Addis Fortune journalist Fasika Tadesse, the last person General Asaminew spoke to before his assassination, finally spoke out about her conversation with the General

Addis Fortune journalist Fasika Tadesse

According to the journalist, Gen. Asaminew said “We are investigating the attack on Amhara Regional government” and he promised to give press conference the following morning. He too was surprised by the sudden attack on Amhara Region. However, he was assassinated before he had the chance to give the press conference.

This conversation with the journalist coupled with the major inconsistencies with the government’s alleged coup d’etat narrative as well as the question marks in timeline of events is a strong evidence that there was no attempted coup d’etat.

If there was no coup d’etat by the regional security forces then what exactly happened in Amhara Region?

What continues to surprise me is how not even a single person wants to entertain the possibility that the Bahirdar attack could be an Islamist Terrorist Jihadist attack.

All the supporting evidences now indicate what happened in Bahirdar was an Islamist Jihadist terrorist attack on Christian Amharas rather than a coup d’etat. The evidences also suggest that the terrorist attack happened in full collaboration and support with OLF soldiers who were wearing Amhara Region Liyu Police uniform.

Prior to the terrorist Jihadist attack, there was a continuous anti Christian and anti Amhara propaganda on Amhara Region. The radical Islamists were accusing the regional government of “failing to protect Muslims in Amhara Region” and alleged the Amhara Region was burning mosques and killing Muslims in Este Gondar, Bichena Gojam. This was part of the extremist Jihadist political Islam which is currently taking roots in Ethiopia.

The extremist Jihadist Islamists were also burning their own mosques in Amhara Region and blaming the Amhara Region for it. They invented fake news about some random Muslims “bombed and killed in Amhara Region”, “shot and killed with a bullet in Amhara Region”. They construct illegal mosques on church premises and government land, intentionally trespassing laws and government properties. When they were told to stop these illegal activities, the radical Islamist Jihadists kept saying “Amhara Region is dismantling our mosque”.

All this was done with the purpose and intention of expanding Islam in Amhara Region and attempting to establish an Islamic state and an Islamic political order in Ethiopia. When the Islamists were told “no! There’s separation of Mosque and State”, they went ahead and openly declared Jihad on Amhara Region, saying they will fight Amhara Region using suicide bombers. (Check the images attached)

However, despite all this evidence, the government continues to refuse investigating the Islamists. Instead, it has chosen to invent fake audios and phone conversation of alleged “coup d’etat by Addis Abeba Balderas city council members”.

Balderas members have absolutely no means nor the motive whatsoever to carry out such terrorist attack. The Islamists do!

Just compare the two below:

The radical Islamists:

– Do they have the motive to assassinate Amhara Region leaders? Yes☑️

– Have they made open and pubic threats to assassinate Amhara Region leaders? Yes☑️

– Do they have the means to assassinate Amhara Region leaders? Yes☑️

– Were they present in Amhara Region when assassination of Amhara Region leaders happened? Yes☑️

– Has the government arrested any of their leaders for possible investigation? No ✖️

Addis Abeba city council members (Balderas) and ABN members:

– Do they have the motive to assassinate Amhara Region leaders? No ✖️

– Have they made open and pubic threats to assassinate Amhara Region leaders? No ✖️

– Do they have the means to assassinate Amhara Region leaders? No ✖️

– Were they present in Amhara Region when assassination of Amhara Region leaders happened? Yes☑️

– Has the government arrested any of their leaders for possible investigation? Yes ☑️

Why this injustice happens, nobody really knows but it seems like Abiy Mohammed has reached a conclusion saying “since Muslims and Oromos are majority in number, they’ll help me maintain my popularity”. He miscalculated.



    Most likely the extremist ETHIOPIAN Islamist Jihadist terrorist attackers followed the instructions of the hate speech some Ethiopians in USA were said to be spreading making some Ethiopians in USA the culprits

    Just by listening to Ethiopians in USA all of a sudden the peaceful people turned into atrackers of Christians.

  2. This is fake news. If action against muslims is taken by Amharas, we should have heard of it days or weeks prior to the problem in Bahir Dar and Addis took place. Hey Zehabesha, there are some sick “journalists” among you who don’t have the wits to report the truth. We have heard the interview General Asamnaw gave in regards to the Amharas being surrounded. He didn’t mention any religious faction being a threat to the Amharas.This infact shows a feeble attempt to cover up the shit some irresponsible psychopaths unleashed. What do you get by spreading such unfounded information? Do you want to precipitate mayheim in Ethiopia? This will not benenefit anyone except create shame to the Amharas. I don’t think you have the gut to post this comment. You yellow bellied ዘር አሰዳቢ!

  3. What an idiot!

    If you are trying to coverup the failed attempt of power grab by
    amhara extremists you failed miserably!
    you can’t hide facts with stupid lies.

    Ethiopia is a federal state and amhara bloodsuckers
    will never rule ethiopia, the sooner you put that in your fucking
    stupid head the better.

  4. A none sense piece of fake article that is completely antagonistic with the hard fact/reality in the ground. Shame on you!

  5. Lame that is why I always echo your own befitting saying “amara ena shifilla tatbew ayterum” go on make fire in your own home you psycho people,

    • Shabo/woyane wedinakfa,

      This is an article written by one of your people to deflect things from the reality and bring about hate amhara christians and moslems. No Amhara will write this article. You will fail as you always did.

      Shame also to THE HABESHA to post this kind of article.

      The so called coup was orchesterated by abiy ahmed to silence amharas and stop them from resisting all the crimes that have been carried out against them. We lost our heroes left and right but Amharas have millions of of hereoes and our struggle will continue against all kinds of hate and agression against us.

      Justice to TGABU TAYE AND MASTEWAL AREGA who aired their voices against the injustice of the “kegna” regime and now jailed in cold and dark prison cell.

  6. violent article I donot belong to the true fellow tribal mebers or religious group but it is not proper and justifiable to unlawful act on Oromos or any other religious denomination. You are aggravating the situation.Please try to pull your own tribe , Amhara, out of the fire and backlash.

    Is this your next asylum story that you are under imminent threat because of your amharnism and religious view ??? it is a failed and bogus story before the top dogs of immigration . Hahaa tenektachuhuwal!!!
    Thank you

  7. Fake news and she is absolutely fake journalist . I am surprised how some people try to twist facts on the plain view. Worse yet,how they try to connect to non-existent religious and ethnic dimensions to achieve their wicked goals.

  8. Ok, she had talked to the alleged killer general. What about it?
    Leave this very capable countrywoman and reporter alone. I always try to read her newspaper and found it to be very informative of the business world over there. She is just another rare commodity from among our very capable women. Leave her alone. Some of you are outright male chauvinist pigs!!!! Leave her alone!!!



  10. Why divert the issue seem religion while all Amhara cabinets and survivots lncluding yohannes buayallew confirmed and witnessed the attack was made by their own brother.please see the testimoney aired by Amhara Tv.Islam is a religion of peace and muslism in Ethiopia are the most hummer people who live in harmoney with allother faith followers.Stop criminalizing muslims.Stope hate ladden black propoganda.

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