An Open Letter to Supporters of Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (Hagos Alemayehu )

This is an appeal to all supporters but members of Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). As you all know, TPLF is an organization led by very few corrupt, ruthless opportunists and thugs Ethiopia has never seen before. Since ascendance to power in 1991, TPLF has been looting public and private money and properties throughout Ethiopia day in and day out for 9,125 days. These horrendous lootings and crimes have been perpetuated under the trade mark TPLF, which many supporters may think that it fights for their independence from Ethiopia—justifying the looting and killing of Ethiopians since Ethiopia is not their country. Do you (supporters of TPLF) really buy this nonsense propaganda that Tigray is not part of Ethiopia? It is true that TPLF is Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front. In direct translation into Amharic, it stands for “yetigray hizb netsa awechi ginbar”. This naming clearly describes the INTENT and ACTIONs of TPLF since its birth. That is,  Hatred to all Ethiopians but Tigrayan people  Stealing all types of movable items and shipping them away, or taking the higher share (monopoly in some cases) from immovable resources (e.g., land in Gambela, Omo Valey, Addis Abeba and its surrounding areas, Northern Gondar, etc)  Waging war against Eritrea and sacrificing 70,000 precious young Ethiopians for sake of keeping a small village (Badma) which happens to be in Tigray. In contrast, TPLF is in the process of giving away a much larger Ethiopian area (not in Tigray!) to Sudan. 
TPLF Controlling the “government apparatus” from A to Z (98% of Military, 100% of police and security leaders , Ethiopian Airlines and communication, … by TPLF members) to facilitate the looting.  Killing children, elders, women and peaceful demonstrators (none of them armed) by TPLF, which has been much worse than Derg’s killings in the sense that Derg was in fierce fight with armed groups (TPLF, EPLF, EPRP, EDU).  Using private homes, offices, storage facilities, and several unknown (to public) places as prisons to jail political dissenters and letting some die there—just to show that they’re different from Derg who was killing openly—murder is murder, not seen or heard elsewhere except perhaps during Nazis. For any layman in Addis Abeba or rural regions, the name “yetigray hizb netsa awechi ginbar” is easy to understand politically and also connect the dots of the INTENTs and
daily ACTIONs of TPLF under the cover of ‘government’. It always surprises me that when political oppositions and others refer to yetigray hizb netsa awechi ginbar (TPLF) they use names that are meaningless politically. That is, “Weyane” and “hiwehat” are completely meaningless in describing the INTENT and ACTIONs of TPLF. “Weyane” was used by the former Derg people. Nobody knows why they used it as it does not replace yetigray hizb netsa awechi ginbar. Still now, I see some people using it. If the word “Weyane” describes the true INTENT and ACTIONs of TPLF, that would have been great! But it does not, unfortunately. Even though slow to come, there is good news. Recently, oppositions have completely dropped EPRDF (another cover for yetigray hizb netsa awechi ginbar ) when they refer to the current ruling regime in Ethiopia. That is a great achievement politically since everyone knows who the real thugs are behind the screen. It is an improvement to go from EPRDF to “hiwehat” to try to call a spade a spade. But, there is a problem. The name “hiwehat” is still confusing; it does NOT directly describe the INTENT and ACTIONs of TPLF. TPLF people love it because it is another cover for their evil doings! When you use a word (orally or in writing), your intention is to convey an idea or message. Those opposing TPLF, think how “hiwehat” is understood by a farmer (85% farmers in Ethiopia). But, instead of “hiwehat”, the direct translation yetigray hizb netsa awechi ginbar is much easier to be understood by ordinary people (who hate any group with an INTENTION of separation or LIBEATION FRONT) and directly get the INTENT and ACTIONs of TPLF. Members of TPLF are afraid of this particular naming (yetigray hizb netsa awechi ginbar) because it exposes them domestically. But, they love to keep the name TPLF for foreign consumption only. By keeping TPLF as their trade mark, they get support from some countries which do not want the unity and existence of independent Ethiopia. It is high time to call TPLF by its domestic name, yetigray hizb netsa awechi ginbar; just call a spade a spade!
Hagos Alemayehu


  1. “Woyane” has become to be synonymous with “killers”, “robbers”, “fascists” and “devils”. So, I am of the opinion that this evil bandas should be known simply as “woyanewoch”. The word”derg” used to be a common word like any other word. But it has become now “yetetsewe’o sim” for this brutal group which plunged our country into this chaos by enabling woyanes to invade Ethiopia and usurp power.

  2. Hagos,
    I understand where you coming from but the solution is to ger ride of dictators; those so called TPLF/EPRDF supporters don’t listen to any one; they think they are the right mind for all when our people are suffering. To them corrupt government is ok. At the same time we have to fight timikhit and tebabinet. Time is coming for change.

  3. Dear Nefetegna extremist, Please try some other propaganda style and content, this one is over used and proven not working.

  4. I wonder how people have very short memories. What do you think was the background for the establishment of the TPLF. It is not long when the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia were seen as 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade citizens except the ruling classes and their puppets. It was a desperate situation to the broad masses of Ethiopia. Don’t think the solution to the problems of the country are that simple. At present, the previous chauvinists are ready to usurp power by any means and unleash their fascistic whips on the other nations and nationalities. EPRDF have achieved political power by the heroic struggle it has waged against the oppressors. What makes you then think that it give up its power. To whom? To the fascists and chauvinists? Never!!

  5. I came back from Ethiopia I loved what seen.
    I am totally flabbergasted
    After 27 years residing in North America, went to Ethiopia for visit with my brother and my kids. Oh my God!! I can not believe how Ethiopia had changed, it looks like modern day Europe. Even the people mentality changed, people do not talk about war or civil war or red terror as my generation Ethiopians used to talk, the young Ethiopians were smart and sharp they talk about business and personal advancement.
    Please please travel to Ethiopia and visit your country, once again you will be proud being Ethiopian.

  6. WOW!!! Thank you Ato. Hagos Alemayehu!!!!!!!
    From the reply you can tell that you touched the right button!!!The dogs are out!!!
    You said it all prices and simple!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  7. @ Daniel, welcome !
    Every time I call home My sister also telling me that conditions in Ethiopia is progressing and she want me to buy house And to invest in Ethiopia. Regardless, it is nice to hear the good news.

  8. “Liberation” could be define as you correctly mentioned it in your writings, but it can also be defined a libation from a oppressive regime like “Derg”; and I believe many TPLF brothers and sisters fought for the later liberation, otherwise how could a land of Nigiste Saba, and the land of many Kings and king of kings until the last king of kings who died while defending his county at Metema, Atse Yohannes IV, could think that they are not Ethiopians… I am sure you are not from Tigray, otherwise you would not define that way. There maybe some narrow minded TPLF members or leaders who might think the way you wrote, but to my knowledge most TPLF fighters (and the people of Tigray) think they are pure Ethiopians and they do not negotiate on that (Even Eritreans, in my opinion, would not negotiate on their Ethiopian identity had ‘Emye’ Minillik II didn’t sold them out after we Ethiopians won in the Battle of Adwa).
    “TPLF is oppressive government and we should fight for LIBERATION from such oppressive regime” is a good argument by itself (not that I am using liberation here); Hence, you do not need to deceive your readers that TPLF means non-Ethiopian unfunded argument (and, in my opinion this kind of ‘logic’ is an insult to many TPLF fighters and many Tigray people who support TPLF).

  9. Tigrians are blinded by greed and hate towards other Ethiopians and they won’t listen any advice from Ethiopians ,they are the once who are killing, dispacing
    , torturing Ethiopians, TPLF is not a building it is made of Tigrians who are giving orders for the killing and murder and detention of innocent Ethiopians, so asking help from Tigrians for sympathy is meangless as they support this ethnic Aparthaid regime advances the interest of Tigrians and The barren land of Tigray
    They are hypocrats they were crying for being killed by derg now they doing the same thing on Oromos only labelling them as terrorists

  10. I do not think you will have victory over the present Ethiopian government through hate, lies and propaganda.

  11. Both the pro and anti TPLF proponents need to note two:
    1. TPLF is a gang of descendants of the banda’s. It is committed to revenge: destroy Ethiopia, Ethiopians and Ethiopianism
    2. TPLF is a Western advised and Western supported rather maneuvered gang. Hence its strategies are solemn talks and its deeds are highly masked.

  12. Well, let us bring together the so-called “sons of bandas” and “neftegnas”, “the leaders of “nations and nationalities” and the “elites” to discuss multi-faceted Ethiopian problems. Let use English as a medium of communication because no Ethiopian language would be pure or adequate to express contempt, hatred and hurt borne by each individual. I suggest English because it has now become the lingua franca even in rural Ethiopia nowadays. We can discuss and agree/disagree to decide on the language issue when we meet taking it as the first agenda. Then run down a list of most burning and current issues affecting each segment of the communities mentioned above.
    The question might be who is going to chair the meeting. I think reps of each group will choose a spokesperson from among themselves. The dialogue for setting the objectives, procedures and modalities of the meeting begins will be decided. This is how we can start talking to each other to bring about understanding and unity.
    Blaming one another in times of war, famine and catastrophe does not achieve much.

  13. The tplf can not be eliminated by an appeal or letter. The only means what we have is to engage our selves in a bitter fight against them like our oromo sister and brother did it.

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