Amhara Liberation Forces, the OLF and Others Against Tigrean Colonialists

Fayyis Oromia
Unity of EthIt is really good news that Amharas are slowly waking up and starting to figure out that they are suffering, not only under the repressive regime, but also under the Tigrean colonial rule. They have already started to talk about a liberation struggle from the colonial rule instead of rehashing about the possible democratization of the present Tigrean empire, which is neither federal nor democratic as the regime tries to make us believe. It seems that they have now started to understand the fact that democratization of the Tigrean empire is a pipe dream, which was already assessed and told by the OLF since 1992. Till now, they had been deceived repeatedly, including the last deception through the notorious hand-shake before the 2010 “election.”I don’t need to be politically correct and call the so called “multinational” parties as “pan-Ethiopianists.” To me, they are Amhara parties as long as they pursue the political interests of the Amhara ruling elites; such interests including the job of keeping Ethiopia with Amharinya as the federal language, into which all nations in the empire are still melting. One report I heard on SBO (the OLF radio program) revealed the fact that Oromo students are still required competency in Amharinya to get jobs, specially in the federal structure. This shows how Amharization is still promoted, because of which Amharas prefer to call their parties as “Ethiopian” instead of “Amhara.” Individuals from other nations, who are part of such parties, are those who are both linguistically and mentally Amharanized. So, no need of confusion here; let’s Oromo be clear on this issue and seek an alliance with those forces against the Weyane regime, including the Amhara forces. Of course, we need to be very careful for it is very easy to be infiltrated by Woyane agents in the “multinational” parties, in contrast to the homogeneous national parties. That is why I do call for caution whenever we try to work with such opposition forces, in which Woyane agents are also active. The paralysis of Medrek, which failed to call for a reasonable civil disobedience and public uprising up to now should teach us something.I once wrote an opinion after observing Amharas’ start of colonization rhetoric with the title: “Oromians: Can We Welcome the Amhara Nation to the Club of the Colonized Nations in the Horn?” I also heard Dr. Gregory Stanton speaking to his mostly Amhara audience in Washington DC about the current internal colonization under the Tigrean elites. Once, I heard a short opinion, which came from Amhara liberation camp regarding and condemning this colonization. Such a move by the Amhara liberation camp is encouraging since Woyane’s main lottery till now has been the discord between the two liberation camps (i.e. between the Amhara and the Oromo liberation camps). As far as the Oromo is concerned, no question that all nations in the empire are now under a colonial rule; that is why our struggle is a fight for freedom from this colony.

But Amharas have believed till now that the West is genuinely interested in the democratization of the empire, so that they have succumbed to the pressure of the diplomats from the West. The fact on the ground is that neither Tigrean colonizers nor their Western handlers are interested for democracy. The West knows very well that they can not get a better servant than Woyane regime to serve their influence and interests in the region. Any democratically elected governmnet, with public support of their own country, is proud enough not to do the bidding of the West; only petty dictators with no mass support in their own country, can be the marionette of the West at the cost of their own nations. The West only checks whether the dictator is “their dictator” or not; they oppose those who are not theirs like Mugabe of Zimbabwe, but dine and wine with “their dictators,” who do serve their interests. So, expecting any genuine support from Western governments for any sort of democratization in Africa is just fooling ourselves.
In this short opinion piece, I would like to concentrate on the possible role the Amhara liberation camp and the Oromo liberation camp can do to get rid of the Tigrean colonization. These two nations will surely be the future power players of the the Horn region; therefore, they should prepare themselves for this role starting from now. They can be the two pillars of the future Union of the Horn, just like France and Germany are now for the European Union. Liberation forces of the other nations in the empire do support either the Amhara liberation camp, which wants to forge a future Ethiopia/Horn union in a form of the U.S.A. (a region-based federation with all nations possibly melting into being Amharinya speakers) or the Oromo liberation camp, which does have European Union as a model for the future union in the Horn/Ethiopia.
But now these two liberation camps must leave this decision of choosing either the EU model or the U.S.A. model for the public after getting rid of the Tigrean colonization; and they should coordinate their struggles by trying to form an all-inclusive alliance, which can be considered as the Ethiopian liberation force. The hitherto moves towards such an alliance made Woyane very nervous, so that it has dispatched its cadres in order to do its dividing and polarizing activity. The cadres sing on Oromo forums about the importance of the unconditional independent Oromia and curse any possible Amhara-Oromo alliance; at the same time, they do cry in Amhara forums for unconditional unitary Ethiopia and denounce any sort of cooperation between the “multinational” organizations with the OLF; of course, their only goal is to hinder the possible all-inclusive alliance against the Tigrean colonization from happening.
This division and polarization move also goes to the extent of sowing a discord inside both camps based on region, party and religion. Unfortunately, some fools from both camps did fall into this trap, and they do now entertain such dividing and polarizing orgy of Weyane cadres. To counteract such a move of our colonizers, it is not bad if OLF leaders and activists try to forge first the solid tokkummaa (unity) of Oromo liberation forces as well as secondarily foster the necessary all-inclusive tumsa (alliance) with all other liberation forces, including the Amhara liberation movement, against the Tigirean colonizers.
To make such an alliance become a reality, Amhara liberation forces need to wake up from their nostalgia and look forward. Their position till the year 2000 in reclaiming a Derg-style Ethiopia is over, never to come back again; their demand for xeqilaigizat-federation during the “election” 2005 had no acceptance by Oromo and other oppressed nations; their talk about a possible referendum on killil-federation vs. xeqilaigizat-federation during the “election” 2010 was not bad, but impractical. The least common denominator to be accepted by all stakeholders in the region/empire may be a theoretical true killil-federation. But Amhara liberation forces should think beyond killil-federation, just like the Oromo, Sidama, Ogadeni and others are now doing, i.e. they have to wake up and fight for the liberation of Amharaland from Tigrean colony, instead of still dreaming to rule over all Amharanized Ethiopia.
When they start to think in terms of liberating Amharaland to be an independent part of the future possible regional union or continental union, then they will be on the same page with the Oromo, Ogadeni and the other liberation forces so that fostering the Ethiopian liberation force in a form of an all-inclusive alliance is not as such difficult. We like it or not, take it only 1 year or as long as 100 years, all nations in the region will have our both national independence and regional union in a form of “a union of independent nations.” That is why I do wish Amhara liberation forces to give up their nostalgic illusion and start to think, talk and walk future-oriented mindset. The already-conscious and farsighted Oromo nationalists can take a responsibility to liberate not only Oromo people, but also others in the region, including those with nostalgia.
To take over this leading function, the Oromo polity must stop the foolish quarrel in the endless discussion on the issue: “Autonomy within Ethiopian context vs Independence of Oromia.” Both options are still entertained in the Oromo community for they are not exclusive to each other, but the final decision will be made by the Oromo public verdict. That is why I do say autonomous Oromia within an Ethiopian union (true killil-fedretion) can be the common ground to build an alliance of Amhara and Oromo forces against the fascist Weyane. I must repeat this again and again: it is only a transitional arrangement leading us to the future public verdict, where the Oromo mass will choose between “an Oromian autonomy within the Ethiopian union” and “an Oromian independence within the African union” as a lasting solution. This decision must be left for the Oromo public as an exercise to self-determination after getting rid of Weyane fascists; it should not be predetermined now by Oromo polity.
As far as I am concerned, the following is the reality of the political development in the empire:
– Unitary Ethiopia is obsolete and belongs to the past;
– Weyane’s Ethiopia is evil and temporary;
– Ethiopian union (true killil-federation) is a transitional solution;
– Oromian independence is indispensable and a must;
– Union of independent nations in the Horn/Africa (confederation) is the beneficial and lasting solution!
This is the summary of my hitherto position. So, to take autonomous Oromia as a temporary goal of the possible all inclusive alliance against Woyane fascists doesn’t necessarily mean opposing the future Oromo public decision for an independent Oromia. I know this topic of discussion will never end till we settle it per public verdict in the future. Till then, we can express our only individual or organizational positions, but we can not decide for the Oromo people.
Taking this possible political development in the empire, true killil-federation is only a temporary solution for the fact that Oromo and other nations will demand more and will decide for their independence; unless otherwise, the federation is sustained by hegemony of one nation over the others as it is now under Tigirean elites, which can be replaced by Amhara, Oromo or other elites to rule over the “federation.” To hinder the taking over by the Amhara and Oromo elites, Woyane is now trying to Putinize (following Putin’s model) his rule and to keep the Tigrean colony in the future by instrumentalizing Haile-Mariam Desalegn as a Medvedev of Ethiopia. So, practically there can never be genuinely true killil-federation as a lasting solution; that is why independence of Oromia is indispensable and a must; this can be followed by a voluntary union of the free nations, to which direction Africa now seems to move.
The recent move of the African Union in transforming the commission to an authority with a final goal of forming African federation shows the importance of “a union of independent nations,” be it regionally or continentally. One of the AU summit was themed “Africa’s Shared Values: Implementation of a Pan-African Governance Architecture,” which shows the direction of the political move in Africa. It is in such federated Africa that both an independent Amharaland and an independent Oromia can play a stabilizing role because of Amhara’s geographical proximity to Finfinne, the capital city of both Oromia and the African Union. It seems that in the future, some new independent nations like Oromia, Ogadenia, Hausaland, etc. as well as some united or merged regions like EAC (East African Community) will emerge, but all being united under the future federated African Union Government (African Union Authority).
As the education and enlightenment of African peoples and nations is going on, the better will be their engagement for their human and national rights, so that the emergence of new states by dismantling the evil colonial borders, which till now have either divided nations or lumped many of them together, will take place. Emergence of new states and redrawing of borders will happen, be it in a near or far future. That is why the liberation struggles of nations in the future will not be like the liberation struggles in the 20th century (only rural guerrilla liberating territories village by village). For that to take place, there is no more Cold War to get the necessary support. What is now important is the combination of all methods, except using terror, as a means of struggle. This all-inclusive method can include civil disobedience, public uprisings and armed struggles (both rural and urban guerrilla).
So both liberation camps (the Amhara liberation camp and the Oromo liberation camp) in the present Tigirean empire should learn to think inclusive and be pragmatic. The best pragmatic approach is that both should first try to unite and consolidate their respective camps before or in parallel to a formation of the all-inclusive alliance. The formation of the alliances like Shengo and Ximiret are good steps. It will be more productive if the other EPRP could also join this move of consolidating the camp. The move of Medrek to be transformed into a front is also to be welcomed; the re-unification of the OLF is very fantastic, which need to be yet more inclusive by embracing others. After consolidating their respective camps, the two (Amhara and Oromo camps) can build a very effective and efficient all-inclusive alliance against the Tigirean colonizers.
The development in the Amhara liberation camp is encouraging as we could observe their move from a position of being the archenemy against the OLF to being so friendly as witnessed repeatedly; I commend them for coming to this level. We may remember what such Ethiopiansts thought and talked about OLF previously, now they are directly or indirectly accepting and respecting Oromo’s just cause and are supporting Oromo struggle. OLF surely will be the major part of the all-inclusive alliance to liberate not only Oromo people, but also the other oppressed nations, including the currently oppressed Amharas. OLF remains to be the nightmare of Woyane fascists; as the question put again and again, OLF should be able to coordinate all liberation/resistance movements in the empire against the Tigrean tyranny. Hopefully, both the now ongoing unity among Oromo liberation forces and the possible all-inclusive alliance, will be formed, consolidated and both shall prevail.
Last but not least, I would like to repeat that both camps should take heed of the dividing and polarizing Woyane infiltrators, who seem to be very busy in both the cyberworld and community life. It is simple to identify them: liberation forces are integrationists, who do try to unite ALL forces against the EVIL colonialists, whereas Woyane cadres do the opposite, i.e. divide and polarize by sowing discord between parties, ethnies and religions. I do have a difficulty to comprehend few Oromo nationalists, who co-operate with these cadres by considering Amhara elites as our primary enemy, but say no word against the Tigrean colonizers, who are currently tormenting us. The same is true about few Amahara elites, who are still cursing the Oromo forces instead of targetting Woyane. As far as I am concerned, our present primary enemy is the ruling Tigrean colonialists, under which also Amharas are suffering. We need to concentrate on fighting this powerful enemy, of course, without being careless about certain nostalgic position of the few backward feudal lords in the Amhara national camp. May Waaqa/Rabbi help us distinguish between the primary and the secondary enemies of Oromo nation based on the always changing situation, time and space, i.e. may He help us in our priority setting!


  1. keyet yemetak koshashanehe baki? when are you guys going to take your kins from kemisse and from all over shewa? can you handle that-the so called olf liberation front? i am ready to ship your sefari galla tribe from the beloved historical province of Amhara-wollo wasil?

    • Deear Sayint
      Ante yebesebesk tenb Asama. People like you are cancers to all people of Ethiopia. Endante yalew eko new hagerachenen lezih yabekat. Denkoro Lemagn. Foketam. Please come to your mind and start loving all people and treat the way you would like to be treated. Shentam-Ahun ante neh Oromon yemetesedeb? YOu and your dulls have ruined the whole country. They still think you are better when you are inferior and lemagn. Please stop your hatred and start dialoging peacefully without damaging the other ethnic groups.
      Specially-by using derogatories. You are sick like the Fayyis- He is insane and you too. Our united front will undoubtly destroy you all amd make our beloved nation and people get restored from all the negatives what they have been who they are.

  2. OLF is a failed organization and will sease to exist by itself. A number reasons to mention if you want. Apart from the many crimes commited by this organization against innocent people in the early nienties (a flash back of recent memories of those massacres in Bedeno, Arbagugu, etc. will be enough), you cannot form an organization with its sole intention based on hatred toawrds all non-oromos. Secondly, even if hate politics is the winning strategy, there is no garantie people would start to think normally after its successful completion. With hundred percent certainity they would then turn to each other(Welega oromos against, Shoa’s, or Arsi’s or Bale’s or Harrarghe’s etc, etc). Because hate and exclusion was the winning strategy, why should you seek for another one? You learned this one skillfully and passionately! So eliminate each other? No human being on earth would wish to experience again like Rwanda. So in the presence of numerous evidences, You would better be advised to abonden tribal politics and be mentally and emotionally prepared join humanity. That will be the future of our Ethiopia.

    • If this OLF fails another OLF will born as Woyanes say first Woyane and second Woyane. No matter how long it takes, no matter how much it is difficult self determination of oromos is inevitable. Mind U I said self determination, not independence. This is a God given right which any people deserves and the oromo people is not exceptional. Period!!!!!!!! Regarding the massacres U listed if U are such a passionate person why not U list the massacres on Oromo people and others by Minilik II army? Have U heard that England paid money to kenya for the damage she caused during colonialism.

  3. Fayysi, Liberation of amara?? amaras never fight for separation like your rubbish olf
    amaras always fight for unity,so you got no any moral background to comment amaras,

  4. gud job
    woy habesha still barking.
    sila unity siwora…..barking
    sila oromo/oromia….barking
    sila tigrayan….barking
    the barking feudals.

  5. I am half Oromo half Amara, and my hubby is half Tigre half Amara. My son is married to an Africn American while his brother is dating a wwhite American. So what is this man tallking about in these days and times.

  6. Nice to read that only the Woyane dogs are crying here! Amhara democrats now did comprehend the intention of Fayyis Oromia, who tries to promote the Amhara-Oromo alliance against the fascist rule of Woyane! The dogs can bark, but the caravan is moving on!

  7. I am so happy to see people having conversation on different issues. The reason why I am saying this is not because I agree with the content of what have been brought to the public for discussion. The Amharas and oromos have been in self imposed segration for the last two decades. However, the conversation to be had should not be one that begins with exchanging war of words across the divide. It should be one that encourages civilised debate on issues that equally matter to us
    With all due respect I must say that both sides have their own mess to clean.
    1 The Amhara should stop preaching and believing that they are the only guarantor and vanguard of Ethiopian unity. Looking at the composition of their political forces, one can form an opinion that the kind of unity the Amharic speaking politians want is different from that of others. This pseudo unity did not work in the past and it never will..
    2 the Oromo political forces are also stuck in the past and failed to pull themselves out of the box and reach out to others with progressive policies. They have failed to realise that what we have in common is more important than our diferences.
    Finally, I advise our writers to utilise the resources we are blessed with( our knowledge) for the common good of our people.

  8. Feyyis, Fayyis,
    Amharas as a group are liberated, free spirited and most of them see themselves as friends to all. The amhara blood runs through the veins of the majority of Ethiopians no matter what your ethnic / tribal back ground is.There is no need for the Amhara to be organised as an ethnic liberation front.
    Organising as a political Party is the only option for the Amhara.
    A political party does not ask you for your ethnicity. A political party is not an exclusive club for one ethnic group. The important consideration to be a member of a political party is your comittment to freedom, democracy and justice. It does not matter what colour you are, what ethnicity /tribal origin or clan you belong to.
    Because all of us need to live in freedom, need an equitable justice system, and a democratic system where our human rights are respected.
    That is what most Amharas have been advocating, and because of this stand Amharas have been labelled as Ethiopianists, Pan Ethiopianists, Imye Ethiopia, Abay-Ethiopia , by narrow minded ethnic liberation groups who hate and persecute everybody else except people from their own ethnic club, even then you have to ‘pure’ oromo, pure this and that to join their club.
    Every Political party that embarced all Ethiopians has been labelled as ‘amhara’ party by the ethno-centric , exclusive clubs which Feyyis is a member. We are happy to take that label. We love to see freedom, democracy and justice to all the Ethiopian people. If that makes Feyyis angry it is a tough call! You can pursue your exclusive club agenda we will pursue ours.
    If you think your narrow nationalist , ethno-centric agenda based on hate and persecution of others has been successful you are wrong. Ethiopiawint is strong and alive. You cannot break the bond of the Ethiopian people built for generations.

    • Abyssinia and Abyssinianism are already dead; Ethiopia and Ethiopiyawinet are very sick and lying on their death bed; the future belongs to Oromia and Oromummaa, of course Oromia being either the Great Oromia (renaming the whole Ethiopian territory as Oromia) or the Little Oromia (liberating the area already demarcated by the OLF). Don’t be mad!

  9. Hi ALL,
    try to google also a similar article with a title: Oromians, can we welcome the Amahara nation to the club of the colonized nations in the Horn? You can learn more regarding this topic!

  10. I don’t think the two BIG fools (the elites of Amhara and Oromo) hear your message and cooperate against the Woyane; unfortunately their elites are simply egoist ignorants, whom the Woyane cadres are playing with by dividing and polarizing them!

  11. Himaa, Amhara are in denial, Just Amharic is imposed on other people let them think that they are free people. Free people never go hungery and poor and Amhara are the example of poverty and hunger. The reason the TPLF junta is selling our country to Indian is due to the policy they set up. TPLF uses the same system which were used for so many years. They need to wake up and struggle for freedom and self determination instead of bulling and supporting only thier few elites to demonise other people while enriching themselves.
    The Oromo struggle is from the root and has wider base and wheather OLF is strong or not the people will be free and achieve the political and economic freedom soon. It is a matter of time.

  12. Oppressor Amhara days were over, we oromos will run our own destiny as we see it fi
    It does not matter you preach we oromos will never be under Amhara Domination no more.
    Oromo region is for oromos not to Amharas.

  13. Racist elements who are replica of the writer pursuing similar distractive politics would go to their grave before they have witnessed dismantled Ethiopia which never exist any longer as they wish. If unfortunately things turned out the way these racist elements aspire. It wouldn’t bother Amharas to handle the aftermath of separation and we could manage to defend our genuine territory beyond what woyane has created. we will get back our lands unlawfully given to oromia and tigray by tplf regime with determination and scarification of brave Amhara youths and we would leave the remaining chaotic situation among neighbouring Somalis and oromia, oromia and sidama or other small ethnic groups. I am really tired of reading and hearing such emotionally and socially disturbing rubbish notes from some crap who are intoxicated by racist spirit. Amharas are better of with out oromos,walayetas,kembatas,gurages, and of course Tigray.

  14. I will not waste my precious time reading shit produced by the shitmaker. This guy is a dedicated man of hatred, and he needs healing. Let him visit a psychiatrist, although such a doctor has no means to heal a man who thinks in his ass, and stuffed his brain with shit.

  15. I am not Amhara,either Oromo but why can we live together?our past should be past.let respect each other,some guys think like dog but we should treat them humanly.long live ma’am Ethiopia,mama Ethiopia got lots of bastard childern,these bastards don’t want her unity.ato meles was a pimp he let foreign to molested mama Ethiopia/I think she likes it/and got lots of my half brothers and sisters don’t worry,we got plenty land we can is our culture to eat and live together ,don’t forget that, ok

  16. —- Amhara gov targets …..
    hese three non Amhara tribes (Oromos,tigreans and Eritreans) always been the prime targets of the previous three Amhara dominated governments, millions of these innocent non Amhara Ethiopians were systematically mass genocided. All these selective mass genocide was committed to ensure Mono tribal domination of the Amharas.
    Now you know why There so much hatred toward Amharas in every corner of Ethiopia, and mistrust and division among Ethiopians.

  17. OLF you need to appreciate Zehabesha website owner and ESAT TV for your effort to insult the Tigrayans and the Amhara people. We had our doubts , who this media were serving when they restricted nationalist Ethiopians in the Diaspora world. But now, everything is coming clear in our eye. Just look at the title! No mater what- these Diaspora bankrupted opposition media (those mentioned and their likes) will never have the impact that they want to inflict or any respect by the mentioned ethnic population. Thanks to the Ethiopian, Assimba, Debtera , Ethiopatriots, Ginbot 7 D (a very good and strong nationalist website), who else (forgive me for not mentioning some of you good nationalists) for airing Ethiopian nationalists view to subdued the mercenaries and radical views and propaganda outlet aired and spread on Zehabesha and ESAT and their likes. Ethiopian nationalist will always shine to keep Ethiopia the greatest- mercenary and ignorant website owners will remain wagging their tails to OLF, EPLF, ONLF. propaganda. But, they are all in the Diaspora dreaming their unfulfilled dream.
    That is all they can offer, They are crippled and restrained on internet only. Lucky these media are not in Ethiopia. Radicals and OLF/ONLF would have their day to ruin our society. I can see them how ruins these elements are. Opportunists. Mercy! As for me, you all- destructive anti Ethiopia secessionists and your website backers (Zehabesha and ESAT) can cry and scream against me all you want- you are nothing but political pagans with no rule and respect to Ethiopian nationalism. Getachew Reda

  18. Deme, there is no tribe called Eritrea, it looks you are from the moon (Dayax) or
    Bakara market.

  19. be care full guys you better know what you are talking about first i been fighting for unity but still i am not success full i am not give up i learn from different government
    truely word is we need change in Ethiopia!! and we should straggle .

  20. Hello everyone!
    How many of us do you think are willing to recognize and accept that we are all created equall as fellow human beings. The fact that we practice diferent culture, speak diferent languages, follow diferent religion and belong to diferent ethnic origin is there by the will of god. There is no right or wrong question of being Oromo or Amhara. The reason is because no one was given a chance to chose between being Amhara or Oromo the time he/she was born. My question then is why so many writers from both side of fellow human beings are so passionate to go as far as saying the other side is worthless creature.
    When it comes to the question of how our diferences in opinions are accommodated, there is a civilzed way of having conversation regarding important issues such as ours. We need to identify those important issues and see how close we are coming to a common ground on the issues we agree and how far we are apart on the issues we don’t agree. I don’t think dissemination of racially motivated hateful propaganda will do us any good at all regardless of who posted it.

  21. The policy of appeasement.
    I read some articles written by this writer now. I have read some history of Europe what happens before WWII. There is a similarity between Hitler’s Nazi Germany V western powers and some group of people from OLF V other Ethiopians.
    As soon as Hitler took power he prepare Germany for revenge of her defeat of WWI. After a couple of years since he took power, he ordered his army to march in to Rhineland, which was a demilitarized zone according to the Versailles treaty. The West was silent. In 1938 he annexed Austria in violation of the treaty. Again British and France didn’t say a word. After that he claimed western part of Czechoslovakia which Britain and France granted him in order to keep peace at any cost. But Hitler annexed the whole country. No body protested other than the peoples of the annexed country. The west came to the reality when Hitler invaded Poland. But by that time, it was too late.At this time, Hitler and German citizens were sure that they could defeat any enemy they face since they thought they were master races. The war caused the greatest human loss in human history. Similar to Hitler, these OLF groups have revenge in mind and they are absolutely sure that they will win and revenge for what Minilik did to them. The writer as well as his devoted supporters knows Ethiopian history. They know that the land settled by Oromo’s were Ethiopian land before they took it. They know the land was settled by Ethiopians especially Amara’s (including damotes, Gafats etc….) and southern nations and nationalities. They know that their for-fathers came and took over the land by massacre, displacement and oromization. They know Minilik was just reclaiming the land of his ancestors that was part of Ethiopia. The only thing these groups do not know is that, where were their for-fathers came from. Coming in to Ethiopia in the 16th c. or 20th c. does not make an individual less Ethiopian than the rest. But these groups of people tell us again and again that they want revenge on Ethiopians especially on Amara’s. Even they are suggesting as far as changing the name of the country. In history, Individuals who keep their agenda secret until they get the right time did most of the world atrocities. But in our case it is not a secret thing, it is all over the web. They tell as what they are planning to do to us when they get the opportunity. Peace loving Ethiopians should pay attention to this kind of declaration. These groups have to come to their senses for their own and their people sake. Otherwise other Ethiopians have to prepare to stop it before it is too late. They did the first massacre when they invade at the time the country was weakened by Gragn war, they did the second massacre during the early years of woyane, and now they are preparing for the third one as soon as opportunity arises. Ethiopians: stop throwing flowers or appease or reason with these people because they already set up their mind and they are 100% sure that they will win and fulfilled their agenda. Instead pay attention early before costing Ethiopians in both sides dearly.
    May God protect ETHIOPIA and its PEOPLE from savages!

    • Don’t be mad! Cool down!! First, how do you know whether the author belongs to the OLF? Second, where did you read the word revenge? Third, why is changing the name of the country based on free will of all the stake holders as such threatening to you?? Take time and drink tee!

  22. dessassass a,
    You are allowed to have your opinion. We are also allowed to have our views. you promote your exclusive ‘pure oromo ‘ club, ‘greater ormo’ or ‘greater tigraie’ and we will promote Ethiopia. I have the right to call myself an Ethiopian. you can call yourself a tutsi , oromo, or whatever you like. No body is going to beg you to call yourself Ethiopian.
    You guys call anybody who calls himself an Ethiopian is a neftegna, so bit it. I am a proud Neftegna.
    Neftegna means peace maker by the way.

  23. Yossef
    Please forget this church history ,Oromo are real indigenous.The probleme of what we call today ethiopia is the colonialism of amhara which started with minilik.Whereever there is colonial rule there is anticolonial strugle,like angola,and elswhere.I dont understand why you are talking of Hitler since Hitler was on power and oromo are underr colonial forces .They never have the right to decide on their life,on their futur.The solution is Fayyis Oromia proposal

  24. These OLF idiots are the most stupid group by any measure. They think they can face Amhara in warfare. Our humility for the sake of unity should never be misunderstood for cowardice. OLF stupids, you better think twice and never forget the history of these great people. We are extending flowers on a silver platter. If disintegration of our beloved nation is your ultimate choice, your existence is at stake. Nobody is going to save you from the ensuing consequences. Are you sure you prepared a hide in Madagascar? Fesam zereto hulu.

  25. YOSEF please accept my appreciation. you just gave us an insight on historical back ground of oromo. that is i think intellectual duties of concerned citizens like you to exert the necessary effort to make sure these important matters get delivered to innocent amharas to ad able to avert future shocking catastrophe that might have been carried out by olf. eventhough Tigrians and Eritrians are our prime enemies we should also keep our close eyes on oromos too.

  26. All commenters who insulted ormo people are tigrays in the name of amaras.Tigrayas need to colonize ethiopia by fighting this two great nation.Common people this is 21 centurey, let us respect and love each other first.Places and tertery means nothing with out its wins everything .i hope our tigray brother and sisters join the strugle movement soon!!!

  27. We Ethiopians first have to acknowledge there was a problem in the past, then lets solve the problem in civilized way, most multi-ethnic countries are formed like that way so no one can blame this generation for the past and you guys don’t play with a fire that can burn all of us, those who commenting here most of them they might not be Oromo because daily I meet SOME of the people from different countries like ( Somalia, Juba land, punt land, qatumo state, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Djibouti name it ) all say what Fayyis said because they got an interest, that interest is to see dismantled Ethiopia, today our door is open wide anyone can jump in, we are in the time Siad barre generals got an Ethiopian passport and participating in our politics. DONT MIX UP HUMAN RIGHTS AND HATRED, REVENGE. FAYYIS

  28. To Fayyis I gave you another name Fassam because that what you are. FIRST
    OF all your oromo organization has been in the jungle for 40 years . What have you accomlished…..Nothing because you oromo dont have no brain to bring soloution for your people.You have to much hate for Amhara people. Let me tell Amara brought all the civilization to Ethiopia, That why your great grand father learnt how to farm and etc.,,,,,,Oromo will never never govern ethiopia mayabe on our dead body…..When you born you had amhar’s name because you knew it was the best.Mr. Fayyis get up and smeel the coffee

  29. Please, be in your mind and do not speak from your mouth. I suspected seriously the writers who comment on the article of Feyyis. I think, most writers are look like other nations, be in mind all Ethiopians. The OLF officials told us this directly or indirectly many times before. On behalf of me, I don’t have any problem with the issue, it will be solved in the process of democratization. But have no delusion on knowledge, there is one nation in different nationalities. Otherwise, each nationality will raise their full demanding especially regarding the teritories. That I do not know who will be the juge to fix our map. Because the woyane map did not include the conscensence of all nationalities except OLF, Eartrians, and some other groups. As far as I know myself as one person, I do not mind if Oromiiffaa will be an other working language in Ethiopia or I do not mind if Daawdi IIbsa will be a leader of the country as far as he treat us in a fair mind. If Oromiiffaa is our working language, other nations will be benifited to gain knowledge and other values. Really, it will be blessing for our Ethiopia. Language is tool to do business and to get market too in today’s world nothing else. Language will never have been the tool to opress people again. I think, its time over once again long time ago. thank you. Please, let us work together for our common prosperities.

  30. Those backwards who are dancing in non existing oromia or what ever are day dreamers and no evidence of their self written fabricated history is beyond laughable,and they are well aware of the whole issue except hoping to creat chaos which they have tried during the woyanne arrival in Ethiopia and should have taken a lesson there after .but one thing i would like to raise to these die hard (Probably supported by some Ethiopian enemies )like Egypt wont loose their finance support and had no knowledge of Ethiopia which they dont know and tries to put it as amhara issue by undermining the other 80 million which still stands for their mother land as guard during the woyanne era ,i am an Ethiopian first and Tigrean as ethnic and what i assure you is we are to live you with no prosecution after your barbarian act after woyanne took power.for those who are following this writer there are some root countries that you will be wellcomed but for sure not Ethiopia.

  31. Ahadu
    Ethiopia is also Utopia. How a country that lives with the life support of the west for 100 of years be real?
    Oromia is more real than ever with new generation embracing it.

  32. No no, no and no! that dosen’t work. We have to against the demon is better than our own brother. “Yemayezelek mahiber beteje yejemeral” with out Tigre and other tribes the defenation even not working. Let us clean our dirty spirit first, let us built different kind of infarstructers that can our people benefit it from. We have to join and fight poverty and so many things. We saw the result of war. Now it is enough. Do you know our country loses milions of $$$$$ every month because of our ignorance and stone heart?? How many people are living abroad right now? How many job and factory this people can established every ethiopian cities? We have to eliminate the dirty idea of war from our mind first. diry politics, ignorant politics never help anyone. Satnd against the Demon the enemy.

  33. I sincerely hope that some of our brave commentators calm down a bit when they realise that it is only twenty years since the domination of pro- Amhara regime has been dismantled by relatively small Tigray minority group. Unfortunately, we are all oppressed again after this minority group came to power. The last and current oppressors are the Amhara and Tigray ruling class not Amharas and Tigrays. All oppressed Tigrays, amharas and oromos should stand togeether to fight for their right. How do you know who is posting these divisive materials. Are you 100% sure he/she is Oromo or Amhara? How do you think wayyane spies feel when they see their divide and rule tactics work so successfully.

  34. Woyane has paid high sacrifice together with other Ethiopian democratic forces and freed millions of Ethiopians from the Neftegna dictatorship. Today few neftegna remnants from diaspora are claiming, that they intend to associate with the OLF, ONLF and other terrosist elements to perish the county’s stability and economic development. Everybody knows that each Neftegna has held in his house servants, they named Galla and barya. Today all nations and nationalities the Ethiopian people are free and no one can dictate them, they have their police, administrators, judges and learn in their languages. They have representative in regional and national parlaments, there are ambassadors, ministers, comanders, lecturers, governors etc. They have acces health centers and hospitals, universities and colleges and all infrastructures in their regions local areas. The Amhara people did nothing profited from the Neftegna dictatorship, the Amhara people has suffered a lot as many Ethiopians, example the Wollo people’s starvation. The Amhara people has also revolted against the Neftegna dictatorship, example: the Gojam farmers revolt etc. By theway, the Tigray people knows who you are! Yesterday you tried to destroy and eliminate the Tigray people by all means, but failed. Today some remnants from diaspora are barking and spreading their hate poisons against the Tigray people.

  35. Feleke Ayele
    First Woyane did not fight to free Million Ethiopians from “neftegna” dictatorship. Woyane fought for their greater tigray. Satan himself will be surprised when you claim that. Actually you are in satan’s club. According to you claim Ethiopia is now like heaven, a land of milk and honey, right? I do not think you are talking about Ethiopia, but may be Tigray, not sure. If you think the new building in Addis Ababa is a development, you are wrong, Ethiopians did not gain from that, only woyane rent collectors are rural Ethiopia, their land is given to foreigners and the locals are evicted and now woyane is praying for their death. I recently travelled to one of the rural Amara area and witness that every small village in that area has two women health care workers. What surprised me is their job. Their job is to distribute and inject drugs to make the Amara women infertile. On the other hand there is no care what so ever for pregnant, infants or any person who get sick. Who cares, when they die that is good, they are neftegnas any way, right? As a result of this extermination, eviction and mass killing policy of woyane, 3 million amaras are nowhere to be found in the last decade statistics of Ethiopian population. As we speak, Amaras are evicted, killed, humiliated, imprisoned, tortured, harassed, by woyanes. All these also happed to other non-tigray Ethiopians as well, but not because the language they speak but if they oppose the woyane’s looting policy. Second yes the amara was revolting against injustice as other Ethiopians like oromos in Bale. They were not dreaming to end up in satanic woyane hands though. At this movement, they are also in revolt against woyane too.
    Third you seem to speak not only for your self but the whole tigray and you claimed that neftegna was trying to destroy tigray people. I read history and I never got the information that says Tewodros or Minilik or hailselassie or durge was trying to dystroy tigray. As far I know they punish any body that did not want to be ruled or refuse to pay tax. For your information it was your beloved emperor from tigray called yohanes IV who decreed that Muslims in Ethiopia should converted in to Christianity and he was killing people in mass because they refused. There is a saying that the wollo Muslims practiced Christianity during the day and go back to Islam during the night. In our time, his grand sons are doing the same. The saying “History repeat itself “ is absolutely true. If you think Durge was doing that, durge killed young people in Addis Ababa and Gonder than any area in Ethiopia and there were many durge members from tigray who was bussy in killing young Ethiopians.
    It is true that there is no tolerance in Tigray culture. They are the most selfish creatures may be in the whole world. On the other hand amara know how to live with other peoples and respect others and never claim “every thing for me”. I am not sure but some claim that amara love Ethiopia more than the rest.i believe there is/was amara banda as there is/was oromo banda. If it is tue, that is not a sin, you may love your mother more than your sister or your brother. Unlike tigrayans, Amaras never deny the fundamental right of existence of any people given by God.
    I just to remind you that it was not the Amaras who was trying to destroy you. But, it is woyane who is trying to destroy the Amaras as we speak.
    Now Ethiopians particularly God fearing Amaras are suffering from this demon possessed mercenaries from Tigray and they are telling us they liberated us. No shame in the woyane camp. In reality they are proud of doing this and hating Ethiopia. They also hate any body that loves Ethiopia. That tells how evil they are.
    I believe these tigrayans are begging some thing to happen to them. They are begging an apocalyptic for themselves. It may not come from other Ethiopians but it will come for sure. It will not be long that Ethiopia, the country they are trying hard to destroy, and her GOD will Judge these evil creatures.
    May GOD protect ETIOPIA and its PEOPLE from savages!

  36. Dear Feleke, I agree with you on the reason why the Tigray people went to bush and took arms against repressive dergue regime in Ethiopia. It is true that all oppressed nations fought to bring the regime down at varied degrees, times and places. It is also true as you have rightly indicated that the Tigray, Amhara people and other Ethiopians subjected to torture, extr-judicial killing and demonisation on the basis of their culture and ethnic orgin. The dergue regime killed its political opponents. The most agonising part of that campaign was its experimentation of collective punishment as deterrent measures whose victims were largely ethnic groups. Thousands of young people many of whom were at the highest creative and productive age of their lives were killed in front of their parents simply for demanding changes. Coming to the current prevailing situation in Ethiopia upon which you have poured words of praize, I want to draw your attention the growing ethiopian prison population many of whom, as your former defence minister put it, are oromos. Are you willing to graciously accept the fact that 90 percent of high ranking military generals are from Tigray. Equal opportunity is one of the pillars that underpins democratic principles where all citizens have equal access to the natotion’s resources. Can you explain why 90 percent of our generals come from 10 percent of population? With all fairness, can explain why only tigray owned bisinesses including efforts are skyrocketing when all nontigray businesses are crippling. There is no better example to describe ethiopia’s appalling human rights records than the testimony of the former government officials and judges who made it clear to Ethiopians and to the world that opposition leaders and their supporters are charged with fabricated evidences and confessions optained through coercion the example of wich is jihadawi harakaat. The governent aired that video in clear violation of the constitutional rights of the defendants and still keep accusing others of not respecting the constitution. Ethiopia is therefore one of the worest places on earth where social and individual liberties of citizens are restricted. The clear manifestation of its dictatorial nature is its imposition of restrictions on freedom expression. For instance’ the oromo people constitute roughly about 40% of the Ethiopian population with no single news paper in this language in Ethiopia because of the restrictions imposed by wayyane regime. The Amharic news paper editors are jailed simply for exercising their journalistic rights and criticising the government. Dear Feleke how do you think citizens democratic rights and freedoms exist in an environment where there is no freedom of expression. What is your evidence to convince those who doubt the existence of such rights freedoms in the political landscape where all media is under the control of the government?

  37. Yosef
    About the 22 years woyane is in power,we witness more equlity and developpement than before.Feleke is right we have our police,our flag,and memebers in government.Do you remember the last government of haileselasse,it was single ethnic clan.So let say thanks meles and keep and protect ethnic federalism.

  38. Yes you are right yosef structuring ethiopian political system as all inclusive federal union is undoubtably step in the right direction. Yes there have been changes in the development of infrastructure and service organisations. I am not here to, under any circumstance extenuate whatever the current regime has achieved in terms of economic development and so and so forth.
    Do you remember that the notorious and canibelistic military government led by the most hated leader ( mangistu Hailemariam) had championed ” land for the tillers” in amharic maret la arash. The land proclamation had emancipated Ethiopian farmers from the exploitation of notorious feudal landlords?. With all his notoriety, he earned admiration from world leaders for his national literacy campaign? However, none of what have been mentioned above had actually qualified him for great leadership and good governance . The dergue regime spent 17 years of its rein telling Ethiopians how bad the feudal landlord was not how good its policies were. We do not want wayane to spend any more years telling us how bad the previous regime was. People want changes for the better not revenge as Waynes did to their predecessors by locking them up for more than 20 long years.
    Now the point I want my good friends yosef and Feleke to agree with me on, is that the dergue regime had been branded as dictator despite groundbreaking social and political changes achieved under the reign of military regeme and the wayane folks are no diferent for the following reasons
    1: Freedom of expression:
    No democratic rights and freedoms can be achieve without freedom of expression. The government exerted its muscles on citizens to silence any of form of dissent by violent crackdowns. Wayane led Ethiopian government is the only institution in the whole world to propose 15 years jail term for using the Skype. The entire media has now beome the government propaganda machine in Ethiopia. The fact that opposition leaders, students journalists are sent to jail in mass numbers under Meles orchestrated anti-terrorism law is not only wrong but also is the mockery of justice
    . I therefre invite my good friends to join the struggle for justice and liberty.
    2: Freedom of association:
    Under the reign of the late prime minister Meles Zenawi who was as cruel as his predecessor , the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was and still under the government constant pressure to the extent it lost its religious authority to even conduct elections as it usually does under normal circumstances. You know all too well that repressions of this magnitude will dig anger out of the hearts of citizens and may eventually trigger widespread civil unrest with devastating consequences for the nation.
    The Ethiopian Muslims have also been stripped of their freedom of association which is expressly enshrined in the provisions of the constitution adopted by its own rubber stamp parliament. As if that was not enough, the regime went as far as importing new religious doctrine to forcibly impose on its citizens against their will.
    Community associations like Mecha tulama association and countless others are
    totally banned for no apparent reasons. Religious leaders are expeled by the government security forces to make room for government backed leaders. It is the only government in the Horn of Africa which deployed one spy for ever five citizen. This government is the only regime in the world that is revisiting communist era autocratic repression using public resources.
    I therefore urge you to be on the side of the oppressed don’t side with the oppressors.

  39. Dear Yosef!
    If you want to know and witness about Woyane you have to ask your bosses who fall in the hands of Woyane in the battle fiel and gor amnesty not only once, but they sent again and again to fight Woyane and they surrendered to Woyane fighters and set free by the Woyane, currently barking from the Diaspora and spread their hate posion aganist the Tigray people. If they tell you the fact who is Woyane. If you want to experience personally try your best and you will test it.
    Today Ethiopia is equal to all nations and nationalities, Ethiopia is a mother land to all Ethiopians, not to few Neftegna hodam and dedebs. Time has expiered for Neftegna. Whatever you write or barking by your agents media nothing will change in the ground! Ethiopians are ready and well prepared more than any time to defend their unity and freedom!
    A war of words and hate propaganda will not bring unity and mutual understanding among Ethiopians. The source of the hate propaganda broadcasting by the remnants of the Neftegna groups against the Tigray people is associated with the natural enemies of the Ethiopian people. Ethiopians know it well. Action is louder than voice.

    • I touched your nerve, right? I think you have a nervous breakdown as your demon-possessed boss had one a few months a go. I am thinking you may also die in a few weeks as well. I write the truth man. And I know it hurts. The only argument you came up is inviting me for a fight. I heard that a lot before. Woyane always tells that to every body who have a different idea. Only brainless, mindless, immoral, demon possessed, evil, creatures like you love to see people suffer. For sure, soon you will get what you wish. GOD grants wishes. Your claim of equality in Ethiopia is non-existence and you know it. All things in Ethiopia is run and owned by tigrayan speakers. If you do not know this, you are a brainless animal who lives to eat. Even monasteries do not escape from the merciless woyane looting operations. Neftegna, neftegna, neftegna. You know what, I do not think you know the def. of the word and who is called by it. You are just echoing somebody’s word. In woyane era every body has a name. Pro-Ethiopian= neftegna, pro-separatist=narrow minded, If oppose land lease/sale for foreigners= anti-development, if a non-woyane supporter work hard and get some many= rent collector, if not supporting woyane= corrupted etc, etc …. All of these names are used to silence Ethiopian people from opposing woyane. You claimed also I am a hater. I do not think you even able to understand what you write in you first comment. Were you preaching LOVE when you wrote, “neftegna has a house servant and call them galla or barya? “I don’t think so. It is you who are sowing hate between Amara and Oromo brothers. You will harvest what you sow. For your information Oromos are as rich if not more as Amaras and they get it by hard work not by looting like you and your people. You also have to know that most of the addis ababa house maids are coming from Amara speaking areas. I like it when you said all Ethiopians are prepared for unity and freedom. But it is astonishing when I hear this holy idea from a Doro chinkilat member of a gangster group, which created and financed by Arabs and whites to dismantle the country. May be these gangster group likes unity as long as they are in the looting business.
      For now, the time is yours, kill as you wish, loot as you can, fill your stomach as much as you can, and beat your drum, dance and sing your favorite songs (like the Aseeresh mechew times of Noah).

  40. Dear Yoseph, Fechew and other intellectuals am really proud of you. You guys are well articulated and full of knowledge. OMG, you should be products of Haileselasie or Dergu era because in the present minority-Woyane rule where high school education is restricted on 10th grade all over Ethiopia excluding Tigray,it is hard and impossible to find such people like you with resource. Any ways please keep doing this remarkable job by which citizens could get important knowledge from your rich experience and advanced education.
    I am really happy to read your comments.

  41. Self-Realization Fellowship The official organization founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda to teach scientific methods of meditation and principles of spiritual living that lead to direct …

  42. You actually make it seem really easy with your presentation however I
    find this topic to be actually something that
    I believe I would never understand. It kind of feels too complex and very extensive for me.
    I’m looking forward to your subsequent put up, I will attempt to get the hold of it!

  43. Amhara is the one who built a county (Ethiopia). Whatever can be said by “banda” peoples to Ethiopia throughout its existence, Ethiopia is always Ethiopia! No one can destroy Ethiopia, exept God! However, ehat is good is that Ethiopia is one of the country God promise should be implemented! That is why every devil belivers are wented to make conflict within Ethiopia! Black Templars are tried many years, but they are not successful! Still many banda as well as country sealers are doing what the black tamper or “Illuminates” are needed! Which are illustration in Ethiopia!!! Those who wrote such thing is one of those who are paid to do so as illuminates! At the end they will be get their punishment from God! Whst they are doing today is that, why wr are deid alone, we should include others with us by making false arguments! Therefore, one who did likd such stupid, arrogant and who distributed hate among people are receiving what thry did from God!!!

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