Al Jazeera on Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam – Video


  1. Is it possible to have an engineer who can explain clearly the purpose of damming this river precisely. Is it necessary to give construction details to the journalists? Even in developed countries, design details are held secret. What should be discussed among countries is the capacity of the dam and its effect on each other. There is no need to utter on the scheme of tunneling, grouting, site investigation, the location of the powerhouses, penstocks, and any other engineering detail. Shame on this Simegnewu. He calls himself an engineer where in fact he knows very little about dam engineering. The Minster (Tegenu) is as dull as a bull who cannot express himself well. Bereket is not good either as we have seen him on Aljazeera recently. These guys need a very good communication officer with a background of geotechnical engineering for this and other dams. The job of this man should be to engage and at times fight with international journalists with malicious behavior.

      • Dr. Fekadu is a well known engineer with a very good background on Dam design and construction. He has worked in Ethiopia, Europe, Asia and now in North America. As an Engineer, he was part of (and at times led) several Dam Design studies and Dam Safety Reviews in many countries. He was in fact a professor at Addis Ababa University and gave lectures to Simegnewu when the latter was attending classes in the extension program, imagine, in the extension (night) program. Simegnewu should be proud to get a bit and parcels of Dr. Eng. Prof. Fekadu Moreda.

  2. In the first place, Aljezera must be banned from accessing Ethiopians soil.It is a terrorist media. Professional speaking, Semegnew must not even with journalists. it must spokeperson of the dam who must speak. It is must some one who is an engineering lawyer who knows what to say and what not to say. Simegenw must focus on his professional work instead of becoming everyone.

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