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Amhara Genocide in Plain Sight: Blazing fire From Helicopters in Quobo, North Welo, Amhara, Ethiopia

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Kobo Ethiopia
In any federal democracy, citizens will not be shot from helicopters for protesting against three decades of tyranny. In addition, they won’t be arrested arbitrarily. Nor get tortured and executed while in regim’s custody without passing through the due process of law. Nor will citizens be hostaged in their livelihoods, or get persecuted on trumped up charges.
Sadly in the Amhara regional state of Ethiopia, unarmed civilians are being massacred top down from Helicopters while getting wiped out from afar by regime’s snipers . According to observers on the ground, over 13 civilians were executed in the small town of Qubo while over a dozen are reportedly injured as a result of TPLF’s murderous madness.
By አዎ ድል አለ በስሜ (Mikael Arage Yimer)
25/01/2018 19:36:09 EET