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Africa: Dynamics of Conflict, Promises of Renaissance, Aljazeera Studies Center, Doha, Qatar

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The Façade of Change from the Inside: Ethiopia
Dr. Aklog Birara
Part III of V
Unfettered “Globalization has reinforced increasingly unequal returns to human capital.”

Gerry Z. Muller, Capitalism and Inequality

Dr. Aklog Birara

The major themes, presentations and dialogue centered around two seemingly contradictory views: on the one hand, the economic and social dividends emanating from peace, stability, national reconciliation, investments, markets and social integration etc. South Africa is a prime example. On the one other hand, the enormous costs to societies that arise from permanent and or spurts of ethnic, religious and other conflicts as well as from elite capture of the state. This capture offers some individuals and communities access to opportunities. This is because they are connected to the political system that makes policies and allocates resources unfairly. This is why the system breeds tensions, fissures and conflicts. Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo illustrate this point. Organizers of the Conference identified Ethiopia as a country that moved from decades of war to “decades of peace and growth” under the current government and single party system.   ..... Read More …..
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