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Are Ethiopians Hexed? By Selam Adugna

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Selam Adugna
After a good night of sleep, I woke up on good Sunday morning with a question in my mind wondering what curse has struck Ethiopians abroad to exhibit the ugly divisiveness. I realize the political motives behind the arguments that culminate into fervent divisive hatred among various competing political factions. But the animosity among the parishioners of a sacred place, as Debre Selam Tewahedo Orthodox Church of Minneapolis in Minnesota,  makes me wonder that people have completely lost their religious integrity to be loving, caring, sharing, sympathizing, and at least one day a week to be truthful to GOD and to themselves by forgiving their brethren and sisters to be forgiven too.
I always believe that the Church is the only place where people can show their humility in all times due to the fear of GOD. I assume that the Church is the only place where people can come together in unison to pray and meditate with pure and clean mind without any negative and evil thinking and aspiration. How naive I am! People allow themselves to be instruments of DEVIL even in the HOUSE of GOD. So what can that be said? I profess that Ethiopians abroad have been cursed to live in turmoil among themselves. Those who do not have respect for the House of GOD do not deserve respect among themselves. They live in chaos, and their life experiences unhappiness and sadness.  Those who bring disturbance, distress, hate, disharmony, fighting, and discord in the House of GOD,  will exhibit the same in their own private and communal life. They think that they are serving God by attending Church on Sundays with their hatred filled heart. They can cheat themselves  and pretend to others that they are doing  Christian work by going to church with their wicked mind full of anger, hatred, turbulence and violence. As long as they move around carrying their sacrilegious attitude towards each other and to the integrity of the Church,  they will not have a peaceful and observant life. Studying the Bible and being masterful of the teachings do not make the individual to be free from moral fault or guilt. What sets a person pure is his/her ability to love others as oneself no matter what the situation is. God teaches LOVE, and He allowed his son, Jesus Christ, to die as sacrificial lamb for the sake of human beings. What do human beings do to each other? Is there any lesson learned from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ? No. We, human beings, live in abject misery without recognizing the consequences of our lack of symbiosis. Human beings should realize that God has given us the opportunity to exercise and enjoy happiness in full extent. But we refuse to have tranquility and quietude because we are possessed by an evil spirit. There is no other justification for what is happening in our beloved Church  of Debre Selam Medhanealem Orthodox Tewahedo. There is no other interpretation for putting Our church in its current incertitude. We allowed devils with horns and hoofs in Our Church.
The lack of cohesion among the parishioners springs out of personal or group greediness. Observing the pattern of behavior of group of Ethiopians in propagating division of Ethiopian Churches around the world, it seems to be that they are motivated by political issues and as a result to be rewarded with self enriching worldly benefits rather than spiritual compensation.  The role of priests and deacons should also be mentioned. They were supposed to bring together the factions to keep the integrity of the Church and to foster amity among the parishioners. But I do not witness their spiritual mission, but their worldly attitude trapped like any common individual in personal  and material glory as well as monetary benefits. Nothing is wrong with that kind of attitude as long as they are honest and truthful that they are Priests and Deacons as profession like as mechanics , lawyers, accountants, etc.  The Priests and Deacons have ambition to grow in their profession to become Bishops and Archbishops.  Nobody wants to deny them their progress in their profession as far as they are open and sincere in their presentation. What annoying is to see Priests and Deacons as wolf in sheep’s clothing. In fact what disgusting too is generally people going to church as wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Going to church with hostile intention and trying to divide House of God is the act of insulting God or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God.  It does not matter if one is knowledgeable of the Bible or not. What matters is the purity and integrity of the individual person as he/she was born without any adulteration. What makes a person holy and blessed is his/her fear of God out of respect for his HOUSE, the Church. Causing disturbance and turmoil in the House Of GOD manifests the work of devil by possessing those chaotic individuals. I pray for them.
Church should be respected because It is the only place where people of the same belief can coexist peacefully, pray together, and celebrate GOD together  for his gift of life. But the parishioners of DSMOTC of Minneapolis are diverging from their common path of belief by opening the door to the devil with horns and hoofs instead of God. I like to remind my cohorts this saying. Matthew 26:52 Then Jesus said to him, “Put the sword back into its place. All those who use the sword will die by the sword.”

debereselam-medhanialemTo those who are motivated by politics I say  that politics should not belong in the House of GOD. If you are interested in the politics, please do it out of the church. You have got six days a week to engage in politics, gossip, back biting, talking behind the backs of your friends, family members, or unrelated people, generally to interact with devil and to sin. Set aside one day a week, Sunday, to pray for your sin and repent. Those who want to do favor to political authority back home or political parties abroad, you are entitled to your ambition and desires, but should not be on the sacrifice of our  House of God, OUR DSMOTC of Minneapolis. You can lobby, fund raise, agitate supporters for your political beliefs outside of our Church. The independence, integrity , and neutrality of Debre Selam Medahanealem Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Minneapolis in Minnesota should be kept and respected.  I do not go to Church for the sake of Synod or Patriarch or Pope or Priest or political party or government. I go to worship GOD, to pray for myself and the world, to find a peaceful  mental or emotional state, to forgive and be forgiven, and to be a better human being now  than I was a moment ago. I go to Church to love,  be loved, blessed  and not to be hexed.
I leave you with the following quote from William Penn.  “Love is the hardest lesson in Christianity; but, for that reason, it should be most our care to learn it.”
God bless all of us and bring peace and love to our CHURCH.