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Ato Nesibu Sebhat Plagiarized the EPRP’s Creative Works | By LJ Demissie

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interview with nesibu sibhat

“I want to write so that the reader… can say, ‘You know, that’s the truth. I wasn’t there, and …but that’s the truth.’”,

Maya Angelou Critic’s note: The critical analysis contains “competing nouns”. Thus, for clarity and specificity, I used a person or a thing name repeatedly instead of a pronoun. The images in this analysis were adapted from Google Images. Reading Ato Nesibu Sebhat’s book titled “ፍጹምነ ውእምነ ቴ” bugged me so much because its stories are incoherent with his situation that he was a detainee, and some of his dishonestly presented stories are personal to me. Hence, I objectively and critically analyzed his assertions concerning the Higher-15’s detention camp’s reign of terror in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia .…..Read More……