Abdu Kiar Talks Angrily at Saudi Arabian Embassy DC Protest (Video)

WASHINGTON-DC Ethiopian Americans in front of Saudi Arabia embassy protesting against the Saudi crimes on the illegal Ethiopian migrant workers in the Kingdom.
Abdu Kiar lived in Jeddah Saudi Arabia for six years and now angrily talk about the crimes done by the Saudi youths.


    The truth is we do not expect civility from uncivilized Islamist Arabs. Let us not forget that the Arabs wealth did not come through the intellectual quality nor capacity of the Saudis, but through accidental discovery of oil.

  2. Thank you for the protest speech.
    I urge everyone to equally protest at all Woyane’s embassies, since their crime against Ethiopians is a direct cause and effect of what we see today in Saudi Arabia. After 22 years, Woyane has proved without any doubt that it has been the most anti-Ethiopian ruler in our history, resulting in the humiliation of its citizens. Cannibals.
    AFER BLU!!

    Open the following link and share the news to the world via social media.My face book has been pinned down by the government of kenya on a thinly pretext of unlawful glorification of terrorism following Westgate attack.
    God has answered our praying. The worst has not yet come. They will pay ultimate price for the barbaric act they have committed on our brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia. I am continue praying to God for punishing Saudi Arabia for the crime they have committed on my people.

  4. I posted my comment regarding to the news of disaster in Saudi Arabia in the morning and I learned from the news that 3 people have been killed. The above comment is posted mistakenly posted. There is a big trick in order to mud sliding my name which I have been experiencing in Kenya for the past two years.

  5. Saudia Arabia all oil money but no brain.
    Can you name any useful invention that the Arab world contributed to the world except terrorism ? ? ?
    Arabs are more like animals eat and die, have no sense of responsibility nor contribution to the world advancement.
    All the modernity these backward Arabs enjoy is the result of Christian modern civilization not Islamic backward civilization.

    • dear Abebe arabs contributed so many things for this world including the one u are using numbers, geometri, so many kind of medicines…..
      even they have their own majelan, called ibn mattuta they were good by them selves they were strong they start to fall when they start following what u called c.m.c and my main point dont get into christan islamic staffs, this is z time we stick together cuz both our brothers are suffering actually more of muslims so dont get into that.

    • @ Abeb , When I was student in India in 1991 my Ethiopian friend asked the same question, Arab contribution to world civilazation, can I name few? the numbers from 1 to 9, check dictionary for this. Another AlJabra, Algorithim again check dictionary. Then tell me what Ethiopians contribution?

      • Mussa:
        Just like the way you asked Abebe, just check the dictionary about Ethiopia! Pig!
        Does your so called Saudi government understands that there is a fine line between tightening its immigration policy and ill-treating and killing immigrants?! I do not think so! It’s sad, rather absurd that the Saudi government that torture and kill their own citizens are elected to oversee human rights violations elsewhere in the world.

        • Tobia,
          I am not a Saudi but Habesha, what sicking me alwayes is when ever topics raised relating to Arabs, many not most of people jumbs insulting them as well my religion Islam and making western civilization as their. Let’s look and clean our house before comparing other, why we are leaving our fertile land? Egypt is using our water and exporting agricultural products and getting bilions dollars income.

        • Tobia, hatred breeds more hatred and does not help out flesh and blood forced to leave their loved ones and native land. If you follow the news, there are many Saudis who are saddened by what happened and in contrast to our government are speaking out loud critcizing the officials responsible for the violations. Remember the over a million Ethiopians who are living in the ME — earning honst living helping their family and country. Have you asked them what they want you to do. Do you this they would like you to wish the destruction of the country they are living in — remeber the saying of Abew “ene kemotku serdo aybqel”. Learn to see beyond anger …

  6. I request the Ethiopian governemnt to return the citizen from the war zone in Saudi Arabia. This is a well designed plan by Egypt to create havoc in our country. We must unite, raise money now and bring our people home. Also, the entire nation must go out from thier home and demonstrate against the genocidal Arabs. Revenge is not necessary at this stage. If revenge is needed, it must be systematically , not outright direct revenge.
    1. Bring back our citizens urgently
    2. mobilize Ethiopians outside and inside , unite the people so that we show them we will not fall into their trap.
    3. This is a design by Arab Islam to destabilize Ethiopian by killing our people.
    4. Raise money for the victims.
    I opposed the shipping of Ethiopians to those barbaric Arabs from the beginning. Prevention is better than cure. Becaus you are poor you do not jump into fire. That is what Ethiopians have been doing so far. Man cannot leave by bread alone. the world is not a random object.
    The government must mobilize our people regardless politics, religion ,race or ethnic or colour and become one against the evils and infidels. This is the right time to unite and become stronger. The government must set up an account to raise money for the returnee. Or Ethiopians must organize wherever they are and raise money for the victims. Protest will not help for the returnees.
    We must raise the money and the governemnt must return our citizens immediately. The government must allow every Ethiopians to go back including opposition. This is a time to forgive each other when an enemy try to destroy us. Ethiopians do not fall into this trap of Arab or Egypt. They planned this to stop the development in Ethiopia. Why they did this? they did this so that citizens can become angry and Ethiopians can start killing each other becasue of what they are doing.

  7. You Abebe G
    I am a Christian Ethiopian but let me tell you that you are the one uncivilized read the History first don’t be emotional.

  8. haw many ethiopian live in dc. haw many of them get out ask your self you don’t loss more than one day in came. live alone losing laif and blad. your Mehadi

  9. @Mekonen,
    Are you telling me that is all the arabs got the thousands years old number ? ?What were they doing since then sleeping with their camels ? KKKKKK
    Regarding Mr, Steve Jobs he was divorced from backward Arab culture in very early age and brought to the civilized Christian country to learn from Christians colleges and university, had Steve jobs stayed in Iran he would end up just like every dumb Arab, raping and killing the civilized beings (Ethiopians).

  10. abdu kiar thank you very much for this bravery. This is very great interview.
    Believe me guys, i don’t think we have someone in the foreign minister who have a deep knowledge of this disaster than this lovely Ethiopian singer.
    In my entire life, i didn’t see or hear an Ethiopian singer saying something interesting with lots of brief analysis.
    Abdu kiar two thumbs up for your deep knowledge.
    By the way where are the other singers?????

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