ADP, the Black Sheep of the Amhara

Aligaz Yimer

I am writing this note of indignation after having read the following short letter on, just minutes back. You can also read it and get wild with anger because of the devilish insurgence into ADP of ODP.

ADP, Amhara ‘Democratic’ Party, is known for its servitude to whoever comes to Arat Kilo Palace. This group of idiotic hybrids whose background is either Tigrian or Oromic, or perhaps both, has been known for its Judaic nature. We thought it was improving its behavior in the past two or so years especially after the so called change came into the scene. But to our surprise and dismay as well, the satanic nature of this Trojan horse couldn’t show any amelioration from what it has been doing since its formation by Meles Zenawi some 30 or 40 years back. Truth be told, this group of moles is nothing but agent of Amhara killers. To just remind you of the general truth, ADP will die unchanged.

ADP has clearly and repeatedly proved to be an instrument for the humiliation and destruction of the Amhara people. ADP was the tool of TPLF to implement its strategic plan of demolishing Amharas from wherever they live. In light of this, ADP was silent, if not active participant, when TPLF eliminated millions of Amharas through various methods, mainly including sterilization in the name of fake vaccinations, and infecting them with deadly contagious diseases like HIV and AIDS.

ADP was quiet presumably for a number of reasons. 1. Its decisive members were nominal or fake Amharas, like Bereket and Kassa or Tefera Walowa, whose distraction was mainly Tigrian or as recent phenomena vividly witness Oromic. History is too cruel and it is disclosing the stark reality that a people of not less than 30 million is edging to its peril due to non-Amhara leaders infiltrated into so called ADP. 2. Even if some real Amhara leaders are there, their role is insignificant due to their hodamnet and lack of courage or the necessary knowledge and wisdom to free the Amharas from the grip of ODP. 3. The psychology of ADP leaders, if at all the ones who are said to be Amharas are Amharas, is spoilt by defeatist mentality. It seems they are comfortable with keen obedience. They are incapacitated to the extent of acting like an ordinary housemaid to higher authorities. This bitter reality has come into existence due to age-long propaganda pumped by both TPLF and OPDO on ANDM. 4. ADP is highly porous. As porous as the Amharas themselves. Amharas are the most intermingled people with other ethnics in Ethiopia. Anyone can claim to be Amhara even if they speak Amharic or not. Frankly speaking, the Amharas are supra-ethnic people. This condition has been negatively affecting both the organizations of the Amharas and the people in general as well. The wolves in sheep’s clothes have been gnawing this innocent people for the last 50 years.

Judas Iscariot sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. By the same token, members of ADP, who were carefully handpicked by Meles Zenawi then and now by Abiy Ahmed, both of whom are representatives of the Big Brothers, the CIA and the MI6, if you will add Mossad to the list, have sold the Amhara for some injera and wot as Esau sold his first birthright to his fraternal brother for a bowl of lentil stew. History has kept on repeating itself in every age. Understandably, tomorrow will show us another story which may be diametrically different from that of today. Let’s stay tuned!

The killing in Bahir Dar of relatively sound Amhara leaders in the past month is showing us alarming developments. We can guess that that barbaric killing was designed ahead of time by the so called federal authorities, most of whom are known for their anti-Amhara sentiment, including, of course, those who claim to have drafted and offered them the new roadmap of consolidating power, so that strong nationalists of this region would be off the scene and ODP/OLF could gallop freely in accordance with their whimsical aspirations. As of the time that bad incidence occurred, hundreds of innocent Amharas are being arrested and detained in prisons and are exposed to an untold suffering. The Amhara Region is openly under the siege and emergency rule of ODP/OLF. We are currently hearing that Bahir Dar is full of Oromo military and police officers under the cover of the federal government. It seems it was for this sole purpose of controlling the region that the 33rd degree style of killing was carried out upon the innocent Amharas such as Dr. Ambachew and B/G Asaminew Tsighe.[By the way, the killing could also be a revenge following the failure of one  public conference in Bahir Dar some months back. To suspect is better than not. I see some evil of axes turbulently reacting in unison against the survival of the Amhara and by extension sovereign Ethiopia.]

I do not think there is even one Amhara soldier in the so called Oromia Region now. But why are Oromo militias and security personnel allowed to ‘colonize’ the Amaharas in Bahir Dar and elsewhere in this region? What is going on behind the curtains? What is this agent of Knights Templar and/or the Skulls and Bones, Chief Illuminatus Pastor Colonel Dr. PM Abiy doing? Suppose he succeeds, what is his action plan after eliminating all the Amharas? What would be his gain after all this chaos in the country? Will his gain worth his restless efforts? How is he going to deal with the wrath that is lurking around due to the ocean of blood on his hands?  Surprising! Really surprising.

2) ከክልሉ ፖሊስ በተጨማሪ በጥበቃ ላይ ያሉ፣ የሚገባውን ነገር የሚፈትሹ አማርኛ ቋንቋ በደንብ        የማይችሉ ኦሮምኛ አክሰንት ያላቸው ፌደራል ፖሊሶች ነበሩ።

The excerpt taken from the book of PM Abiy perfectly shows that he is power monger. To that end, he seems to be proud of doing anything under the sun. For your information, the killing of Amharas along with their tokens is not something beyond our galaxy, too. And according to Piccolo Machiavelli, killing and sowing the seed of division, commotion, and suspicion among parties of a nation is the main method of maintaining power until the time the inevitable hurricane comes and wipes out the rotten status quo for good. [NB. The dawn is about to come. Mark my words!]

Finally, I would like to extend my apologies to those sincere ADP members who are genuinely struggling to bring credible social and political changes to the region, though their efforts are hitherto overshadowed by anti- Amhara infiltrators in the party. Let’s have this solace – ‘Tomorrow is another day.’


  1. Dear Aligaz Yimer,
    I have read your article with at most attention. It is timely and thoughtful but you address your thought for limited audiences or intellectual ethiopians those who read and understand English. Please try to reach the wide range of audiences by writing in Amharic. I dare to say this because you have good points in you article.


    Stop incarcerating Amharas!!

    Stop incarcerating Eskinder and Cos.

    Justice to General Asaminew, Dr.Amachew and Cos.!!!

    Amhara nationalism is spreading like a wild fire because of the anti-Amhara campaign by the TRAITOR

  3. MR.Aligaz although your sense of indignation for the servitude of so called ADP leaders is understandable, however; your argument remained drown in indignation. you are not giving light to the problem, and you are making Amharas look like helpless people. They are not . Amharas are a very resourceful people and with a long unbroken chain of successful records to show for it. Weyane was able to do the damage it has done in the past 27 years only because Amharas never thought and imagined the kind of hate that was simmering in the heart and mind of Weyanes. Not anymore. So the hodams that you are talking about were there as servants and enforcers of TPLF either because of fear, or because they just want to enrich themselves but not because they believed in the cause of Weayane. That is precluding Berekent who like the maggot Meles instituted Anti Amhara policies to attack Amhara both economically , politically and psychologically. And Amharas need to redress the issues that took place in those years systematically and weed out both the policies and the effect. Your wallowing statements mistake the effect for the cause. what you don’t have to forget that it will take time to clean up a mess that have been made for 27 years. Be critical of the system that was inherited from woyane and appropriately criticize them for not getting rid of it expediently. What they need is criticizing them specifically for what they are doing wrong or not doing,but we have to encourage theme when they take smart move both in Amhara region in particular and in Ethiopia in general. To hummer them and to call them they are a servile to whom ever at helm in Arat kilo is just being a paranoid. Whoever is in Arat kilo every Ethiopian should deal with that — and they should . The only thing is do they bring Amharas interest to the discussion table , do they protect Amharas interest where-ever they are– do they claim their proportional representation in all aspect of Ethiopian life?That is what we all should ask — to be out of the blue paranoid is like lending weapon to your enemy. Have a self confidence and deal with the issue as it comes.

    • Habtish, thanks a lot for your time to read and give your sincere comment. But I wish your comment would play a kind of complimentary role than trying to dishearten the writer. I do not think I am victim of paranoia. I said what I feel about ADP. And you or anyone should fill the gap I didn’t cover instead of blamming for not mentioning other points. That would be consructive. My dear bro please re-read your comment and try to understand how it is a little bit ‘cruel’ on the writer than on the idead. Nonetheless I still love your comment and truly respect your right of expressing your mind.

      • Thank you, Mr Aligaz for your gantlet nudge and invitation to let me be critical of your piece without being presumptuous of your underlining motive. I sincerely believe though it is not our enemy’s strength, but our lack of recognition the power within and our failure to harvest it fully is the culprit of our predicament. In order to shoulder our responsibility both within the Amhara communities and across Ethiopia, Amharas need to grow a spine in terms of protecting their interest both locally and nationally.

        we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca

  4. It is true that we have black sheep perhaps in allethiopian tribes. I remeber one of my friend from oromo tribe that there are oromo leaders who let their own tribal members get killed, imprisoned and tortured. I could also tell you some Amhara and Tigrean people spy on their own brothers and sisters . When you ask these people why are you doing that and this they always respond taht it is how they make their own living, money making project for these traitors.

    Hence, It is true that we have black sheep in any society.

    I have never seen many of us blaming these kind of people rather we tend to put the blame on TPLF or probably on the whole Tigray people or innocent Amhara farmers and hard working people which is unfair.

    Please stop inslulting and torturing people in an attempt to take revenge on TPLF. I know Tigrean , oromos and Amharas who were having an extreme hard times because of these kind of people during TPLF regime . Of course,there are amharas , tigraans oromos who enjoyed luxurious life during TPLF still who want t bring this sytem back. WE are selfish in our nature.

    Not all amharas or oromos or Tigreans want TPLF nor dislike this party.

    Please be a broad-minded.

    Most of us we are down with tribalism hoping to see a leader who belongs to our tribe. I suppose we are going to divide the church as well based on the tribal politics we stick to. Some people are looking for robbing their weak neighbours , own his house and properties as they did some during transitional period , Ginbot 20Ginbot- 28Ginbot1991.

    Thank you
    unity is power.

  5. የባሕርዳሩ ‘ክስተት’ (ጭፍጨፋ ቢባል ይሻላል) የተቀነባበረ ይመስለኛል። እነማ፣ እንዴት? የሚለውን ጊዜ ይገልጸዋል። ጊዜ ገቢር ለእግዚአብሔር። ለምን የሚለውን ጸሐፊው ለመመለስ ሞክረዋል፥ በከፊል። የአማራ ሕዝብ ላይ ተደጋጋሚ የመከራ ዶፍ እየወረደ ያለው በዲያብሎስ ቅናትና በርሱ ቁጥጥር ሥር ባሉ ሀገር በቀል ባንዳዎች ጥላቻ ምክንያት ነው።
    የገባው እግዚኦ እያለ ፵፬ ዓመታት አለፉ። ያልገባው ገና ይጨፍራል፣ ይጰነጥጣል፣ ይባልጋል፣ ይወሻክታል፣ ይዘፍናል፣ ያስጠነቁላል…
    የእግዜር እጁ ከማዳን አላጠረችም፥ ኃጢአታችን ግን ጋረደችን። ንስሐ እንዳንገባ ሥርዓተ ትምህርቱ ሃይማኖተ ጎዶሎ አድርጎ ቀረጸን፥ ልባችንም ደነደነ።
    ሰአሊ ለነ ቅድስት!!!

  6. Mr. Aligaz Yemer thank you for voicing your concern.We all have to do our best to prevent human catastrophe.

    Habtamu you are being unduly critical of Mr. Aligaz. You are emphasizing simply on the potential of what Amars provided they unify can do. But he is addressing the practical problem of the people in the past and its continuation to the present moment.The long term object of the Amaras is to workout existing small differences and unify and defend their well being.But at he present it is a fact largely due to role of social media Amaras who reside outside their birth places are subject to killings,abuse and maltreatment.

    But it behooves us now all Amara elites in particular and and Ethiopian elites in general need to converge to stop human tragedy.It is enough of the much careless attitude we paid in the past.
    it is because we failed to prevent such disaster under TPLF the current goons and appendages are imitating the very thing tplf did. To begin with the Ethiopian people are to be pitied because without factual knowledge, we constructed a much positive image of the charlatan Abiy.

    Now we need to deconstruct his real image on the basis of the facts on the ground.And make the international community who has shown high hope of democracy in Ethiopian should know the facts. That he is ethnocentric and narrow minded bigot who has no courage to speak his conviction in public.And that he spent his life in deep state intrigue and clandestine planning and cabal against his opponents.And that he is subtle who has all right words to rally around his opponents around him but only waiting for a convenient time to destroy them.

  7. ADP’s senior political leaders were Derg
    soldiers that were captured by Shabiya then trained to be Bandas while in captivity.

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