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Amb. Alemayehu's Letter to Pope Francis I

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September 29, 2013
P.O.BOX 27338,
His Holiness Pope Francis I,
The Vatican,
Your Holiness,
I am honored to be in a position to address this email to Your Holiness in anticipation of your kind and just response to demands
of all Ethiopians across the board. The case in point has been presented to Your Holiness in detail and to the point by Mr. Kidane Alemayehu, from the Global Alliance for Justice-The Ethiopian Cause, in five pages on February 14, 2013. I would like to impress on your Holiness that all Ethiopians share unreservedly the demand of the Alliance.
At the outset I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Vatican for rendering its apology to the Jews for having chosen to be silent when the Jews were massacred in millions by Nazi Germany. Is it too much to ask for an apology by the Vatican to Ethiopians when in fact the complicity of the Vatican with the Fascist regime is verified beyond any reasonable doubt?
I am an Ethiopian victimized by the Italian Fascist force in the 1930’s. I lost three of my uncles, who were beheaded by the atrocious Fascist force of Mussolini as trophies. My father and his older brother were riddled with bullets. Thanks to the Almighty they lived to see the liberation of their motherland. Last but not least I would very much like to inform Your Holiness the traumatic effect left behind by the dispersion of poison gas over the people, the domestic animals and the crops destroying those in direct contact and leaving the rest highly traumatized .

Fascist atrocity in Ethiopia
Pope Francis The Vatican and the Fascist regime worked hand in glove in perpetrating the war crimes in Ethiopia. This is proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Thus the complicity of The Vatican then with Pope Pius XI as its head conducted business as usual with the Fascist regime although the war machine of Mussolini was mowing down a million innocent Christians and Moslems alike in Ethiopia.
In addition to the many evidences of the complicity enunciated by Mr.K. Alemayehu, Cardinal Schuster of Milan, Cardinal Vannutelli the head of the Sacred College of Cardinals have come out in the open in support of the invasion of Ethiopia by the Fascist Regime of the murderous Benito Mussolini.
A Vatican clergy blessing the Fascist Army
Thousands of people from all over the world have signed a petition demanding the Vatican’s apology to the Ethiopian people for its complicity with Fascist regime. We hope and pray that Your Holiness has been informed of it (
Ethiopians banking on Your Holiness’ righteous outlook, and respect for justice and human rights, hope and request, in the most respectful manner, that Your Holiness will finally enable Ethiopians to be vindicated for the ferocious war crimes perpetrated against them. Your Holiness’ apology to the Ethiopian people, for the support rendered by the Vatican to Fascism will go a long way to rest the issue for good , the achievement of a closure and a moral justice.
With the highest regards and respect, sincerely yours in Christ,
Alemayehu Abebe
(Former Ambassador)