ARE YOU THERE! –Andualem Tefera

April 21, 2015
Dear Ethiopian,

The easy way out is to ignore the signs, to shut down the television set, to turn off the radio, to avoid the websites and deny it is not happening. The problem is it is persistent, and does not go away easily. It is our problem. It is my problem. It is your problem. There is a reason why I choose to write to you this personal letter in English rather than my usual Amharic. I am not asking any website to post this letter. This is a personal letter from me to you. If you think it makes sense, send me a reply.
Here is what happened. When I called a friend to share my disgust on the massacre of our children in Libya and the brutal attack of Ethiopians in South Africa, he said; “We should demonstrate in front of this office and that office!”. I asked him; “To what avail?” He said; “They should know what is going on!” “Well, is it not their reporters that are letting us know? Do you think their diplomatic personnel are not aware of it as the TPLF government diplomatic personnel do?” I said. “What else can we do?” he said in resignation? Yes, there is a lot we can do. First we have to accept that it is our problem! Not USA’s, not UK’s, not EU’s and definitely not China’s. They are doing what they are supposed to do; STAND FOR THEIR INTEREST. Why would they lift a finger?
We all know what happened when the interest of USA is affected? They went and messed up Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and are waiting to go next to wherever their interest is endangered, Syria and possibly Iran. Does USA care of the outcome? Does USA care of what follows? NOT A BIT! The lawlessness in these countries is hugely contributing to what is happening in the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Yemen, Sinai desert and all the way in the our kin’s escape from hell in Ethiopia to South Africa. Mind you, I wrote contributing.
The real cause to the misery of our kin’s started back home with the government in Ethiopia. A lot of my friends and people I know are mad at that government. Most want to expose the TPLF government to the world community. Really! Is there anyone that has illusion that the world community does not know what is going on in Addis Ababa? I know you don’t really accept that. What we are asking is; “Why do they not fight our battle?” Is it not? What we have to ask ourselves is; why should they? What will they get out of that?
You know I am fuming and I am dejected when I wrote you this letter. You and I have been educated on the backs of our people. You and I got our Ph. D, MBA, MS, MA, BA, BSc, your law degree, your medical degree and whatever you are practicing, at the expense of the people of Ethiopia. You might claim you got your education after you left Ethiopia. Think again! From you qies timhirt bet to whatever made it possible for you to be here instead of millions others, who ever gave you the ticket to be here is because you are an Ethiopian. Now look at what is happening to Ethiopians all over the world when they try to escape from the dungeons of TPLF to survive! You saw what is happening in South Africa! You saw what is happening in Libya! You saw what is happening in the Mediterranean Sea! You saw what is happening in the Middle East! Can you sleep at night after you watched or read this all in the media? If you have a shred of Ethiopiawinet in you, this is the time to show it. I don’t mean go and cry your eyes out for what is happening to Ethiopians all over the world. No, the families of those whose sons and daughters never returned will do that for all their lives and the generations of their offspring’s to follow. What I am asking is for you to use whatever your expertise allows you to, to bring all Ethiopians together to solve this problem. Again, this problem is our problem. We are the ones and the only ones that will and should solve it. Can you be a part of this?
The solution I see is the destruction of TPLF and for the people of Ethiopia to have our own government. I say this not because I hate the people in TPLF or I have a personal grudge against anyone in the TPLF government. NO! It is because TPLF is the cause for all this. For the destruction of TPLF; every Ethiopian that is affected by this TPLF ethnic dictator and is in the struggle for the liberation of Ethiopia must come together. Here is where you come. Your education and experience will help NOW. There is no other way but to liberate our country. And there is no one but us to accomplish this. We have to rise in unison to accomplish this. “How?” one may ask. You know the answer for this better than I do. Let us discuss and come up with the right method.
Your fellow Ethiopian
Andualem Tefera


  1. To be frank ,irespectlve of poletical and ethnisity interest,TPLF with geniun poletical program did a lot for Ethiopians. Befor TPLF came to power , the living standard of our people with lessthan 50% population of the present was under sever problems even the anual gross product of food was unable to cover the minium needs. The land is the same but the present population more than double before TPLF came to power after wiped out Derg , one of well armed junta stood second next to S.Africa. During the late time of Derg, all poletical parties lost their confidence and resign from poletical struggle but the only party with comitment who fought Derg is TPLF. We should give big credit. The poletical achivment so far is huge and highly accepted by the most oppresed people of the majority of Ethiopian people unless the Ethiopian people is defined only the Amhara people. All nation have their own regional government who lead by the native and developed confidence. They have burried the inferior complex many meters deep from the surface to deliver mesage to ex-arrogant leaders who want all people to follow their calture and theire language by force. This poletical system encouraged people to work hard and the life of most Ethiopians dramaticaly changed and the result is seen any where . This is witnessed by international comunity but your power monger groups want to paint black coulor on the achivemnet registered to bring back the old system of feudal type central government which introduce civil war and door will be oppened to our enemies just to burdon their interest on our people. The countries to mention are Eritrea, which you highly depondent to come to power to filful the promise you signed secretly. You have no moral to criticize EPRDF.

  2. Dear andualem, I read your letter with keen interest and in some parts I support you in other parts, you are off in many ways, the tragedy befallen on these poor people are not only Ethiopians there were Eritreans and in other parts other national are affected as well, so problem is global not local however the USA and the West have created and nurtured these ugly terrorism to fit them but now it is burning them as well, so what is need is world wide solidarity to defeat the ugly face of people purporting to be Muslims and more so for Africans to take ownership of their political affairs and not leave it to the elite.
    In your Ethiopian case the elite and the educated have played a villain part by distorting history and abandoning the country when they are needed, name any educated person who wants to live in Africa? perhaps may be about 10%; there fore you need to educate your Ethiopian people about Ethiopia and its true history not on myth perpetuated and by those educated to suit their needs and so TPLF is not unique they are doing the same thing, Mengistu did the same thing and Haile Selassie in his diminutive stature has done great damage; so my over all response is for Ethiopians to educate themselves the true and just history of Ethiopia not a myth of 3000 years, what is the good of “3000 years glorious years” with out any thing nice to show of except poverty, human degradation, ethnic division.
    I hope Ethiopians realise that it is high time and realising these they need to come to terms with just Ethiopia with out bragging about defunct history nothing to show off.

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