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Again, another demonstration!  Why for?  For democracy, Respect of   Human rights and upholding the Rule of Law in Ethiopia!

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 Dr. Fekadu Bekele

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For about two years we have a new government in Ethiopia under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed.  Although Dr. Abiy comes from the same party that ruled the country for about 27 years, Ethiopians put their hopes in Dr. Abiy because he seems authentic. In particular, the first Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who took power from the military government by force, was unable to democratize the country. The massive financial support from Western Europe and the United States has strengthened the power of Meles Zenawi and his group. Meles Zenawi and his group were able to control the security force, the military and the civil bureaucracy in order to consolidate their position throughout the country. In addition, Meles Zenawi and his government divided the country into nine ethnic units in order to govern the country as they wish and exploit the resources that are available in different parts of the country in order to enrich themselves. Opposition forces and parties that criticized the division of the country into ethnic units were not tolerated at all, and some were even thrown into prisons. In fact, the regime of Meles Zenawi operated like a military dictatorship.  The so-called market economy reforms introduced under the auspices of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has enriched the ruling party under Meles Zenawi and his group. Instead of sustainable economic growth, poverty has increased very sharply. As a result, Meles, and later on his successor Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, could no longer govern the country using the old methods. The increasing resistance in the north of the country, especially in Gondar, and also in the southern part of the country, especially in the Oromo region, has finally created frictions within the ruling party. At the end, Dr. Abiy Ahmed and his group were able to come out as a winner and took power.

Since the seizure of power, Dr. Abiy has tried to gain credibility and respect among the Ethiopian population. Without knowing his political and economic program, the Ethiopians put their hopes in Dr. Abiy. They believed that he would be able to break away from the methods of the old government and establish the rule of law. In the first two months of his rule, he released thousands of prisoners. With his philosophy, Medemer, i.e. bringing all the forces together, Dr. Abiy tried to create a more or less relaxed atmosphere. Many opposition groups and activists returned from exile to join him. However, some groups had a different agenda as their goal, which is differed from Dr. Abiy’s political style. Instead of supporting Dr. Abiy and his government, they acted as real alternatives to the government and tried to radicalize a part of the youth among the Oromos. They claimed that Dr. Abiy could not represent the interests of the Oromos. Although many Oromos hold leading positions in the government, this did not seem to be enough. In particular, Jawar Mohammed, who returned from the United States, tried several times to create unrests. He even claimed that he had a kind of parallel government. Jawar Mohammed was naturalized in the USA and holds an American passport. Why he is tolerated and could swim freely in the country is not clear to many. It is now known today that he receives massive financial support from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and leads a very luxurious life style.  His declared aim is to Islamize the whole country and to pursue a radical course.

The assassination of Hachalu Hundesa, an Oromo singer, allegedly planned by the old government troops, gave Jawar and his group the opportunity to exploit this mysterious condition. They even wanted to take the coffin by force and use it for political purposes. Their ultimate goal was to overthrow the government of Dr. Abiy. They wanted the funeral to take place in Addis, instead of in his home territory. If the funeral took place in the capital city, they expected millions of Oromos would come from all parts of Ethiopia and possibly cause unrest. By doing and planning like this they thought that they could create chaos and quicken the fall of the government.  But the parents of Hachalu Hundesa wanted their son to be buried in the place where he was born and raised. The parts of the Oromos, mostly young people, who did not agree with this decision of the parents, then started to murder other ethnic groups, especially the Amaras and the Gurages, mostly businessmen, who created thousands of jobs for people who originated from the same area. Several thousands of people were injured.  Hotels and factories were set on fire. The security forces were unable to stop the killings of innocent civilians, and mostly hard-working people, and the destruction of Hotels and well-established business centers that created jobs for hundreds of people.  Some security forces were arrested, probably because they sympathized with the group that terrorized and murdered innocent people. The attempted coup plan by Jawar and other radical forces, with the support of Egypt and some Arab countries, and the instability in Oromia area is deliberately interpreted by some organizations here in the Federal republic of Germany, like “The Organization for Threatened people” (Gesellschaft für Bedrohte Völker), and some protestant groups as if the Oromos are being harassed and killed. Especially, some persons like Pastor Gunnar Hasselblatt, who was anti-Ethiopia through and through by misusing his missionary duty, and sided with the Oromos tried everything to weaken Ethiopia. Though Pastor Gunnar Hasselblatt is already dead, some of his followers still pursue his dirty duty. Instead of preaching brotherhoods and peace in Ethiopia they misuse the loopholes that created by the government for their dirty jobs.  It is well known that Oromia region is governed by the Oromos themselves. The police and the security forces are also Oromos. It is therefore irresponsible and harmful that such organizations and church groups as “The Organization for Threatened People” spread false information here in this democratic country. We appeal to all groups and journalists based here in the Federal Republic of Germany to study the situation in Ethiopia carefully before they spread false information.

At the moment a genocide is taking place in Ethiopia, that is being carried out by some Oromo Nationalists that deny the history of Ethiopia and the great contributions that were made especially by Emperor Menelik II. These Oromo Nationalists and other so-called intellectual Oromos, forget that Emperor Menelik II brought all the scattered forces together in order to build a modern Ethiopia. In fact, he was an enlightened Monarch par excellence who tried his best to create a civilized atmosphere so that all Ethiopians come out of darkness.  By denying his civilizing missions and his great contributions these Oromo nationalists and the ruling elite in the province of Tigre try their best to reverse the wheel of history backwards. For their satanic activities and false propaganda, they get all the necessary support from some intelligent services whose business model is to destroy countries like Ethiopia that have old history and rich culture. Especially, Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and even the Sudan try their best either to Islamize or destroy Ethiopia. The Amharas and other ethnic groups that are being considered as nationalists are the main targets of foreign forces.  Some forces from various countries are also trying their best since time immemorial to create an atmosphere like that of Ruanda.  We appeal to all democratic forces and human right groups to write letters to Dr Abiy to take decisive actions against such radical forces. The instability in Ethiopia will ultimately threaten the whole region. Even Europe will be massively affected.

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Jawar Mohammed mission is inciting Hate and Genocide

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