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Andargachew Tsige is our Mandela

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Free andargachew tsige LG

Our Mandala said don’t be angry; don’t be resentful; don’t be despair; but push; I have done my part and therefore I will rest; they will kill me any way. Tigrai Liberation Front (TPLF), one percent of 6.1 percent of Ethiopia, let him speak what he wanted to speak and subsequently aired it because they have afraid the rage of the nation will inevitably eat them and their loved ones alive. TPLF, the butcher of our nation, has already started knee jerk reaction and jail the vibrant, capable, future of our country just to associate with the abduction of our Mandela. It is bogus! However, everybody knows that picking these people and label them to what ever TPLF wants is an act of arrogance, impunity, and a signal of timidity of TPLF as if their rotten regime will sustain the coming tide of more than ninety nine percent of the people Ethiopia.

TPLF is here now with the help of some corrupted people who receive crumbs of bread that is left from their master. Because of the help of this corrupted people TPLF, one percent of 6.1 percent, were able to steal our country’s money, loot our country’s natural resources, controlling our country’s economy, and controlling our country’s security apparatus. Nevertheless, the time has come that their dictatorship and apartheid system will collapse. Thus, more than ninety nine percent of people of Ethiopia don’t be angry, don’t be resentful; don’t be despair, but organize, mobilize, unified and push. This is the remedy to cancer of our country, TPLF, one percent of 6.1 percent of Ethiopia.
I think the time has come that all opposition groups have to decide weather they are part of the solution or part of the problem. It is not denying our political issues, but we have to give priority to rescue our country from this TPLF’s dictatorship and apartheid system. We have talked thus far and now it is Action turn. I request the leadership of all opposition groups to come to the roundtable discussion and form transitional government and act in unison. As simple as it seems it is sometimes that simplicity does the job of forming democratic and all-inclusive government that is based on respect to each other as fellow human being created in the image and likeness of the most-high God. We have to act in a unified front. We have witnessed the massacre, discriminatory arrest, torturing, genocide, and inhuman treatment of our countrymen and women. Don’t you think that it is beyond the limit if there is one? Hence, I think that all opposition groups must come together soon and form unified front that would direct all resources into focused action of dismantling TPLF’s dictatorship and apartheid regime.