Amhara the victim of Tigrayan politics

Getachew Reda (editor Ethiopian Semay)
Here under this document, I like all Ethiopians to compare yourself to judge what the so called ‘equal’ development implemented in Tigrayans and Amhara zones.
The unequal, unjust and discriminative development is here shown on this document for you to judge. I do not want to go further to detail more than the film which is talking to itself. Check those two filmed documents to see how Tigrayans are beneficiary under TPLF more than any one of the Ethiopian ethnic zones. See how the Amhara society are eveicted from many Ethiopian cornersfelt sad, hpless, desperate, their children evicted from school they were attending and thrown out to the street. The photo shown “Tigray:10 folds development compared to other regions part 1” under “Amhara’ are evicted Amhara from Gura Ferda and other areas children and women sheltered in the AEUP office (Hailu Shaul lead party) in Addis Ababa. While the Tigrayans are having a good time enjoying their century of joy with the expense of others. Please check this two documents to compare my claim and argument is right or wrong.
The First one is development in Gonder, Wollo and Shewa /Debrebirhan the second video document assessment is in Tigray by Dr Getachew Begashaw an economist by profession.
Ethiopia: The New Gondar

Tigray:10 folds development compared to other regions part 1

seeing this document, my argument that Tigrayans are beneficiary and TPLF is racist and discriminatory group which I did argued for the lat 21 years proved me right, that I was on the mark.
TPLF crimes on Amhara people, video Part 2; Amhara Youth Solidarity

Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay) [email protected]
Amhara the victim of Tigrayan politics


  1. I don’t believe Tigrayans are beneficiaries of TPLF ruling, rather they are victims of TPLF propaganda and living in abject misery. Only TPLF elites are beneficiaries of TPLF Machiavillian ruling.

  2. Hi Mr Getachew,
    Thanks for exposing the injustice committed by TPLF minority ethnic aparthied government. Also i hope you also listened the new released audio record insulting the Amhara people by the so callled TPLF Tigrean agents Amhara regional representative. So this a weakup for Amarah people and get the respect and the respect will gained by only one means by the barrel of GUN!

  3. Getachew reda,
    This is not scientific comparison. It is called “cherry picking” to support an already held opinion. I hope you go to proper school before it is too late.
    Yours Aklilu Tadesse

    To Mr. Aklilu:
    It might be late for me to go to school, but I can tell you with pride- I am glad I did not graduate from Dedebit school as you are. I have not seen you Mr. educated and TPLF scholar Mr.Aklilu arguing based on the trained economist analysis Dr Getachew Begashaw. Is it hard for you to dismiss his argument? I know it is for Dedebit students.
    The eviction of Amhara society that you see on the video which was applaud by TPLF journalists like Mimi Sebhatu in Ethiopia and here in New York Geza Tegaru Pal Talk Admin “Hidiyat Tigray” and here on this website by the Dedebit scholar Mr.Aklilu is referred a “Cherry Picking”. How silly. What grade are you? which school did you go to refer the victim of ethnic cleansing of the Amhara society as cherry picking? Tell us where Tigrayans were evicted from their own country as the Amhara. What will you Mr.Aklilu and the rest of the EthniQo puppets react if the ethnic cleansing and eviction was to the Tigrayans not to Amhara? ‘Cherry picking’? How hatful can you be!
    The denial by Tigrayans is not new behavior, it is been seen this denial before. Even the development which was much better in Tigray than in Wollo Gojam and Gonder during the Haileselassie era was denied by Tigrayan elites as nothing was done to Tigray. This was well illustrated and well argued by document in my book. Common argue point by point based on any document you like to bring, if you have an iota of education. I know you can’t – I am well familiar with EtniQo Dedebit educated puppets,-you have nothing to say, but to throw filthy and week phrases and disappear when challenged.
    Thanks GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    To Readers:
    I know some of you might not get the entire 4 documents of video from Tigraya and Amhara area which is posted and argued in detail on my website (Ethiopian Semay). please go check it out for more details. I have sent it to Zehabesha- unfortunately, it was too late to repost it. So for detail documents, go visit Ethiopian Semay and come here and comment it (You are not allowed to leave comments there).

  6. you would have improved all the gaps that you mentioned between tigray and amhara, if you had worked on that instead of analysing and wasting your time to come up with such meaningless report.

    To Abrish;
    You are telling me to improve the gaps of abuse created by TPLF (perhaps by your leaders) between Amhara and Tigray. That I can’t do it. I cant cover up the crime of TPLF for the same of filling the gaps. That is the worst sickness of many of you the so called Tigrayan Ethno Nationalists. It is like you are advising an abused women who is battered, dehumanized, chased of here home every night by a drunkard psychopathic husband in order to gab the pain created by the lunatic husband, so the public or the neighbor will not hear about it. The sickness of all you the Tigrayan ethno nationalist work was exactly the same idea like your for 22 years “do not ask- do not speak”. The rift will only closed when the crime and the severity of it exposed to the public. You cant continue advice the people of Amhara to keep dehumanized while you and your like s have good time enjoying the pain and abuse of the Amhara people or any Ethiopian population. How lunatic and sickening can Tigrayan ethno nationalist can be as Aberash?
    You are not alone when it come to expose the crime of TPLF. I have many TPLF x- combatants whom they told me that the crime that we heard from my friend Gebremedhin Araya is nothing compared to what has been done in the jungle. I asked them then why not you guys come together and expose the crime that was never revealed so far if there is more Sevier crime we never heard carried in the jungle? Their response was- it only makes things worst. We just have to focus on how to change the system.
    This is exactly why I am puzzled by many Tigrayan ethno nationalists why they do not want to talk about the crime carried by TPLF in the jungle. This happens beginning from their x- leaders Aregawi, Gebru, Gidey, Siye and others that they shy when they are asked to tell the public the conspiracy or crime made that the public need to hear. None of them wrote a book or expose their crime to the public in order to have a genuine acceptance. No one of us will hold them accountable as longa s they told us what took place behind the power in the jungle. Eritreans are exposing many crimes made in the jungle. I have two new books I just got fro Eritreans sent to me freely how the crime was made in the jungle. remember I made one commentary called “Bilash Tahrir” after I read the book written by Rediee Meharee. I talk to the guy- it is amazing fellow. I also got this week a new book in Tigringa “Yal TegeleTe Ye Arba Amet Guud” written by Tesfay Temenewe. It is a thick boo- I did not started reading the book- but I will.
    Compare with Eritreans, now I ask where are the Tigrayans who were x- TPLF combatants who know so much crime that they should have expose to the public? Not only the abusers refuse to do such, but the abused are also not willing to cooperate in telling their story. It is like a family matter. I wonder if the Tigrayan ethno nationalist still are affected very badly by the living psych of Tigrayan Feudal behavior what the none Tigrayan Ethiopians used to referred them “Ersu Bersu”.
    So, Mr./Miss Abrish- it is not new for me to hear from Tigrayan ethno nationalists to advice those of us who are in the battle of exposing the crime of TPLF not to talk about a psychopathic abusing his wife every night as TPLF is doing it for the last 22 years. I say to you all ‘EtniQos’- come out and tell us- there is much unheard story the public need to hear. The public and history have the right to hear what is happening!!!!!!! Our Gentle sound advisors- please advice your Tirayan authorities and racists to stop what they are doing than to tell us to narrow the gab. Only when the public know the crime gets the gab narrow and made apology for the crime. If we can’t exposé their crime how can you tell the public to throw them out from power? Hash Hash is the old tactic that came from TPLF group that works for 22 years and helped them to stay in power.
    Abay Gidib is now the other means to cover up the crime they did in order to saty in power. Many fools are now singing the TPLF Abay song while the Amhara population are evicted from their own country as foreigners. Geza Tegaru Pal Talk is leading such cover up while supporting the ethnic cleansing of the Amhara. So, you are telling us to shut up and narrow the gaps while the crime is on progress?! You are sick.
    GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

  8. The main target of attack for Tigre people liberation front is the amhara population. This is a fact written in their manifesto of TPlf. Tplf are cutting up western Ethiopia mainly Gonder and Gojam and giving away land to sudan TO HURT THE AMHARA LIVING IN THESE REGIONS.
    Tplf is displacing and massacring amharas in orthern wello and Gondar and annexing land to ‘greater tigrai’, in orde to destroy the amhara out of existence.
    Tplf are evicting amharas from south and east of parts of Ethiopia, denying them the right to exist and make a living.
    TPlf are denying amharas business opportunities, education and work opportunities in a coordinated campaign of genocide and war on the amhara.
    Do you think that TPLF are doing this because of a mistake. NO, NO , NO.
    IT IS A DELIBERATE POLICY OF TPLF which was manufactured in Dedebit a long time ago.
    Gebremedhin Araya , a former central committee member of tPLFhas exposed what the TPLf stands for from its inception to the present day.

  9. this all people said idea is out of truth coz all z amhara people are always talking boast, and they are black smiths and during z ancient times they were killing d/t peoples by their magic coz they are scavangers but most of z ethiopian people never understand this and they came from nigeria which is ever known magician country in the world tha is why the Tigryans hate them and they preach and always teach z people as they are ethiopians but z truth is to z back they are not true ethiopians and they came from z inferior slaves of sudan and some came from nigeria!!! z gojams are from nigeria =bs. black smiths(budas)and gonders come from slave of sudan kushitic bloodline like z great animal live in africa

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