Are You Oromo or Ethiopian first?

By Abdi Fite
Are you Oromo or Ethiopian first? Jawar Mohamed Said ‘I am Oromo first” what about you?



    • Ashenafe, please be wise and comment based up on the truth on the ground. I am a christian and the majority of the oromo people are suni musilms. In zonal level, the majority of Jimma, Arsi, Bale and Hararghe populous people are Muslims. The majority of Borana, Guji, Karayu people are ‘Wakefata’ including some proportions of people in Wollega, Shewa and Iuababor. In Ilu half of the people are Muslims. There are considerable population in Wollega, esp. west Wollega that are Muslims. Most people in Kemise are Musilms. But I can not deny that the majority of Shewa and Wollega are christians. Please refer to CSA census report on demographics.

      • Leul,
        You are right, this fool has no idea what he is regurgitating! He pretends as if he is an Oromo. But, surely, people life Ashenafi are the true enemy of Ethiopian unity. The trouble is Ethiopia is a country, not a human being; otherwise, she would have told him to shut up.

    • Ashenafi, Do u know that Oromo christian who translated Bible to afan oromo(ONESMOS NESIB) kicked out of ethiopia by orthodox christians from abyssinia(menilik) ! So if u r orthodox oromo u r slave of amhara or forcifully accepted orthodox so u better convert spöntaneously to protestant christian leaving this DABO and TELLA religion

      • YESUS
        Now, what is an OLF member doing hearing? Stop your fabrications of colonisation; every ethnic group moved south, west, east and north and there is no denying that thus extending your belief every ethnic group colonalised Ethiopia!!

    • Ashenafi, you are not Oromo, even if you are Oromo ,you are the Naftegna puppet. I am an Oromo Christian, that is nothing to do with my Oromuma. Christianity is my believe ,but Oromuma is my blood .If you are not moron and you think wisely both religion came after oromuma.

      • Bonsa
        you foolish- Like Ashenafi, I am Oromo too but not the way you think- and filled with hatred and narrowness. Think broader. But I am culturally different from Arsi or Bale or Harrar oromo. You must not force me to accept what you think about oromo

  2. I can change my Citizenship to any country, but I always remain Oromo. Therefore, I am always Oromo first. I am Oromo for ever.
    By the way, the fake and empty slogan ‘Ethiopia First!’ has fled to Harare with Mengistu Hailemariam. It is dead.

  3. As an OROMO I am proud of being OROMO & OROMIA but our problem is a few GALAs like Jawar Mohammed who are giving bade image to my
    OROMO Ethnicity . People have to know the difference between OROMO & GALA
    Jawar Mohammed is not OROMO he is GALA meaning an OROMO who is a slave to foreign extremist ideology.

  4. Your emotionally charged ideology is very dangerous for you and others! Ideology can kill as war itself, as we have seen it more than enough for the last couple decades.
    As we speak you are securing a one way ticket to hell!!!STOP YOUR UNPRODUCTIVE FOOLISH ACT!!!!”You don’t cut down the foot to fit shoes!!!!” Please come to your senses, if you have blood vessels carrying OXYGEN to your brain.
    Getahun B

  5. First of all,I am Ethiopian in nationality and secondly,Oromo in mother tounge .Then It is pitfall to think of ethnic conflict at this century among my blood families intermingeled by marriage with other Ethiopians
    . There was a huge brain abscess in Ethiopia which a surgeon came and incised .Then the abscess revealed certain irresponsible pus cell. Thank you.

  6. Mr. Ashenaf,
    That explain why the entire Muslim countries in total social mess this days.
    Ethiopian Muslims were more modern and moderate compare to Middle East Muslims, any Muslims living in Christian dominated countries or under other religion prone to be less exterimistv and more moderate. It is obvious Muslims need help to synchronize them to the time of reality.

  7. Abdi American citizen honeh america wist sitenor ye “White Libration Movement” binor comfortable yadergehal woy ? What about “Equality for all” yemil deregit binor ? Ergetenja neg american west oromonet weyim amaranet,weyim beatekalay zerh behiweteh yalewin waga alawkim. At least America bemenoreh betam bizu zeroch,zegawoch abrew benetsanet yenoralu. Ye ante netsanet ke manjawim americawi netsanet yalanese new. Lezeh mekniatu ye zer manzerh mekoter sayihon ye “law yebelayenet new”. Bezer mederaget,bezer sew mesebseb,bezrer emotionally charged madreg yeneber new ..Hitlorim le arian zer,kezam kkk white supemacist ..etc setekemubet newber ..yezer teyake ye netsanet melse yemiset beho noro Ertriawian be esayas lay baltenesu,germenochem hitlorin baltalu neber …Wendeme manew le oromo enanten tebeka yaregacehu manew?…Le abdisa aga,le derartu tulu,le merara gudina,le negasso gidada or so many oromos min tilaleh ? Ethiopiawinet felge yeteseteng ayedelem telaleh …ergetenja neg amarochim,guragewim,tigrewim felgo yetesetew yelem ..democracy gena ye meto amet edme enkuan almolatim nation is built by free will and no nation is perfet,ethiopia is evolving and we should work together for the better ethiopia for all of us. Ye sewochin individual experience woyinim yetewesenu sewochin hassab totally ye ethiopian hassab adergo medemdem ye propaganda machin mehon new .. yehonech lij endeh aleching,ye hone taxi negiwoch endeh alu eyalk …ene gin 100% ergetenja neng ethiopia west yallu ye civil or political organzization beminim tamir oromon asanesew or ankuashew ayakerbum ..this is too chip … too much propaganda …Manjawim hezb including the U.S. has bad and good history and ethiopia isn’t different …we are a new generation & we believe in equality for all regardless of race or religion ..I hope it is right and blessed to stand for equality for all ..dear brother thanks for speaking your mind but go beyond the narrow circle ..share the vision of Martin lutter king,mandela and mahtebe gandi ..injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere ..tnx!

  8. Yes, I am an Oromo 1st and negotiate to be an ‘Ethiopian’ if you apologize for the atrocities you’ve committed against us.

  9. There is sick people out there like ashnafe,beddada,here nobody talk about religion,the question was are you Oromo or ethiopian first?you call Islam read history or you need Amhara to teach you the great Muslim history.and badada what can I said about you,your name can explain your narrow mind.stop talk about Islam.again the question is “are you Oromo or ethiopian first?A/Oromo/…..B/ethiopian/,I think that make it easy to you guys.

  10. It is not phobia. Accept reality. The Qubee generation of Oromia answers with out fear and tell you that I am born Oromo first then Ethiopia .

  11. PEOPLE of Abbysinia Listen “In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism to deceive and overawe the People.”

  12. “So don’t call me Ethiopian or even Habasha…….I represent the blood, sweat, and tears of Oromia.” By king of Kush

  13. The currently ongoing campaign of Ethiopiawinet (Ethiopian nationalism) to dilute Oromummaa (Oromo nationalism) is a futile excercise. If the territorial integrity of the union is to be kept intact, then the Oromo people now need to move on and struggle to realize the following five important virtues: – Afaan Oromo to be the primary working language of the federal government; – Democracy including the national self-determination to be the future rule of the political game in the federation/union; – Odaa to be the centeral part of the flag of the republic, replacing the present Ambasha; – Freedom from any sort of national domination, after removing the hegemonist Woyane; – Great Oromia (land of the braves) to be the name of the future true federation, replacing Ethiopia (land of the burnt face) . Only the fulfillment of these five parameters can be the garantee for the future multinational federation of the country. If the other nations including the Abyssnians fail to accept this.

  14. Oromo’s have kept the so called Ethiopia Empire together for the last 130 year feeding Abyssinian’s, Teaching The Naftagna children’s using Oromian resource, developing the Naftagna’s Culture and language (Example Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin ), Putting Ethiopian Empire Name on the World Stage ( Oromo athletes) with a good name NOT Famine and begging, Protecting Ethiopia with Blood and most importantly their LIFES. This time Oromo’s are not with you, You need to fight TPLF alone. The OLD DOGs”Naftagna Children” are pushing Ethiopia over the cliff. The real children of Amara wake up the real naftegna children, really do not care about the poor Amhara people, They still dream to get back to the power ‘if they can” with the live and blood of poor Amhara’s and None Ahmhars, just like what they did in 2005 apologizing to TPLF after killing 250 youth in Finfine for the fulfillment of their power hunger. This is my massage for you The Diaspora Naftegna children, you will live and die in Europe and Washington DC dreaming about Emiiyee Ethiopia. ” Poor Amara people don’t follow these Zombies “Naftegna children” they will eat you alive.
    Oromo and Oromumaa First!!!
    Oromia Shall Be Free!!!!

  15. I am Oromo and at same time Ethiopian. One cannot be separated from the other Ethiopia is made up of the majority Oromo. So Oromo is Ethiopia and Ethiopia is Oromo. Stop this lies about Oromos enslaved by Abyssinians. We Oromos should see the big picture. Oromos have participated in all aspects of Ethiopian history. Those who preach hate and division among Ethiopians have no vision for Oromo people. Those who are drumming division and hate will only bring more death and suffering to the Oromo people. We need to work with other Ethiopians to create a country were the rights of all people respected regardless of ethnicity or religion.

  16. I am orompia but i am forever Gurage the new silte let mix the name Ethiopia and Orommia= Oromoia is good name any way i am out of Ethiopia goodbye ethnic pole tics gurage must be free i am forming new movement GPLF gurage liberation movement

  17. Do you know why all this media is crying blood…. the Ethiopian Party weather you call it SAMAYAWI, UDJ or the AMHARA PARTIES they know that with out having an Oromo in OROMIA they can not go an inch. so they thought if they use Juwhar to take them farther. However Juwhar can see though the Abbysinian diaspora politician, who still thinks two century back. So now if They can’t have Juwhar they have to discredit him. It is Too late, Oromos know that Ethiopia is Made in OROMIA!!! and we know, we have two choices:- to build the new Ethiopia called Great Oromia or destroy it. both are visible. But which one is advantageous for Oromos ? this will be determined by the Oromo people!!!!

    We Oromos must stop using Our oppressors /Amharas language, we must respect and promote our Oromo language and oromo culture.
    I am calling all my Oromo brothers and sisters to change your name from amara imposed name to Oromo based name.

    • HI Geddada,
      I think as Oromo is majority they need to get power but the language is almost most ethiopian speak Amharic not Oromigna although the majority is Oromign. By the way, We as Amhara are proud of our language and its character too we have our own numbers and alphabet we do not depend on the Latin as you guys proud of it.
      We are too rich in ever aspect if Oromo goes or not. We are full by our selves look at history, water culture and religion we do not depend on any as you might even in terms of language, so and so.
      I suggest you to read the history and I am sure you will not unable to visualize that where did Oromo get the land ther are leaving now. Please read books written by westerns as you do not want to read the oldest lanuage like geez and Amharic.

      • Alem,
        History doesn’t feed Abush that begs on the street in Addis. History doesn’t defend the country from foreign exploitation. The language that you’re so proud of needs special app so we can communicate with the global community. Our “rich” history has left our country begging in the global community. The trend now is globalization with emphasis on English (& Chinese). We missed out on industrial revolution, and not sure how we’re doing with information revolution because I am not in the country – Thank God! If it were up to me, we would stop living in the past and move forward. Start building library and schools instead of wasting time on age old arguments and lest not rest till Abush in Addis gets quality living wage, Abush in Bale is able to go to competitive school and Abush in Gojem has access to clean water. Good bless the nations, nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia.

      • Alem,
        Using Latin is a sign of civilization, just like using iPhones, automobiles and computers. The world’s most civilized and powerful nations ( US, Australia, Uk, and Almost all Europeans) use Latin to write , and none of these nations (perhaps other than Italy or Spain) created the Latin alphabet. They simply looked at it, and found it to be the most civilized and computer friendly alphabet, and they adopted it. Unlike your Yemen-borne ugly looking Ce Cu Cis, the Latin that the Oromos have chosen to use is a world-wide language. And best of all, when I post something in Oromo on the web, the computer won’t display it as a bunch of meaningless squares.

    • @Geddada
      you guys can change your name to “Geddada” meaning, uneven….that is who you really are anyways.

  19. aye islam is backwards and this man wants to pull Ethiopa back to 7 century camel time. Some oromos wake up,,,,,dont be donkey ass plz

  20. Betam sera fet neh yehe hulu leflefa ayasfelghim wededkm telah Ormo Ethiopiawi newu ante ena tikit yeminisota Oromowoch yemitawerut kizet newu enem endante Oromo negi yemaskedemewu gin Ethiopiawineten newu mebet newu kalk enim mebte newu be Ethiopiawinete mekurat. Gizehen bewere kemitakatilena hizb emekifafel kemtmoker hiyewethin lememrat moker yetebedeleu hulum newu engi Oromo bicha ayedelem

  21. Thank you for those who resurrected OLF from dead,they are the ones who are responsible for all this.OLF was history.look now.they are rolling all over matter how they tried to exploit Ethiopians idea. They can not hide their deeply embedded hate to Ethiopia.Jawar and his likes are unfolding their true face now.they are messengers of those Saudi (Butchers)Wohabists.they are dreaming Sharia on our land.we say,on our dead body.dream on!!!You chopped enough head in the nighties with a collaboration of your old Master TPLF. We don’t forget that you blood suckers.

  22. as we know etinics came to ethiopia and form ethiopia ,the problem is HOW we unite and make ethiopia great , some people still belive that as if they were in 15 century .
    please be wise dont kick urself and dont put urself in the trap of TPLF !

  23. First of all Oromo means killer of the ethiolpian peaple. During the Derg regime, Oromo was the top in any government positions and they were the leader of ethiopia. Take Mengistu , he is an oromo, legesse asfaw , he is the Selale oromo, take tesfaye dinka, he is and oromo, arround 50 percent of the military including most generals was oromos. Take Kelbessa Nego , the blood thirst and the internationally known killer of most ethiopian youngs is an Oromo. Take FQueen Taitu she is the Yeju Oromo. During the Yeju Dynasty the oromos killed and commited unforgetable crime. The thing is you stupid Oromos don’t have confidence to talk openly about the ethiopian history. In ethiopia Oromo is the most cruel ethinic group which they killed and suffer the rest ethiopian. But if you take amhara , they don’t say anything. During the Hilesilasie regime the oromo general ‘Teferi Banti ‘ and Aman Abdo’ the Eritrean general was the top general who control the power, these two generals killed and succeded by another blood thirst oromo the mengistu and his friends who are oromos, they witness by their word. So don’t cheat by saying Amhara killde oromo. The fact is the oromos killed the well behaved and polite amhara since the oromo comes to the beautiful land of ethiopia.

  24. ARE YOU moslem or are you oromo. that must be how the question should be set. he said he was a moslem oromo. he seems to be singing the song of the dead islamic front for oromo liberation. It is full of contradiction. no logic!!

  25. I respect every opinion, including Abdi’s. But it would be naive to think that Abdi or Jawar for that matter represent the large oromo populations in Ethiopia and all over the world. We the youth of Oromia have started a new campaign for Love and Peaceful Coexistence….. Yes IT IS POSSIBLE !!! Please go to and be the first to LIKE our facebook page.

  26. Dear All
    EPRDF congratulates you all (both) for extending its rule for the next 30 years. Having read all this trash from both group, I ask myself do we really need democracy? I don’t thinks “Ethiopian lebwan Ayeto Weyanene setate”.
    Weyanene is God given leader, dudes let us join Weyanene. I am serious.

  27. U people do u ever tried to understand that ONLY THE SEMETIC SPEAKING PEOPLES esp Amhara, tigre…PRONOUNCE ”ETHIOPIA” correctly …Oromo’ pronounce it as iToBiya…., Afar Tubia…,Somale…etubia….wolayta..-tobie..-and even Greeks Éthíopique ….so leave this Burned face nomenclature for Greek leave alone to be my blood name !! Lets change it to ”KUSHLAND ” Untill then I’m OROMO FIRST!! ETOBIA – Beqe haadhashi!

  28. Dear All,
    I wonder to ask one simple question to my fellow Ethiopianists. I am sure that you want to be called African Americans being from Africa and now living in the states because of different reasons. It is logical to say African American since your origin is basically from Africa and now you are having American identity as well. When it comes to Oromo, I don’t think that different analogy can take us somewhere. Someone is born to an identity by chance and he/she can’t get rid of it. Similarly, the first thing is that identity that someone is born with. The issue of religion and nationality will come later. Therefore, I am Oromo first and Ethiopian second.


  30. There is NO 1st or 2nd. This is a silly question. There is no 2nd option AT ALL when it comes to this. I’m OROMO & OROMIAN. …………PERIOD.

  31. @siffan ..there is no “african” race in the world ..these people have different race but they are collectively called by the origion of their continent africa …There are different people in u.s such as irish-american,polish-american,chinis-american ..etc I haven’t heard any population called by its ethinic group but if you belive that calling yourself by ethinic group firist is your primery reason for equality of oromo people,why not ? u can call yourself oromo-american but don’t force others to be …It is right to ask for equality of races,equality of religion,equality of people,the right to use once language but theses right are just and all ethiopian should work together to meet that cause. Don’t assume being an oromo is everything good and being another race is everything bad. Bear inmind so many Ethiopian fought together the injustice of Hailesilase and dergue & will keep on the fight untill we have jusice & equality for all. Equality and justice is race blind!

  32. Mr. Jawar, Do you know that the majority of Oromo people are Christian and other belief not Muslim. You are not representing the Oromo people. Don’t you know that Oromo or Amhara or Tigre, etc is not nationalism but ethnicity. You have no capacity to tell us that we are not Ethiopian. If you think you are representing akrari Muslim, you have to identify yourself before opening your big mouth. Go head and play your game until our brothers and sisters of Oromo Muslim grab your neck and throw you out when they found you trading them. Let me tell you that, I am proud of being an Ethiopian Oromo Christian.
    Thank you

  33. Mr. Ali You’re so ignorant. I am proud Oromo and belief in Waqaa. I think you need to take 6th grade hibratsab then you’ll get the answer. We all Oromos are one, no region or religion divide us. we share our blood not faith. do more research obboo ali

  34. Yo try to bring Something new we tired of this cheep religious diviton we are way in advance than Amhara we all have get our family religious waqefena so don’t snack left and right to use this

  35. Though ugly, I love that we are actually talking about this. Debate is good! Questions and answers is how we will perfect our democracy. The constitution of the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia respects our differences and gives the means to secede if any of the 9 nations wish to secede. Therefore, in theory at least, Oromia is a sovereign state in the Union by freewill. Hence, inherently and logically Jawar is Oromo first. I think a productive thing to debate about is not our differences in heritage but how we should hold the government responsible. How can we all work together to protect, defend, preserve and abide by the constitution? How can we combat the corruption, and the constitutional violations, such as the Muslim leaders being held without the due process of the law? Every country in the world has it’s problems and ours is many: illiteracy, extremely poverty, infrastructure, and the list goes on – all of which are far more significant than establishing whether Jawar is Oromo or Ethiopia.

  36. TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR FACES IN THE MIRROR!!!! You see a black face staring at yourself not OROMOOOO or ETHIOPIA but a black face. Land doesn’t belong to no one. The man in the Video is sick and needs help; he should’ve died with Hitler and every dictator. Time is ticking away for the dictators, the ethnocentric, and the oppressor. It’s time to educate yourselves you pathetic creatures because to the white men you are just a destitute black face that knows nothing but war and fights over which tree belongs to whom with other blacks. Get over it!!!

  37. My grand father on my mum’s side is from Nekemt and my grand mother is half Oromo and half Amara. I was not raised speaking Oromigna but I have strong ties to the people & the culture; much like I do with most cultures in Ethiopia. I am an Ethiopian and being that affords me a rich and vibrant culture. It is not possible to single out one culture out of the 80 something tribes & claim it a country. People have married into different cultures, they’ve raised their children in different parts of Ethiopia & that makes us one! If you walk around the cities or Europe or North America & come across a person from Ethiopia, you cN immediately recognise them. If not for our different dialects and accents it’s near to impossible to distinguish each person & say they are an Oromo or Tigre or any other culture for that matter. I was raised in Europe but thankfully, my EthiopianESS hasn’t died. Being an Ethiopian first doesn’t make me any less Oromo because Oromo is Ethiopia! Amara, Tigre, Gurage, you name it they’re all Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the ONENESS of all these cultures! I am Ethiopian and therefore, an Oromo!

  38. I am just surprised seeing all this craps. First of all, everybody was born to be just himself and nobody is closer to him than just he himself !! Ashenafi you should have not write this kind craps if you were wise and thoughtful of one Ethiopia. Ethiopia is neither Christina or Muslim country. Because religion is personal and believe in what ever you want and don’t hart someone. Secondly, if you are Oromo the first thing you need to do is just see what your name represents. I guess it is not religious name; it is Amharic name meqning “Caalaa”. Oromo has no place for religions advocates at this present time because we are suffering more than ever just for being an Oromo. Saying I am Oromo first is not a declaration it is just what it is. I was born as an Oromo their is nothing close to me than being an Oromo. Because my blood is Oromo…….
    Mr Ashenafi I have one simple questions for you if you don’t mind. If you are Oromo you recall all your grand grand parents….. but are they Christina… or Muslim in it before minilik ?….. But if you are Amhara especially Gonder or Gojam you may say yea I know the name of my grand grand parents name. If you are Amhara from centeral, east, south and west Ethiopia, you don’t even know who is your grand grand pardnts…. because you become Amhara afterwards… don’t know your source… you become Amhara for power.

  39. What shameful claim that some1 born in Ethiopia and deny his nationality/Ethiopian/.Why some people hate Amhara and Tigre ethnics. Its might be proud to be Oromo, but its inhuman to deny being Ethiopian. Me and myself am dual ethnic/my father:Orom(Showa) n mother(Amhara:Merabete).So I love n proud to be Ethiopian. Some Orom ppl in Kenya they hate Ethiopia.Why??? they don’t ve enough reasons to mention. Even intellectuals/Oromos/ too hate Ethiopia.Sometimes I feel being Oromo/bc of my father/ ashamed…!coz they didn’t differentiate what iz nationality n politics. Am saying pls be matured n reasonable.

  40. Is there over there any Habesh that doubts about our OROMO FIRSTness? If there is any, think twice. Indeed, Habesh has no mental maturity, no moral ground, no historical background to think like a rational human being. Shit!!!! Wait and see your dark future, especially you Neftenyas!!! Fuck!!

  41. yihanin kal iyetetekemachihu yalachihu hula indat silk metekem indechalachihu alawikim new besew atsifachihu new indesew inasib inji 21gnaw kifilezemen iko new tenegagiro yemeficha zemen hulum sew leethiopia inkuan bayhon lemitagelilet sew ina lebeteseboch bilom lerasu kena bihon min alebet chiristinam hone isilimina techefachef ayilim demo indeawaki isilimina indezi chiristina indezi take a look at yourself first and you will gudge

  42. Oromo first. My free will should be respected.Oromo to the end.
    If you are asked the same question what would be your response??

  43. It sad to read the above comment which has no place in a civilized sociaty. It is time to go forward and try to live togather than tearing each other. We have to try to treat each other with respect than dewlling on the past. We need to look what is going around us and learn from other countries who have similar (multi ethnics group). From what I read above; I am sure that we are no going anywhere except downhill and live in tearing each other than going forward to join other nations that lives in peace in harmony. Believe me if the above writing is read by an outsider(I mean a foreigner), it is very embarrasing and will turn us to a laughing stack not to mention is an insult to our intelligense. I hate to say that the above comments comes from a bigot individual. I do believe that we are from that and we are known a proud and a very respectful people. My brother and sisters let us go forward and built a nation where the subjects live in respect and in harmoney.

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  45. i am sorry for habasha mentality,ethiapia stabulished by blood of oromo ati many place/battle.calanqo, anole,etc so ethio impire is aur ename,
    “a persan who now nathing is only now laying” we are oromo 1st”longe life jowhar”

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  48. This is so sickening because all of you guys are fighting over a silly question. Of course I am oromo first but I would definetly not deny that my nationality is ethiopian. But I would never put ethiopian ahead of oromo. But why deny that your ethiopian. That’s totally sick of you to. But I was born to be oromo. I was raised to be oromo. And I was created with the blood of oromo. And I am proud to be oromo. And I am proud to be ethiopian as well. ✌️

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