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Are Ethiopians prepared to take the power from TPLF?

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(by Muluken Gebeyew)
top secret opdo vs tplf by sadikThe TPLF ( Tigray People’s Liberation Front) led regime has ruled Ethiopians under Iron fist since May 1991. The regime used a variety of tricks to blindfold Ethiopians to maintain its brutal rules. The most famous trick it applied is the divide and rule policy which has helped the minority TPLF elites to control the Ethiopians by dividing, inciting conflict and creating animosity among major ethnic groups for nearly three decades. Ethnicity, language and religion used as an oppressive means.
The Majority of Ethiopians now days come to realise that TPLF’s tactics are not genuine democratic measures but a means for its survival as dictatorial rule. The pseudo ethnic political groupings it created in the name of EPRDF are no longer blind or loyal servant to TPLF. TPLF’s controlling steam is running out.
The mass imprisonments, tortures, brutal killings, ethnic genocide, displacement ,disposition and state terror haven’t stopped people’s uprising against the regime in the last few years. The uprisings in different regions catch fires instead of dying. Though the dictatorial regime blames rent seeking, corruption, Eritrea’s hand and any reason under the sun that helps to the trick people, it didn’t work. An oppressed people have rebelled!
Due to TPLF led regime strong tactic of “Carrot and Stick policy” and our weakness , the Ethiopian opposition forces have been divided, lame and not powerful. The several attempts to bring together a united political gathering that involve multiple ethnic and or non ethnic based parties tend to fracture easily and failed to present as unified voice.
If TPLF leaves power by one way or another, are the non-TPLF Ethiopians ready to take the power?
Are there prepared political gatherings with strong teeth for the transition from dictatorial rule to democratic rule?
Who would maintain peace and stability?
Is there potential power vacuum due to unpreparedness?
Are Ethiopians prepared to form a democratic government which treats everyone equally under the law?
What is the guarantee we will not fragmented like Yugoslavia or former USSR?
How can Ethiopians avoid ethnic, religious based civil conflict among ourselves?
Are Ethiopians prepared and equipped with means to detoxify the poison left by TPLF?
Are Ethiopians able to defend Ethiopians territorial sovereignty from external enemy?
Many concerned citizens worry about these questions as the seismic uprising all over the country is to uproot the brutal TPLF led regime.
If there is any humanity and “Ethiopiawinet” in the current rulers, for the sake of their children and family, they need to facilitate safe and peaceful transition of power by inviting all political parties, trade unions, civic organisation, notable Ethiopians elders, intellectuals in an international conference that would result in transitional arrangement to democratic rule.
It is unlikely the regime will do such (though there is no impossible in politics) taking in consideration of its nature and way of dealing during public uprising. Majority of us don’t wish a single more day of TPLF’s rule in Ethiopia.
Are we the rest of Ethiopians prepared for peaceful and safe transition? There is strong feeling of unpreparedness and this article is a call for Ethiopians and Political parties of all colours to get prepared as soon as possible without delay to avoid uneventful harmful consequence!