has ended in May 1991.
The difference now is going to be well armed Ethnic army of Nine Regions or more going to full fledged war for more land and resources.
Tedla Asfaw