Azeb Mesfin lost TPLF’s cash cow – By Abebe Gellaw

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has quietly removed the late dictator’s widow Azeb Mesfin from the helm of EFFORT as Chief Executive Officer a few months after her husband’s demise, it emerged.
Azeb, widely known as the ‘Queen of Mega’ and ‘mother of corruption’ among Ethiopians, had snatched the reins of power within the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) from her bitter rival Sibehat Nega and Abadi Zemo. She was once the de facto second in command in her husband’s tyrannical regime.
The new boss appointed to as the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of TPLF’s multi-billion dollars business empire and corruption cash cow emerged to be Berhane Kidane Mariam Yihdego, a Central Committee member of the TPLF. According to informed sources, Berhane is a close confidant and business partner of Sebhat Nega, a multi-millionaire in his own right like most members of the TPLF ruling class.
Berhane, who enjoys multiple high profile positions as a privileged TPLF loyalist, was the former General Manager of TPLF’s propaganda mouthpiece Walta Information Center from 2006 up to last year. Besides being the President of the nepotistic and corruption-plagued Ethiopian Olympics Committee (EOC), he sits on the boards of Wegagen Bank, which is also owned by the TPLF, and Mekele University. The new EFFORT chief also claims to be the founder and Deputy Board Chairman of a private company called “Ethiopian Quality Award Organization,” according to his CV.
TPLF’s move to replace Azeb with the new loyalist was confirmed by Berhane himself who recently sent an updated CV and a profile to the Switzerland-based Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), where he represents Ethiopia as EOC president. In his profile posted on ANOC’s website, he listed his current professional position as “Board of Director and Chief Executive Officer of EFFORT Investment Group” since 2012. In spite of the fact that the exact month of his appointment was not mentioned nor made official, the ANOC website indicates that Berhane’s latest profile was updated on May 2, 2013. The French and Spanish versions of his profile web pages also carry exactly the same information.
Walta reported recently that Berhane Kidanemariam, the new “Director of EFFORT and TPLF CC member conducted a successful meeting with the Diaspora in Seattle.” The meeting, hosted by the Union of Tigrians in North America (UTNA), focused on how EFFORT is implementing its objective of developing Tigray and making it self-reliant, it stated.
Heaping praise on its former boss, Walta promoted the corrupt conglomerate’s new boss as eloquent, persuasive and visionary. “Berhane Kidane Mariam, with his eloquent and persuasive ability, spelled out the objective of his presence in Seattle and explained the development in Tigrai and the role of EFFORT to uplift the hope and aspiration of many Tigrians from poverty to self-reliance,” Walta declared.
According to an insider, who confirmed the reshuffle, Azeb is deeply resented and despised among high-ranking TPLF leaders and her fall from grace and power has been quick and spectacular. The only playing card at her disposal is her husband’s foundation, which is not even given attention by the TPLF bigwigs. “Without her husband, she is like a fish out of water. Her survival among her rivals like the wicked Sibehat Nega will be short-lived. Losing TPLF’s blood-sucking machine is a big blow against Azeb,” the insider said.
Sibhat Nega has recently been quoted as saying that Meles is being used as a cover and a bargaining chip by some who are exaggerating his success as a ruler. The veteran TPLF strongman has been critical of those who tend to heap praise on Meles, whom he slashed to have betrayed the TPLF and endangered its unity by enforcing his will through his secretive inner circle.
Meanwhile, Azeb is demanding huge plots of land around the metropolis in the name of the Meles Zenawi foundation. “All the best land goes to the TPLF as usual. It seems the TPLF has subverted the revolutionary slogan “land to the tillers” with “land to the killers.” All the corrupt TPLF generals and officials have scrambled for the best land all over the country,” Yalem Zew, a political commenter said.
The late dictator appointed his wife to control the immense wealth of EFFORT in early 2009. EFFORT, the biggest business monopoly in Ethiopia, controls vast resources and over 60 companies in Ethiopia but TPLF claims that it is the exclusive asset of Tigrians by virtue of their ethnicity. The corrupt conglomerate has been widely criticized to have multi-billion birr loans from state banks written off and for engaging in blatant tax evasion enjoying “nonprofit” status as an endowment.
Ethiopian activists often mention the parasitic EFFORT as an example of TPLF’s apartheid policies that have deliberately created huge economic and political disparities between the Tigrian ruling class and the oppressed people of Ethiopia.


  1. every ethiopian should chase and follow these blood suckers when they arrive in every city in diaspor ato hide ethiopian people’s money.

  2. Well, even though this website has no credibility Ethiopia and corruption go hand in hand since the Empr Haile time. What is different now is there is a lot of development going on. This development is due to the fact the current govt accept Eritrea and chose to live in peace with the Eritrean people. I know some of you will say ” what peace?” but it is the Eritrean govt that provoke the Ethiopian govt. Since the border war stopped 12 years ago Ethiopian economy on upward trend and the credit goes to the late Ethiopian prime minister. So, you either work towards the advancement of the Ethiopian people or don’t a stumbling block to those who wants to work for their beloved country.

  3. Bro Abebe Gelaw the midget giant slayer, we Ethiopian people love we all. May God bless you. Having said that, this EFFORT is a God forsaken, damned, and racist endowment. That is a clear sign these bastards are racist to the core. The only thing matters to them are their racist birth and their ill gained fortune. That is that. They have no God to worship but their comfort, are devoid of conscious, have no idea about the beauty of goodness and forgiveness, have no purpose in life, have no peace, and have no respect for other human life but only their own. If anything penetrate these people, here is the word of wisdom to these people from the person who lived the greatest live ever lived. ” Keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of covetousness because even when a person has an abundance his/her life does not result from the things he possesses”. So, I say ” to hell with their ungodly and racist endowment and their owners. The only endowment we know is ” Ethiopia Endowment”. With that the poor, the elderly, the widows, the fatherless will have something to eat, their naked body will be closed, their sick body will be comforted. That is the kind of endowment we want.

  4. How long shall the people of Ethiopia put up with these serpents (the Weyanes)? Not for long !! Either they must go or The Ethiopia we know must cease. The woman Azeb is dead even while she lives.!! Every Weyane has messed up their mind, their life and their eternity.!! As I said before, the only one that is impressed with these venomous serpents is the Devil only !! People tell me there is no such thing as the Devil. Well who then are these people who are doing his work in that country night and day?
    For Azeb and the rest of the Weyanes it is all over !! you can not unscramble an egg once it is scrambled. No room for repentance!! Every one of them is waiting the sure judgment of Hell one by one!! They lived and reigned as if they will continue forever !! ” Remember Zenawi ” !!! He thought he will be here for a long time to come! But when God said, ” Enough !” that’s it!! Where is he right now? in Hell being tormented day and night with no rest!!
    Weyanes !! the fire of hell is burning and the feet of everyone of you! When your heart beats the last beat you will wake up in the blackness of the darkness of Hell !!
    You will be judged according to your works and every one of deep down knows his work and there is no shortage of witness, the average person on the street will testify against you!
    The struggle against Weyanes will continue on every hand until the last one of them is gone forever !!!
    The God of heaven will remove these curses (Weyanes) and shall wipe away all our tears and heal our land!!

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